Channeled Messages of Jesus Christ


41st Message of spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On October 31st, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



Preservation of world peace – Extreme measures to be taken by the Lord to preserve it – Painful incarnations embitter those responsible for past armed conflicts – Ignorance alone leads to war



The Lord Jesus has been visiting all nations of the earth for the purpose of inspiring their leaders to create and preserve peace; He has also been speaking to their hearts to remind them of the commitment they assumed prior to their descent to earth, which is to strive towards world harmony and happiness in the hearts of the governed. In view of their promises, the Superior Forces decided to grant the current earthly leaders permission to incarnate as desired. Thus, they must not betray the Superior Forces; they must not fail to honor their commitment by leading their subjects to war against others who are their siblings in the eyes of the Divinity.


The Lord has expended tremendous efforts in order to prevent new conflicts and put a definitive end to the barbaric methods nations have used to settle their political differences. He has brought to their attention the numerous conflicts recorded in the history of the earth’s millenary past, showing them the subsequent incarnations of bitterness and regret of the proponents of such conflicts.


After undergoing a great deal of moral suffering in the spiritual world, many of the souls responsible for such armed conflicts begged for incarnations of atonement so as to end their suffering. The granting of their requests by the Superior Forces led to the appearance on earth of human beings displaying physical defects, which they carried with a certain resignation. The divine laws grant this type of incarnation to souls who are overburdened with faults committed against their fellow creatures due to the fact that their accumulated consequences wipe out their serenity in the spiritual world. Thus, only a reincarnation under extraordinary circumstances can alleviate these guilty souls, restoring the tranquility that they badly need.


The Lord wants this type of settlement of disputes to halt at once. His intention is to induce the leaders to address their differences as diplomatically as possible at round tables, where each can present his case. At this stage in the earthly civilization, the Lord Jesus will no longer allow wars to harm thousands of souls, causing their premature return to space, considering that they had to wait more than a century for their present incarnation. In his endeavor to eliminate wars, the Lord will if necessary resort to the extreme measure of removing from the earth the souls that persist in leading their peoples to war. Such an extreme measure will only be adopted as a last resort in order to prevent new conflicts in a world that is considered civilized. The divine Providence does not grant anyone the power to punish his fellow creatures since everyone is an incarnate soul in pursuit of the same evolutionary objectives.


Some readers may wonder what would happen to a nation that is assaulted by another. The Lord replies that the assaulted nation shall immediately receive from the spiritual world the assistance necessary to energetically defend and defeat the aggressive nation. In conformity with the concept: “God is always on the side of the weak” the Superior Forces will fully support the victimized nation, undermining the power of the aggressive nation.


The Lord Jesus has been traveling throughout the planet trying to clarify the minds of all leaders, remaining near those who lead the most powerful nations whenever it becomes necessary to speak to their hearts the language of fraternization and love for fellow creatures. Thus, it should be clear that all souls are spiritual siblings who came to earth with the same objective, which is spiritual progress. The fact that they live in different countries does not meaningfully make them different, considering that souls have to incarnate in all the geographical regions in order to acquire the knowledge and experiences that are peculiar to each region.


Thus, living in Asia, North America or Europe neither elevates nor reduces their spiritual category in view of the fact that life in any particular region is simply the fulfillment of an evolutionary stage. So, nothing then can justify the warlike actions of a nation, which toss its children against the children of another under the pretense of avenging offenses or enlarging its territory. The Lord has already declared that the earth does not belong to any of its inhabitants the same way that a school does not belong to the students. It would certainly be insane for students to seize control of their school or any other school; it would not enhance their education in any way. They attend schools to learn and not to try to control them.


Similarly, the sole purpose of all men and women on earth is to get hold of the knowledge and light which cannot be acquired in the spiritual world. Therefore, their contemporaries should be considered as true classmates and loved like real brothers and sisters. The fact that they occasionally live in different countries justifies their need to learn the native language and customs given that their next incarnation will be on another country. It should be clear that no nation has the right to harm another even in the slightest since all nations harbor perfectly equal souls who are brothers and sisters before the Divinity. It can be concluded that ignorance alone causes the temporary leaders of the earthly nations to resort to aggression towards the solution of their material issues, which contributes to their future suffering.


These are the reasons that make the Lord move constantly, dear souls, so that He can meet with the leaders of various nations and relay his enlightening word. Some victories have already been achieved as a result and the Lord hopes to amplify them to what can be denominated as victories of good over evil. Why should wars be waged against the siblings of other nations when the past wars, instead of contributing to everyone’s happiness, caused the death of millions who did nothing to provoke such aggression? Were the aggressive leaders perhaps able to secure for themselves even a moment of happiness?


They will someday they tell you the painful stories of their past incarnations in the spiritual world. And although some were rather sad, they were necessary to alleviate the heavy consequences accumulated when they were kings and emperors, absolute masters of their subjects. But after expiating their past moral faults and washing away the stain caused by the blood of their victims from their conscience, many are able today to exhibit a beautiful point of lights in their diadem, which permits them to be kindhearted counselors to anyone who seeks them in the spiritual world.


As the incarnate souls begin to turn more towards the source of love that the Divinity is, receiving from it the lights produced by their daily prayers, the earth will evolve in harmony, understanding and happiness among all, which is what the past millenniums are now demanding. All men and women must realize their true objective for coming here by beginning to direct their attention towards the Divinity on a daily basis. It is their responsibility to feed and clothe their bodies with the understanding that they enable them to work and move about in the earthly soil as long as they last. But they should also remember that the permission from the Superior Forces to reincarnate once again had as its main purpose the acquisition of new spiritual lights.


Therefore, if there are types of entertainment on earth capable of exciting your interests, remember that they will remain here after you separate from your body. Many readers, being firmly convinced of the truth contained in these words from the Lord, may perhaps believe that they do not need to hear them again. It is important to realize that repetition is needed in order for many readers to understand and assimilate them in view of the fact that their level of understanding is not as elevated. So, it would be highly honorable for them to be able to say someday that everything that they assimilated from these Messages came directly from the Lord. On his turn, the Lord will rejoice in such declarations, praising his coming to the earthly soil.


Dear readers, the Lord firmly believes that his words of light and blessings, directed to all incarnate souls at this end of century, will correct any of their deviations and expand their understanding of their true objective, which is the acquisition of new and more powerful lights for their spiritual diadem.



Repetition of certain topics is necessary to allow the words of the Savior to be better assimilated.


Only the “ignorance factor” is responsible for the conflicts of a material nature among the nations.


Ignorance alone leads to war.


Do you believe you have acquired new and more powerful lights?


Liberation is in recognizing the powers of the spirit.





42nd Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On November 01st, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



Necessary events for the happiness and welfare of the earthly population – Teams of engineers at their posts in the center of the globe – The cause for the periodical earthquakes in Oriental regions – The planet will undergo changes



The Lord sees the events that are programmed to occur on the earth, which will revolve, modify and transform its various regions, as absolutely necessary for the progress, welfare and happiness of its populations in the next millenniums. What will happen to the planet is what frequently happens to large agricultural areas when they can no longer meet the landowner’s needs. In order to expand the productive areas, the landowner must prepare the unproductive sectors by cutting down the trees, removing the stumps, leveling the ground and plowing the soil, among other things. As for this terrestrial planet, the same fact will take place, although naturally and in different proportions.


Numerous elevations, useless to human life, will be dismantled and transformed into more or less extensive plains for the plantation of the seeds of the future crops. Everyone is aware of the immensity of the unproductive areas in the planet, which occupy approximately two thirds of the firm ground. Therefore, the urgent need to prepare such extensive areas for the production of food to feed a population that will grow by the millions every century cannot be postponed.

Teams of engineers and workers, prepared for this important task since long ago, have already assumed their posts in the center of the globe and are ready to initiate such a transformation. Explosions caused by the detonation of magnetic charges necessary to reach some areas could give the impression of being earthquake related.


Whenever deemed necessary, the Superior Forces employ this method to activate telluric phenomena. But there is another telluric process, which is not under the control of Superior Forces, which usually takes place in the regions of the Orient, with effects similar to that of earthquakes. It has to do with the explosion of concentrations of natural gas produced by volcanic combustion which produces occasional shocks on the surface. The Superior Forces usually do not interfere with this process, except when it is necessary to retrieve and conduct to space a soul that disincarnated as the result from such an explosion.


So dear souls, those of you wanting to learn more these spontaneous telluric phenomena will have such an opportunity when you return to the spiritual world, where you can also learn about the entire organization of this small planet.

With these pieces of information, the Lord seeks to prepare the spirits of the readers of these Messages to accept the upcoming events with tranquility, assured that all things that are detrimental to humans will be excluded. The forthcoming demolitions will undoubtedly affect many people but all men and women can rest assured that whatever happens will be in their best interest.

Some readers may wonder if the disincarnations that will result from the earth’s modifications could really be for their well-being.


The Lord clarifies that all souls that disincarnate under such a circumstance receive in the above a beautiful reward adorned with lights, which they would not have been able to acquire even if their incarnation had not been interrupted. They will be able to verify that their disincarnation indeed occurred as it had been foreseen prior to their descent to earth, given that nothing takes place in this world without being previously planned. And as explained by the Lord, a life-letter accompanies every soul at reincarnation, outlining its life program.


Almost all persons who involuntarily depart from earth while still in his or her infancy or youth do it in fulfillment of their life-letter. For further clarification, all readers can verify this when they return to the spiritual world. Considering that all earthly life is programmed, it can be concluded that nothing surprises the Superior Forces, overseers of the life of all creatures in the planet.

In this Message the Lord also wishes to explain the important spiritual issue involving the less fortunate souls’ dependency on public charity for survival. The Superior Forces, or the Divinity, would not allow souls to bring a life program to earth that would lead them to beg for public charity. However, there are two categories of such souls found under such conditions.


The first consists of souls who obtained success or fortune in the past but who lived wastefully and lavishly. As they returned to space in lamentable conditions, they were lovingly admonished for their actions on earth concerning the waste of their fortunes without advantages to their spiritual illumination. They then embarked on a long period of meditation, awaiting the concession of a new opportunity. And when such an opportunity arrived at least a century later, the life-letter they were presented with stipulated that a distance be kept from fortune and abundance; their destiny was to live arduous lives full of privations.


After careful consideration many accepted their life-letters with aim at a more correct conduct in a life of poverty and decency. Eager to meet the Superior Forces’ expectation, many fulfill their life-letters accordingly through their modest living, giving perhaps the impression of some sort of comfort and prosperity. These are the victorious souls redeeming themselves from past transgressions.

However, there are among them many who did not know how or did not want to face the circumstances of the life that they accepted to live, slipping into the common ditch of the needy in order to avoid the great efforts involved in having to support themselves.


Although in perfect health, these souls can be found everywhere, simulating some sort of ailment to justify their appeal for alms which they make with extended hands. Lamentably, these failing souls are unable to recover in the present incarnation even though many succeed in saving the money acquired trough begging due to their concern for the future. Therefore, as they strive as if avariciously to save the money that they are able to obtain through begging, they succeed in absolving themselves of the lavish expenditures of the past.


Some readers may question if it is proper to help those who beg for alms. The Lord prefers for each one to follow his own sentiment in judging it. If everyone denied them alms, the unskilled beggars would surely die or commit crimes in order to sustain themselves. Each one should then act as his or her heart dictates certain that good deeds are always rewarded.


Now the Lord will refer to the extremely poor category of souls which habitually live through public donations. It consists of primary souls who lack experiences or past culture for not having more than only a few incarnations on the earthly soil. These souls arrived here in the company of their spiritual guides and protectors who strive to show them the path they should follow to acquire the elements necessary for their own maintenance and of their families as well.

Millions of them live here under normal conditions, obtaining sufficient remuneration through the performance of salaried work or as small artificers.


As they demonstrate their own worth, they are usually able to overcome face certain worrisome setbacks due to their faith in the Divinity. When they return to the spiritual world at the end of their incarnation they too will receive a deserving award of lights for their struggles and suffering. Since many of them can get easily discouraged for lacking the power to reason, it is necessary to help them persevere in the maintenance of their physical existence.


During centuries these souls received the spiritual instructions necessary for entering earth’s spiritual cycle, which is an indispensable preparation for receiving a body of flesh. Their first incarnations were spent in simple arduous work such as in agricultural surroundings. In time, they were placed in new social environments for the purpose of becoming familiar with new habits of life and attending primary and other schools for the development of their latent faculties.

In summary, this is the evolutionary path of all souls, which the readers of these Messages have already traveled.


This path projects the souls into primary incarnations that allow each to develop its aptitudes and latent faculties to the highest degree of earthly evolution possible. But as seemingly insurmountable obstacles confront some of them on account of their limited reasoning power, they ask for assistance with stretched out hands. Your spirits can easily identify those who are in real need of assistance from those that fake by their physical aspect, which reveals their lack of nutrition due to unfavorable conditions. Therefore, the Lord recommends that they be given assistance whenever possible, preferably through offers of paid work or through a direct contribution from your pockets. The Divinity shall reward each one of you accordingly.



This planet will undergo renovations, and so will other planets in the solar system.





43rd Message of Spiritual Teachings




Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On November 07th, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



Safety cable of souls departing from earth – The need for human solidarity – The Law of Compensation and salaried work – Effect of workers’ vibrations on their company



Days of great historic projection will come to this planet when upcoming events of great significance in the life of all incarnate souls come to pass. Earthly life is marching towards material improvements which will remarkably contribute to the acceleration of the spiritual progress of the souls that are here in this end of century. In a similar way, the earth too will enter a new phase of evolution to which it has an incontestable right as a planet inhabited by billions of souls that are here seeking spiritual progress.


It has already been said that the upcoming events in this phase of transition will cause millions of souls to depart from the earthly soil, fact which will bring them handsome benefits upon their arrival in the spiritual world. However, a particular circumstance is necessary before the incarnate souls that will unexpectedly disincarnate can attain such benefits.


It is daily contact with the Divinity, which must be maintained through prayer and meditation. Such a link operates like a ship’s safety cable, which is attached to the passengers being tossed in stormy ocean waters; it enables them to be easily retrieved and safely brought into life the boats. Clearly, anyone without such a providential connection would most likely be subjected to a fatal submersion.


This illustration accentuates the incarnate souls’ need for daily contact with the Divinity not only because of what might befall them but because they also need protection throughout their earthly lives. The Lord wants to be as clear as possible to enable the readers of his Messages to comprehend the significance of a daily contact with the Divinity and become encouraged to maintain such a contact for their own good. The number of men and women who have already adopted this habit at bedtime is quite significant, and they will reap the most beautiful fruits from it. It has already been declared that neither the Lord nor the Divinity needs the prayers from incarnate souls since they are designed for their own benefit.


Thus, all men and women should have the disposition to pray with devotion to the Divinity on a daily basis in view of the fact that it results in the accumulation of spiritual lights, which will fill them with gladness upon their return to the spiritual world. This is the key reason behind the Lord’s recommendation for souls to pray at least once a day with fervor.


The Lord now wishes to address the need for solidarity among all creatures since it is closely linked to spiritual progress. Solidarity should be understood as the need for each soul to assist its fellow souls whenever necessary in order to foster a general feeling of sympathy, assistance and understanding among them.

On the opposite side are the practices of certain employers who exploit their employees by paying them so little that they can hardly support themselves. Those that proceed in such a manner benefit only momentarily in view of the fact that they will have to return to earth as humble servants, in accordance to divine laws. It will then be their turn to be exploited.


It is advisable for employers to fairly evaluate and compensate each of their workers in order to be able to receive approval from the Divine Mind. The Law of Compensation will then be in motion, giving to each according to individual work and merit, therefore substantially helping earth’s children in their activities. Employers and employees should attentively observe this principle while performing their duties. It should be done with an elevation of mind and a spirit of justice in order to be in harmony with the divine laws.


In the spiritual world there is a large number of souls that when in charge of many types of organizations on earth paid their employees as little as possible in order to benefit their organizations as much as possible. But when they were transferred to the spiritual world at the end of many years in obedience to natural laws, they verified that they produced no spiritual lights for their spirits in view of the fact that their earthly interests were entirely material. Their materially enriched organizations remained on the earth for the benefit of their successors whereas they, the builders of such organizations, returned destitute of spiritual lights.


Upon examining the records of their organizations stored in the above, they were luckily able to find some merit for having created or directed organizations that provided paid work to many people. They also examined the records of their employees, including of those who were faithful workers and possessors of elevated spirit of cooperation but who had to endure serious hardship for being underpaid.


The Lord invites those who are in charge of the many different organizations on earth to calmly meditate on this matter, certain that they will reap teachings and conclusions of great value. Due to the fact that spiritual entities closely observe each earthly organization in the same fashion spiritual protectors observe each human being, it would be advantageous to them to adopt a procedure of fair treating to their employees. When the favorable thoughts of fairly-treated employees congregate they can greatly contribute to the organization’s prosperity. On the other hand, the congregation of unfavorable thoughts can lead it towards a path of difficulties which may result in its ruin.


This phenomenon works in the following way: when a certain number of employees are satisfied with their wages and the employer’s spirit of justice, the congregation of their emitted vibrations influences the prosperity of the organization. These vibrations also bring benefits to its administration, thus enhancing the creation of new products as well as their quality. Because they are impregnated by the whole of the vibrations, its products will attract consumers and bring prosperity to the organization.


On the other hand, when feelings of dissatisfaction are always present in organizations that do not understand the problems that face their employees, paying them insufficiently, they form a congregation of negative vibrations which do not contribute to their prosperity. The negative vibrations attract a circle of perpetual difficulties that could ruin the business. Business people should then study the psychological condition of their employees and make the changes that are necessary to transform the negative into positive vibrations.


Since the work of pleased and relaxed employees undoubtedly projects a favorable and powerful force, it would be advisable that a study of all earthly organizations is conducted in order to identify and eliminate all those elements that hinder progress. Continuous waves of light and blessings emitted by those servants left on earth will involve whoever proceeds to eliminate these elements. They can be certain that they are worth much more than all the material fortune they could have accumulated through a different procedure.


One of the most beautiful divine laws happens to be the Law of Justice, which involves and illumines the thousands of souls that return to the spiritual world after a sojourn on the earth, during which the fair wages they provided to their earthly siblings allowed them to live with tranquility. As a result, their prayers are directed to these fair-minded managers who now live in the spiritual world, in recognition of their spirit of justice.



Consider how secure your safety cable to the Divinity really is as a means of prevention against the upcoming events.





44th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On November 11th, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



Enrichment of incarnate souls’ luminosity – Everyone should turn to the Divinity while still possible – The meaning of prayers to the spirit – From six to eight thousand years of earthly life – Call on the Lord



The advice and teachings from the Lord Jesus which are being divulged by way of these Messages will quickly improve the morality of those having the privilege of reading them. The Lord is well aware that the souls the Superior Forces permitted to return to the earth have a sincere desire to follow the most perfect course of action, performing meritorious deeds in favor on their contemporaries. However, since the earthly midst is strongly impregnated by inferior vibrations and since it lacks spiritual clarification from the religious organizations, it pushes most souls along pathways alien to the ones they should follow. So, saturated with the purely material teachings that are taught in schools and universities, they pursue material prosperity with such a diligence that they completely neglect the reason for their existence, which is the enrichment of their spiritual luminosity.


After observing the situation described above and witnessing the urgent need for all incarnate souls to prepare for spiritual life, the Lord decided to descend to the earthly soil in order to establish a close contact with them. He decided then to elaborate these Messages for the purpose of ministering the advice and teachings that they need in order to enrich their luminosity and prepare them for their next return to the spiritual world.


The Lord wishes to inform all of his esteemed readers, as He has done in almost every Message, that there is still time for everyone to turn to the Divinity through prayers and meditation at bedtime or any other time. The practice of daily prayers and meditation has the same value to the spirit that food has to the body. Although it has been stated in previous Messages, it is important to repeat in light of the fact that repetition of a teaching decisively contributes to its assimilation. Therefore, the soul starting such a practice at once can be compared to the last minute workers receiving a full day’s pay.


The Lord’s efforts on this are also important for other reasons, which are hereby explained. At the present time, the population of the earth consists of about four billion souls who have repeatedly returned here for the past six to eight thousand years in a constant search for the spiritual progress that this earthly school can provide to its inhabitants. But it so happens that at least one third of the population has already reached a level of knowledge entitling them to a plane of spiritual life which is quite more advanced than the plane from where they came to fulfill this incarnation.


It is the Lord’s desire to promote such a plane a higher number of incarnate souls, half of them if possible, especially those with more than fifty years of earthly life. But since many of them lack the spirit of religiousness, which can only be developed by the habit of daily prayers, the Lord highly recommends such a habit so that He can soon present a beautiful flock of spiritualized souls to the Celestial Father.   This is one of the reasons that led the Lord to settle on the earth and one other reason was to pave the way for the earthly incarnation of many souls that have been waiting for more than a century for such an opportunity, who are as numerous as the incarnate souls.


As a matter of fact, they have already been descending into the earthly homes and some of them are already attending the earthly universities. Most of these souls possess some kind of technical knowledge, which will greatly help propel the technological progress of the earth, which is where they lived several centuries ago. Having improved their knowledge and experiences in the above, they are now ready to return here to collaborate with the technological and scientific progress with efficiency.


Therefore, the Lord needs the sincere cooperation of the mature souls that are presently living on earth towards preparation to occupy a spiritual plane of great evolution where they will receive teachings that are so beautiful and beyond their imagination. This is quite different from the recommendation that teachers give their students at the end of the school year to study hard so that they can get passing grades and avoid having to repeat the course. With respect to the incarnate souls, they will not be allowed to repeat their incarnations in conformity with the respective governing laws; they will have to remain in the spiritual world from fifteen to twenty centuries before obtaining permission for a new experience in the flesh.


It is then advantageous to everyone to pay close attention to the words of the Lord Jesus, striving to be included among those the Lord will conduct to the presence of the Celestial Father, introducing them as follows: “ I present to you, my Father, this part of the sheep that you entrusted me to raise and evolve. They are worthy of your blessings in view of their great efforts to deserve your Light. So, bless and illumine them, my Father, and concede to them your grace and mercy.”


The above represents the greatest reward possible in the life the souls. It grants them a vast volume of the powers they may need from that point on in the spiritual world as members of the Celestial Court or in dignified missions in the earthly soil. Such a succinct description should be sufficient to give an idea of the joys awaiting the incarnate souls in the spiritual world if they are duly prepared for them.


The Lord is well aware that although it is the ardent desire of many souls to become prepared and deserving of the reward described above, they find themselves involved in acts and procedures which in their own view prevent them from practicing his teachings. However, the Lord wants them to know that if their desire is sincere, they may call on him during moments of prayer and meditation and then joyfully see how everything becomes easy.


The presence of the Lord next to souls that prayerfully call on him for assistance has the merit of sustaining them in their desire for elevation and progress and it can be compared to their being released from the chains created by actions which they need to forget. Thus, let them call on the Lord during prayer time; let them open their hearts to him for purification and to receive the assistance they need in order to follow the most convenient path.


Having perceived such a desire in the hearts of many readers, the Lord does not want them to feel dejected; if they sincerely desire to rise to the Celestial Father’s feet, they can attain such a grace. All they have to do is imagine that they just started to live, becoming attentive to their acts; they should fill their hearts with an elevated sense of love for their fellowmen and a spirit of fraternization, desirous of being assisted by a representative of the Superior Forces, or the divine Providence.


Those who from now on decide to revise their acts can be sure that they will be part of that beautiful flock the Lord intends to present to the Celestial Father towards the end of this century. After they bury their troubled pasts, each of these souls should initiate a new life, in agreement with the Lord’s teachings, which will in time lead to a state of happiness beyond their imagination. They can start counting on the Lord’s presence and assistance whenever necessary, sure that it will provide them with sufficient power to break away from an unpleasant past.


The severance of the undesirable or inconvenient connections that are peculiar to earthly life and to which even the purest souls are vulnerable, should be left to the Lord’s discretion. Therefore, appeal to the Lord for assistance and you will see it materialized.



Ask the Lord to assist you to bury your past!


What is the greatest reward in the life of a soul?


You can rely on the Lord’s presence to severe all undesirable or inconvenient links.





45th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On November 14th, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



Objective pursued since before the Christian era – The life of the spirit and the precious stones – Incarnate souls’ development of reasoning – A soul’s long trajectory – Objectives of the New Order – Our spiritual tomorrow



The spiritual world has put enormous efforts towards preparing this humanity for a faster moral improvement during the centuries that passed since the Lord Jesus’ appearance in a human body. The men and women who are presently living on earth have been coming here in different incarnations since before the Christian era, always with the objective of acquiring new spiritual lights.

These spiritual lights are similar to precious stones in the sense that stones must undergo a lapidating process before displaying their widely valued radiance; the carbon that surrounds the brute gemstones has to be removed in order for their brilliance to become visible.


The lapidating process, which could be viewed as a form of suffering, will be completely forgotten by the gemstones as soon as they realize how much their beauty and radiance please and enchant everyone. In a similar way, when the spirits of God become conscious and receive a body of flesh for the first time, they are taken to worlds that have a much inferior level than the earth. They live in such worlds for centuries and even millenniums, facing problems and struggling for survival in accordance to the regulations of Law of the Fittest.


Thus, in order to improve such life conditions, which involve frequent clashes with their fellow creatures over the things that they need or desire to preserve, the incarnate souls of these inferior worlds strive to develop their creative aptitudes. Motivated by constant necessities that require thinking, these souls begin to develop their reasoning skills. The constant shocks that occur among them shorten the lives of the majority of the population; many disincarnations occur as the direct result of fierce combat, fatal diseases and rudimentary therapeutics. So, due to their high number of disincarnations and to the fact that they need to acquire knowledge and experiences, incarnations occur more rapidly.


After spending several millenniums in such “primary schools,” their spiritual guides conduct them to the earthly spiritual cycle where they remain for centuries like kindergarten children learning the basics of schooling and apprenticeship. Then they descend here, to this more advanced school, to develop the knowledge that they acquired and to acquire new knowledge from contact with a more advanced humanity.


This succinct description of the life of all souls is designed to help everyone recall the long trajectory that each had to travel in order to reach the current spiritual stage. Such a trajectory can be considered a lapidating process lasting through millenniums of spiritual life. Since you possess a memory of this process, the Lord invites you to meditate on the long pathway that you have traveled since human form was first granted to you. Therefore, it is expected that you will make a serious and decisive effort towards the conclusion your earthly apprenticeship still in this century in order to be able to elevate yourselves to higher, more luminous and happier planes.


Billions of souls like you are waiting in the spiritual world for a new opportunity to return to earth so that they too can conclude their apprenticeship on this planet. The proper preparation for life in higher planes simply requires the development of the habit of daily prayers and meditation for the closest possible link with the Divinity. It will help illuminate your spirit until you reach the vibrational level of the plane to which you will be promoted, my dear souls. The time that has elapsed since the time which the present population was first brought to earth should have been sufficient for all men and women to reach their necessary degree of evolution here.


However, the fact that their thoughts deviated during the course of their previous incarnations, neglecting their true objectives, caused the great majority of the incarnate souls to still find themselves quite behind in their evolution. But the Lord’s presence in the earthly soil can decisively contribute to the recovery of the lost centuries if they dedicate themselves entirely towards their spiritual progress, which is true motive for their presence on earth again.


Yes, dear souls, the Lord decided to bring his New Order to the earth to clarify the souls of good will and help them make up for the centuries lost in the pursuit of material interests, when they forgot their truthful interests, which are the interests of the spirit. The Lord seeks to transmit to the readers of these Messages teachings and advice that can be really helpful towards the needed spiritual development of the entire humanity.


Those that choose to close their ears to these words of the Lord should not expect anything to happen since it is their prerogative. The only exception is that when the time comes to disincarnate and leave behind the material things they worked hard to accumulate, they will probably find themselves conducted to some inferior spiritual plane, perhaps even inferior to the one from which they left when they came to earth, where they shall have the opportunity to calmly meditate on the things they will miss.


From the very beginning the evolution of the souls has been regulated by just and intelligent laws which foresee everything in their lives. If a soul reveals a desire for progress in its evolution and moral progress, it will always find representatives of the Superior Forces at its side to assist its successful advancement.


But if they choose to dedicate themselves to the enjoyment of all the things that the earth can offer, remaining deaf to their spiritual guides’ friendly words and blind to what has happened to others, they have the right to do so in spite of the fact that sad consequences may result. When they someday return to the spiritual world, they will be able to contemplate the good and the bad things of their earthly lives and assess such a result.


Even though all souls will have the opportunity to act as their own judges at such times, they will no longer be in a position to use the Lord’s advice to their own advantage. This is the reason why the Lord puts great efforts to prevent that the incarnate souls find sorrow and deception after their return from the earth. The readers can find in these Messages the formula for their complete illumination. Therefore, fortunate are the souls who will be able to lay their eyes on them given that they contain the elements they need to be able to reach their true spiritual goal.


As for those who still harbor doubts, the Lord recommends that they call on him mentally to receive the desired clarification. It is not necessary to behold his spiritual figure or hear his spoken word in order to receive his clarification. Once the Lord is mentally invoked, he will be immediately present to answer questions through inspiration as clearly and perfectly as the spoken word. Everyone can be sure that the Lord will be spiritually present to clarify him or her since it is his resolve to assist whoever calls on him.


A final recommendation before the conclusion of this Message is for everyone to seriously meditate on the long path that he or she has traveled since receiving human form, striving towards the conclusion of their earthly apprenticeship.

Therefore, pray and meditate every night at bedtime as you ask the Divinity for the things you need for your well being on the earth. Souls that pray can be certain that their requests will be received and materialized by the Divinity at the most opportune time. Direct then your requests to the Divinity and rest assured that will be heard.



The formula to your complete illumination can be found in these Messages.





46th Messages of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On November 15th, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



End of century and civilization – All men and women are incarnate spirits – The body is the vehicle of the spirit on earth – Spiritual enlightenment as the goal of all souls



These Messages from the Lord will most probably represent to all men and women over forty years of age the greatest blessing to be found in this century and throughout civilization. They should urgently turn to the Divinity regardless of the degree of tranquility which they may be enjoying at the present time. Besides reading these Messages, they must cultivate their teachings due to the fact that the days, the months and the years are rapidly vanishing and with them are the years left in their lives.


Prompting the Lord’s coming at the eleventh hour, the changes that are being performed in the earthly structure ought to awaken the thousands of souls who remain unconcerned about their spiritual lives. The accumulation of earthly fortunes, whether small or large, cannot contribute to anyone’s true happiness in any way whatsoever since all activities must cease at the time of one’s return to the spiritual world, where a different kind of merit is required.


The Lord knows quite well that many millions of souls have not yet heard any clarifying words from the religions they are affiliated with about the spiritual lives that they will live after they depart from earth through the phenomenon called “death.” It is not enough for men and women to merely fulfill the precepts created by their religions in their failed attempt to prepare them for the spiritual world.

They should understand that they all are spirits who once again embodied in order to search for lights and spiritual progress, as they have done thousands of times before. They should also know that their current stay on earth represents but a minute in their lives, and that they not only have been able to acquire knowledge and experiences by living such lives through the millenniums but that they will continue to acquire them in other planets of the same solar system or here on earth.


Anyone who is not familiar with spiritual laws should be made aware that life on earth must be lived more by the spirit than the body due to the body’s transitory nature. The physical body is nothing more than the vehicle the spirit builds to allow its locomotion on the earthly plane for a variable number of years in order to enable it to acquire the experiences and knowledge that will be transformed into new lights for its diadem.


The Superior Forces are putting great efforts in the clarification of the incarnate souls as this century and this civilization come to an end since thousands of them live in their material bodies as if dormant. As if they were irrational, they get up and lie down each day without directing a word, thought or even a vibration towards the Divinity that illumines and protects them on earth. Evidently, these souls are hardly reaping benefits from their current earthly lives, which in the spiritual world they anxiously waited for decades to attain.


The Superior Forces is aware that this stems mostly from the deficient religious teachings of the millenary religions, which have not evolved. Therefore, the need for awakening dormant souls towards the reality of earthly life was considered urgent in the above, whose main objective is the acquisition of new spiritual lights. They must then become familiar with spiritualist teachings that can provide knowledge about the laws that govern life in all worlds of the universe.

Spiritual laws teach that human beings are incarnate spirits in search of new lights for their spiritual enlightenment. And just what is the meaning of spiritual enlightenment?


The Lord explains with all his love and dedication that spiritual enlightenment, which is the goal of all incarnate souls, means increase of their knowledge as well as their subsequent elevation in the spiritual scale. For a better illustration, let us look at the different classes of men that everyone is familiar with. The first class performs crude and heavy work, and as a rule its members can hardly sign their names.


The next class consists of members who, having concluded primary schools, work in cleaner jobs in offices and stores, which allows them to live a little better. Then the members of the most distinctive classes, consisting of those who completed courses in humanities and above them those who attended the universities, earning a master or doctorate degree as the result of their diligent studies, who take pride in having becoming apt to perform tasks which others cannot perform.


Ascension in the spiritual scale occurs in a similar way since it requires effort and determination towards one’s elevation through his actions and thoughts in the course of his earthly life. In confirmation of the saying that there is no rule without exception, the Lord wishes to clarify an important detail concerning people that do not have a degree in higher learning.


There are creatures in your midst that are unable to acquire higher degrees of learning either for financial reasons that are beyond their control or for reasons that are only known to the Superior Forces. Many of them do not need to acquire such learning in order to fulfill the missions they brought to the earth since they acquired said degrees of knowledge in previous incarnations.


This is the reason why persons of limited knowledge frequently ascend to elevated positions or attract sympathy and support in their activities. Having acquired intellectual preparation in their previous lives, they rely on such preparation during their current existences. And since many are self-taught, they strive to recall all the information that is stored in their spiritual memories.


Therefore, it should be quite clear that the spiritual enrichment of a soul is but the sum of the knowledge and experiences accumulated in the course of each of its incarnations. All incarnate souls should do their best to gain experience and acquire knowledge through their daily acts and observations coupled with the good deeds that they were able to perform. This way, when they kneel down at the end of the day in order to elevate their prayers to the Divinity, they will incorporate the goodness of their good and useful deeds into their spiritual inheritance.


Consequently, readers should be able to easily perceive how to stimulate their spiritual enrichment on a daily basis, which is precisely the reason for their coming to earth. The good deeds that the incarnate souls perform, in conjunction with the thoughts they emit in favor of their fellow creatures during their daily prayers, are the sources of light that contribute to their spiritual enrichment.

Meditation at bedtime can provide new insight on these words from the Lord due to the fact that the scale of acts and procedures that are capable of helping the spiritual enrichment of the incarnate souls is almost infinite. The Lord wants to inform that He is at the disposal of anyone wishing to call on him for further clarification of this matter, which is essential to all souls.


In addition, that He shall be present at the arrival in the above of all readers of these Messages in order to embrace and felicitate them for their efforts towards the enrichment of their luminosity. The Lord goes further to say that many thousands of spiritual awards are already being manufactured in the above for the purpose of being eventually bestowed on those that will succeed in assimilating and practicing the words recorded in these Messages.

The New Order, the Lord adds, is a new way of understanding earthly life; it is the correct way to be lived by all incarnate souls with their thoughts turned to the Divinity on a daily basis.



The New Order is a new way of understanding earthly life with maintenance of a link to the Divinity.


Spiritual enlightenment is the goal of all souls.


“At your complete disposal, wherever you may be when you call on me.”





47th Message of Spiritual Teaching


Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On November 21st, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



The events in Pakistan – Nothing happens by chance in the universe – Thoughts of solidarity and prayer – Spiritual teams on different missions – What will happen was foreseen long ago



The earthy world has just been made aware of the initiation of the telluric operations that were planned long ago for the end of this century. (the seaquake in Pakistan and the cyclone in Manila.) What appears as tragedies in the Oriental regions represent but the beginning of a series of events that shall take place throughout the world. The mass departure of millions of souls as result of such events profoundly impresses the people’s hearts, awakening their spirit of solidarity.


The Lords wishes to reiterate his affirmation that all souls that disincarnated as the result of such events have been kindly attended by the various relief teams positioned in the affected areas and conducted to the spiritual world, where they were comfortably accommodated. From such planes these discarnate souls were then able to verify that their departure from the earth occurred precisely as established in their individual life-letters.


It has already been said that nothing happens in the universe by chance due to the fact that universal life unfolds within pre-established circumstances. So, the news reports throughout the world of the recent telluric events should engrave into the minds of the incarnate souls the need for them to be prepared to leave the earth at a moment’s notice in order to return to their plane of spiritual life. Were the souls that just disincarnated prepared for their trip?


The Lord’s answer is that unfortunately many were not. Even though daily prayer is practiced in the Orient, the population has not adopted such a habit in view of the deficient religious teachings and practices. But the presence of faith in almost all hearts, which is the result of spiritual advancement attained in previous lives, contributed to the success of their prompt retrieval by the relief teams.


The readers of these Messages should attentively observe the benefits that come from a heart filled with faith in the Divinity. Since it is impossible to describe such benefits, the Lord recommends that all incarnate souls instantly adopt the habit of daily contact with the Divinity through prayer and meditation, so that they can reveal not only their existence but also their whereabouts. Such a contact is more useful and necessary that anyone can imagine, and it can only be verified by souls that are in similar situations.


The souls that establish the habit of daily prayer to the Divinity can remain tranquil as to what could happen to them to the end of the century. If their sudden departure from earth is registered in their life-letter, they can count upon the prompt assistance on the part of the relief teams. The readers should not underestimate these words since they describe one of the main objectives behind the Lord’s descent to earth.


The Lord will now address the way people react to events such as the ones that just occurred in the Orient. It is of utmost convenience that all incarnate souls elevate to the Divinity thoughts of solidarity for the victimized souls; it forms a powerful vibrational wave of spiritual relief and assistance. This creates moments of calmness and tranquility in the midst of their suffering. Those who proceed accordingly to help the victimized souls will also be preparing for themselves moments of calmness and tranquility in case they encounter similar events. In addition, the Lord wishes to inform that He was also present at the recent occurrences in the Orient, directing from a superior plane the services of assistance that became necessary. Although there were two affected areas, the Lord regards them as the unfolding of a single event that involved several millions of incarnate souls needing tender care and conduction to their spiritual planes.


There is also the difficult but necessary task of comforting the relatives and friends of the departed souls that remained on earth. This is done mostly through explanations and moral comfort in the best way possible to restore their needed serenity when their bodies are asleep. Other spiritual teams come near the incarnate souls at bedtime in order to perform such work and conduct them to the appropriate spiritual planes where elements of resistance are administered to them in order for them to be able to continue with their earthly living. Without such work, which requires a great deal of abnegation and efficiency, many souls would fail as result of their sorrow over the tragedy that put an end to their relative’s earthly life.


However, the result of such contacts with the specialized teams is that they recover the resistance and courage that are necessary to go on with their present existence. And in order to enhance the efficiency of these specialized teams, the Lord not only recommends but also requests that the readers of these Messages cooperate mentally by way of directing their thoughts to the Divinity. As insignificant as it may seem, it acquires a great significance when thousands or millions of thoughts emitted all around the world congregate and produce a powerful whole of tremendously efficient vibrations.


In conclusion, the Lord wants to call the attention of his readers to the enunciated events scheduled to take place in different latitudes through the end of the century, so that they may include in their daily prayers a thought for protection in the event that their regions become affected. Such thoughts create favorable circumstances for the praying souls and a possible protection from such events.

So, it is of utmost convenience for the readers and followers of the Lord not only to direct their thoughts to the Divinity but also to relay this recommendation to their friends and relatives. The emission of such thoughts is an intelligent preventive measure against any harm that such events could bring if occurring where they live.


Some readers may wonder if such a precaution could actually prevent them from perishing as the result of telluric events. The Lord informs that the events that are supposed to occur, which include the time of disincarnation of the affected souls, have been overseen a long time ago. However, the emission of prayer and thoughts for protection builds a protective aura around the praying soul, which could result in their going through such events unscathed.


So, it is advisable that those wishing to be preserved proceed as indicated above since it only requires small efforts. As a matter of fact, no one has ever regretted praying fervently to the Divinity, even in the cases where suffering had been imprinted in their life-letter. They later verified that their fervent prayers actually minimized their suffering to the least possible degree. These words from the Lord to the incarnate souls are meant to profoundly implant in them the basic idea of human evolution, which firmly rests on the principle of prayers to the Divinity.


Prayers, dear readers, are neither needed nor enjoyed by the Divinity.

The habit of prayers is ardently recommended by the Divinity for the benefit of the very souls due to the fact that each prayerfully uttered word is immediately transformed into light which illuminates them before the Creator.



Nothing in the universe happens by chance.


The emission of prayers and thoughts for protection builds a protective aura around the praying souls.


The gathering of thoughts forms a powerful vibrational wave of spiritual assistance to the souls affected by catastrophes.





48th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On November 22nd, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



Everything happens for the good of the souls – Reform foreseen some centuries ago – An illustration of the value of prayer – The Lord’s presence in the affected areas – Efforts towards the maintenance of peace



The events that are taking place in the Oriental lands represent the beginning of the execution of the plans elaborated by the Superior Forces to renovate the structure of this small planet. As enunciated in the works of the Great Crusade of Elucidation, the reform of a good part of the surface of the earth has become urgently necessary so that millions of souls can reincarnate again in its soil.

Such a reform will involve the demolition of certain areas and their transformation into plains suitable for the production of food, which due to its scarcity is the cause of serious concern to the leaders of many countries.


The changes necessary to solve this serious problem will affect mostly the populations that are near the areas to be flattened, causing many incarnate souls to depart, as it has been already happening. Thus, wishing to promote tranquility among the earthly population regarding the enunciated events, the Lord affirms to the earthly population that the Superior Forces that oversee earthly life would do anything that is detrimental to the welfare of all creatures.


So, even though some inhabited regions will be affected by the telluric events, everyone can be confident that whatever occurs will be to the best interest of the departed souls and not to their suffering. All actions undertaken by the Superior Forces of the spiritual world are not intended to hurt but to benefit the earthly population. The souls that will leave their bodies as result of the events that are underway in the subsoil will benefit in the spiritual world; they will be presented with points of light, which will distinguish them with a promotion to a higher level in the spiritual scale.


Again, nothing except what has been foreseen will affect the souls on earth. Those that will disincarnate due to the events described above descended to earth with foreknowledge of their disincarnation, which they shall be able to verify when they return to their respective spiritual planes. The reform of the earthly surface and its consequences to the incarnate population were also foreseen some centuries ago for the end of this century together with the measures that the Superior Forces will implement in order to prevent as much suffering as possible. The thirty years that will follow shall be sufficient to conclude the ongoing works that are meant to substantially modify the structure of the planet, with great benefits to the current and future populations.


Such a massive undertaking will obviously affect the life and comfort of the millions of creatures that inhabit the regions chosen for topographic modifications. However, they will receive many lights and blessings in the spiritual world as compensation for their departure, which they would not have been able to acquire had they remained on earth for additional years.

It is convenient that all incarnate souls prepare to go on a trip, in case one becomes necessary, by means of daily prayers in order to establish a solid link with the Divinity and indicate their existence and whereabouts. If to some people it seems unnecessary since they know that the Divinity knows of the whereabouts of all its children, whether they are in the earthly or in the spiritual world, the following image can clarify the truth.


Picture yourself looking out a window indifferently, observing the people come and go. However, if someone in the crowd calls out your name, you will focus your attention on that person in order to return the greeting. The same thing takes place when humans direct a prayer to the Divinity: they become noticeable. The Divinity, which is always watchful of its praying children, joyfully receives and registers all prayers in its heart, illumining, helping and protecting them in their earthly living. This is the reason why the practice of daily prayers to the Divinity is of great convenience; it provides the incarnate souls with many benefits.


The Lord decided to settle on the earth for the reasons revealed in previous Messages. However, the main reason was to be near the events that will occur in many parts of the world in order to minimize their adverse consequences. How can this be accomplished? The Lord explains that there are several ways, including the powerful irradiation of his love on the afflicted hearts, bringing tranquility and resilience to them in order to lessen or annul their suffering.

Another is for the Lord to transmit spiritual words of comfort to the troubled hearts, containing the flame of faith and the lenitive of hope, so as to uplift them.


In order to accomplish this, the Lord will stay in the affected regions as long as necessary, directing his powerful irradiations of goodness, grace and compassion into the hearts of the populations. This is what caused the Lord to move from his Celestial Court to the earthly soil, where He shall remain until the programmed reform of the earthly surface is concluded. His activities, however, will reach far beyond what has been enunciated herein.


Among such activities is the difficult task of maintaining peace among the peoples that constitute the current humanity. A task of such magnitude requires that the Lord and his assistants remain in contact with the leaders of the most important nations in attempts to suppress their impulses to engage in war, regardless of their reasons. The Lord Jesus will no longer allow the development of new conflicts at this point in a century filled with fratricidal wars. Since this is what concerns the Lord and his teams of spiritual assistants the most, the thoughts and attitudes of national leaders must be vigilantly monitored.


A direct result of the Lord’s influence is the suspension of the bellicose activities in the Middle East, where the main contenders are beginning to enter into a principle of understanding from which lasting peace can emerge. Being seriously engaged in inspiring these leaders, the Lord expects that his luminous spiritual assistants will be able to bring tranquility and happiness to those worthy peoples. Manifested at all times, the Lord’s concern deserves everyone’s good thoughts and prayers before bedtime for the purpose of bringing fortification to his and his assistant’s mental work.


It should be pointed out that the whole of your thoughts could certainly contribute to the success of such a task; that your individual cooperation could be exceptionally valuable in such an endeavor. With the support from the mental force that derives from your thoughts of cooperation, the Lord’s transmission of peaceful ideas could dissuade them from engaging in wars. Therefore, the Lord requests your help, remaining appreciative of your cooperation.



The Lord Jesus spends long periods of time in the regions that are affected by catastrophes. Pray for the affected souls.





49TH Message of spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On November 28th, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



Earthly life is transitory – Death affects the body but never the soul – The current life in relation to the previous life – Those that harm with iron, shall be harmed with iron – Kneel down at bedtime and sincerely pray to the Divinity



The events that are occurring in various regions of the planet and their respective consequences represent the beginning of the works planned a long time ago for the end of this century. Even though it was mentioned in previous Messages, its repetition is most convenient in order to firm the transitory nature of earthly life in everyone’s minds. It has been observed in the spiritual world that the great majority of the incarnate souls are not in the least concerned with their return to the spiritual world.


But they are entirely concerned with the “death phenomenon,” believing that it is the definitive end of all human beings.  Everyone should realize that this is not so in view of the fact that death relates exclusively to the human body and not to the soul (spirit), who constructs the body for its use over a specific number of years.

It is imperative that all men and women understand that this is not the first time they have lived nor will it be the last; they will return to earth as many times as necessary. All incarnate souls should become knowledgeable of this spiritual truth in order to begin living their lives at the present time as part of their infinite life. Once aware of this great truth, they would perhaps act differently, knowing that all earthly acts have repercussions in the spiritual world. All earthly acts are naturally followed by their respective consequences.


Another doctrinal point of great value is that all incarnate souls are currently living a life that is related to their previous life, which is responsible for the pleasant or unpleasant circumstances that they now encounter. For example, if an incarnate soul is going through a life that is filled with pleasant events, receiving consideration and respect from fellow creatures, it is due to the fact that it strove to interact correctly with those around it in its previous existence. Its past conduct of good will for fellow creatures outlined the vital lines of its future life, which is the current life.


On the other hand, if an incarnate soul is enduring a life filled with disagreeable occurrences despite its inclination to live in peace with the spiritual or divine laws, it should not despair but accept its present misfortune as a means of liquidating its past debts as well as avoiding future ones. This is the reason why many persons continue to complain that even though they have a correct and just behavior, nothing favorable seems to come their way. A succinct clarification of this matter can be encountered in the well-known teaching: “Those who harm with iron, shall be harmed with iron; those who kill, shall be killed,” and in other similar concepts as well.


Thus, it is of great importance that they accept the fact that their failures and deceptions are a means of settling debts that were contracted in previous lives. They should now strive to prepare for future lives, realizing that the fifty or sixty years allotted for their current lives will not only quickly disappear but that they will find joy and happiness upon their return to the spiritual world deriving from their present righteous living.


The Lord wants this teaching ministered to all incarnate souls in order to make up for the deficiencies of the religious teachings from the earthly religions. He wishes to put across that the life of human beings should be simple and tranquil, not agitated by problems and difficulties that usually come their way as result of their entertainment and practice of ambitious ideas. Thus, the Lord offers the following formula for the souls to live in harmony and tranquility: kneel down every night and sincerely pray to the Divinity, thanking for the protection and grace received on that day and to be received on the following day.


By opening the doors that lead to happiness, this formula will help improve the thousands of lives that are burdened by struggles and difficulties. This phenomenon can be easily explained: when a human creature prays to the Divinity, especially by kneeling down to allow it to gain its needed force, it attracts spiritual protectors who reinforce it. Its effects cause an automatic cleansing of the creature’s mental field and increase his illumination, thus enabling him to avoid undesirable astral influences.


When a human creature surrenders to the sleep of the body, the spirit either directs itself or is conducted to places where it can obtain the clarification that it needs for the success of its undertakings and interests. By using the formula being herewith provided by the Lord, the incarnate souls will be able control their interests more easily and overcome any difficulty or problem that may arise.


A spiritual law is implicated here, which is printed in the Bible: “Knock and it shall be open unto you; ask and you shall receive.” Unawareness of this law is the sole cause for the unhappiness on the part of many souls, who were not taught about it during childhood or not asked to remember it. The truth, however, is that everyone in this end of century possesses ample knowledge to live in harmony with the spiritual or divine laws.


Consequently, it is definitely necessary that such principles be repeated to all souls at childhood or youth in view of the fact that they are unable to recall their spiritual knowledge after they reincarnate. By resorting to the “prayer formula,” they attract the necessary protection and inspiration.


Besides, if after prayers they meditate for ten to fifteen minutes they should be able to recall certain facts which are recorded in their spiritual memories and which they left in the beyond, thus attracting valuable ideas and inspiration. Therefore, it becomes just a question of wanting and practicing it. Although they are not new on the earth, these teachings were divulged and practiced by the other humanities which inhabited this planet, producing the desired effects.


The earth is similar to your primary schools where all students must be exposed to the learning principles in view of the fact that each year brings new students. Among them there are many highly evolved souls that are still unaware of what the school will teach them because their brains are still in formation. Consider yourselves then as simple children beginning the school year and heed the teachings of the Lord, certain that their practice will eliminate numerous obstacles that block the path to your goal.


The current incarnate humanity has had the chance of learning about the great masters and prophets that came to earth in the last four millenniums, striving to assist the incarnate souls in the philosophical front. The Lord Jesus himself was here almost two thousand years ago, as you well know, striving to diffuse the spirit of fraternization among all human beings in order to establish peace and harmony.


He now comes by way of his New Order to minister the advice and teachings that can help eliminate obstacles and difficulties from the lives of all souls, helping them achieve tranquility, happiness and well-being. Thus, begin to observe these teachings in your attempts to overcome the obstacles that block your path to happiness.



The formula contained in this Message can open the doors to happiness to anyone who is interested.





50th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On November 29th, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



Numerous relief teams are organized in the above – The consoling souls number in the hundreds of thousands – The importance of the Great Crusade of Elucidation – A new civilization descends to earth – The religious sentiment



The Lord Jesus organized over the last century a large number of properly trained caravans in the various modalities of relief for the purpose of providing assistance to all the souls that are incarnated on earth at the appropriate time. These relief caravans have been exposed to every possible scenario which may cause the disincarnation of the incarnate souls in preparation for the upcoming events. So, assistance to the victims of cyclones, which are so common in the Pacific Ocean, shipwreck, earthquake, aerial disaster, flooding and others has already been foreseen.


For instance, at the time this Message is being dictated in the end of November 1970, relief caravans have already lovingly retrieved all the souls that left their bodies due to the cyclone that swept through Pakistan and part of the Philippines. Positioned in the affected areas since the beginning of the events, their retrieval by these relief souls was certainly worthy of praise on the part of the Superior Forces since they were comfortably accommodated in the spiritual world within a twenty-four hours period.


The consoling teams then turned their attention to the surviving souls who were in a state of despair, as could be expected, performing their specialty through the irradiation of powerful vibrations of peace and tranquility over the afflicted souls. This beautiful work was done with such efficiency that peace and tranquility resulted. The work that is performed for the benefit of the surviving souls is similar to that of firefighters hosing down abundant amounts of water to extinguish the flames as quickly as possible.


The relief teams extinguished the flames of affliction and despair caused by that terrible spectacle which took the lives of their loved ones. By showering them with powerful vibrations of love and spiritual comfort, the needed calmness and tranquility was brought to them. This truly huge task involved more than two hundred thousand properly trained souls.


The above description is intended to assure each of the readers of these Messages that they too will be assisted and comforted by such teams in similar situations since they are always alert to the events that occur on this earthly world. Therefore, the souls that form the relief caravans will be there to lovingly and efficiently attend to the needy souls, regardless of the location of the structural changes. Such a divulgence is meant to assure all men and women that support and assistance from the spiritual world does exist during all kinds of emergency, and that all that is going to happen on this planet has been foreseen. In addition, all souls that will be affected by the upcoming events descended here already with an awareness of what is going to occur.


This way, the Lord recommends that all incarnate souls try to spiritualize themselves by reading the works of the Great Crusade of Elucidation which, dictated on earth by his assistants, are really rich of advice and teachings regarding spiritual life. The fulfillment of such an important recommendation shall bring forth a great deal of happiness. The spiritualization of the souls that are currently incarnated on earth is so urgently necessary that the Lord came to the physical plane to see to its establishment. Since a new civilization is descending to the earth, which will form the humanity of the next century, the non-spiritualized souls will have to wait for centuries in the spiritual world before being allowed to return to the earthly soil.


Now The Lord wishes to address a theme of great importance, which concerns the separation of couples that were united in marriage for a lifetime of understanding, love and happiness since an avalanche of legal and illegal separations has been gravely harming the children. This unfortunately happens all over the world, especially in the most populous cities where life’s intensity reduces the time that families spend in their homes, exchanging ideas about their experiences.


After the Superior Forces examined the fundamental reasons behind family misunderstandings, they concluded that they are caused by the lack of religiosity in their hearts. The sentiment of religiosity instills goodness, fraternization and love in all men and women, and it can produce the miracle of peaceful matrimonial living. It shields the heart against the penetration of ideas that can undermine happiness and pollute the environment. The lack of such a sentiment is what strips the hearts, allowing for the absorption of unhealthy ideas, which impel married souls to separate. They ignore the fact that they will have to render an account of their deviations and faults to the Superior Forces in the above and that as a consequence they may have to face an unpleasant situation.


No man or woman has the right to abandon the tender creatures that at their request the divine Providence entrusted to them to the hazards of the world due to simple misunderstandings concerning the direction of life in their homes. Why do they permit misunderstandings to arise? Did they not swear before a member of the clergy to love one another until death? Did they not receive in the solemnity of their matrimonial union God’s blessings?


A careful analysis will indicate that the moral deviations that exist in the couple’s life is responsible for their separation, which they seek to avoid continued friction, without concern for the children who came into their homes in order to experience harmony and love. Since each separation saddens the Superior Forces, they found that ninety-nine percent of the time men are responsible for domestic friction and the resulting separation, and women the remaining one percent.


Therefore, it is opportune to remember that the actions taken in one existence have extended effects on future existences during which, according to the Law of Consequence, the circumstances are usually reversed. If a presently incarnated man disdainfully ignores the rights of his spouse to the point of wanting a separation, he may find his next earthly existence to be filled with adversity, cause him then to become the victim of domestic failure instead of the perpetrator. Since divine laws are present in all sectors of universal life, the Law of Consequence prepares for each human being a situation that is identical to the one he provided for his fellow creatures.


The common reports of violent victimization in your midst by soulless persons provide room for meditation and realization that they are but the ransom of faults committed in previous existences, where today’s victims may have been yesterday’s perpetrators. In fact, that is exactly the way it is in view of the fact that if such things were not meant to happen, the victim’s spiritual protectors, who have unlimited powers, would not allow them to happen. A similar fault is then being ransomed through such occurrences, bringing everlasting harmony into the soul of the sacrificed creature. Therefore, a secular factor must exist in many cases of spousal separation regardless of the reason, in which the presently sacrificed party caused a similar situation in the past. Also, the party responsible for the separation at the present time will find himself or herself in an adverse situation in the near or remote future.


So, the Lord Jesus appeals to all married couples not only to respect but to understand and love one another given that it is for their own benefit and happiness and of those entrusted to them by the divine Providence.



The separation of married couples stem from their lack of religiosity.


Research freely the value of the works of the Great Crusade of Elucidation.


The sentiment of religiosity has the merit of inspiring goodness.


Consider that the combination of determination, effort and love made this work from Christ possible, which you now have the joy of reading.