Channeled Messages of Jesus Christ


51st Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On December 05th, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



Pray also for the discarnate souls – Beginning of the movement’s execution – It is necessary to keep calm and tranquil – The spiritual world always acts with safety – Everything that happens to us is for our own good



The extraordinary events being registered on the surface of the earth should be understood as the initiation of the works that are meant to modify large sections of this small planet, which were planned long ago by the Superior Forces of the spiritual world. This modification is necessary because new food producing areas must be created in order to increase the food production.


Even though the higher or lower number of disincarnations that have been taking place cannot be prevented, you can be sure that these souls return to the spiritual world as if they were tourists. As already mentioned, all souls that disincarnate amid such events are tenderly received, conducted and accommodated in their respective spiritual planes with the utmost comfort.

Only the souls remaining on earth without their loved ones and their physical possessions must be fraternally and lovingly cared for so that their suffering may be lessened; therefore, they receive from the relief caravans the spiritual aid and the encouragement that they need twenty-four hours a day.


The Superior Forces joyfully acknowledge the assistance that comes from all regions of the world for the surviving souls, revealing the degree of solidarity that exists in the humanity. This solidarity has been duly appreciated in the above as proof of the spiritual evolution of the souls that attend to the needs of those affected by the events. So, since other events will also occur in various points of the earth from now through the end of the century, they expect the continuation and development of this dignifying spirit of human solidarity.


The Lord Jesus wishes to recommend to all men and women to pray for the incarnate souls affected by such events, certain that it will be of great benefit to them. This is not only a recommendation but also a request for everyone to efficiently collaborate towards improving the needed conditions. Those that pray for the affected incarnate souls will actually be praying and preparing amid such occurrences favorable conditions of security for themselves. This will form a powerful current of human solidarity on earth, capable of preserving them in similar situations.


The Lord Jesus now wishes to inform that the movement that is beginning to occur on the earth’s surface was thoroughly studied and planned by engineers of the spiritual world over a long period of time. It was necessary to insure the successful operation of all modifications needed for the earth to produce sufficient food not only for the current population but also for the innumerable souls that are getting ready to reincarnate. So, as various areas that are currently unsuitable for agriculture become flattened and notice of such events reaches the incarnate souls, they should not only remain calm and tranquil but provide material aid to the needy souls and pray for them as well.


The Lord is whole-heartedly grateful to this type of assistance, which will be multiplied and returned to them in the spiritual world in the form of blessings and lights. Each of the souls found on earth had in the spiritual world knowledge of the events that are planned to occur through the end of this century as well as of their consequences. Thus, news of the materialization of such events, which obey an operational plan prepared a long time ago, should not represent too great a surprise to them.


Another issue of great importance is the soul’s usual conduct when faced with consequences of grave events. In view of the spiritual development on the part of the great majority of souls on earth, they should attribute all that happen near or far from them to determinations from the Superior Forces; they should therefore refrain from becoming disheartened while striving to remain serene.

Such an attitude will not only keep them tranquil but also help them prevent perturbation or affliction. By maintaining a balanced and serene attitude, besides preserving their normal organic functioning, especially the heart, they will also serve as a solid point of support for the Superior Forces. In contrast, those that become disheartened will become candidates for ill heath as well as adverse to the cooperation desired by the Superior Forces of the spiritual world.


The maintenance of a state of calm and tranquility in the face of such events shall serve the surviving souls well. The Lord informs that all incarnate souls possess the conditions and powers to operate wonders in favor of fellow creatures in all kinds of circumstances, with the condition that they maintain their serenity. Such a state of serenity is like water in a transparent container that has a visible bottom. Once agitated, the particles that settled at the bottom rise, clouding the water while remaining suspended. Similarly, the disturbance of the mind’s serenity by the news of startling events clouds its capacity to reason, which is essential during calamities.


Therefore, it is important for everyone to exercise self-control at all times and under all circumstances in order to maintain tranquility of mind and normalcy of cardiac functioning. So, anyone facing such events should be able to receive indispensable inspiration from their spiritual guides and protectors. And besides self-preservation, a serene mind can also assist and lead others during critical times. The incarnate souls should become convinced that the spiritual world, which is responsible for the direction and supervision of all life on earth, always provides security and opportunity in the midst of such occurrences. The crucial conviction everyone should hold is that since everything that happens was commanded to happen, they have no means to intervene.


Through such an exposition it is suitable to recommend to all souls to remain calm and serene for the purpose of self-preservation. Everyone should therefore learn to acquire confidence in the Superior Forces that direct all earthly events, remaining serene and tranquil with the certainty that everything that happens is for one’s benefit and not detriment. Some individuals may argue that the unexpected departure of a number of souls should not be considered as beneficial due to their loss of earthly life. The Lord Jesus clarifies that such departures are only unexpected by the surviving souls; as for the departed souls, they will soon become convinced that they did not depart neither before nor after their predetermined time. When they return to the plane to which they belong they shall be able to verify that everything took place as predicted, for their greater luminosity and spiritual happiness.


In the spiritual world an old concept, which is a spiritual truth, says that everything that happens to us is for our own good. Therefore, your perception of the facts will be greatly amplified upon your return to the spiritual world, where the veracity of this concept can be easily verified since everything that happens here is truly meant to benefit its inhabitants.


Maintenance of serenity prior to events establishes a powerful point of auxiliary support for the Superior Forces in the preservation of many lives, yours included.


Keep yourself in the powerful current of the human solidarity that has formed on the earth.





52nd Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On December 06th, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



Mutual understanding removes all differences – The entire humanity is constituted of brotherly souls – All leaders depend on the Superior Forces’ support to remain in power – The humanity is delayed by three centuries



Accompanied by his large assembly of assistants, the Lord has been visiting all nations of the earth to personally learn if the thoughts and intentions of their leaders are in conformity with the harmony and understanding that should prevail among all. Also, the Lord has taken advantage of his visits to discuss with these leaders his ideas about the removal of their differences through mutual understanding and never by way of armed conflicts, which can only aggravate the situation.


Addressing them about this extremely important issue during the hours of their sleep, the Lord has already had the satisfaction of verifying encouraging results. He has made it plain to these temporary leaders at the helm of regional governments that they are just envoys sent by the Superior Forces to provide the incarnate souls they govern with the happiness and peace to which they are entitled. The Lord has also made plain to them that the waging of wars against humanity is not within their discretion on account of the fact that the whole of humanity consists of brotherly souls that come to the earth from time to time.

It is therefore condemnable to hurl one against the other for the sake of territorial interests. The Superior Forces, which constitute the divine Providence, shall employ radical measures to prevent an armed conflict; souls responsible for the development of new conflicts will be removed from their bodies and replaced with less aggressive and more understanding individuals.


New understandings have already become visible as the result from these conversations between the Lord and earthly leaders, leading to diplomatic adjustments on the diverging points. The Lord conveyed to them that no leader should believe that he occupies such a high post on account of his own merits, will and determination; it is solely the result of the support from the Superior Forces that oversee earthly life. He wishes to emphasize that the Superior Forces can easily remove any leader from his post who chooses to follow a path other than the one that leads his subjects towards happiness and peace. In the past the Superior Forces or divine Providence exercised leniency hoping that those who were responsible for armed conflicts would reform themselves.


 Unfortunately, very little was accomplished in this respect. Deaf to the warnings received, many leaders chose to continue to pursue objectives of forceful domination until finally realizing that they had erred. These men then went on to bitterly regret their mistakes when they verified the evil they practiced against their fellow creatures upon their return to the spiritual world. Nearly all of those responsible for armed conflicts returned to the earth in painful incarnations; some came to follow paths filled with hardship wearing mutilated bodies. However, those that were guilty of committing the most serious crimes had to return more than once in incarnations of atonement as humble and afflicted souls.

This is one of the pictures that the Lord has been showing to the various leaders through conversations occurring during the sleep of their bodies, which truly impresses them. The Lord has received from nearly all of them affirmations that they will try to solve serious issues through diplomatic negotiations and not weapons of war.


However, two of such leaders, underestimating the Lord Jesus’ friendliness, opposed his wishes for peaceful solution of international problems while revealing their warlike intentions. The Lord informed them that the last resort would be employed to paralyze their warlike attitudes at the right time, which could involve a cardiac arrest or an aerial accident, besides the possibility of their becoming a casualty in their own wars. Realizing the greatness of the power of the Superior Forces, one of the two knelt down before the Divine Master, promising to act solely towards the attainment of world peace. He begged the Lord to inspire him in all decisive moments so that his decision would be in harmony with his will.


The Lord blessed this clarified leader, assigning one of his assessors to help and inspire his main governmental actions.   As for the other leader, the Lord’s assistants are also inspiring him in his acts and attitudes, so that he may refrain from the warlike tendencies which he still nourishes. But the Lord is confident that this leader, who possesses a materialistic background, will be prevented from hurling his nation into an armed conflict, which could prove to be fatal to him.


As you can see, the task being currently performed by the Lord in the earthly soil is not only gigantic but difficult as well; its main aim is to bring spiritual progress, peace and welfare to all incarnate souls. Since this is unquestionably a difficult task, the Lord will rely on the moral support from the readers of these Messages of light and love as He hopes for great success in the performance of his task.

Even though the spiritual evolution of the earthly humanity is delayed by three centuries, time during which a good number of its members were promoted to more illumined planes after conclusion of their apprenticeship, the Lord finds his words being received and kept by the readers of these Messages, who help him by transmitting them to friends and acquaintances.


Diffusion of the Lord’s words is an efficient way of supporting him in the performance of his task. Considering such readers his new Apostles for this century, the Lord is grateful for their great assistance toward the spiritualization of the incarnate souls and promises to give them that beautiful reward, which is reserved for the good incarnate workers, upon their return to the spiritual world.

Concerning the earthly leaders, the Lord asks that the readers of these Messages include a thought for peace and harmony among all peoples in their daily meditation for utilization by the Superior Forces in the proper clarification of the leaders who have opposed the Lord’s design. The Lord is warmly grateful to his readers for such a worthy collaboration.


Now the Lord wishes to clarify those minds which suppose that He, as the ultimate leader of this small planet, possesses all the power necessary to implant peace and happiness among his subjects. If this were true, each human being’s power of free will would be diminished due to the fact that they would not be able to act freely, doing as they please even when their actions undermine their most sacred interests. This is the reason for the occurrence of many wars in the past and the numerous acts contrary to divine law still occurring in the present. To install peace and harmony in the planet, it is imperative that human beings contribute to the fair treatment of all creatures through clarified thoughts. The whole of the thoughts of goodness from all men and women shall bring harmony and spiritual progress to all incarnate souls.


For better understanding of this process, take a teacher striving to make his students comprehend the lessons. Not having the ability to immediately elucidate them, he must minister the teachings repeatedly for gradual comprehension. His joy will always be noticeable when the class progresses by learning and practicing the lessons. With respect to the incarnate humanity, the same phenomenon occurs.


Diffusion of the Lord’s Messages represents an important work towards his cause, which is our cause.


Leaders depend upon the support from the Superior Forces to keep in power.


Can we still recover from a three-century delay? Absolutely!


Just like the Apostles who divulged the Lord’s words then, you can also become one of his Apostles now.





53rd Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On December 12th, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



New generations will assume leadership to eliminate wars – Armed conflicts and the divine Providence – The Lord’s appeal to the leaders in this end of century – No leader has the right to his subjects’ lives



Enormous efforts are being made by the Lord Jesus towards the establishment of a climate of permanent peace which would last until the end of the century. The reason is that the generation that is getting ready to assume the leadership of the earthly peoples in the beginning of the next century came already prepared to foster peace and general understanding. The population of souls that came to earth in search of new lights and blessings for their spirits must concern themselves with such an objective, which has already been established in spiritual plane from where they came since a long time ago, rather than engaging in wars against fellow creatures of other nations.


All men and women ought to comprehend that the children of other nations are their brothers and sisters here who are here in pursuit of the same objectives. Thus, the existence of any friction as attempts to resolve a dispute is unjustifiable. All men and women who have incarnated in the soil of this great nation probably for the first time should realize that they do not belong to any particular nation since they have already incarnated in the other nations as well.

Therefore, there is no justification for the temporary leaders of powerful nations to exert force against weaker nations in the solution of problems since the Creator provided them with the intelligence to look for amicable solutions. Besides, leaders that contemplate the use of force would do well by recalling that in the event of a conflict the divine Providence sides with the weaker nation. This can be verified in the pages that chronicle the wars of the past, which teach that the value of ostensible victories by powerful nations was diluted by the passing of time, proving the bloodsheds to be unjustifiable.


The Lord hereby appeals to all government leaders to ponder before engaging in armed conflicts to solve their temporary problems since there are more convenient and efficient means. They should use the final three decades of this century to implant peace and harmony in their governments, efforts which attract blessings and support from the divine Providence. Considering that all life should be preserved, the conflicts that persist throughout various regions should immediately halt. The Lord has previously stated that this humanity is living a decisive phase in its spiritual development in which all lives must be preserved in order for every man and woman to be able to live, learn and develop.


The progress of those that perish as result of armed conflicts is hindered since they become deprived of the knowledge that they still lack. Consequently, since the leaders that hurled them into the fires of conflicts will be held accountable by the divine Providence, it would do them good to think it over since rigorous laws will be invoked in this end of century.


The Lord wishes to pose the following question to all leaders of nations: “Does any of you, the temporary leaders of earthly nations, have the right to sacrifice the lives of your subjects, under any pretext? The only answer is an absolute no. No leader has the right to hurl poor subjects into fiery-armed conflicts in order to impose his prepotency. Consider that one devastating effect of armed conflicts is that it is not unusual for spirits of great evolution to be among the convoked youth who came to earth to promote projects that would spur its progress. Since such spirits kind of wither after being convoked for war, becoming incapable of performing good deeds to humanity, the divine Providence holds the leaders of the respective nations responsible for the damage caused to the general population, fact which they will learn upon their return to the spiritual world.


Thus, it would be of utmost convenience to end all the existing conflicts as well as to prevent future ones since an armed conflict has never brought any happiness to the nations involved. On the contrary; the victorious nations of past wars became entangled by subsequent crisis which prevented them from savoring their victories or trophies. Only one specific case can justify the draft of youth, which is when a nation is attacked and must defend itself. In such cases, the divine Providence sides with the attacked nation, transforming its weakness into strength in order to enable it to defeat the aggressors. Present on the earth at all times, the divine justice accompanies all negotiations that take place among nations, providing support for the weaker nation after it humbly does all it can to avoid the conflict.


Some of you may wonder if the entire population participates in the responsibility over the perpetration of an unjustifiable armed conflict. The Lord clarifies that although the blame falls on the leading members, some of it that belongs to the war enthusiasts who helped inflame the general mood. As for the general population, it is not held responsible by the Superior Forces.

Since it is critical that political and administrative deviations of all nations are corrected at the present time, the Superior Forces shall remove from the earthly environment the souls opposing sentiments of peace and understanding among nations. In view of the fact that time is running short and there is so much to be done on earth in preparation for the advent of the next century, a great deal of harmony must exist among nations if peace is to exist in all minds.


The Lord nourishes the hope that a firm sentiment of peace will emerge from the meetings He has been holding with the main leaders of the incarnate humanity. The souls convoked by the Lord leave their sleeping vehicles three times a weeks for a period of two to three hours for such meetings in the spiritual world, during which the Lord shows them the course they should follow in accordance with their attributes to maintain peace on earth.


While speaking and listening to them, the Lord makes no secret about the measures the Divine Providence will adopt in case of disobedience, calling their attention to the obligations they assumed before coming here with respect to peace and harmony for all nations. Such an argument has been decisive towards inducing them to fulfill their assumed obligations after they become capable of recalling it in their physical memories. As a result, the Lord expects all leaders to refrain from harboring warlike sentiments and to turn towards the construction of lasting peace. The ideological misunderstandings that seem to separate the nations tend to disappear after the departure of their leaders.


Other elements are getting prepared to assume the leadership of the nations whose ideology is not compatible with the others and once in power, they should be able to cool it and slowly transform it into a political philosophy of general peace and harmony. Therefore, to enhance this cooling effect, as they rise to power many of the followers of the current socialist doctrines will return to the spiritual world. It does mean that the Lord opposes the so-called socialist doctrines. He clarifies that although they are not detrimental to the world as a whole, they must be allowed to flourish slowly and naturally in the peoples’ convictions rather than be violently imposed upon them.


Beginning in the third millennium of the Christian era, various new philosophical doctrines will attempt to bloom on earth, being the socialist the strongest when clothed with all its purity in relation to the incarnate souls. However, it is necessary that things be permitted to present themselves naturally, without imposition or violence. The pure socialist doctrine calls for love and respect for one another to such a point that the well-off will tenderly come to the rescue of the needy, helping those that have fallen to stand again. This is a perfect demonstration of love towards our fellowmen who happens to be our siblings before the Creator.


Being in existence in the spiritual world for millenniums, this type of socialism is arriving on earth in the subconscious minds of numerous highly evolved souls who shall soon expose it to the populations in a fraternal way. The secrets of any power cannot be hidden from the vigilance of the Superior Forces.

When a nation tries to avoid conflict, the Superior Forces immediately provide it with the support it rightfully deserves against the attacking nation.


Keep away from those that help inflame the popular moods and you will remain blameless before God.





54th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On December 13th, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



Preparation of the earthly soil to better serve the population – New meaning of prayer – The most proper time – Universal life is a vibration’s whole – Recommendation from the Lord Jesus



The events that are occurring in various regions of the earth do not come as a surprise to the Superior Forces of the spiritual world due to the fact that they are not sporadic. They follow a plan designed to operate the necessary modifications on the earthly surface, which was thoroughly prepared over a long period of time. The Lord has sent many of his assistants to the earthly soil to clarify all men and women about these operations so as to allow them to prepare for such possible events. These assistants fulfilled their mission by writing books such as this, alerting the incarnate souls about the events which have been occurring and recommending their linkage to the Divinity. Everything has been programmed in the spiritual world since long ago, as stated in previous Messages, to prepare the soil to better serve the needs of this population as well as the population that is in process of descending from the spiritual world.


The souls that return to the beyond as result of such events are being received and accommodated with all the comfort and in a way to feel much happier than if they had remained on earth, dear readers, as already explained by the Lord in previous Messages. The Lord once again recommends that all men and women keep daily contact with the Divinity through prayers and meditation at bedtime since that is the most proper time for such communications. After receiving a mental communication, the Divinity extends its protective blanket to each praying soul, which is of great value to their happiness. So, anyone who goes to bed at night without thanking the Divinity for the blessings and protection received on that day may on the next day be surprised by unpleasant things which could have been avoided through prayers.


The Lord explains that universal life is the whole of vibrations from all thinking beings circulating in all directions in accordance with the force of the emitting source. This is so due to the fact that all minds are active during the twenty-four hours of the day, with or without a specific objective. You all have been able to verify that your thoughts move ceaselessly, even on matters that are alien to your interests. It so happens that, since the mind is constantly active, it ends up attracting the vibrations that come within its range, some of which are quite disagreeable or inconvenient. It is necessary that all men and women develop the habit of daily evening prayers in order to maintain a link with the Divinity and be able to receive the protection they need and keep their minds in a permanent positive state, so as to attract only vibrations having inspirations useful to their spiritual progress.


Evening prayers can be compared to the flame of a candle that is meant to attract good and constructive ideas for the praying creature, keeping away the bad, disagreeable or inconvenient ideas which also circulate abundantly in the atmosphere. Any human being who adopts the habit of prayer will be efficiently contributing to the destruction of the miasmas that are responsible for causing so much harm to human species, especially those who lie down and get up in a fashion similar to irrational beings.


Now you have another reason for adopting the habit of evening prayers, dear readers, which is to reinforce the vibrations in circulation in the universe, in preparation for a universal life of absolute purity for all. Since each of you is one of these universal beings, it is then quite clear that you yourselves will be the beneficiaries every time you kneel down to pray. It should also be clear that as the flame of the candles of those who do not pray extinguishes, they will not be able to offer or to receive anything from the vibrational whole.


You should know that such creatures can only identify with the level of life they encountered when they traveled through the animal scale, life which is buried in the millenniums that passed, when they had no responsibility with the Divinity. But upon reaching the human scale their duties became greater and more serious, especially in this end of century. It should not be assumed that the Divinity needs the prayers from the incarnate souls for its greater glory, dear readers. In reality, it is the universal vibrational whole that requires beneficial contributions from all conscious beings in order to amplify its own force and distribute it to all the beings that are still in formation.


For a better illustration, imagine the existence of an immense container which provides fluid nourishment to several billions, trillions or quadrillions of beings that are in formation in the universe. Such an immense consumption, which is beyond our imagination, is needed by all existing beings for their growth and preparation for all departments of universal life. So, the esteemed readers can now evaluate the fluid volume that such a container spends, which is totally dependent on the vibrations from all praying souls in the universe. After these vibrations are transformed into new fluid, they are then added to the container.


Do you now understand, dear readers, the duties of all souls on earth and other planets of the universe concerning the retribution of the fluid they received in their journeys of spiritual development along the millenniums? The Lord’s recommendation towards the maintenance of daily contact with the Divinity has also the objective of enabling them to return to the universal fluid whole the invaluable amount of fluid that they received for their spiritual formation over the millenniums.


And now, since the spiritual formation of all the souls that are currently incarnated on earth is already concluded, their daily return of fluids into the universal whole represents a sacred duty not just in the sense of retribution but also to allow this huge container to continue to help the countless new beings in the state of formation and growth to reach their desired spiritual level. The Lord still wishes to divulge a great many teachings on earth to help the spiritual development of the incarnate souls.


For example, the above exposition adds a new meaning to daily prayers and meditation, making it the duty of all men and women. The recommendation for evening prayers involved up to the present time only personal benefits in the form of lights. This is an absolute truth since after prayers undergo a transformation in the mental plane those who pray immediately receive their deriving benefits. In addition, they now become able to receive from the Divinity what they asked and deserve. This has up to now been the concept and motive presented by the entities who divulge the practice of prayers to the Divinity.


In this Message the Lord will reveal a new meaning of prayer; it involves its esoteric sense in relation to the already known exoteric sense, or exterior effects. He considers the time to be ripe for this new meaning, which represents an important new degree of teachings to the lucky readers of these Messages. It shall demonstrate to all men and women their linkage and obligation with a multi-millenary past during which they were helped and nourished by the fluid container. Since they would not have been able to reach the current phase of their lives without such assistance, it is fair that they return some of the fluid potential which they required to survive the embryonic phase. Such retribution is the duty of all earthly souls of the present. Since universal life is a whole, you should reinforce the vibrations that circulate in the universe.


Can you enumerate the objectives or the worth of prayer and meditation?





55th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On December 19th, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



Clarifying words from the Lord – Objective of reincarnation – Need for life’s difficulties and stumbles – The souls considered savages – A new teaching from the Lord



The time for which the spiritual world planned the extremely important works modification of the structure of the earth is getting closer. Certain tests are being conducted in some regions with limited results in view of the fact that they are merely tests. Each passing day makes the need for changes in the topography of various regions more pressing, as already amply divulged. The Lord now brings his clarifying word to all incarnate souls in order to prepare them for a possible departure in the days ahead to the spiritual plane to which they belong. Once aware of the fact that events of utmost importance must occur on earth, it would seem to be in their best interest to turn toward the divine Providence in the above, so that they can receive the necessary assistance. The true reason for the periodical reincarnation of the souls that are on earth has been already properly explained in other Messages.


No soul comes to earth for a stay, let us say, of fifty to ninety years just to amass riches or importance; they come with the specific purpose of acquiring new points of spiritual light. And to be able to fulfill their objective satisfactorily, they should keep a constant and permanent contact with the Divinity by way of prayers. This way they can receive inspiration and assistance in the pursuit of their material interests. It is real pleasant for the Divinity to see the incarnate souls enjoy tranquility and happiness on earth, which helps them to become more dedicated to the acquisition of lights and blessings.


Since it has been verified that the material prosperity enjoyed by many incarnate souls serves only to deviate them from their true spiritual objectives, the existence of certain difficulties and stumbling blocks becomes necessary to foster their disposition for meditation and for appealing for spiritual assistance. Found throughout the world, this phenomenon affects all populations. Therefore, it becomes quite clear that only difficulties and stumbling blocks have sufficient force to help incarnate souls turn to the Divinity with requests for assistance.

In view of these clarifications, it would be expected that all souls acquire the habit of daily prayers and meditation to receive from the Divinity the needed inspiration and help. It is appropriate to mention the passage that says that even the Lord will not enter a house to help its inhabitants which has a closed door. The closed house is the human creature that does not pray to the Divinity.


On the other hand, those having the habit of prayers are the houses open to the inspiration and the assistance from the Superior Forces, which they effectively receive. The Lord next will address another issue of great importance to the incarnate souls of all regions of the earth. It refers to people living in regions not reached by civilization’s progress, thus facing all kinds of deprivations due to a spiritual determination. These souls are having their first contact with the earthly world after undergoing a preparatory course in the spiritual schools. Coming from a planet with an inferior vibrational level, these still little developed souls require an adequate type of treatment which is capable of awakening their best sentiments.


They should never be treated with rudeness since it would only exasperate them. They can be compared to children in the way they observe everything around them, learning in the process. Therefore, from a loyal and sincere contact with civilized souls, they can improve themselves through assimilation of the most pleasing elements. Many categories of such souls are considered savages in view of the fact that they inhabit the jungle, which happens to be their world at the present time. They should be treated with gentleness and consideration as if they were real children.


In time they will inhabit civilized environments such as yours in order to climb new steps in their spiritual development. You will be able to contemplate them at the end of a millennium or two performing activities similar to those being performed by you today. This is how you all, the evolved souls of the present began as you tried your first steps on earth in a human body. Therefore, the souls in many regions of the earth known as savages can really be compared to your kindergarten children initiating their contact with books for the first time, thus preparing their spirits for future tasks. This is truly the position in which the souls inhabiting the jungle areas find themselves as far as the civilization is concerned. Consequently, you should help these simple souls in any way possible, including the institution of basic courses to help the development of their intellect.


This is a service that you will be doing for the Divinity, for which you will timely receive a beautiful reward. You, the men and women of the present, should remember that you too have traveled in similar pathways in the past, which you can no longer recall. As for the Lord, He is also very grateful for your efforts concerning their clarification in this phase of initiation. To conclude the present Message, the Lord Jesus will present a valuable new teaching with respect to the way that incarnate souls can contribute to humanity’ general progress and participate in it as well. It is for them to join the Universal Circle of Assistance that exists in the spiritual world for the general progress of the humanity. It is simple to realize that this happens to be everyone’s duty in the first place. Since the habit of daily prayers and meditation has been recommended over and over, the Lord finds it opportune now to clarify another meaning of meditation, which is the esoteric (occult) meaning.


By practicing meditation for ten to fifteen minutes, they will efficiently contribute to the elucidation and progress of the whole humanity through a process of easy explanation. Upon entering a state of meditation, souls project magnetic vibrations of a greater or lesser intensity into their mental fields, which vary according to their degree of concentration. This results in the attraction of the things that may be needed for their clarification and happiness and the selection of part of these vibrations by the Superior Forces for use in the Universal Circle of Assistance for humanity’s general progress.


So, the esteemed readers are now aware that meditation also has two meanings, the exoteric and the esoteric, just like it is the case with all phenomena in the universe. By insisting on the need for prayers and meditation, the Lord has in mind their deriving meanings, which result in light and progress. There are many things that would make incarnate souls grateful if they could only understand them. A case in point is the practice of daily prayer followed by meditation. It should be easy to evaluate the power natural to the state of meditation by the incarnate souls in both hemispheres congregated in one volume for distribution to the entire humanity. Only now this fact begins to be divulged by the Lord in his Messages, which provides the incarnate souls with another important teaching from the spiritual world.


It has been transmitted by some sources that everything in the universe is vibrations but without a definition of such a state which is now clarified through the teaching brought herewith. The incarnate souls participate in the formation of this vibrational state as well as in its utilization through daily prayers and meditation. As they help build something good, they participate in it.


There are two sources of light: objective and subjective (Message 31) and there are two meanings of meditation: exoteric and esoteric.


Once certain about the power of prayer and meditation, do not abdicate the rights of its wholeness that are before you.


Difficulties and stumbling blocks help souls turn towards the Divinity. Happy is he who recognizes the Celestial Father’s fervent call in the midst of his trials.





56th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On December 20th, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



Incarnate souls’ important faculty – The value of psychography – The Lord’s presence on earth two thousand years ago – The Lord’s hopes in the final decades of the century – Who are the redeemed souls



At the present time the Lord Jesus is engaged in the divulgence of important new teachings in the earthly midst for the purpose of clarifying the incarnate souls and helping their spiritual progress. One of such teachings refers to their inherent faculty of penetrating into the spiritual plane during the sleep of their bodies in search of suggestions and orientation regarding their undertakings on earth.

In fact, all souls that descend here on a new incarnation have a series of latent faculties that, once developed, helps them achieve great things for their happiness. A particular one allows them to leave their bodies for several hours during their sleep and enter the spiritual world where they can contact relatives, friends or spiritual protectors. It is from contact with the spiritual world that they obtain solutions to the apparently difficult problems found in their earthly activities.


And even though they are unable to recall, they bring in their subconscious minds the desired solutions or the means to obtain them when they return to their bodies, in accordance with what they heard during the few hours they spent in the spiritual world. This fact reveals the Divinity’s greatness with respect to the provision of assistance to the souls involved in bodies of flesh on earth. They would probably be not able to survive in the body without such assistance on account of the difficulties and obstacles that are common to earthly life, which appear at all times.


There are certainly helpful conditions to acquire the things they desire in the spiritual world, which consist of the fulfillment of their spiritual duties to the Divinity. Souls who keep a permanent contact with the Divinity possess the conditions that permit them to access the spiritual world in search of needed solutions and advice. Those that do not proceed in such a fashion, who do not give significance to mental links with the Divinity, could find themselves deprived of such a gift; they may not even be able to go away from their bodies during their sleep.


A spiritual law, which regulates the lives of the incarnate souls, establishes that one of their duties to the Divinity is precisely the habit of daily prayers and meditation, which enables them to receive at such moments the orientation necessary for a righteous living on earth. The progress attained by many souls through psychography is already sufficient to allow the Divinity to divulge the Lord’s teachings by way of these Messages. This should rapidly accelerate the progress of the readers of these Messages, if not the progress of humanity. We all know that the lack of the means of communication between heaven and earth is responsible for the slow development of the generations of the past millenniums since it caused them to live under the influence of deficient and incomplete religious teachings.


Such teachings worked vigorously to persuade the souls against the existence of the spiritual world as their origin as well as their goal. But congratulations are currently due to the incarnate souls for having now the means to accelerate their progress. It prompted the Lord to come to earth from his Celestial Court in order to relay a great deal of advice and spiritual teachings to the humanity.

Historical facts pertaining to ancient peoples, which show that they acted in a way similar to a flock of sheep, submissive to the talk and conduct of clergymen not always prepared for such a task, will not be repeated in view of the fact that the population has now reached a considerable degree of spiritual culture.


Such an examination of the past does not possess the slightest vibration of condemnation of what existed then since everything in the universe happens in conformity with the circumstances. The Lord’s objective in invoking the history of ancient peoples is mainly to show the current humanity the beautiful elements they have at their disposal to accelerate its spiritual evolution.

Without going too deep into the multi-millenary past in search of facts that can attest to the scarceness of elements of a spiritual order available to those generations it should suffice to mention the situation the Lord encountered some two thousand years ago when He came to the earth, by determination of the Celestial Father, to try to awaken the humanity towards knowledge of spiritual laws. You can compare the situation the Lord faced before those populations, which were totally immersed in material interests, to the present situation where the Lord, in the earthly soil in spirit, is able to relay advice and teachings in the form of the printed word for the souls of good to be able to read and meditate upon them.


An extraordinary degree of progress is clearly visible between this humanity and that of two thousand years ago due to the missionary efforts by many great souls who came here to reinforce the word of the Lord Jesus. Thus, it is with great joy that the Lord acknowledges such progress, which to a good extent is due to the teachings diffused by the earthly religions, although greatly deficient. Considering that this occurred during the past two millenniums when humanity lacked direct contact with the entities of the spiritual world, a great deal more could now be expected with the coming of the Lord of the World from his Celestial Court to the earthly soil in order to bring his word. He brings his word of light and knowledge to all incarnate souls, through a mediumistic instrument, word that can lead everyone towards redemption.


Thus, if contact between the incarnate souls and entities of the spiritual world was non-existent during the course of a multi-millenary past; if humanity succeeded in advancing towards redemption during the millenniums prior to the Christian era; if all this occurred then an accentuated progress can be expected from now on with the coming of the Lord to earth and his Messages of clarification about spiritual laws to all men and women. The Lord expects everyone to be able to conclude satisfactorily their course of earthly apprenticeship by the end of three decades that remain in the twentieth century, ready to ingress into planes of greater evolution which are only inhabited by the redeemed souls.


It is quite possible that some of the readers will wonder about the meaning of redeemed souls. The Lord defines “redeemed souls” as the spiritual beings that, after climbing all the steps of the evolutionary scale for thousands of millenniums, finally comes to earth as human beings. And since in the beginning they possess only a rudimentary knowledge of life, they live and die here countless times until reaching a state of perfectly conscious souls, which is their case at the present time. Their current situation is then somewhat similar to that of college students undergoing their final exams.


This is a good definition of the situation of the souls that are currently incarnated on earth as they prepare for the final exams before their next return to the spiritual world. Those who do well on account of their concern with such a time can be considered redeemed souls on their way to planes of life of greater beauty. The Lord does not wish to consider the possibility that some on the presently incarnated souls will not be able to pass their tests since it would be the cause of great deal of displeasure for him.


There is no problem without solution with daily prayers and meditation!


Solutions to all problems can be found in contacts with the spiritual planes.


The course of earthly apprenticeship is in your hands!


“My heart does not stop vibrating with love for you.”





57th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On December 26th, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



The Lord confirms what his assistants have dictated – Souls deserving of pity – Responsible life begins at age twenty – The duty of all incarnate souls – Stumbling blocks in the path of non-praying souls – The good-humored souls



To those not familiar with the things that have been divulged on earth with reference to the clarification of the incarnate souls, these Messages of the Lord may come as a surprise; it may be difficult for them to accept them for the reason that they come directly from him, the governor of this planet. However, it is necessary for all incarnate souls of the present, regardless of their religious affiliation, not just to accept the things they contain but also to meditate on them in view of the events that are taking place all around as result from the ongoing works of modification of the earth’s structure.


What is being relayed through these Messages has in part been already relayed by the Lord’s assistants through the works of the Great Crusade of Elucidation, as confirmed by the Lord himself. The Lord knows that there are still numerous souls that could be surprised by an unexpected departure from the earth at any moment as they live their carefree lives and enjoy their illusions entirely disconnected from their spiritual life.


If this happens they will deeply regret not having paid attention to the advice that is available fromabove. Since they possess free will, the souls that choose to live the illusions of a material life will find themselves in a rather unpleasant situation in the spiritual plane for not having done anything towards their illumination. They will have to go through their path in the dark, figuratively speaking, since they did not bother to acquire the necessary lights while on earth. The Lord laments that this situation will come true to those souls who by preference are attached to the earthly illusions instead of turned to the teachings from the spiritual world available to them.


This is not a new fact since it has always existed in all regions of the earth. As a rule, this involves souls that have acquired a certain intellectual brilliance which they like to display in literary tournaments in order to draw attention of their readers or listeners. However, since such tournaments are plainly meaningless, nothing results from them in favor of their illumination. And in case they obtain any benefit from them, it will not have any value as far as the elevation of their spirits is concerned. This category of souls will return to the spiritual world in a situation similar to that of the homeless persons arriving in your cities who would certainly perish if not given shelter and food.


The incarnate souls that refuse the teachings from the spiritual world due to the entanglement of their inferior self in activities that are detrimental to their spiritual elevation are indeed deserving of pity. So, leaving this matter under their own care the Lord expects that they will react at once towards elevation to the spiritual level which they are in search of in the present incarnation. The Lord will now speak about another important topic relating to the need for everyone to realize that the planet where they live has a lasting life, whereas human’s life usually does not exceed eight to nine decades. So, if souls begin living practically at the age of twenty, when they become capable of initiating the program that they brought from the spiritual world, it is highly advisable that they struggle to maintain a permanent link with the Divinity for the purpose of being able to receive the needed inspiration.


The Divinity recognizes the need that souls have for certain kinds of leisure as exercises for their bodies provided that it is done at appropriate times and does not prevent them from working or studying. But for the sake of their happiness, all men and women have a duty to carry out which is their permanent link with the Divinity by way of prayers and meditation at bedtime. It is during such moments that the Divinity makes contact with them, providing them with ideas and protection. Perhaps you would like to add that you know people who do not pray or meditate and yet live happily and tranquilly, without the lack of anything. Yes, this is quite true, dear reader. The only thing is that they will reach a point in their path which will force them to stop and meditate upon their past.


Obstacles of great magnitude will make them susceptible to the inspiration of kneeling down and directing their thoughts towards the Divinity as the means to be able to continue with their journey. This invariably happens to all creatures without the habit of daily prayers; but the day for them to acquire such a disposition will come. Spiritual laws foresee everything that shall sooner or later take place in the lives of the incarnate souls. Observations conducted in the spiritual world identified several millions of such cases in which their needs were not only met but their perfect guidance was made possible from then on.

Thus, if this is to happen when souls that are already exhausted from their struggles decide to appeal to the Divinity, it would certainly be much better to begin doing it in their youth, when they start assuming responsibility for their own conduct.


The spiritual protectors never tire of inspiring their protégées to follow the ample and secure path of prayers and meditation, through which they will not only prolong their lives by many years but also be able to live in a tranquil and pacific way and in perfect harmony with the Superior Forces of the spiritual world. It is easy to live on the earth as all men and women do. But what a great number of human beings do not know is to live with wisdom, since they were not taught by their religions.


But the Lord is now here with his New Order to teach all men and women to fulfill the promises they made in the above when they received permission to descend to the earth. It actually requires very little from each incarnate soul. It mainly involves a constant link with the Divinity to allow them to receive ideas, inspiration and assistance on their needs. The human creature that has already acquired the habit of daily prayers and meditation naturally becomes a tranquil and happy creature, always in a good mood, which is extremely important in the lives of all souls.


Good-humored human creatures reveal that they possess happy souls in harmony with the Superior Forces and consequently immune to the negative influences that could otherwise lodge in their mental fields. You possibly know many souls to whom difficulties are nothing more than little clouds that disappear at the light of a prayer said with faith. On the other hand, you must know souls that are permanently ill-humored or indisposed as the consequence of their poorly conducted mental vibrations, which attract similar vibrations to themselves.


One of their characteristics is often the roughness of their souls as result of their inclination towards the practice of activities that are not always confessable or licit. It may cause them to lose their freedom sooner or later, even if just temporarily. And there are naturally several graduations of this type of souls. But they also have at their reach the means to change from ill-humored souls, worried about afflictive or difficult situations into tranquil, good-humored and happy souls, which is prayer to the Divinity. They all had knowledge of such means prior to their descent to the earth.


This happens to be so important and powerful that it would not be an exaggeration to say that it can transform the very character of the human creature. When prayers are practiced with sincerity, they can even transform a criminal into a good person.


It is not possible for anyone or anything to stay indefinitely stationary.


Destiny is immutable even though man has free will to see to its realization.





58th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On December 27th, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



The Lord’s advice and teachings are made of light – School courses are poor in spiritual teachings necessary to the youth – A request from the Lord – Studying the Bible



One of the reasons why all incarnate souls should receive and study with the utmost attention and goodwill the advice and teachings being offered by the Lord is that they will be transformed into light for their spirits. That is correct, esteemed readers. Everything the Lord has said herewith will be in your memories when you return to spiritual world with such evidence as to make you entirely happy.

Since they are made of light, they will appear in your memories as such in your plane of spiritual life. This will naturally occur to those who read the Lord’s words with attention and dedication, engraving them in their spirits.


As for the readers who underestimate what the Lord came to divulge and who do not acquire similar knowledge from other sources, such readers will find themselves in the dark upon their return to the spiritual world. These unprepared brothers and sisters will at that time feel like a traveler in the middle of a desert without the benefit of a compass. It may take several decades for the light to penetrate into their spirits. Therefore, it can be concluded that the Lord would not descend to the earthly soil just for the pleasure of relaying his word of advice and teachings to the incarnate souls. Assimilation of what the Lord has come to say, which the basis of his New Order is sufficient to help the progress of the incarnate souls to such a degree that it can be compared to the results of a new incarnation.


Observations in the spiritual world indicate that when incarnate souls become of legal age, they have very little knowledge about life’s philosophy with respect to their direction. The primary courses offered by the schools contain poor spiritual teachings, which are so important for a proper orientation in life. As for the so-called humanities courses, they do not contribute either to their spiritual development. When they get to the universities, their young minds do not find anything related to spiritual development, which is the base of universal progress.


In view of such a situation, the Lord decided to descend to the earthly soil in order to establish his New Order and thus divulge these clarifying Messages to all incarnate souls, regardless if they are linked or not to any of the earthly religions. As you can see the Lord does not have any condemning words for the activities and teachings from the different religions. But He comes in order to divulge teachings of the utmost significance to all incarnate souls, so that they can study and practice them for their own spiritual benefit. It is the Lord’s belief that the assimilation of the advice and teachings of his New Order will enable at least one-third of humanity to conclude still in this century its spiritual evolution as far as earthly apprenticeship is concerned. According to the Lord, the evaluation of one-third is too modest since one-half of it could be accepted if these Messages were to be immediately divulged in all nations.


However, since the organization of the Order is too modest in terms of the means at its disposal, its diffusion will have to continue to occur slowly, first in cites within the Brazilian territory and then in the exterior. The Lord Jesus now requests from everyone who has had the happiness of reading these Messages to bring them to the attention of their friends and acquaintances, so that they can also participate in this vast banquet of spiritual teachings for the enrichment of their spirits. He is certain that this clarification could be brought to at least half of the population within a short period of time if He can count upon such an excellent collaboration from his esteemed readers.


This is urgent, esteemed readers, due to the process of selection that is already in motion in the above to decide who has to return to the earth in the following centuries and who will be ready for promotion to planes of greater luminosity.

Since the Lord cannot count upon the prevailing materialistic orientation on the part of the religions, which contributed nothing or very little to the spiritualization of the incarnate souls, there is no other way besides what has been brought herewith by the Lord. This way is his New Order, which is destined to spiritualize all incarnate souls, regardless if they are affiliated or not to any of the earthly religions.


The study of biblical episodes is in fact quite interesting and useful for the incarnate souls to learn details of humanity’s primordial times. Although they contribute to the clarification concerning multi-millenary generations, they teach very little about spiritual life, which is indeed truthful and which is lived by all souls after they leave their carnal vehicles. So, it is necessary to add to the biblical teachings that the men and women of all times are spirits that reincarnate here in search of new lights for their aura. This should be taught together with the biblical teachings for their necessary clarification.


However, it is imperative first to abolish the concept preached by the Bible’s preachers that the souls are created with their bodies in the maternal womb, perishing with them without ever returning to the earth. It is also necessary to abolish “heaven, hell and purgatory” as the three stages in the spiritual world due to the fact that they existed only in the imagination of the Bibles’ author and preachers as well. Instead of such stages, which never existed, there are planes of spiritual life having different degrees of luminosity and comfort where the souls go after leaving their bodies on earth. The stages designed to reward or punish the souls that return from the earth mentioned in the Bible do not exist in the above.


Being infinite love, the Creator never contemplated chastising faulty souls with the type of punishment imagined to exist in hell since He is fully aware that their faults are due to their ignorance of spiritual laws. He also knows that since their creation, the evolved souls of the present have also passed through the ignorance state as they traveled along the millenniums. So, it is the souls themselves who decree their elevation to a spiritual plane with lesser or greater luminous intensity, in accordance with the vibrational degree that they were able to attain on the earth.


Although the Lord recommends an attentive study of the Bible for clarification of a past that is of interest to all, a study of the advice and teachings that have been coming to earth should follow it. It is not sufficient for human creatures to discuss biblical passages with names and dates if the contemporary teachings contained in the works of the Great Crusade of Elucidation, which is destined to illumine everyone on earth, are not relayed to their listeners. Let us then agree that the Bible, being the greatest of all books of the past involving the history of the earth is undoubtedly a historical monument appreciated by all generations. However, for being entirely materialistic, its study can be of little service in the clarification that is absolutely necessary for the evolutionary progress of the souls.

Study the Bible and learn about the facts it contains. But also study the spiritual laws, which are not in the Bible, for the necessary clarification of your spirits. This is what the Lord recommends.


A good assimilation of these Messages corresponds to a new incarnation.


Since the organization of the New Order is modest, try to help it and you will be helping yourself.


If the reader studies the advice and teachings from the Lord with attention and good will, it will be transformed into light for his or her spirit.


The faults committed by the incarnate souls are due to their state of ignorance of spiritual laws.





59th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On January 02nd, 1971

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



Three more billion souls in the next century – Months and years that shall become historically important – Need for mental elevation – Illustration concerning the construction of material fortunes



The earthly world is getting ready for the structural changes it badly needs in order to be able to receive as well as feed an additional population which is about the size of the actual population. Such work has already been initiated in some regions, as divulged by the media throughout the world. Since it is a relatively a new planet, the earth still maintains the primitive structure which was acquired following its cooling. And even though it was initially prepared to receive about two billion souls in its soil, the earth has in fact already received double the original number.


Although the production of sufficient food to feed the present humanity is a cause of general concern, it causes a far greater concern to the Superior Forces due to the fact that in the near future there will be a much larger population of incarnate souls in need of nourishment. More than three billion new souls are expected to start descending here in the next century and as complex as it may appear to you, the truth is that everything has been properly studied and programmed since some centuries ago for execution in the three final decades of this century.

The Lord Jesus offers this new explanation in order to prepare the readers to live through the coming months and years, which shall become historically important in the life of this planet. The readers of his previous Messages should already have such a preparation, which consists of following their teachings and recommendations in order to be able to witness and possibly live through the coming events.


The Lord has been closely following the works of the spiritual engineers which are designed to demolish various territorial elevations and transform them into cultivable areas. With respect to the assistance and care for the affected populations, the Lord will provide everything that they will need. His main recommendation is for them to keep the habit of daily prayers to the Divinity, followed by meditation. Those who proceed in such a manner can be certain as of now that they will be properly prepared to live through the forthcoming events. The Lord next wishes to briefly discuss a matter of exceeding importance concerning everyone’s life and happiness. It has to do with the efforts they should make to maintain their moral elevation since it is the shortest way to their happiness and wellbeing. It should therefore be followed by everyone on earth. Every act should primarily obey the most perfect moral order in order to have beneficial results.


Because of their current level of evolution, the incarnate souls already have the conditions for discerning the moral side of their acts, refusing anything which does not conform to such elevated principle. If everyone submitted their actions to reason before practicing them, thus staying away from what appears in disagreement with good moral principles, they would eventually come to rejoice at their righteous and happy decisions. Opportunities which appear seductive at first glance often find their way in the lives of many people, giving them the impression that situations of more or less prosperity can be obtained. But after a good examination, they resemble a container full of holes through which its contents disappear.


As a rule, these situations are merely illusions projected on the incarnate souls as trials; they include an array of easy-profit activities involving various persons who get disillusioned after having acted in good faith. They are but similar to a punctured container dispersing its liquid resources. Therefore, it is always convenient for everyone to exercise their good sense regarding the opportunities that come before them; they should calmly analyze the apparent advantages in order to avoid future regrets.


There is only one way, spiritually speaking, of building useful fortunes on earth, which is similar to the way construction workers do their work. Working in a methodical way, they lay one brick at a time while insuring their alignment and stability. The construction worker’s image should be the model for the construction of all fortunes on earth, so that tranquility can result. A construction worker would never make a brick wall without first being sure of its alignment. He knows from experience that an imbalance could cause a building to fall to pieces, resulting in a serious loss for himself.


Therefore, my dear readers, you should do like the construction workers in the construction of your material fortunes to prevent it from collapsing or escaping through the invisible holes in your container. Considered as a moral concern, this type of care should involve all of your actions, enveloping them with thoughts that are always turned to the spiritual laws, which are the laws of love. By proceeding in such a manner, dear readers, upon your return to the spiritual world you shall have the immense satisfaction of verifying just how just and correct you were in the construction of that small or large fortune which you left for your descendants.


Known in the spiritual world are countless cases of souls that left huge amounts of material goods to their descendants which they acquired for the sake of possession not always under defensible moral conditions. The mortgage made with the intention of possession is one of the many examples that contribute to the construction of regular and even large fortunes on earth. But the unfavorable vibrations emitted by the inconvenienced souls towards the new owners of their property are capable of affecting their happiness given that they grow in volume with the passing of time.


They may suffer in the spiritual world harshly upon realizing that they can no longer do anything in favor of the inheritors of their fortune and witnessing the dissolution of what they were able to build on the earth, for their own importance, through a great deal of efforts. Happening often in the spiritual world, such occurrences could convey to the involved souls that not all fortunes are licitly amassed, which is the reason why they dissipate in the hands of their inheritors without their being able to prevent it. In such cases, the hand of Divine Justice comes into action, giving the things of the earth the destiny indicated by the circumstances.


But this does not happen to souls that were able to amass small fortunes through hard work, good thoughts and righteous acts. When they return to the spiritual world, they will contemplate with joy that the fortune which they constructed with love and hard work is now reason for the happiness of their descendants. And due to the fact that they were acquired in harmony with those high principles that should preside over all earthly fortunes, negative vibrations are not present. Bringing joy and happiness to their inheritors, they reflect on those souls who just returned to the spiritual world.


So, it can be concluded that not all means are good means for the incarnate souls to construct their small or large fortune on earth. It is better to own a small fortune or possession acquired with loyalty, for everyone’s happiness, than a large fortune constructed with oblivion of sound moral principles. No matter how small, the fortunes in the first category will contain vibrations of joy and happiness for their builders, while the others may result in suffering in the spiritual world.


Misuse of a fortune equals to buying a ticket to an inferior plane.





60th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On January 03rd, 1971

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



Something which does not depend on the Lord – Retrieval of incarnate souls – Various religious sects to come closer together – Absolutely innocuous precepts – The so-called sacred communion



The events foreseen to occur in the final decades of the century should mark a phase of exceeding importance in the life of this small planet. Thoroughly studied and planed over a long period of time in the laboratories of the spiritual world, important events shall take place in the final years of this century, resulting in a sizeable modification in the topography of various regions. The Lord Jesus is attentive to these events and shall provide the necessary assistance to the souls affected by them. But there is a very important thing which does not depend upon him; it is their solid link with the Divinity through the means already amply divulged: the habit of daily prayers preferably at bedtime.


When this is practiced with devotion and sincerity, it will bring good benefits to the souls that could be affected by such events. This is all that is required, for their exclusive benefit, in the event that they become involved and are called to return to the spiritual world. Thus, in view of the above the Lord feels that it is no longer necessary to address this issue. The Lord Jesus now wishes to call the attention of all readers to the spiritual works taking place in the earthly plane with respect to the removal of a vast number of discarnate souls without the conditions to reach their spiritual planes, after detachment from their bodies. Due to their lack of preparation while they were in their bodies, they had no choice but to remain here, harshly suffering the consequences.


Several million souls in such conditions can be found in all the cities and villages, souls who dedicated themselves to a solely material life, underestimating and ignoring spiritual teachings and ending up as a result without the means or force to elevate from the earthly soil. So, they remained here in their fluid bodies. Unable to elevate themselves due to a lack of faith in their hearts, they either experience the already mentioned harsh suffering or follow condemnable paths, as it is often the case, attempting to disturb the souls that live in their bodies.

Being well known to the readers, this factor has up to now been the reason behind the existence of numerous spiritualist organizations which are engaged in their clarification. But since their efforts are not sufficient to overcome the ever-increasing number of discarnate souls in the conditions mentioned above, by the Lord’s determination many caravans of souls were organized to retrieve them from the earthly soil and conduct them to specific planes for clarification.


Two important benefits can be attained through such a practice: their removal from the earthly soil in order to leave the incarnate souls with peace and tranquility and their clarification and guidance to their spiritual planes. This way the earthly environment will soon be totally free from their negative influence, which is responsible for a series of inconveniences facing the incarnate souls.

This fact shall reduce significantly the amount of the work of clarification that is currently performed by spiritualist organizations on earth. A new modality of spiritual activities shall then appear in these organizations referent to the doctrinarian elucidation of their followers, and that will be through the illumined word from Spiritual Guides and Masters.


Yes, dear readers, numerous entities in the spiritual world are already preparing to relay teachings through the various mediumistic modalities of your spiritualist organizations. This shall give the study and practice of spiritual laws a vigorous impulse which is of exceeding importance to the incarnate souls. The religious studies that are being conducted in the various regions of the earth will be influenced by the lectures of spiritual entities as they enable the populations to hear the advice and teachings that they need. Consequently, they will then turn to the organizations which mostly satisfy them.


Certain that it is better to wait for what is coming ahead, the Lord will not make any other prognosis in the religious field. But He will inform that the majestic temples that have been erected in all parts which are becoming empty will gain a new life through the spiritualist teachings that will be coming to earth. They shall again be filled by the faithful searching to learn and strengthen their faith. It is likely that the tribune of such temples will be occupied by entities from the spiritual world who, through mediumistic instruments, will relay new teachings to the incarnate souls who are anxious to hear them.


However, for that to happen it is imperative that some changes take place in the religious field and organizations. It will require that several hundreds of properly prepared souls reincarnate here to assume the leadership of such institutions and effect the needed modifications. The Superior Forces of the spiritual world intend to bring the diverse religious departments of the earth closer together for purposes of unification. If this has not become possible thus far, it is due to the tenacious opposition from the religious leaders. But with the departure of such personalities, it shall soon become a reality.


The Lord does not practice nor permit any kind of violence to be practiced in religious matters in view of the incarnate souls’ various degrees of understanding and comprehension. In view of the fact that  what can be understood and accepted by some level cannot by others on account of their evolutionary level, the best thing is to present the teachings in their spiritual simplicity, so that they can be absorbed by those prepared to understand them. Since the interest for such matters will increase significantly in the near future, the religious organizations unwilling to minister them will become empty; they will end up having to close their doors.


The populations will be attracted to those that can better clarify them on the spiritual laws, therefore changing the picture of religious teachings on earth. Having a certain evolutionary level, the category of souls that has been arriving into the earthly homes will not accept the type of religious teachings defined some two thousand years ago when the level of evolution of the incarnate souls was different. There are some precepts still in effect that can be considered as being absolutely innocuous, which should be kept away. For instance, the so-called sacred communion has no meaning in the spiritual field, since it does not reach any correspondence. The only exception is the sentiment of faith and unction on the part of the penitent who supposes to be absorbing the body and blood of Jesus crucified, which is mere illusion.


The penitents should be taught to meditate on the reason that leads them to desire communion. If it involves a moral fault, the act of communion has no benefit since it leads them to believe in their hearts that their fault became annulled by such an act. Since this is just mere illusion, the best thing is to teach them to sincerely pray and meditate on their actions. It is under this condition that their spirits receive the proper clarification concerning their actions. Prayer and meditation as a daily habit can replace this religious precept with great advantages.


Your indispensable link with the Celestial Father does not depend on the Lord Jesus.


Let us consider that these Messages should be given priority as an instrument of Salvation.


It is up to the soul to monitor the condition of its own progress.


Truths are not invented; they are verified and perpetuated.