Channeled Messages of Jesus Christ

61st Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On January 09th, 1971

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



No man has the authority to wage war – Harsh punishment fell upon past leaders – Lack of biological control and the moral laws – Totally lost incarnations due to misconduct



The Lord Jesus is engaged in making clear to the leaders of the various nations of the earth that no man has the authority to wage war on any fraction of the humanity. Being restrained to the administrative part, their authority has the objective of promoting the welfare of their subjects. No government leader has been given authorization by the Superior Forces to declare war on other nations, act which causes the sacrifice of the lives of the souls that are here living their earthly lives. The leaders of the present ought to know that harsh punishment fell on the past leaders who engaged in bellicose activities that caused grave harm to the human beings.


The lack of the proper means to clarify the leaders responsible for so many conflicts, which harmed millions of souls by forcing them to return prematurely to the spiritual world or to remain on the earth in mutilated bodies, experiencing sufferings for something that they did not provoke, actually prevented the Superior Forces from divulging these principles here. Such leaders eventually received the punishment that they deserved, returning here a few times in physical conditions worthy of pity.


Yes, dear readers, you can be certain that the divine Providence does not provide defective bodies to anyone in the earthly world except to souls in need of atonement. It can be identified, among the human beings displaying lesser or greater physical defects, rulers and leaders who were responsible for the death and suffering of others. Since their faults needed atonement, in accordance with the judgment of Superior Forces of the spiritual world, they returned here in incarnations filled with suffering, which are well known to many of you, in order to be able to redeem their faults.


The Lord wishes to reiterate that leaders do not have the right to unleash their armed forces against other nations under the pretext of trying to resolve existing problems. The level of evolution reached by men in the course of the past millenniums gives them today the degree of intelligence that is necessary for the pursuit of mutual understanding in the solution of problems. The earthly institute of diplomacy has the conditions to discuss issues with other countries and find fair solutions to each administrative or political problem without having to resort to armed conflicts.


Pay good attention to this, leaders of the earthly nations, and seek cordial understandings with the other leaders with the certainty that the Superior Forces that oversee earthly life will no longer permit new conflicts. And in case you wonder about the existing conflicts, the Lord clarifies that mammoth efforts are currently being employed towards their solution at conference tables, so that armies can be brought back to their bases within the shortest possible period of time. Perseverance in the bellicose process by any country can cause unpleasant results for its government, which could include a call for its leader to return to the spiritual world. The Superior Forces have determined that this measure is a decisive way to prevent new armed conflicts or stop current ones.


No soul descends to earth to create or direct warlike activities against its fellow souls. As a matter of fact, the life-letters of the souls that have been reincarnating here over the centuries contain promises they made of pursuing peaceful objectives. It is forgetfulness of such promises and the lack of contact with the Divinity by way of prayers and meditation what induces many to wage wars after getting carried away by their own vanity. Nevertheless, the Superior Forces will not permit this to happen anymore.


The existence of mediumistic instruments like the one writing these lines has greatly contributed to the divulgence of the principles managing earthly life that all men and women are brothers and sisters since children of the same Celestial Father. They should for this reason esteem one another as if they were blood siblings rather than engage in armed confrontations. The past leaders lacked the knowledge of the spiritual laws that contain beautiful teachings of fraternization among all, not the destruction of fellow men. Therefore, unawareness of spiritual laws is responsible for countless incarnations of punishment or atonement involving those creatures who carry more or less serious physical defects.


But with the divulgence of these Messages from the Lord, such occurrences should come to an end, together with their causes. So, the Lord Jesus would like to see a translation of these Messages sent to the leaders of all nations; it should have the effect of a serious warning to anyone entertaining bellicose projects to change his plans before being called back to the spiritual world.

Those capable of complying with the Lord’s wishes can be certain that they will be performing a divine service to the Divinity for which they will be greatly compensated. This is a way to prevent the outburst of new wars on earth, which has been greatly sacrificed in the course of its multi-millenary existence.


The Lord next wishes to address another important issue to the incarnate souls. By incarnate souls the Lord is referring to all men and women of the earth. It concerns their rather generalized engagement in the practice of activities that are permitted under the moral laws, which influence their happiness to a lesser or greater degree. Since this matter is a delicate one, the Lord will only address it in a superficial manner, leaving its depth for individual understanding.

It is necessary for all men and women to become aware of the degree of dignity they should have for themselves during their stay on the earth. The moral laws preached by the numerous religions are also faulty and incomplete on this issue, resulting in the misconduct that is visible in all parts.


It should be understood by all men and women that, as sparks of the Divinity, the incarnate souls have the duty of refraining from actions that are condemned by the Divinity due to their inconvenience and opposition to happiness. The Divinity is aware that the exuberance of their physical vehicles emits vibrations of an inferior nature, which not all incarnate souls have the conditions to dominate. But for the benefit of their happiness, it is necessary to exercise control over them, refraining from this type of vibrations and changing them by way of prayers into lights and blessings for themselves.


Humanity’s evolution has suffered tremendously as result of its lack of biological control, causing numerous incarnate souls to waste three or more incarnations, according to observations in the above. This certainly takes place as the exclusive result of their biological misconduct. It is therefore correct to say that the religious teachings are incomplete on this particular issue, leaving the situation of each human being at the mercy of his or her own nature. However, it does not have to continue in such a way anymore.


A duly clarified soul, who has respect for its earthly living and knowledge of good-living with all as outlined by the spiritual laws, is prepared to follow an earthly path of complete harmony with the Divinity, which knows and sees everything involving its children. Observation of such principles by men and women will greatly contribute to their luminosity and consequently to their happiness. Meditate on this, dear readers, during your evening time of meditation.

It is important that these Messages be sent to the leaders of all nations, especially Messages 14, 61, 62, 67, 76, 78, 104, 108 and 113.

Governments have the means to solve problems without having to resort to armed conflicts.



62nd Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On January 10th, 1971

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



The Lord’s presence in the earthly soil shall bring new technological advances – Wars do not accomplish anything useful for the victors – Only ignorance of spiritual laws can induce leaders to declare war



The coming of the Lord Jesus to the earthly soil in these final years of the twentieth century should mark the advent of a new phase in the life and history of this small planet, which was prepared millions of years ago to receive a rather limited population which tried to create the conditions that were indispensable to their living. And since there was not much it could offer, its first inhabitants lived simply, deprived of any comfort. However, as more evolved spiritual beings began to incarnate here throughout the centuries and millenniums, they strove towards the creation of some conditions of comfort. The foundation of domestic utilities industries helped improve life’s conditions and the subsequent foundation of the first primary schools helped improve the intellectual development of the populations, followed by colleges and universities which are nowadays common everywhere.


The coming of the Lord and his establishment on earth at the end of this century is meant to bring new advances to all technological sectors, such as Physics and Chemistry, resulting in a significantly new progress for all life in the planet. But it needs to be closely linked with the spiritual development of human beings of this century and the next. It requires that the human minds let go of the futile and inferior things in order to elevate to spiritual planes.


In fact, if they continue to occupy themselves with things and concerns of an inferior nature, as it has been the case, they will hardly be in a position to receive the pure and elevated vibrations projected by the Superior Forces of the spiritual world, thus helping earthly life’s progress. Only when the men and women let go of inferior things, with disposition to receive irradiations from the spiritual world, will they be able to contact evolved entities and receive the inspirations and ideas that can make them completely happy.


What really differentiates the completely happy populations of the more evolved worlds is their vibrational degree. It is the vibrational whole of each planet what determines its life’s conditions. For being harmonious and free from ambition and hatred, an elevated vibrational whole produces a state of harmony and happiness in the planet’s aura which irradiates towards all inhabiting beings.

For millenniums the earth has suffered the effects of ambition and greed on the part of numerous human beings seeking to conquer weaker countries after attaining positions of dominance or command, with the crazy idea of possessing their territories. However, the pages of history can attest to the fact that none of such conquests became permanent as others carried out the struggle for freedom. Could such a sacrifice of lives and resources in the conquest of merely temporary achievements then be considered worthwhile?


There is another side to this, not known to the reader, involving the souls responsible for spilling blood and interrupting lives through such conquests: they all harshly purged the consequences of their acts, coming to earth over and over in undesirable or painful situations. So, the day when all responsible men realize that wars cannot provide their countries with anything useful and also that what is taken by force will have to be returned by force, deciding then to act if favor of the spirit instead of matter, earthly life shall become a constant of happiness and harmony.


Some people may feel that the reason why some nations want to conquer new territories is due to their need for expansion in order to accommodate their populations. The Lord’s answer is that the earthly world has the conditions to fulfill the needs not only of the current but of future populations as well.

Therefore, if a nation’s demographic extension is not sufficient, it can always resort to migration to nations not having such a problem. As a matter of fact, this has already been happening on a large scale as happy souls migrate to different countries. Resorting to wars is totally condemned by the spiritual laws, which do not allow with impunity the sacrifice of souls that waited centuries to reincarnate.


Another reason noticed by the Superior Forces that is behind the outburst of wars noticed is the lack of spiritual development of the leaders who choose such tactics. A spiritually developed leader would know that the life of all human beings is sacred and that it should be respected as the life of a true brother or sister. Only total ignorance of spiritual laws, or laws of love, can lead a government leader to declare war on another nation in order to satisfy the interests of the state or his vanity. Otherwise he would know that it is a crime against the Divinity to convoke millions of his brothers for war, removing them from their pacific activities. He would certainly know that the adversarial nation would also have to convoke other millions for its defense. This is why it is urgently necessary that the Lord’s words be brought to the leaders responsible for the nations of the earth, so that they can meditate upon them and put aside any warlike ideas which they might nurture.


It has already been stated by the Lord Jesus that the earth does not belong to men, regardless of how powerful they think they are; it belongs exclusively to the Divinity. The earth’s destiny is to promote the evolution of all of its reincarnating souls. In this light, no leaders of nations have the right to attack another nation at the sacrifice of thousands or millions of lives that are as precious as his considering that they all have the very same objective, namely the acquisition of new points of spiritual light.


Therefore, why should the temporary leaders decide to resolve differences with other countries by force? The institution of diplomacy has as its objective precisely this: friendly understanding among all in the solution of their problems. For cases that are more serious, there is the alternative of collective meetings and pacific conferences capable of solving all problems. So, the war solution should not be used under any circumstance since it benefits no one; everyone loses.


This is yet another important reason for the Lord’s presence and establishment on earth. With his team of assistants, He has been visiting all earthly leaders, striving to remove warlike ideas from their minds which cannot provide anything useful to their peoples. So, the Lord nurtures the well-founded hope of attaining the beautiful goal of extinguishing wars from the earth.


In wars, everyone loses, no one benefits.

It is necessary for the human mind to let go of things and facts of inferior level.





63rd Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On January 16th, 1971

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



Souls’ return to the spiritual world and accountability – Examination of inexcusable bad acts – Incarnations of atonement – Homicide is the greatest of all crimes – Atonement through the same process



In his desire to provide his readers with the greatest number of spiritual teachings possible the Lord in this Message offers something new to help clarify them during their lives in the body. It refers to the process used in the spiritual world to receive and guide the souls that return from the earth. The first step involves their presence before the Superior Forces to render account of their earthly actions in relation to the obligations that they assumed before reincarnating. This happens to be one of the most important steps since it clarifies the deeds that were either beneficial or detrimental to their spiritual happiness.


Forgetfulness of their spiritual memories by at least a large part of the reincarnating souls serves to attenuate the fact that they did not fulfill some of the things they had promised to carry out on earth. Due to such an insight, the Superior Forces exempt them from such faults. With respect to their good and meritorious deeds, they are immediately credited to them in the form of a reward which has the corresponding number of ounces of light. The next phase of their judgment is the examination of the bad acts that caused inconvenience or detriment to their fellowmen. There are no excuses for such acts in the spiritual laws, which are also known as divine laws.


The chapter that deals with the consequences of acts of inferior level practiced on the earth by the incarnate souls has only graduations of atonement in future incarnations. And since such graduations can be quite painful, many souls come to lament and weep over their faults as they reflect on them as their own judges in the spiritual world. Earthly facts assume a greater proportion there.

Another chapter refers to respect for the life and integrity of fellow creatures, which no one has the right to violate. Assaults against the life of fellow creatures that result in their premature disincarnation cause the perpetrating souls to become separated from the others in the spiritual world in view of the fact that a characteristic stain is produced in their perispirit. It identifies them as homicide perpetrators wherever they go. For this reason, they are compelled to live for a long period of time on a specific plane where many others with identical situation can be found.


However, they do not remain indefinitely in such planes given that while there they receive the most beautiful teachings on morality; after acquiring the necessary knowledge most of them will show moral improvement. And in view of the fact that they need to evolve just like everybody else, they will someday be invited to return to the earth for a new evolutionary course, which they shall accept with excitement.


The possibility of their becoming victims of homicide will be printed in the life-letter that they will receive to fulfill on earth. This is a form of ransom which they sincerely desire and accept as a means of ridding themselves from the stain they carry. As a rule, they will return to space as victims of homicide, which happens for their own benefit and spiritual happiness. From observing what occurs on earth regarding this matter, you can now conclude that the victim of a homicide is not always innocent; it is a soul ransoming a past fault. You must certainly be familiar with the spiritual principle: “He, who harms with iron, will be harmed with iron” which has since ancient times been in effect in all worlds of the universe.

Simple, gentle and even defenseless creatures usually become victims of the wickedness that still exists in the human heart. And even though such an act of cruelty is quite upsetting to society, you can be certain that in ninety-nine percent of the cases what took place is the ransom of a debt, thus washing away the corresponding stain.


Comments have been made in the sense that it seems strange that the victim’s spiritual protectors did not try to protect them against such an evil act. The explanation is that the victimized soul descended to earth already having such an occurrence printed in its life-letter as the result of the fault it committed in the past. Being aware of this, the spiritual protectors just try to soothe the consequence since they do not have the power to prevent it from occurring.

This explains the reason for the incidents that involve creatures considered innocent as victims of human wickedness.


Actually, those that should really be worthy of your compassion are the creatures who act as the criminals since they build for themselves a future situation of unhappiness and suffering. You all should know, esteemed readers, that the Law of Cause and Effect is always present in human life, registering and preparing identical facts for future reparation. The day when all men and women become knowledgeable about the existence of the Law of Cause and Effect, engaging in the practice of good deeds in favor of their brothers and sisters, the earth will become an authentic paradise, term which is appreciated by everyone.


Things like theft, homicide, violence, deceit, seduction as well as many other modalities of spiritual law’s infraction generate similar situations for the perpetrator who, even though he may at times escape  punishment by the earthly laws, will have to return to the flesh for atonement. In fact it should be made clear that by serving the time imposed by the human laws, the human being is not exempted from being the target of the same fault in a future incarnation. This is because human and spiritual laws are independent from each other; each possesses their individual rules.


For instance, the human being who gets absolved of a certain fault against humanity by serving the maximum sentence will in the spiritual world have to follow the destiny outlined above before he can return to earth to become the victim of the same type of transgression. This happens to be the only way to free him from that unpleasant stain which was contracted in the past.

You can now see, esteemed readers, how perfect divine justice is and how happy humanity could be if all men and women strove to find out about it. You may wonder until when crime will be committed on earth, which result in punishment for the reincarnating souls.


It can be answered by the above exposition together with the spiritualization of the souls. The study of spiritual laws is as useful and necessary to human beings as the air they breathe. The day when humanity becomes aware of the spiritual laws that oversee life in all the worlds of the universe, it will be able to live life on earth with all contemporaries like true brothers and sisters. And when this does become a reality, the incarnate souls will notice that the blind and the crippled no longer exist. All souls in the earthly soil will be happy and evolved since all assaults against one another will have ceased.


On this forthcoming day, all men and women will consider the moments they spent praying to the Divinity their happiest, when the Divinity observed them the above, irradiating grace and blessings unto them. When all men and women do this as a daily necessity, then the earthly world will be transformed into that fabled paradise.


Spiritual protectors do not have the power to prevent certain facts.

The Law of Cause and Effect is present in all events.





64th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On January 17th, 1971

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



Intensive courses on moral improvement of faulty souls – A process which attained excellent results – Criminal souls subject to a few centuries in rehabilitation planes – The Lord recommends the study of spiritualism



For their greater spiritual development, the Lord Jesus wishes to continue clarifying the readers with respect to the process that they will find in the above at the end of their current living in the earthly soil. Such a process is not new since it has existed for many centuries, receiving improvements with the passing of time. In ancient times - some millenniums ago - the arrival of earthly souls in the spiritual world followed certain conditions of a vibrational selection which often left many of them on their own for an indefinite period of time. It involved a certain abandonment of the souls guilty of committing more or less serious faults on earth, causing their evolution to remain at a standstill.


But the Superior Forces eventually found a way to hurry their clarification by creating intensive courses on improvement of morality, which produced excellent results. Presently, the moral improvement of this category of souls takes only a few decades; such an improvement  prepares them to return to the earth in incarnations of atonement. This way, the recovery of many of such faulty souls takes place within a century and a century and a half, enabling them to return to the spiritual world with their perispirit clean of the stain which they had previously acquired. After being received and complimented by the Superior Forces, they are tenderly conducted and accommodated in a center compatible with their evolutionary level. This involves only the souls guilty of primary faults, which is the term used for faults that were committed during moments of mental disturbance.


As for those who chose to follow criminal paths on earth, often practicing faults against the laws of love for pleasure or other specific interest as result of their poor spiritual development, they are subjected to planes of rehabilitation for a period that can last as long as several centuries, which is until they are able to obtain permission to return to earth. But in spite of the efforts on the part of the Superior Forces, if they still fail to display signs of a spontaneous recovery, the solution then is to guide them to a planet of inferior vibrations where they will be confronted with the conditions of life which should thrust them into a compulsory moral recuperation.


Since in a planet of an inferior level the moral laws are still in their early stages of application, which corresponds to the population’s level, the Law of the Fittest predominates. The population resolves the most important things of life through disputes which sometimes occur under rather cruel conditions. It should suffice to say that it is common for two young males to engage in a deadly combat in front of a crowd in a marriage dispute. The beaten contender not only loses the desired bride but his life as well; his remains are then cut to pieces, roasted and joyfully consumed by the guests present at the wedding event.


Such a simple description indicates what could happen to those individuals who abuse their freewill on earth, threatening the lives of fellow creatures which are as precious as their own they are also God’s children in search of knowledge and experiences. Unfortunately the number of souls conducted to inferior planets for a period of one to two thousand years is still quite significant. The Lord Jesus would be quite pleased if the above description of life in such planets worked to awaken the sentiments of comprehension and fraternal love in the hearts of the less evolved souls, so as to bring to an end all types of assault against the life and property of the incarnate souls.


For their greater happiness, the Lord recommends the study of spiritualism to the creatures still involved in the darkness of ignorance, which is the main reason for the infractions they commit against divine laws, or laws of love. Such a study shall help them comprehend that all men and women belong to one spiritual family, which is the reason why they esteem, love and respect one another. As a matter of fact, the clarified persons are the ones who commit the least infractions against spiritual laws. After they develop their reasoning, becoming aware that no one has the right to take the life of a fellow creature, they find ways to solve their problems pacifically, with the Lord’s grace.


Thus, do study the spiritualist works that have been diffused in all parts, dear readers, and try to perfect your mediumistic faculties so that you can receive from the spiritual plane the inspiration and help you may need. This type of study becomes each day more necessary as the means for human beings to receive as much help as possible in the acceleration of their spiritual progress.

Considering that human beings have been evolving during the course of millenniums and also that they initiated their earthly sojourn under the most simple and humble conditions in view of their lack of knowledge and experiences, it is highly advisable for them to assume the accurate study of the spiritual laws, which is a new and important factor of progress for all incarnate souls. The reason why this is highly important and necessary is that the path to be followed by each will be decided at the conclusion of this current existence.


The Lord’s coming and his recent settlement in the soil of this planet is meant to help accelerate the population’s spiritual progress. How could this be achieved? The Lord explains that men and women need very little to begin following the straight pathway of evolutionary progress, as already explained in a previous Message. And it certainly can be repeated again: establishment of direct contact with the Divinity by means of prayer and meditation at bedtime. As a result they will receive from the spiritual world the lights produced by their own prayers followed by the inspiration of ideas and suggestions that they might need toward their material activities. From such a contact with the Divinity they shall experience the awakening of a new force within themselves coming from the lights and blessings of their daily prayers.


This will provide them with a new vision of the life that they are living as well as the conviction that they will continue to live in the spiritual world a much happier life among a small multitude of related or friendly souls. The persons who pray daily to the Divinity soon experience a series of previously unknown joys which make everything seem less difficult. This happens due to the fact that such a habit attracts new powers which permit the human creatures to see life through different lenses. The explanation for this is that their understanding becomes gradually clarified by the lights produced by their prayers. This is all that is required for the acceleration of their evolutionary progress.


A greater comprehension of life will come before them as they progress, which will enable them to receive directly from the Divinity the advice that can be of utmost usefulness on earth. Daily prayers can be compared to the seeds of an enormous tree which will soon be covered with tasty fruits for whoever planted it. So, do plant your seed. You will be able to receive the inspiration and help that you might need more easily by improving your mental faculties.


A new force shall be awakened within you through a direct contact with the Divinity.





65th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On January 23rd, 1971

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



The earth is a school for moral improvement – The restructuring of the earth’s surface – Army of specialists engaged in the construction of water ducts – Modifications to improve human life in the future – Subversive souls



The Superior Forces of the spiritual world are actively engaged in finalizing the provisions to be mobilized on the surface of the earth after materialization of its structural changes which are currently being conducted in the subsoil. There are many thousands of souls ready and prepared to render assistance to those who will disincarnate as the result of such events. Other equally important services are also being organized in the spiritual world to complement the program of assistance to the returning souls.


The Lord wishes to assure all men and women that whatever comes to pass in the earthly plane has been thoroughly studied since a long time ago and that such occurrence is for the planet’s welfare and progress. It will permit the arrival to the earthly soil of millions of new souls in need of reincarnation. It has already been stated that the earth is a school for spiritual improvement where souls that belong to its cycle need to live every so often. As numerous incarnate souls conclude their stay in the body and return to the spiritual world to rest and assimilate what they were able to learn on earth, souls that have been waiting for tens of years return here as children.


Due to the large number of souls that are ready to reincarnate it becomes necessary to increase their access to this early school. Having thoroughly studied the nutritional problem affecting the earthly world, the Superior Forces concluded that it is imperative that its surface be restructured so as to offer new food producing areas for the population of the next century. Examination of its surface reveals that only one- third is currently being used by men since the remaining two-thirds are mainly constituted of lesser or greater elevations. These elevations will be demolished as result of the works underway in their profundity and then presented to man ready to produce food.


One of the main concerns of the Superior Forces concerning the demolitions is dotting the recovered areas with the indispensable veins of water that will make cultivation possible. It is convenient that the Lord’s readers be informed that a true army of specialized souls, settled in the earth’s interior already for quite a while, is engaged in the construction of the ducts that will allow water to be brought to the regions to be revolved by the telluric events in perspective. No one here has the slightest idea about the delicacy and precision involving the activities that are taking place in the earth’s interior.


All this is part of the progress which shall affect earthly living in the next century when this small planet ascends some steps in its evolutionary scale. Human life on earth will no longer be this whole of suffering dotted with ephemeral joy; it shall turn into a small paradise, just like the paradise of your imaginations. There shall be peace among the nations as they mutually help one another, and more sophisticated human beings shall live with their thoughts turned to the source of all goodness, which is the Divinity.


This will to a great extent be possible in view of the spiritual elevation of the souls that are descending to earth as they irradiate their beneficial influence from wherever they are. Furthermore, the Superior Forces will continue with the psychic cleansing of the environment by conducting to space millions of the discarnate souls that remained here for lack of spiritual elevation disturbing the incarnate souls even to the point of causing some of them to be admitted into hospitals and their graves as well. Such a situation will soon come to an end for the well being of the incarnate souls.


Various caravans of well prepared souls are already operating in the earthly soil in order to conduct to space the wandering souls that remained here after disincarnation. The entire population shall benefit from the tranquility that will reign in the earthly environment after the conclusion of such cleansing.

Another type of cleansing that has also been going on for some time involves the removal of the incarnate souls that decided to follow the winding paths leading to the infraction of the laws of the earth and of the humanity. The Superior Forces cannot permit the continuation of assaults against life and property in a world that needs peace and tranquility.


Some political doctrines, created by spirits ambitious of power and command, cause numerous human creatures to deviate from their path inducing them to practice condemnable acts which are completely devoid of any advantage to them. It is a true fact that a large number of young people allowed themselves to be deceived by the hypocritical words of their mentors; to their disservice, they positioned themselves outside the human laws. Such a situation can be viewed as a side door opened in the normalcy of earthly life; however, the changes in motion towards the nations that have become sources of subversion on earth will shut such a door.


Thus, these so-called subversive souls, who have even involved themselves in terrorist acts, are being removed from the earthly cycle, together with the souls that have become used to lives of crime. These will return to the planet from where they came for a century or two of renewed apprenticeship. Since life in such a planet is to a great extent characterized by acts of violence, they will the have the opportunity to reformulate their moral character before they can return to the earthly cycle.


The Superior Forces did about everything possible in the sense of influencing the criminal souls to meditate on their lifestyle, relaying to their spiritual ears during the sleep of their bodies that no one is permitted to descend to earth on a new incarnation in order to harm of kill fellow creatures. However, this type of advice is rarely followed as they choose to continue with their unhappy activities.

So, this indicates that they are misplaced in this world, which is where they have lived for centuries. This is the reason why they need go back to a school of an inferior level, which is the planet mentioned above. It is certainly a pity that this becomes necessary; this is indeed lamentable.


Since the objective of life involves a continuous betterment of the psychic faculties of all beings, it is then clear why it is lamentable to see the decades of evolution that are being lost through their return to their planet of origin. They are like students who, after being judged ready to leave school in view of their assimilation of their studies, go on to display in practical life insufficiency of knowledge and aptitudes for an honest living. So, they need to be sent back to a primitive school in order to attend a new apprenticeship course.


In such a school they will have plenty of opportunities to test their tendency for violence through fights with their contemporaries, facing the possibility of becoming victims every step of the way. After disincarnation they return to that world’s spiritual plane for a period of about twenty years before reincarnating again. And once reincarnated, they will now try to avoid violence since it does not construct anything that is lasting and useful. This shall go on like that until they become apt in the eyes of their mentors to return to the earth.


Subversive souls subvert their best qualities.

A violent current forms in agitated gatherings which becomes difficult to control.





66th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On January 24th, 1971

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



Incarnate souls’ awakening – You may not return to the earth so soon – It is necessary for souls to conclude their apprenticeship course – The Lord needs new spiritual guides and protectors – A good example of how a spiritual guide protects his protégés



One of the Lord’s great concerns in this end of century is the awakening of the incarnate souls towards the real objectives behind their coming to earth once again. The fact that a soul wears the body of flesh that it constructed in the maternal womb erases from its spiritual memory all remembrances; it causes the obligations they assumed in the spiritual world for realization on earth to be forgotten. This is the reason for the detachment from their real objectives by many souls and their attachment to the interests of a material life.


Being overly concerned about their awakening, the Lord Jesus decided to descend from his Celestial Court to the earthly soil, which is where He intends to remain until the end of the century. There is one other powerful reason for such awakening, which is the impossibility of their being able to return here in the next couple of centuries due to the fact that there are various millions of souls waiting for their turn to reincarnate in the above. It is possible that the great majority of the recently incarnated souls will not have the opportunity to return to the earth so soon, thus causing a lamentable interruption in their evolutionary progress. Then, the Lord informs all souls that will come across these Messages that if they decide to make a small spiritual effort in these final years of their earthly life they will be able to finish their apprenticeship and return to space as the future masters and guides of other souls and not anymore as students in this earthly school.


Some readers might wonder about the type of spiritual efforts that is involved as they contemplate undertaking them. It involves the realization that their condition of men and women is merely transitory and that it enables them to stay in the earthly soil for development of the necessary activities of a material order. But they also should realize that above all they are souls in search of spiritual progress on a journey that ranges from eleven to fifteen thousand years just in human bodies.   Although other millions of years elapsed since their creation by the Divine Mind, such a period is not part of their current phase. Once aware of this great truth, all incarnate souls ought to keep a permanent link with the Divinity through daily prayers, rendering account of their material activities while asking for health, assistance and protection on the following day.


However, these so-called spiritual efforts cannot be maintained just by way of daily prayers in the morning and in the evening. Contact with the Divinity should be also maintained through the performance of daily tasks. A thought directed to the Divine Mind from any place and at any time can represent a real spiritual effort since it in fact involves a spiritual linkage with the Divine Mind.

The readers who do acquire such a habit during their working hours will surely be surprised by the ensuing results. The Lord informs that the great majority of the souls that have been descending to earth come already prepared for such a daily practice, which is for their own spiritual elevation.


Through the divulgence of these teachings, the Lord seeks the spiritual preparation and development of the greatest number possible of incarnate souls to act as spiritual guides and protectors to the souls that will reincarnate in the next century. Considering that a population of about six billion souls has been foreseen for the next century, the Lord invites the readers to conveniently prepare for such a luminous task, estimating that He will need more than two million new spiritual guides and protectors to follow and assist the incarnate souls over the next forty years. The Lord believes that these new assistants are among the present inhabitants.


The Lord Jesus explains that the tasks entrusted by the Superior Forces to the spiritual guides and protectors, for realization next to the incarnate souls, are light and pleasant. Being able to communicate with a “work center” in the spiritual world whenever it becomes necessary, a duly prepared and sincerely devoted spiritual can guide as many as six incarnate souls without inconvenience to any. Any instruction that may be needed by the spiritual guide is provided by such a center.


Stretching this subject a little, the Lord clarifies that guides are not responsible for acts committed in the earthly soil by their protégés. Their mission involves the provision of spiritual assistance towards the straight path to enable them to attain the desired success. Spirit-guides meet with their protégés while their bodies sleep to discuss the rights and wrongs of their actions, which is their remarkable right. Their task also involves the removal of certain common hazards from their path.


As an illustration, the Lord wants the following episode to be described. The protégé of a sincerely devoted entity was member of a group of young people planning a vacation trip. Supposed to meet at the train station at five o’clock in the morning of a particular day, the group departed without one of its members, leaving a message for him. Having overslept, this youngster felt sad for having missed the train, promising himself that would make it the next time. However, an accident involving the train transporting his friends occurred. Jumping tracks, the train fell into a river, causing the death of more than half of the passengers, which included some of his friends. After notification of the accident, he directed his thought to the Divinity for preventing him from being of the train, and then to those who perished.


While his body slept that evening, his spirit-guide discussed the accident with his soul. He said that since he had previous knowledge of it due to the fact that it had been programmed in the spiritual world, he would be able to prevent his participation in the trip by prolonging his sleep, after verification of his life-letter. The spirit-guide added that he happily saved him from certain death since his life-letter permitted such action. The youngster then asked his spirit-guide if his perished friends did not have their own spiritual guides. The reply was: “Yes, my son; however, there are circumstances in earthly life that are resistant to the guides’ spiritual efforts as far as prevention is concerned. Whenever a protégé shows unresponsiveness to suggestions through the exercise of his freewill, he may well become involved in similar situations.


Aware of your definite decision to go on the trip, in spite of my inspiration to the contrary, I was able to obtain permission from the Superior Forces to protect you, which I did by prolonging your sleep. You were then spared from a dangerous situation in order to be able to continue living in the body.”

Such cases are common all over the earth as countless persons either miss or give up on a particular means of transportation at the last minute to find that they escaped a fatal accident. They involve mostly person that keep a link with the Divinity through prayers. If additional arguments concerning the need for such a link, which requires so little, were still necessary, the above case then confirms its advantages, fact which you can verify upon your return to the spiritual world.


Maintain your spiritual efforts at all times, even when you are not praying.





67th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On January 30th, 1971

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



The Lord’s task is gigantic – Meeting with the leaders of the main nations – No leaders hurls his subjects into war with impunity – Need to meditate to solve problems of the State



Engaged to provide assistance to the incarnate souls’ progress, the Lord has been monitoring very closely the events that are taking place on earth. His task is gigantic in view of the fact that his presence is required to contain bellicose impulses on the part of certain leaders in all regions where peace and tranquility may be at stake. The Lord Jesus is continuing to meet with government leaders during the sleep of their bodies to clarify them about the necessity for peace to be maintained on earth through negotiations. He tries to make clear to all those present at such meetings that they did not descend to the earthly soil with the objective of waging war against other nations; they came instead to find pacific and friendly solutions to the problems affecting their peoples. The Lord is satisfied with the achieved results on account of the fact that He has been able to prevent the outburst of two serious conflicts.


He has made clear to the leaders attending his weekly meetings that everything can be resolved through friendly negotiations between the parties involved. Also, that the incarnate souls of all nations bring a work program they need to fulfill in order to reach the ounces of light which they need as much as their leaders. Thus, peaceful environments are needed for the incarnate souls to be able to reach their objectives given that many fail to completely fulfill their program even in such an environment.


Therefore, it should be obvious that if millions of young people working toward their moral progress are convoked for war, they would not be able to attain their objectives; it would be detrimental to their spiritual evolution. The Lord has insisted upon this point with these leaders, holding them responsible for the harm that would fall upon the mobilized youth. Since such clarification has already produced results, the Lord expects all armed conflicts in this small world to come to an end once and for all. There is a point the Lord wishes to review with reference to the consequences of armed conflicts in order to dissipate future doubts. It was previously stated that some spirits that come to earth as leaders of certain nations come entrusted with a peaceful mission. Their objective is to promote material progress of their country as well as to improve the conditions of life of the population.


However, the right to hurl their countrymen in wars against the children of the other countries is never given to them, regardless of the circumstances. Wars as a rule are the result of poorly fulfilled missions by leaders who will be held responsible for their consequences, which may delay their spiritual development for two centuries or more.


The Lord has been trying to make all this vivid in the physical memories of these leaders during his weekly meetings for the purpose of preventing the proliferation of armed conflicts. It has already been said that if a government leader insists upon involving his people in a war for political reasons or for personal ambition, forgetting the Lord’s recommendation, the Lord will be forced to remove the soul of such a leader from the body in order to prevent the tragedy of a new conflict.   The Lord Jesus was recently forced to call for such a removal, which shall be repeated whenever it becomes necessary to preserve the peace and the lives of millions of creatures.


What purpose have armed conflicts served? Did life become perhaps happier and more tranquil for the population afterwards? Not a chance. Not a single nation has ever shown signs of greater happiness in the aftermath of an armed conflict; instead, reduced conditions of life followed on both sides. They sorrowfully witnessed their savings and their objects of value disappear with the plundering of their whole country. Very well, esteemed readers, this shall no longer happen since this ending century is destined to bring to a close all bellicose activities in this small world. You may learn more about the armed conflicts that took place on earth as well as the fate of those responsible for starting them when you return to the spiritual world.


You will find that they all returned to the earth in deplorable incarnations, without any exception, to atone for the harm inflicted on their fellow creatures. Various incarnations of atonement were needed by some of such leaders in view of the evil they practiced in their role of leaders or rulers of people. The earthly world is a sphere prepared by the Creator for the evolution and improvement of the incarnating souls who require peace and tranquility in order to be able to fulfill their life-letter program. In this light, could the souls that become government leaders, who bring identical objectives to earth, be allowed to hurl their subjects into war instead of resolving them pacifically?


All a leader needs to do is prayerfully direct his thoughts to the Divinity from a quiet place or perhaps from his own office, requesting the inspiration and assistance necessary to solve momentary problems. And even though the Divinity will infallibly provide the assistance that is requested, it is necessary that they examine their conscience in order to evaluate the fairness of their intentions before invoking it. Since it has a perfectly clear vision of everything that occurs on the earth, the Divinity obviously would not assist a leader wanting to involve his subjects in an unjust war against his fellowmen. It would, in such case, provide inspiration for a pacific understanding with the nation in question. This is an efficient way for leaders to resolve their questions or problems, in an environment of peace and tranquility for the welfare of their populations.


They should consider that in the eyes of the Divinity their lives are as valuable as the lives of any of their subjects; they are all incarnate souls who are here in search of spiritual evolution. Then, why draft souls for war, hurling them against their sister souls in the other nations? The heads of government should seriously meditate upon what has been said here and therefore conclude that war represents a crime against humanity and God.


Happy is the nation that, remaining always in the defensive, keeps on praying.

People’s prayers form an extraordinary current of beneficial effects.

The government that prays with its people has the protection of the Superior Forces.



68th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On January 31st, 1971

Rio de Janeiro - Brazil



Occult deposits of valuable ore to be given to man – Being never absolutely tranquil, life is filled with the struggles necessary to the evolution of souls – A tranquil existence is similar to the waters of a lake



There are things occurring in many regions which are nothing more than the effects of the ongoing works that are meant to modify the structure of the earth in accordance with plans made more than four centuries ago. Although notice of such works has been given in previous Messages, the Lord wishes to return to this subject for the purpose of clarifying his fortunate readers as much as possible. The events occurring in the earthly soil shall allow for a greater utilization of the soil by man as they amplify the nutritional resources of the regions. Besides the new flat surfaces that the demolition of an elevation provides for agriculture, it could also offer advantages with respect to mineral and valuable rocks. Hidden in all earthly regions are deposits of rare and valuable ores left alone for millions of years in order to condense and properly develop; they shall be presented to man for commercial exploration.


And since the earthly population also developed and improved culturally and scientifically during such a period, the time has finally arrived for man to be able to attribute the proper value to the resources hidden in the subsoil. The spiritual world has been carefully following the development of the telluric operations that are currently underway in the subsoil; everything has been monitored in order to provide the assistance necessary to correct any possible operational deviation.

However, it is up to man to receive the facts with tranquility and absolute certainty that they are not tragedies or misfortunes but simply occurrences that had been programmed in the spiritual world.


The Lord Jesus wishes to repeat that the fact that they will cause the unexpected departure of many souls does not mean that they will be harmful to them; they shall be tenderly received and conducted to their respective spiritual planes, where they will be compensated for their premature disincarnation with a reward of lights and blessings. As for those surviving the events, they shall be surrounded with all types of spiritual assistance in order to feel comforted and tranquil.


The Lord clarifies that in reality the life of the souls that live on earth or in the spiritual planes has never been absolutely tranquil nor will it ever be regardless of their elevation in the evolutionary scale. In general, life consists of struggles, difficulties and apprehensions which represent a test of moral improvement given that they would not feel the need to think in an existence of permanent peace. They would keep themselves in a state similar to the waters of a lake, where it would not possible to develop their latent powers.


They would have to live an existence deprived of the experiences which only earthly life can offer. The religious history pages of all times show just how afflicted were the lives of the entities which your worship, which is exactly the reason why they were canonized. The violence imposed by the rulers in those days affected the dedicated servants of the Lord such as Paul of Tarsus, Peter the Fisherman, Sebastian, George as well as numerous others, without which their personalities would not have reached the level of admiration which they presently enjoy on the earth.


These were not the only sacrificed servants of the Lord; various other missionaries of the Lord’s doctrine were also targets of violence in their work of evangelization, whose names appear in the religious history as well. The fact that their bodies were sacrificed to the point of causing the disincarnation of their spirits only brought advantages to them, forever illumining their auras.

The names of many outstanding men can be found outside the religious field, men who were involved in the foundation and direction of civil enterprises with the constant preoccupation of providing paid work to hundreds or even millions of laborers. The lives of such men stopped being tranquil on the day they initiated their undertakings; each day presented them with new problems, defying their sagacity and refined reason.


Although their names were not canonized in view of the fact that their activities were outside the religious field, their spirits possess today, and justly so, auras consisting of white and blue lights, which are sign of the merit they achieved through beneficial activities on the earth. This simple illustration shows that the basic condition for the evolution and exaltation of the human souls consist of their efforts to produce something for the benefit of the community. The reader may wonder if a businessman that is just interested in making money would be included among the benefactors of his earthly brothers and sisters. The Lord clarifies that the fact that a businessman offers paid work to his workers and assistants already represents a divine service rendered to the Divinity, especially if their salaries are fair.


Besides being grateful, the Divinity rewards all incarnate souls that offer salaried work to fellow creatures, appointing illumined entities to clarify their way of thinking and their deliberations. Then, it should be clear that the progress of certain enterprises is not solely the result of the undertakers’ intelligence and capacity; it is also due to the support, assistance and clarification from the Superior Forces of the spiritual world, who are the representatives of the Divinity in the earthly plane.


Now you can see, esteemed readers, part of the complexity that involves the life of a soul along its millenary progress. The simple stay in a body of flesh, moving during the day and resting during the night, will not be sufficient for the soul to acquire those ounces of light. It is firstly necessary for the soul to maintain a link with the Divinity by way of prayers and meditation at bedtime, and secondly to express the desire of producing something useful to the community. Such a desire has the merit of attracting to its mental field entities that will inspire ideas and plans necessary for its realization.


This way, any latent capability which the soul may possess will be developed by friendly entities, allowing it to serve the community and the Divinity as well. Souls proceeding in such a way, who strive to accomplish useful things, will be accumulating ounces of light in their diadem; they will find that they were able to reach new steps in their evolutionary scale. The fact that millions of souls came thousands of times to the earth, leaving it in the same condition, that is, the condition which existed prior to their incarnation, is due to the fact that they simply considered their stay in the earthly soil as a summer vacation; they had no concern for their main objective, which was the acquisition of new spiritual lights.


Therefore, the Lord Jesus wishes to recommend two important attitudes for the progress on the incarnate souls: the maintenance of daily contact with the Divinity through evening prayers and meditation and the formulation of aspirations of things that are beneficial to their communities. There are many ways to serve the community. The owner of an industry or store can serve by offering fair remuneration to his workers and so can the soul that works towards the alphabetization of others to enable them to abandon their condition of blind with good eyes. Also, by helping with the needs of the poor, provided that it does not help to establish or maintain their vices. There are many other ways to serve the community, which can be known be means of intuition.





69th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On February 06th, 1971

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



Another great benefit from the Lord’s presence in the earthly soil – Thousands of souls are conducted to the above – Hospitalizing stations near the earth – Inconveniences from pork meat use – Cleansing of the earthly environment



The Lord’s presence in the earthly soil with hundreds of highly evolved entities shall greatly improve the current conditions of life. It is helping to conduct to the spiritual world the thousands of souls who after detachment from their physical bodies through the phenomenon called death remained here, wandering in the roads, cities and villages. They are the souls who lived their entire lives turned towards material interests, without doing anything for their spiritual evolution.

This caused their spiritual bodies to develop quite densely and consequently without the conditions to elevate towards the spiritual world after the death of their physical bodies. Since they did not learn to turn their thoughts towards the Divinity while in their bodies, they remained in the earthly soil, without a definite destination or goal.


These souls are being removed from the earth and conducted to the planes where they belong so that they can rest and get prepared for a new incarnation, probably within the next couple of centuries. In any event, their removal from the earthly soil is highly beneficial to them and also to the incarnate souls that were subjected to suffering on account of their negative influence. The work of the caravans of souls engaged in the cleansing of the earthly soil through their removal from all regions of the planet, which is overseen by the Lord, has been done with great efficiency.


The Lord wishes to inform the readers that these souls are not conducted directly to their plane of spiritual life; it is first necessary that they be admitted to a certain plane near the earth for a short period of time where the cause of their disincarnation can be examined. This is necessary because the great majority of them carry the residues of the illnesses that victimized them, which have to be eliminated from their spiritual bodies. Thus, they are admitted to a hospitalizing station of great proportions where specialized souls see to the removal of such residues in order to prevent their perispirits from carrying said residues to the planes where they will be living.


Given that many of the souls that disincarnate as the result of a contagious disease conserve the signs of the disease in their perispirits, it is necessary that they are completely removed before they return to their spiritual plane. In fact, it is quite common to find among them souls who believe that they still suffer from the illness that victimized them, such as tuberculosis, in view of the fact that they continue to experience its symptoms. In case they are not properly treated at this hospitalizing station, the fatal germs of their illness would be kept in their perispirits and carried by them in their next incarnation.


There is a voluminous medical body in the hospitalizing station that exists in a plane near the earth which consists of great specialists in tuberculosis, leprosy and cancer. The souls victims of such diseases admitted to such establishment are fully alleviated of their symptoms so that they can return to their respective spiritual plane completely cured. They will not have any recollection of it in their spiritual plane and there will not be any signs of it when they reincarnate.

The Lord is aware that their permanence in the earthly soil has contributed to the transmission of these diseases to certain organisms with the predisposition for contracting them. However, with the work that is currently under way, they shall be totally eliminated from the face of the earth. It is true that, since they can be found in the human organism in a latent state, they are able to manifest themselves under certain circumstances.


For instance, the use of pork meat can help develop the germs of various diseases which are latent in the organism, especially leprosy and cancer. When human beings realize the harmfulness contained in a carnivorous diet, especially pork, and get rid of it, then many maladies will completely disappear from the earthly midst. As for tuberculosis, it is generally known that it develops in the human organism as consequence of physical excesses, exposition of a weakened organism to low temperatures as well as excessive ingestion of alcohol and cold beverages. In such cases, as the physical resistance of the organism succumbs, the germs of the disease are permitted to progress, profoundly undermining its health. The medicine indicated to prevent such a terrible malady is a sound life style with a healthy diet at specific times as well as evening rest never inferior to seven hours.


The elimination of certain maladies from the earthly midst will occur as result of the development of the human knowledge and not on account of any spiritual factor. As wisdom is applied to dieting and the consumption of meat is gradually eliminated but totally eliminated as far as pork is concerned, it shall operate such a state of human health that will enable the cells that protect the organism to annul all harmful toxins. Therefore, it is man who will eliminate from the earthly soil the infectious diseases that are responsible for the interruption of so many lives.


With respect to the medical services available to those souls at the hospitalizing stations near the earth, the Lord wants to provide his esteemed readers with additional information. They have to undergo a careful treatment for removal of all the pathological residues that they might carry. The fact that they remained on the earth in the condition of discarnate souls for many years brought upon them new maladies which did not afflict before. And since this caused their psychic bodies to become rather blackened, a prolonged psychic treatment is required to restore their natural state. It consists of their immersion in more or less prolonged baths in appropriate places that provide them with comforting spiritual vibrations and make them genuinely happy. As for those requiring rest due to their state of prostration, they are conducted to resting rooms in order to recover. As for the others, they are organized into caravans under the protection of entities of great power and then conducted to the planes where they belong.


A large number of the souls that are retrieved from the earthly soil and admitted into the hospitalizing stations are in such a state of illness requiring several weeks of treatment before they finally become convinced of their separation from the body, fact which they refused to accept since they still considered themselves human beings. But as the psychic treatment helps them recover, they become conscious of their spiritual state, forming into caravans that head towards their spiritual planes.


Although this operation has already been in effect in the earthly soil for some years, it is now being intensified. Its purpose is to clear the earthly environment from the negative influence of these stationary souls as well as to help them through their conduction to their planes of spiritual life. Surveys conducted in the spiritual world show that the main cause for the permanence of so many souls in earthly soil after separation from their bodies is their lack of faith, which is the result of lack of prayers to the Divinity while in the body.


Meats, especially pork, are responsible for the development of various diseases such as leprosy and cancer.

The residues of a disease remain with the perispirit in space.

On account of excesses, the weakened individual ends up contracting tuberculosis.





70th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On February 07th, 1971

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



Causes of the Lord’s sacrifice at the height of the Calvary – Arduous task performed by the spiritual world during the last twenty centuries – The doctrine of love progressed all over, improving the world’s image



When the Lord Jesus came to the earth in physical body nearly two millenniums ago to divulge the principle of love for one another as the means of fraternal understanding, He was trying to accelerate the spiritual progress of the incarnate souls. The prevailing thought among those peoples then was the enrichment and accumulation of goods; the idea of reincarnation for the purpose of acquisition of greater spiritual lights was completely absent. It was this situation what caused the Lord to be sacrificed at the height of the Calvary, fact which is well known to all, and return to the above in a state of deep melancholy due to the incomprehension of the people He tried so hard to awaken towards their true objectives. The Lord has since then continued to work towards awaking and attracting them to the light of spirituality, away from that somnolence which the body of flesh produces.


Many struggles took place with the passing of the centuries, causing a great deal of suffering to the populations. In those days they believed in one single life, with nothing else following. The survival of the soul with its periodical reincarnations, although it may not have been totally unknown on the earth, was not accepted by the majority. The life of all human creatures proceeded then under the influence of matter; each was inclined to attain material realization in any possible way.

So, the spiritual world’s task of trying to convince the incarnate souls that the objectives of earthly life are primarily based on spiritual evolution and not material exaltation has been pretty arduous. Such an important task has involved many prominent entities who accepted to reincarnate in many regions of the Occidental world in order to preach the doctrine of the Lord, which is the doctrine of fraternization and love for one’s fellow creatures. But they did not walk on tranquil pathways in the course of their saintly activities in view of the fact that they had to confront the darkness of ignorance as well as the reaction of threatened interests.


Nevertheless, the doctrine of fraternal love did progress in all parts with the passing of the centuries. The spiritual view of the world is quite different today as the survival of the soul after the death of the body and its return to the spiritual plane to wait for a new opportunity to return to earth in a new body is generally accepted. In reality, such a sequence of reincarnations has been happening for millenniums so that they can practice actions that are beneficial to them and to their fellow creatures, resulting in some ounces of spiritual lights for their diadem.

Therefore, the readers should not be too surprised if the Lord informed that almost all souls that were incarnated on earth at the time of his presence here some two millenniums ago are here again in this century in pursuit of the same objectives. However, the decisive hour is now here for the incarnate souls that are currently incarnated to get ready for their next destination.


The Lord hereby invites those sticking to the principle that life on earth should be a permanent bonanza of nothing but pleasure and wellbeing to meditate very seriously on this erroneous idea, which has persisted for more than twenty centuries. They should try to understand the words that these Messages contain before facing certain events which may surprise them in their lives of comfort and well being. The Lord explains that the time is here for the incarnate souls’ yes or no and that everyone is being invited to opt for one of these conditions. The souls opting for the yes condition are those who have already understood the transitory nature of earthly life and also that everything that belongs to earth remains on earth.


With such a comprehension, they become convinced about the need for a permanent link with the Divinity by way of prayers as the means to attain the state of peace and tranquility that is necessary at the time of their return trip to the spiritual world. Since many millions of the souls that were on earth twenty centuries ago are here again in this end of century, it is expected that the great majority will decide for the yes condition, which is the one that best serves their interests.


On the other hand, there is a small minority harboring strange ideas concerning spiritual life’s organization despite the fact that they too are souls that have periodically come to earth in the course of the last twenty centuries. They unfortunately still believe in the erroneous principle of a single life, which is the cause for their lack of interest concerning knowledge of spiritual laws. Since they still choose the no condition this category of souls is bound to leave the earth perhaps for good unless they become open to the comprehension of spiritual laws in these final years of this century, laws which happen to be divine.


It has been repeatedly said by the Lord that the earth is about to reach a new important step in its evolutionary scale, to which all the worlds of the universe are subordinated. And generally speaking, since the souls that will come to earth in the next century will need to have a compatible degree of evolution, those that are presently incarnated will either have to remain indefinitely in spiritual world in search of greater knowledge of the spiritual laws or be conducted to an inferior school to review their current knowledge. This should not be hard to understand in view of the fact that if the curriculum of a school is elevated, any mediocre student would not be apt to continue due to lack of the necessary substance. The solution then is to send them to another school, which is more compatible with their possibilities. This is the general picture of what could happen to the souls immersed in the false principle of a single life and therefore disconnected from studying the laws that oversee universal life, which are the spiritual or divine laws.


However, as the governor of the planet, the Lord Jesus intends to conduct intact the flock of souls entrusted to him for development and improvement on earth by the Celestial Father. It is his ardent hope to be able to awaken towards spirituality all souls that are unaware of this true evolutionary path. It comes as no surprise to him the fact that so many souls feel in such a way, which is the result of their lack of knowledge about spiritual laws. Although in a smaller number there are also souls in space who vehemently deny their condition, insisting that they are still incarnate. Such an attitude reveals poverty of spiritual knowledge even after the sequence of incarnations which they lived on the earth. However, the main cause for their spiritual retardation is the close link that they have with religious principles that preach the existence of one single human life, with nothing following the death of the body. This happens to be the main reason for souls like these to be found in the spiritual world.


So, it should not be much of a surprise for souls with similar convictions to be found on the earth, who refuse to believe in these Messages or accept the Lord’s presence in the earthly soil. These souls should not be condemned on account of the sincerity with which they manifest themselves. Everyone should instead pray to the Divinity for their clarification in order for them to follow the wave of life which they entered more than two millenniums ago. If they deviated from the pathway that leads to greater spiritual progress due to understandable circumstances, prayers and solidarity can help them return to the right path, which is the study and practice of spiritual laws. Since the majority of the current earthly population is the same which was here when the Lord was present two millenniums ago, do not remain stationary in your apprenticeship; proceed resolutely!


The curriculum of this planetary school will be updated; the final examination is already in sight.


The earth is reaching a new evolutionary degree within the Universal Concert.





71st Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On February 13th, 1971

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



Relief caravans in action everywhere – Earthquakes caused by natural causes without the Superior Forces’ interference – Reincarnation is the Divinity’s grace – Need for prayers and meditation by the earthly leaders



Events of great magnitude are occurring on the earth due to the elements placed in the depths of the soil as its structural transformation continues. It has been repeatedly stated that such a process follows a plan elaborated more than four centuries ago to be carried out in the final years of this century. By occurring in densely populated areas, they have caused destruction and a large number of casualties. To some extent this happens due to the fact that there are many cities located within the radius of the volcanic activities that are taking place in the depths of the soil and not as result of the Superior Forces’ plan of modification of the its structure.


In any event, relief caravans are always present at the site of such events in order to assist the souls going through disincarnation in the sense of retrieving and conducting them to their spiritual planes. Such telluric phenomena should be seen as a natural occurrence and not the result of planning on the part of the Superior Forces. Although substantial modifications must certainly take place in various regions of the earth, they will mostly occur in areas with little or no population in order to minimize the loss of life. However, there will be events affecting inhabited areas as result of the original events but at the end it will be clear that they contributed to the betterment of life on earth, which is the primary objective behind them.


The Superior Forces of the spiritual world constantly monitor everything that happens on earth, providing the necessary assistance at all times and places. Since they do not have sleeping or resting needs, they are always active, totally devoted to the tranquility and well being of the incarnate souls. And if the incarnate souls are ignorant of such a fact, it is because they occupy bodies of flesh that need night-time rest as much they need food a few times a day. This is the reason why they are unaware of the efforts employed by the Superior Forces in the sense of providing them with assistance and protection during their stay in the body.


The Lord wants to clarify to the incarnate souls the importance behind their being on the earth once again. The concession granted in the above to souls to descend to earth not only represents a grace but it should be viewed as such since the souls that are now here had to wait at least a century to reincarnate. In the above there exist millions of souls waiting for their turn to reincarnate, anxious to come to the earth to search for new points of light for their spiritual diadem.


The Lord adds that the thoughts from the souls waiting in the above for the opportunity to reincarnate are the most pure and saintly. Almost all of them promise themselves to follow the best pathways as well as practice the most righteous acts while on earth, in accordance with the moral laws, wanting to become authentic servants of the Lord and devoted to loving their fellow creatures. These are essentially the thoughts and projects of the souls desiring to return to earth on a new incarnation.


But once they become involved in their bodies of flesh, whose instinctive vibrations are frequently capable of overcoming their souls’ vibrations, they begin to give in. This causes many of them to return to space with their hands entirely empty of spiritual values. Incarnations like these are practically of no use to them, which is indeed lamentable considering that hardly anything is added to their spiritual level. Thus, in view of this clarification, the Lord expects them to robustly react against the vibrations and demands from their physical bodies, which should be submissive to the soul as well as governed by it.


It is probable that many incarnate souls who become desirous of putting into practice what the Lord just explained will experience great difficulties on account of the dominance that the carnal instincts exert over their senses. The Lord wishes to convey that they not only can but ought to exert control over their bodies. This can be easily accomplished through the habit of prayers to the Divinity every night, like children wanting to converse with their father, asking for the help and the strength necessary to enable them to govern their bodies, which are just vehicles during their stay on the earth. This should enable them to soon master such a control.


Considering that the human body consists of dead matter that is nourished, kept warm and directed by the soul, it is then up to the soul to assert dominion over its body, utilizing it in accordance with divine principles. Such dominion can and ought to be asserted in a complete manner and under all circumstances, which includes the nourishment of the body. The meal times and the types of food should be selected by the soul. Even though the body sometimes manifests a desire for certain types of food, it is up to the soul to judge their convenience. And since it is a reaction from the body, the desire for meat should not be always satiated due to the amount of negative reactions that could result. The soul is then the absolute master of the body which it constructed in the maternal womb and which it nourishes during its earthly life.


So, if the soul decides to appeal to the Divinity for support on daily regularity, it can be certain that it will become capable of conducting its physical vehicle towards health and longevity. The above clarification can be considered as primary notions of earthly living, which are known to all discarnate souls in the spiritual world. In view of the fact that when the soul enters the maternal womb to construct its physical vehicle the stored advice and experiences are removed from its spiritual mind, the best and only way to activate such a recollection is through daily prayers and meditation to the Divinity.


Meditation represents the flight of the soul in the spiritual plane towards the things it may desire, allowing it to visit discarnate relatives and friends and access the knowledge and experiences accumulated in the course of previous incarnations, which are filed in its spiritual memory. When the Spiritual Guides insist on recommending the habit of daily prayers and meditation, they are just following determinations of the Superior Forces.


A simple illustration can certainly help clarify this exceedingly important issue. Imagine yourself going on a long trip on a road which suddenly becomes involved by a dense fog. Since you are unable to continue, you get the happy idea of saying a prayer to the Divinity for orientation, so that you can safely resume the trip. Then, as miraculous as it may seem, a beautiful brightness bursts through the fog, making you feel confident to proceed. Here you can see the result of prayers to the Divinity, esteemed readers. Prayers can clear life’s road for those having the disposition to pray with all their hearts the same way it cleared the foggy road.


A group of souls thirsting for elucidation once asked the Lord if the prayers uttered on earth by the incarnate souls brought any kind of benefit to the Divinity. The Lord explained to them that prayers do not benefit the Divinity in any way whatsoever, whether they originate on earth or in the spiritual planes; they are totally transformed into benefits for the souls who uttered them. The Lord added that if souls possessed such awareness, they would pray not once but two or more times a day in view of the amount of goodness that results from it.


Dominion over the physical body should be exercised in a complete manner.

The reactions and the desires of the flesh should not always be satisfied.

With support from the Divinity towards daily regularity, you shall be able to conduct your body in such a convenient way to insure health and longevity.

Prayers followed by meditation clear and illumine the paths of life and death as well.

 When the Spiritual Guides insist upon a recommendation, pay good attention to it.

With the perception that reincarnation is a grace from the Divinity, take time also to express gratefulness for it.





72nd Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On February 14th, 1971

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



Tens of generations have already lived on earth – Way to prepare for spiritual life – The creation of the New Order of Jesus – Need to come straight home from work – Acceleration of the spiritual progress



As one of the smallest worlds to move about in cosmic space, the earth progressed a great deal since becoming inhabited by human beings. Many generations of incarnate souls lived here in search of the experiences that are transformed into light and spiritual progress. After living very difficult lives, most of the billions of souls that incarnated on earth since primordial times possess today rather advanced levels of evolution. The great majority of a certain category of souls that presently inhabits this small world should be able to conclude its apprenticeship and consequently promoted to live in more luminous planes. However, for this to happen it is first necessary that all men and women sincerely turn towards spiritual life, which is their next life, and that they detach themselves as much as possible from material things. By turning their thoughts towards their forthcoming spiritual life, their minds will start receiving the inspirations needed to guide their earthly activities and gradually elevate their vibrational level.


This preparation for their spiritual future is very important and much easier to accomplish than many realize. In order for them to be able to overcome the tasks of the day, it is enough that they get up in the morning with thoughts of spiritual preparation and elevate a prayer to the Divinity asking for help and protection on that day, so that they can perform their activities in perfect harmony with the divine laws, which cause benefits to others whenever possible and never harm.

A prayer in the morning hours will insure the presence of the Superior Forces to provide the help and inspiration in the performance of their work. The souls that do this as a daily habit can be certain that they will be really prepared for their spiritual life, involved in beautiful luminosities as they elevate themselves considerably in their spiritual scale. With such preparation, all activities can be expected to become much easier for them since they would be assisted and inspired by the Superior Forces or the divine Providence. So, to be able to count upon the help from the divine Providence on earthly activities is to move towards the light and spiritual progress.


The practice of these things by souls wishing to accelerate their spiritual progress to a maximum will cause the whole of their human attitudes to become gradually refined, which is the result of the lights and blessing that started to accumulate in their spiritual diadem. Such accumulation is what determines the degree of luminosity displayed in each person’s aura, which is only visible to the discarnate souls.


It is from the lesser or greater luminosity displayed by humans that all of us in invisible form can learn about their individual state of spiritual development. Therefore, since this is the objective of all souls that descend to earth for a new existence in the flesh, the fact that the majority do not even attempt to attain it is mostly due to their lack of knowledge and not laziness or anything else. This should constitute the basis of all religious teachings and would if the religions were truly committed to preparing their followers for spirituality.


The New Order of Jesus was especially created for the purpose of addressing this and other objectives, certain that it will soon become the light and route of all incarnate souls. Thus, a day spent in activities subordinated to teachings about the spiritual laws is a day spent in the best sense. It brings them contentment to be in perfect harmony with the divine Providence or the Superior Forces that direct and oversee universal life. Regarding the time to return home from work at the end of the day, it is highly recommended for various reasons that everyone return straight home.


Since it is not convenient for protected human creatures to force their protectors to accompany them in after-work activities, it is best that they return straight home to their families. Although it may seem unimportant, it is an essential step towards the material progress of all souls. Those not following this practice by socializing with friends or going to bars for drinks will be dismissing the Protecting Entities that accompany them, consequently having few chances of attaining a solid position if life. This can be explained by the fact that material progress is subordinated to certain moral laws which seldom work in favor of those who spend time in activities outside their homes.


The Lord Jesus reserved this Message to clarify the way human creatures should live their working days; they should come home after work with a sentiment of happiness for the family’s good health and for being kept from accidents. They should emit a thought of gratitude to the Divinity, or God, upon entering their homes, for the grace of being preserved from evil on that day and for being able to be with their families again. Such a procedure shows the gratefulness of the souls for their spiritual protectors, giving them renewed forces to continue with their protection.


This is precisely what distinguishes the incarnate souls having some lights and experiences from the irrational beings fulfilling rather weighty tasks in their evolutionary path. There are irrational beings that, when fed by man, show through their vibrations gratefulness to the divine Providence. During such moments, these more developed irrational beings instinctively emit happy vibrations for receiving their desired food. But with respect to human beings, it is their duty to consciously communicate with the Divinity through prayer at the end of the day to show thankfulness for the protection, assistance and the grace that they received as well as to beg for their continuation on the next day. It is up to the head of the family to make such a request on behalf of the entire family since it attracts great well being for all.


You may perhaps wonder why only now many incarnate souls have become aware of such principles, considering that some of them are already marching towards their final days on the earth. The Lord explains that this is the result of the precariousness of the existing religious teachings; many religious leaders are either unaware of them or do not consider them to be of importance to their followers.


But the Lord comes to divulge them through his Messages due to their importance to everyone’s progress and happiness, thus to allow the incarnate souls to know and practice them. Everyone can this way accelerate the spiritual progress they initiated through incarnations of hardship thousands of years ago. As we come close to the time when a final examination will be given to all incarnate souls at the end of this century, the teachings contained in these Messages should be have the effect of a decisive impulse toward a satisfactory result.


Although it has been announced by the Lord’s emissaries in the four corners of the world since long ago for everyone to prepare for the arrived time, such a warning succeeded at awakening only a small number of people. Since the majority failed to understand it, the Lord decided to come to the earthly soil at the threshold of a new century in order to clarify the incarnate souls. So, it is imperative that all humans, children included, acquire the daily habit of prayers to the Divinity once or twice a day, for their greater happiness on earth.


Therefore, pay good attention to the Lord’s recommendation.

Jesus’ New Order is the light and the route to all incarnate souls.

Emit a thought of thankfulness to God at the end of a working day so that tranquility comes to your home, together with your Guide.

With three more Messages, you will have read the first volume, which has enough light to permit you to safely follow your journey.

The family head gets extensive benefits by praying to the Divinity for all members.

It is imperative that everyone, including children, pray to the Divinity.

The New Order of Jesus divulges the Savior’s new friendly warning, hoping that his servants will help everyone avoid a moral and physical disaster.

The simplicity or behavior of a soul does not reveal spiritual retardation or absence of spirituality.

f you desire to cooperate with the divine service on earth, elevate yourself towards the realization of the Divinity (Message 73).

Since sensitive changes are being operated on almost all planets of the solar system, consider the work of your Brothers of Light in space and try to do your part.

The new service of spiritual assistance is the last chance in this end of millennium to those interested.

Turn to the Divinity for clarification and consolation at the departure of a loved one since it leads to spiritualization.

Help maintain the fluid reservoir since we are all part of it.

The Lord’s Messages are decisive for the complete success on your final examination.

Help yourself even more by helping this book to come within the reach of your fellow creatures. Work with Jesus!





73rd Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On February 20th, 1971

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



The Lord Jesus has supervised the preparatory works for centuries – A benefit for the souls affected by the events – Realization of the Divinity is within everyone’s reach and how to attain it



The Superior Forces of the spiritual selected the most suitable process to produce the necessary modifications in the structure of the earth. The fact that thousands of souls will disincarnate as the result of their bodies getting hit by certain events will not cause them any harm; attractive compensations will be waiting for them in the spiritual world for the interruption of their earthly life. All this was thoroughly studied by the Superior Forces who oversee all works that occur on earth.


The Lord Jesus supervised all the studies and preparatory work that was undertaken in the above beginning some centuries ago, which are designed to bring the necessary improvements to the planet, giving them complete approval. And in order to closely supervise the ongoing operations the Lord Jesus settled in the earthly soil several months ago, in the company of numerous assisting entities. And as they visit all regions of the earth, these entities are able to verify the status of the ongoing operations and then notify the Lord accordingly. What requires clarification is the fact that when the works that are occurring deep within the soil affect densely populated areas, causing a large number of souls to return to the spiritual world, they bring benefits and never harm. These souls are simply concluding their current incarnation, therefore fulfilling the divine design which brings them back to the spiritual world.


After spending a short period of time in the above, the great majority of them will return to earthly soil to fulfill various tasks. And it could be said that a good number of the souls that have disembodied as result of such events are simple souls who lack the knowledge they would need to carry out responsible tasks in a future reincarnation. But the Lord clarifies that the apparent simplicity of life or behavior on the part of a soul does not mean an absence of experiences accumulated in previous lives.


Frequently these are souls who have already lived long enough to possess a high level of evolution. By coming to earth in incarnations of simplicity, without cultural conditions, they are able to consolidate their previously acquired knowledge. By observing everything around them without participation, they acquire the conditions of humbleness and simplicity that they need in conjunction with the other types of knowledge already stored in their spiritual memories.

This is precisely the case involving a good number of souls that have disincarnated as result of the telluric events taking place in many regions. After resting in their plane of spiritual life for a short period of time, many of them will return to earth in order to fulfill important tasks, probably still in this end of century. It can then be concluded that everything that has been taking place is destined to improve life conditions, and that includes the selection of a large number of souls for the performance of various divine services.


In view of these clarifications of the Lord, there is no need for anyone to grieve over the events that have taken place as well as their consequences since everything was studied and planned for the general welfare of all souls on earth and those that are preparing to reincarnate. As for those who were affected by the events but who will continue on earth, they will receive such a beneficial assistance from the above so that they will not feel like victims.

The Superior Forces make all efforts to provide the souls that were physically affected with all the things necessary to cheer up their lives, making them forget the things that brought them suffering. The spiritual law involved here is the Law of Compensation, which brings lights and blessings to all souls involved in telluric events.


The Lord now wishes to provide the readers of these Messages with a new clarification, which can decisively accelerate their spiritual advancement. The readers who aspire to realize the Divinity and thus communicate with the highest authority of the spiritual world in relation to the earth can easily accomplish it by visualizing a desire for such a spiritual meeting. They should start on a Tuesday, during meditation, after their habitual prayer. Such an aspiration, of meeting with the Divinity and receiving its sanctifying blessings, should be mentally formulated for seven to ten minutes during meditation with the conviction that it will be received and realized. If repeated on Wednesday evening, its realization would occur on the following day, Thursday.


You should begin your preparation with prayers and meditation and a strong wish that you will be answered by the Divinity. After this mental work you should confidently count on its presence, certain that your aspiration is going to be materialized. The Divinity will make its materialization so positive that it will eliminate any possible doubts. However, things such as excessive eating can often prevent the candidate from perceiving or comprehending the Divinity’s presence due to the fact that it hampers the psychic faculties. It is convenient that only frugal meals be consumed at night and that meat and alcohol are absolutely excluded. This alone should facilitate the actions of the psychic faculties towards recognizing the presence of the Divinity.


And even though the candidate is often unable to realize such a presence while awake, it can certainly be achieved during the body’s sleep, time when the spirit becomes free in space. It is much easier to realize it during sleep due to the limitations that matter imposes on the incarnate souls. Since such a realization involves certain duties and obligations, its preparation should contain the commitment for the performance of divine service on earth and not principles of mere curiosity. When it is manifested by a prepared soul it relays to the Divinity the commitment of that particular soul towards the performance of any divine task. It can greatly facilitate closeness given that the Divinity does not have time to correspond with those who are merely curious and want just to satisfy their whims.


The Lord now wishes to recommend that his esteemed readers show a sincere desire to realize the Divinity while in their state of wakefulness, as indicated above, sure that the Divinity also nourishes the sincere desire of showing itself to its incarnate children, propelling them towards their spiritual progress. Everyone can now count on the Lord’s total support towards the realization of the elevated objective of being able to behold the Divinity and receive instructions concerning the things they are apt to perform. The incarnate souls’ sincere desire of having such a presence in their homes helps the Divinity notice the number of incarnate children desiring to cooperate with the divine service on earth as result of their spiritual development. In other words, it will help the Divinity identify the new apostles in preparation on earth.





74th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On February 21st, 1971

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



New organization for incarnate souls’ spiritual assistance – How prayers differentiate souls – Six billion souls on earth by the end of the next century – Sensitive transformation on all planets



The Lord Jesus’ presence on earth will allow him to conclude the organization of a spiritual service having close ties with the earthly environment in order to better attend to the needs of the inhabiting souls. Numerous highly evolved entities were convoked by the Lord to participate in this service, having under their command thousands of less evolved entities for direct contact with the incarnate souls. Through this organization the Lord expects to eliminate a huge amount of obstacles from the earthly environment which has made the incarnate souls’ march so difficult, hoping that thousands of them will be able to conclude their earthly apprenticeship and return to the above in the category of redeemed souls.


Such a service will consist of a close verification of the needs and aspirations of the incarnate souls and the provision of the required assistance. It should be made clear that it involves only the needs and aspirations considered just and well deserved, excluding anything that could be detrimental.

Being now settled in the earthly soil, the Lord wishes to propel the progress of all men and women to a maximum in view of the fact that the number of earthly lives which they have already lived should have been sufficient for the conclusion on their apprenticeship. The Lord expects that his new spiritual service will assist them toward the acquisition of the volume of lights and blessings that they still need for their spiritual redemption.


The condition required for the spiritual entities to stay close to the incarnate souls helping their progress depends solely on the colors displayed in their auras. Souls that have the habit of daily prayers and meditation add to their auras a certain luminosity which amplifies with each prayer until it becomes a small point of light. That is really what differentiates one soul from the other; it attracts those spiritual entities that will cooperate with them in any way possible. Such a big impulse should help many thousands of worthy souls improve their acts and thoughts, which will contribute to their illumination.


The Lord’s creation of this new service of spiritual assistance involves two main objectives: provision of substantial assistance to the worthy souls to help them finish their course of spiritual development, which they initiated millenniums of millenniums ago, and preparation of thousands of souls for tasks to be performed in next century when they return to the earthly environment as the spiritual guides of the incarnate souls. The Lord does estimate that more than six billion souls will incarnate on earth in the course of the next century.


Therefore, it is then essential to start preparing those who will collaborate with the divine service in the category of spiritual guides. This is the reason for the Lord’s efforts towards helping those who are spiritually more advanced to end their course of earthly apprenticeship still in this century. And since this new and important spiritual service is already in effect, numerous souls have become aware of it as they begin to feel the presence of the spiritual entities assisting them.


Would anyone prefer to continue to face the sufferings peculiar to earthly living instead of becoming candidates for the luminous task of becoming spiritual guides to their earthly brothers? The Lord poses this question for the incarnate souls to seriously meditate on it and then answer it to themselves. The Lord has been overly concerned with the slow progress of the great majority of the incarnate souls for over two centuries since they devote more time to their earthly interests than to the spiritual objective that brought them here in the first place. Since this issue was greatly debated in numerous assemblies in the spiritual world by the most evolved entities, the result was the creation of the statute of this new service of spiritual assistance to the incarnate souls, service which required thousands of entities to direct it on earth.


Thousands of assisting entities were also convoked to establish a direct connection with the incarnate souls in all regions of the world. Therefore, it should be easy to conclude that the number of assisting entities found throughout the surface of the earth exceeds one million. With the creation of his New Order, which is meant to accelerate the incarnate souls’ clarification, the Lord also saw the need to create this service of spiritual assistance, which has already been fully executed. Therefore, a greater level of evolutionary progress shall result from the Lord’s efforts towards the spiritual progress of the souls that are here fulfilling their incarnations of apprenticeship.


An opportune clarification will now follow with respect to the sensitive transformation that is being operated in almost all planets of the solar system in order to accelerate their progress. The consensus of a meeting that took place in the beginning of the century on a certain point of the universe, which was attended by the leaders of the various planets with their assistants, was that the evolutionary rhythm of their incarnated souls was going too slowly in relation to the new directions attained by scientific field.


After ample discussions and deliberation, these leaders studied the best way to accelerate the current rhythm, which has been in effect for millenniums. The Lord informed them about his idea of creating a service of spiritual assistance for the incarnate souls after He had come to the same conclusion some centuries ago with respect to the earthly evolution, precisely in the format that it is in effect at the present time. Such an idea received the full support of the leaders of the neighboring planets in view of its great efficiency towards the acceleration of their evolution.


Since it was immediately put into practice on earth, it can now be said that many incarnate souls are moving toward the conclusion of their apprenticeship. The thoughts and vibrations of thousands of such souls were no longer impregnated with the things of the earth. They started to reflect an improved moral level, inclining more towards the things of the above than to the inferior things of the earth.


Through the amplification of this new service, the Lord expects that about three-fourths of the current earthly population will achieve spiritual redemption by the end of the century. And the remaining one-forth, which comprises the souls that are relatively new on earth, will return to the spiritual world at the end of their incarnation for a stay of approximately two hundred years to try to assimilate what they learned on earth. These will be replaced by the anxious souls who have been waiting for a new opportunity to evolve here through contact with the chores that are peculiar to this physical plane.





75th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On February 27th, 1971

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



The events under way were predicted many decades ago – Many of the affected souls will return to the earth before long – Reason for the disincarnations of loved ones – The sense of universal life



The events that are taking place in many regions of this earthly world, which are responsible for lots of disincarnations, are not taking place by chance as it might appear. Having been predicted a long time ago, they are part of the Superior Forces’ plan to improve the general conditions of earthly life. In reality, this has been divulged through the books and messages which, by determination of the Lord, have come from the above over a long period of time and which is now confirmed by the New Order of Jesus.


The fact that large numbers of disincarnations have been taking place in all parts as result from such events does not mean that they are harmful to the souls that return to the spiritual world since they receive large compensations for the loss of their vehicle. Actually, those who disincarnated at a young age will soon return to earth in new physical vehicles. It could be argued that in view of the fact that the parents of the departed children or youth would remain forever inconsolable their return to other homes would not bring any compensation to them.


The Lord explains that, as part of the universal life, earthly life is not restricted to a small circle of incarnate souls but to humanity as a whole. After the souls that are affected by earthly events return straight to the spiritual nucleus to which they belong and integrate themselves, it is quite possible that they will reincarnate in the same earthly homes once their need to return to earth is verified.


What should be a consolation to parents that lost their children is the conviction that, besides not being responsible for their departure, they surrounded them with all the comfort and security possible. It is known that children are not the property of their parents but brotherly souls put into their earthly homes by the Superior Forces who oversee all life on earth. Thus, if a member of any earthly home is called back to the spiritual world in their childhood or youth, it is because it had been foreseen in his life-letter.


The result of the fulfillment of such a fact is that, by remaining in the memories and longings of their progenitors on a constant basis, a permanent link forms between them. As they receive in the spiritual world the vibrations emitted by their progenitors in the physical plane, they emit similar vibrations while fervently praying to the Divinity on their behalf. Various are the cases judged necessary by the Superior Forces to remove one of the most loved family members in order to awaken a feeling of longing in the parents and also the habit of prayer in favor of the departed soul. This usually involves homes where the two columns feel exempt from the daily prayers to the Divinity that they promised before descending here. In such cases, the process described above is applied by the Superior Forces, with excellent results.


However, the departure of a father or mother, regardless of age, does not awaken that feeling of longing on the remaining relatives the same way a child does on the parents. Since parents can hardly forget their departed children by remembering them in their daily prayers, a consolidation and amplification of their affective relations takes place, bringing them closer. Such closeness will invariably help awaken them towards spirituality, which is so necessary to all incarnate souls.


Such awakening often reveals to some souls the noble missions they brought to the earth with the disposition to fulfill them, for their greater spiritual progress. The events occurring throughout the earthly surface, causing the return of numerous incarnate souls, have produced exceedingly important results, as described above, besides helping the materialization of the planet’s structural reform, which was projected a long time ago.


Made up of countless spiritual beings, universal life offers the same evolutionary opportunities to each one, from their creation by the Divine Mind as a simple idea to the most advanced level of spiritual improvement. But there are no ties of dependency among them; even though they all had the same origin, each has to develop its own force and aptitudes. This is done in conditions of absolute independence.


When the magnificent idea of the constitution of earthly homes became a reality, it brought together two incarnate souls by means of instinctive love, union which was blessed by the Divinity. The purpose of earthly homes is no other than to enable souls to acquire on earth their needed spiritual lights, in obedience to the infinite process of spiritual improvement. It is up to the two columns of the earthly homes to make the reincarnating conditions available to other souls in conformity with the divine Providence’s determination. Parents should love them and care for them, providing the best examples of education within their means and teaching good manners; the rest is done by the divine Providence until the time of their return to the spiritual world.


Therefore, it should be perfectly clear that a couple’s children are but their brotherly souls in a phase of improvement on earth, which they receive for such a purpose just like it happened to them when they were children themselves.

So, what should be the primary concern of parents when a soul departs prematurely from its earthly home is whether or not they did all they could to prevent such a departure. This should be their greatest concern given the fact that they will have to render account to the divine Providence.


If they spared no efforts towards the preservation of the life of their loved one, they can be certain that particular soul was called back to the spiritual world by the divine Providence for reasons which they can only wonder about. One of such reasons could be the need for establishment of a strong link between the two columns of the home and the departed soul. Being quite common, such link results in their spiritualization on earth, principle which they had neglected. So, the beneficiaries of the formation of this new point of light on earth are the souls that reside in that particular home, and in an abundant way.


The unfolding of universal life requires the cooperation of all incarnate and discarnate souls by means of daily prayers towards the establishment and development of their individual happiness. So, the daily prayers of all souls in the universe can be compared to the water that runs into an immense reservoir through a pipeline to benefit all the spiritual beings that contributed to its formation and maintenance.


When called upon to assist a group of needy souls, the Superior Forces will often resort to the fluid energy from such a reservoir for best results. But suppose that such a reservoir, having the necessary amount of fluid energy, did not exist?  How would the Superior Forces of the universe meet the necessities of the needy souls? The answer is that in such case chaos would result, without any remedy.

But since divine work is perfect in all the minimum details, it invalidates such a hypothesis in spite of the circumstances. The above should be enough for each human being to be able to evaluate his own responsibility towards maintaining this immense reservoir, which they may need someday.




End of Volume I