Channeled Messages of Jesus Christ

The Great Crusade

The New Order of Jesus and The Great Crusade of Elucidation

consist of the following books:




Forces of Goodness: dictated by the spirit of Apostle Thomas, the Apostle of the Lord. It was prefaced by Jesus of Nazareth and contains a page from blessed Mary to her earthly daughters.


The Ultimate Call: also dictated by Apostle Thomas. Various topics that were just mentioned in the first book are developed here.


New Life: dictated by about fifty Entities of great spiritual elevation, members of  "Forces of Goodness". Such Entities are engaged in promoting and amplifying the teachings that Apostle Thomas brought to earth.


Elucidator: dictated by the Spirit of Paul of Tarsus in fulfillment of another task of divine service; a volume in which the Apostle of the Gentiles describes various still unknown episodes of his earlier preaching. Already translated into English. Read it in its entirety at:


Corollary: a treasure of lights and blessings brought to earth by the Spirit of Mary of Nazareth. She is engaged in speaking directly to the hearts of her earthly daughters and sons before events of great magnitude come to pass, which are destined to substantially modify the structure of the earth.


The Life of Jesus dictated by the Lord Himself: originally published in France in 1835, translated into Italian by Captain Ernesto Volpi and into Spanish by Dr. Ovidio Rebaudi. After being published in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a second part was added to it in Spanish. It was then translated into Portuguese and published in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1935. An addendum was added to it by Diamantino Coelho Fernandes in 1948, according to instructions he received about the "Spiritual Circle of Jesus' Love." This book is in the process of being translated into English and the finished chapters are being made available to all on link:


The New Order of Jesus* (2 Volumes): Spiritual Advice and Teachings elaborated in the above by the Lord Jesus and dictated on earth by the Apostle Thomas. These Messages are destined to have a great repercussion in all countries given that the word of the Lord is directed to everyone on earth. (Only Volume I has been translated into English).