Channeled Messages of Jesus Christ

31st Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On September 26th, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



Thousands of souls return from earth – Earthly homes as a means of soul reconciliation – The soul’s life-letter – Study of spiritual laws – Psychography as a consolation – Two sources of spiritual light



The events that were planned for the end of this century have already begun in several areas of this earthly world and shall continue for some years until all objectives are accomplished. Many thousands of souls are being tenderly received and comfortably accommodated as they return to the spiritual world. There they are able to verify that the time of their departure was in accordance with the time shown in their life plan and that there was no interruption in their earthly life.


It is quite easy to explain to them the reason for their departure considering that it had been predicted since the time of their arrival on earth. However, it is much more difficult to explain to those remaining behind the disappearance of loved ones as they immerse in profound longing. To provide some words of spiritual comfort to the souls that remain mournful of departed loved ones, the Lord clarifies that the life of all souls consists of these diverse phases of periodical incarnations and disincarnations, which are intended to benefit them. The fact that several incarnate souls reunite in earthly homes as blood relatives is the result of prior agreement in the spiritual world. It is aimed at the development of mutual affection, understanding and closeness in case that some past divergence or conflict separated them. The Superior Forces utilize incarnations in the same homes whenever closeness and harmony are needed.


Thousands and even millions of souls who seriously disagreed in the past have this way the opportunity to get closer to each other and to reconcile for good. However, each soul has a life-letter that contains the steps it is supposed to follow on earth and which indicates the time and manner which it shall return to the spiritual world. Such life-letter justifies the departure of numerous souls who are still in their youth or early years due to illness or victimization. Unforeseen occurrences do not exist from the perspective of the Superior Forces; instead, destiny fulfills itself as duly recorded in each soul’s life-letter.


The Lord knows the intensity of the longing which fills the hearts of the souls that experience the loss of a loved one. Such a longing is most intense among non-spiritualized persons since they are not familiar with spiritual works that teach that their loved ones are not only alive but also quite active in the spiritual world, which is where they have lived during several millenniums with periodical journeys to earth. From there they are able to follow the lives of those left in their earthly homes, praying daily to the Divinity on their behalf in order to help them overcome the obstacles that are natural to earthly life.


The study of spiritual laws provides souls on earth with a great deal of joy. It makes it easier for them to come closer to their departed loved ones by means of dialogues conducted through psychography or incorporation. The Lord recommends psychography mainly due to the fact that the words uttered by departed loved ones are recorded on paper. It is based on everyone’s faculty to telepathically receive words from the departed. It allows the constant emergence of many important works containing teachings highly valuable to the incarnate souls.You, the readers of these Messages, you can in fact verify that the mediumistic works, which are those received through psychography, only refer to spiritual progress, for everyone’s greater clarification. It is the equivalent to the correction of possible deviations on the part of some human beings, which greatly facilitates success in the course of their incarnation.


Through psychography souls on the earth can communicate with souls in space, thus providing them with great joy. Since most of the souls that depart from the earth long for such an opportunity, those that aspire to receive friendly words written down by way of psychography should prepare themselves for it, given that written words can be read and reread. Since this was already explained on a previous Message, further explanations may be requested directly from the New Order’s headquarters.


The Lord Jesus now wishes to discuss the study and practice of spiritual laws in relation to earthly life, which establish the principle that all human beings are spirits dressed in flesh in order to be able to stay on the earthly soil and move about it. We use the word soul to all incarnate spirits, reserving the word spirit for the souls that return to the spiritual world after detachment from their physical bodies, which remain on earth.


The establishment of this principle allows men and women to realize that they will return to the spiritual world sooner or later, which is where they came from for the current incarnation. They should also realize that they cannot take any accumulated material possession from the earth, only accomplishments that were good and useful, in addition to their daily prayers to the Divinity.


Prayers uttered by an incarnate soul to the Divinity are changed into lights for this soul, which amplifies the lights that were previously acquired, thus providing the soul with greater opportunities for success on earth and in the spiritual world, where electrical generators do not exist. The light that each soul acquires in the course of its lifetimes on earth illuminates the path which it must walk. If a soul happens to lose sight of its objectives after waiting so many years to reincarnate, and wastes its whole incarnation, it will dearly regret such a squander upon its return to the spiritual world.


There are two sources of light available to the incarnate souls, namely objective and subjective. The objective source, which happens to be the most efficient, undoubtedly refers to prayers and meditation. Prayers instantly change into light for the praying soul, which is added to the existing point of light in its diadem. The subjective source on the other hand consists of the performance of good deeds for the benefit of others and results in well being for their performers.


Distribution of money to the needy should not be interpreted as good deeds since it is often misused, hardly bringing any benefits to them. Anyone having the means to help others should donate goods, especially to the institutions housing the elderly. They need charitable cooperation since the elderly often suffer from different ailments. So, the donation of foodstuffs to such an institution is transformed into a subjective source of light. Therefore, fortunate are those who can use it for the exaltation of their spiritual diadem.


It could be argued that orphanages are also needy institutions in view of the number of orphans they accommodate. This is quite true and those who can afford should help them as well. But priority should be given to the elderly since their advanced age precludes them from providing food and shelter for themselves. Thus, it is a beautiful act of charity to provide the elderly with needed foodstuff.


In addition, the textile industries could perform a good deed by supplying fabrics to clothe them and the footwear manufacturers by donating items to these brothers and sisters. In essence, the spiritual Law of Compensation holds that the good souls that assist the elderly in their last days shall receive a twofold reward. Remember that the spiritual laws have never failed.



The Lord especially recommends the use of psychography.





32nd Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On September 27th, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



Planet of happy and tranquil life – Thousands of souls removed from earth – Wrongdoers and divine right – Return to world of origin – Why prisons are full – A request from Lord Jesus



As previously mentioned, the events taking place in the various regions of the planet have the purpose of improving the life conditions of the earthly population beginning in the next century. New extensive areas are being prepared for the production of food in order to meet the needs of the current population and of the several million souls that are in the process of descending to earth.

The Lord is seriously committed to transform the earth into a planet of happy and tranquil life in order for its inhabitants to be able to dedicate themselves to spiritual progress. Such an accomplishment will be made possible through the removal from the earthly soil of the disturbing souls who are here devoted to activities condemnable by the social laws of harmony and understanding. In reality, many thousands of such souls have already been removed from the earthly environment as result of disturbing the tranquility and inflicting suffering on fellow creatures.


After they spent a long time in the spiritual world elaborating plans to help the progress on earth, these souls obtained permission to reincarnate. Although they tried to realize their projects in their youth, they found the earthly environment greatly intoxicated with subversive ideas. And as they became absorbed by such ideas, they proceeded to break away from a pacific society and commit all types of infractions.   Since they are responsible for the direction and preservation of life on earth, the Superior Forces had to take the appropriate action in order to halt their criminal activities, which was finally accomplished through their removal from the earthly environment. Many of them are being sent to an inferior planet where they will have the opportunity for self-reconciliation in view of the existing life conditions.


The earth has just begun its entry into the vibrational degree to which it has an incontestable right as a planet inhabited by souls that possess an elevated level of spirituality. Consequently, it can no longer lodge in its soil a category of souls whose vibrations are detrimental to the harmony of its population. This is why souls that failed to adapt to a life of peace and understanding that is common to almost all regions of the earth are since the beginning of the century being removed from the earthly cycle.


Since it was not possible to contain their deviations in view of their immersion in subversion and turbulence, the solution then was to remove them and conduct them to their planet of origin. However, this cannot be done suddenly; it has to be done at the end of their lives in honor of the right that they have over the bodies that they constructed for themselves. When they reach the end of their incarnations, they are received in the above and then conducted to their new destination, as previously mentioned.


To those unaware of spiritual laws, it may seem that the divine Providence should intervene, removing souls guilty of transgressions, especially the perpetrators of acts that are prohibited by your penal code. The divine Providence cannot proceed in such a way due to the fact that it recognizes the right of every soul to exercise its free will, even when infractions of human an divine laws are involved. When a soul obtains permission from the Superior Forces to return to the earth, it receives all kinds of notions on how to proceed when in contact with the other souls that form the whole of the earthly population. However, it may happen that because of deficient domestic education or bad company, the soul deviates from the righteous path of honest work, engaging in the practice of acts that are contrary to divine laws.


It is during such deviations that the soul runs the greatest risk of erring. For instance, many of the people confined to prisons became criminals after deviating from the righteous path. Their actions are also recorded by the divine Providence, without its interference, since all incarnate souls have the right to live as they choose. This is a divine right to which all souls are entitled and which must be respected.


However, in cases where the lives of such souls are terminated as the result of their turbulence or infraction, they are promptly picked up and selected for return to their planet of origin. This way the earthly world is being alleviated of its inferior elements. They are not seen as bad by the Lord; they are simply not well prepared to live on earth at this particular phase which marks the beginning of a new step along its spiritual scale.


For lacking the conditions to live on the earth, they are returned to their world of origin, which in spiritual terms happens to be several degrees inferior to the earth; there they again will come in contact with souls that are completely similar to them. Thus, after they spend a few centuries of attrition in such a planet, they shall become capable of polishing the edges that prevented them from remaining on the earth.

A simple illustration can provide a clearer picture. Let us take a small number of children attending a school of engineering right after conclusion of primary school; they would certainly fail on account of their inadequate preparation. They would have to go back to a primary or secondary school because they lacked the necessary preparation and not because they are bad. Similarly, the many people that are crowding the prisons are not wicked; they simply lack the knowledge necessary for spiritual progress. So, these criminals are like children who need to return to primary or secondary school for a better preparation.


At this point in his clarifications, the Lord would like to request that all capable creatures contact their local prison officials in order to visit with the inmates for the purpose of reading to them the pages that can be most useful for their enlightenment. It should be clear to all that spiritual clarification has more of the strength necessary to free them from their wickedness than all penal code sections. Whereas the penal code actuates on a posterior basis, that is, after an infraction has been committed, spiritual enlightenment illuminates the individual’s soul, thus preventing him from committing infractions of human and divine laws. This way, the penal code becomes unnecessary.


All men and women in the earthly prisons should be considered children as far as spiritual knowledge is concerned and not evil beings impregnated with wickedness. Everyone can be sure that among these creatures there are great and beautiful spirits who are ready to develop and who will intensely shine in their own time, just like you do today.   Therefore, take the initiative of visiting these incarnate souls who are secluded in the earthly prisons, and spiritually talk with them; bring to them the books that you find most appropriate, including those that comprise the Great Crusade of Elucidation which were transmitted to earth by the Lord’s emissaries.


The offer of a set of books to each group of inmates should be sufficient; they will devour them with heart and soul. It will be of great benefit to them to read such books; the divine Providence will thank and reward whoever provides these poor inmates with this extremely important service. Try to picture a dark room with a burned out light bulb in your home. Notice how everything changes when the light bulb is replaced; the entire room becomes visible. All men and women that are serving time are similarly confined to a dark room. If a spiritual light is turned on to enlighten them, they will bathe in a light that shines forever.


Do not dislike them for their past faults. Instead, convey your friendly word to them with the certainty that you are performing a very important service to the divine Providence and Jesus, who shall reward you.





33rd Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On October 03rd, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



A chief of state departs from earth – Others may follow – Conference in space for leaders of main nations – The Middle East concerns the Lord – Warning to subversive souls



The whole world took notice of an impressive fact due to its sudden occurrence and repercussion. A chief of state,* who was truly loved by his people, departed from the earth at a time of great political activities during which he had become the center of discussions. In view of the fact that the divine Providence follows all human activities very closely, it could be said that it had to intervene for the purpose of steering the nations that were subordinated to his leadership towards a pacific understanding. (*This Message was received during the week of Egypt’s President Gamal Nasser unexpected death.)


Efforts have been made in the spiritual world to end the current political misunderstandings, as mentioned by the Lord in a previous Message, so that peace and tranquility may be established on the face of the earth. However, for the Superior Forces to be able to succeed, other leaders may be required to depart from the earth. In view of their great knowledge about world history the Superior Forces know that the intransigence of the men responsible for the leadership of nations can make beneficial understandings very difficult to attain. And since this is corroborated by the thoughts and attitudes of men in general, the Superior Forces, also known as the divine Providence, will not hesitate to solve the problem at the appropriate time. If an important man must be removed from the chessboard, he will be removed at once to allow the game to conclude, for everyone’s benefit.


The leaders of prominent nations have been given advice and orientation during the sleep of their bodies to rid themselves of ideas that are dangerous to the other nations. Once this is accomplished, the Superior Forces will then encourage them to stretch out their hands to each other like good brothers at the conference tables since they all are children of the Celestial Father.

The advice and recommendations that the twenty or more souls of the members of the leadership of earthly nations receive at similar conferences in the spiritual world help them change certain attitudes as they remain alive in their memories after they return to their bodies on the following morning.


By the Lord’s determination, the Superior Forces’ attention is closely focused on the Middle East as this Message is dictated, where peace and tranquility have been absent from these good, orderly and hard working peoples for a long time. Therefore, the Superior Forces cannot allow that temporary leaders conduct these peoples into new conflicts with other nations on account of political reasons which can be easily removed by a little comprehension and good will. If the only resource is to recall to the spiritual world an intransigent leader whose ideas will lead to conflict, the Superior Forces will do so whenever it becomes necessary; it will oust him from power and conduct him to the above.


Settled in the earthly soil already for a few months, one of the Lord’s numerous objectives is to speak words of neighborly love to the hearts of leaders, stressing the need for peace among all nations. The spiritual world, weary of witnessing misunderstandings among peoples that need peace and tranquility to fulfill their programs, decided some time back to do whatever is necessary to end such misunderstandings. The final measure, which the world took notice a few days ago, is to remove the leaders who stand in the way of pacific and harmonious solutions to armed conflicts.


The Lord wishes now to warn the entire world about the few souls who follow the path of subversion and violence against society for the purpose of changing or destroying it. He wishes to explain to the leaders of public order that these souls descended to the earth with the intention of cooperating with earthly progress in view of the fact that they possess an elevated level of spirituality, which they acquired in the course of numerous past lives.


But through exposure to the irradiation of unhealthy ideas and subversive indoctrination, they convinced themselves that they could reform the world in their own way. Therefore, the Lord recommends that the authorities of public order exercise clemency; if the wrongness of their ideas were clarified to them, they could without doubt change and engage in useful work. The predominant unhealthy ideas that force the inhabiting souls into submission, imposing heavy life sacrifices on them, are on their way out of the earth; healthier ideas are coming to replace them.


In countries where these ideas were successful at exciting the populations, only one meritorious purpose was accomplished: they helped them purge the moral faults accumulated during their numerous previous lives. Due to the rather heavy suffering that was inflicted on them by their leaders, they were able to greatly purify themselves and consequently reach an elevated vibrational level. They were placed in the very regions where they are found precisely for the convenience of their elevation through suffering; they will someday be thankful to the divine Providence for the luminosity they were able to gain.


At the end of the events that will change its physical structure, the earthly world will experience life and happiness like never before. A feeling of purity and joy will be in all human hearts and all creatures will feel happy. Implanted in all hearts, the sentiment of brotherhood will bring all creatures closer together, like true siblings. And the earth in its turn will enter a higher planetary category due to the beneficially powerful vibrations coming from its inhabitants, which will include many souls of high spiritual elevation. Also, motivated by the desire of seeing the smaller nations’ progress, the larger and richer nations will towards the end of the century find it necessary to help them in any way possible.


By providing this information to the fortunate readers of these Messages about some of the things that are forthcoming, the Lord will contribute to their greater happiness and well being. In order for this to occur with the desired quickness, everyone must do his or her part by emitting good thoughts of love and fraternization towards fellow creatures. And as these thoughts congregate in the mental plane near the earth and their essence becomes a source of love and goodness, it irradiates over the whole of the humanity. Furthermore, this mental congregation is also necessary for the gradual elimination of the whole of the negative congregation that has been accumulating in the aura of the planet over the millenniums. It is the product of all kinds of negative thoughts that were visualized by minds lacking the spirit of human fraternization.


Therefore, the incarnate souls of the present must contribute to the elimination of the negative nebula that lingers upon the aura of the earth, replacing it with the luminosity that comes from clean thoughts of harmony, fraternization and happiness. Only after they depart from earth will the souls be able to evaluate the effects of their mental irradiations and the value of their contribution.

So, do contribute to the elimination of the negative nebula, dear souls. Do it during your daily meditation and throughout the day as well from wherever you may be. Elevate your thoughts to the Divinity accordingly and you will be contributing to the elevation of the magnetic aura of the earth, which will be beneficial to you.



Contribute efficiently towards the means that leads to your own benefit.




34th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On October 04th, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



Blackening of the magnetic aura of the earth – Mental garbage accumulated over several centuries – Action and reaction of spiritual laws – Location of the incarnate souls’ greatest source of light – The time has come



The whole of the incarnate souls that form the earthly humanity has a task to perform during the final days of this century, which they freely accepted when preparing for the current incarnation. The task is to eliminate the blackness formed by the negative vibrations of inferior mentalities which has over the centuries accumulated in the magnetic aura of the earth. When these ideas break loose from the magnetic aura around the earth and project themselves on the earthly environment, they influence the weaker or less evolved minds to practice acts which are detrimental to their unprepared souls. Therefore, it is necessary for humanity to try to reduce these negative vibrations in the cosmic space since they have to a great extent influenced the incarnate souls of the past and the present.


The dilution of negative vibrations occurs as positive vibrations from the incarnate souls’ prayers increase in the earthly environment. It can be better clarified through a simple illustration. Visualize an area or block in your neighborhood, dear souls, containing a lot of garbage piled up by the former residents which almost reaches your homes. The recommended measure to eliminate such filth is fire, which is the only element capable of destroying it together with its miasmas. This easy way of eliminating accumulated trash will be permanent as long as the local residents participate in maintaining their environment in perfect sanitary conditions.


Well, dear readers, the volume of negative vibrations that form the black circle around the earth must also be destroyed. The measure for such elimination is the light produced by the human beings’ daily prayers. Since light is really a type of fire, when continuous it acts on the black matter that circles the planet, causing its eventual extinction. Know then, dear souls, that your efforts will be rewarded through the fusion of lights unto your spirits. Its volume will equal the amount you projected on the mental garbage accumulated around the planet.

So, as result of this enlightenment, the Lord would appreciate the incarnate souls’ participation in such a valuable service, since it is not only good for themselves but for the humanity as well. The Law of Compensation will be at work in this instance, just like it does with respect to everything else.


When the incarnate souls of the present return to their spiritual planes, they will be quite pleased to verify just how much their mental efforts contributed to disperse the negative atmosphere of the earth and even more pleased to discover how much they enriched their spiritual lights. It would be the same as if someone, after dedicating himself to the care of an unproductive area near his residence, left it completely clean and ready to produce food to those who stayed. Every effort on earth that is employed for the benefit of the community is handsomely rewarded in the spiritual world, where the vibrations of such efforts are scrupulously recorded. In the same fashion, all bad deeds from every incarnation, which result in a great deal of suffering to the guilty souls, are recorded as well.


Through these explanations, the Lord wishes to properly clarify all the incarnate souls about the functioning of the divine laws, which include the law of Cause and Effect. All acts and steps that souls living on earth take have their spiritual double, which is formed by their own thoughts and actions. Since the good and meritorious deeds generate a corresponding registration in the spiritual world, deeds or actions of an inferior nature also generate a corresponding registration. This is why many souls become tormented when they return from earth and review the acts they committed. When they realize that they had descended to the earthly soil to acquire new spiritual lights, all they can do is suffer. The Lord Jesus considers knowledge of details of the spiritual laws, which are not found in the doctrinarian teachings of the earthly religions, of utmost importance.


With such knowledge, which includes actions and reactions, the incarnate souls should be able to harmonize all of their acts with the divine laws, with real benefits for themselves. This could be compared to a creature wearing a blindfold on the top of a precipice; great harm could certainly result. But once the blindfold is removed, travel could be safely resumed. Such a clarification from the Lord should be perceived as the removal of the blindfold that blocks the vision of the incarnate souls traveling on the pathway that leads to spiritual advancement. Once removed, they can proceed with certainty.


They will be immensely satisfied to find out about the beautiful trajectory they traveled when they return to the spiritual world. This is why it should be made very clear that life passes too quickly for one to dedicate oneself exclusively to material things, dear souls, considering that these things cannot be removed from the earth. Everyone should then seriously consider what is going to survive when they return to their plane of origin in the spiritual world.


Due to the fact that all good and useful actions, particularly prayers to the Divinity, shall be recompensed with lights for the spirit, all incarnate souls should then produce the greatest amount of spiritual lights possible while on earth. This way, joy and happiness will come to those who waited from one to two hundred years in the spiritual world for the opportunity to return to the earth.

In view of this truthful knowledge, it would be quite beneficial for everyone to examine his or her past in order to correct or abandon whatever is necessary, tracing a life plan that will positively contribute to their happiness not only in the present but in the future as well. Happiness in the present due to the removal of what caused suffering and worries and happiness in future for living in harmony with divine laws and performing just actions. This will bring about a future that is filled with peace and happiness, which will never be exchanged for anything else, not even all the gold in the earth.


The Lord hereby invites the fortunate readers to continuously meditate on this due to the fact that many incarnate creatures, for lack of such knowledge, live their lives without a definite course. Once this knowledge is assimilated, it will have sufficient strength to guide the lives of all those who observe it. The slow spiritual progress achieved by past generations over the centuries can be attributed to the lack of such knowledge. If they had it, they would already have achieved their highest level of evolution.


The truth of the matter is that many souls that live on the earth advanced only slightly after living here periodically over the last three millenniums. This is caused solely by their lack of interest towards the knowledge of the spiritual laws and in applying them as well; instead they devote themselves entirely to the enjoyment of the things found in the earthly environment. However, the time for a decision has arrived, which is to apply spiritual laws in the present incarnation or return to an inferior planet for a new apprenticeship.



Take the mental garbage into consideration and the fact that is time for a decision.




35th Message of Spiritual Teachings




Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On October 10th, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



Remodeling task initiation – All souls should get prepared – The Lord’s words should be read, reread and meditated upon – Attention from those over forty years of age – Materialism means ignorance of spiritual life



The Lord Jesus wishes to call the attention of all men and women to what is taking place in many regions of the earthly world as result of the initiation of the work which was planned a long time ago for the end of this century. The remodeling of the structure of the earth has been initiated in order to amplify the food producing areas not only for the current population but also for the population that is beginning to arrive here. By calling their attention to the ongoing events, the Lord seeks to awaken all incarnate souls towards the need to prepare for a possible sudden departure from the earth, preparation which is not that difficult to accomplish. After their daily prayer to the Divinity before bedtime, they should proceed to correct any existing moral deviations in order to be able to instantly elevate themselves at the end of their lifetime towards their spiritual planes.


An issue which greatly concerns the Lord in his current stay in the earthly soil is the prevention of souls lacking spiritual preparedness from dispersing in the cosmos. This is why He insists that those who are not praying on a regular basis begin such a practice without further delay in order to attain reconciliation and closeness to the Divinity. The words of the Lord should not be read just to satisfy one’s curiosity; they should be reread and meditated upon as if heard directly from his lips since all incarnate souls need to be aware of what He has to say. The opportunity to evaluate what the Lord Jesus has to say is indeed at hand in view of the fact that He, the governor of this earthly world, came down from his Celestial Court and settled in the physical plane for an undefined period of time.


Therefore, it is expected that all incarnate souls prepare at once for what could happen in these final years of the century after properly assessing what the consequences could be if they failed to heed these words. Preparation on their part is precisely what the Lord ardently desires, for their own happiness.


The Lord will next address an issue of great importance to all men and women who are currently on earth, particularly those who are over forty years of age. They have reached the precise phase of earthly life to truly initiate the performance of the mission that they brought in their hearts when they descended to earth. It is the phase in which their ideas are ripe and ready to be realized, containing everything that they thought of and prepared for while in the spiritual world. Therefore, it is at this point in their lives that people of both sexes are apt to perform an important and beautiful service to the Lord by performing it directly to their contemporaries.


Such service consists of their becoming knowledgeable about the words of the Lord printed in these Messages, repeating or relaying them in their own way to friendly acquaintances whenever possible. It must be remembered, dear souls, that the Lord did not create his New Order for literary purposes. No, dear souls; pardon the expression but such an effort represents a desperate effort to deliver these four billion souls from the moral as well as physical disaster to which they would be subjected without a warning.


Some of you will probably disagree saying that the earth has always existed without the occurrence of any exciting or terrible event. This is certainly true, as indicated by its spiritual history. However, the current level of refinement had not been reached by the humanities of the past, which had many centuries available for such an endeavor. But the time foreseen in the spiritual calendar to elevate this crude planet and its inhabitants to the level of a spiritualized world has arrived.


Thus, the facultative options of the past that permitted humans to either accept of reject the divine words brought by the prophets no longer exist. It is now different in view of the fact that the hands of the universal clock have advanced, indicating that it is time for the earth and some of the other planets of the system to get ready to reach new steps in their evolutionary scale.


In view of its spiritual advancement as an inhabited planet, it is necessary for its population to keep a constant link with the Divinity through daily prayers and meditation. If not, the recalcitrant souls, who could be compared to irrational beings, will have to be removed from its environment and taken to a school having a better correspondence to their vibrational level. This is this change which the Lord is trying to prevent from happening to a large number of souls who the Celestial entrusted him many centuries ago to conduct and improve on earth.


However, the Lord alone cannot make the necessary efforts to prevent this great number of souls that do not pray to the Divinity from being removed from earth and returned to their planets of origin. Such a return would not only sadden the Lord but also subject them to new sufferings from coming again in contact with that plane of life which they had abandoned many centuries ago. The Lord then appeals to all souls that do not pray to cast aside their announced materialism and do something for their own benefit in order to help him preserve them from being removed. What is anyway the meaning of this materialism embraced by so many souls? The Lord clarifies that materialism means only a reduced evolutionary degree on their part and nothing else. Only creatures of very little understanding consider themselves materialists; it means that they do not believe in the elevated and beautiful spiritual sentiments although they are spirits in temporary bodies of flesh.


And since they are spirits on peregrination on earth, they will find when forced to abandon their bodies of flesh that their spirits were harmed by their materialistic ideas. The word materialism can be used to describe things such as the fragment of a rock or the rock itself since  both are constituted of rough matter and have no hope of ascending to the spiritual category. Thus, figuratively speaking, since spiritual ideas and teachings cannot penetrate rocks or materialistic people, forcefulness should not be used; it is best to allow them to continue with their materialistic ways until circumstances open their hearts and minds to the luminous ideas of the spiritual world.



Try to understand the Lord’s effort towards saving all from a possible moral and physical disaster.





36th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On October 11th, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



Substantial modifications in the oceans – Inhospitable regions to be changed into cultivable areas – Modifications in the air and land transportation – Atomic fuel – All souls are capable of sanctification



The thirty years that separate this century from the next should be recorded in the history of this small planet in terms of its upcoming structural transformation. The modifications that are occurring will be recorded in the memories of all men and women living through these final decades of the twentieth century. It is not the Superior Forces of the spiritual world’s habit to foretell the events that are programmed to take place in the earthly soil since it would contrary to their millenary spiritual tradition. However, some disclosure will be made in this case considering that the upcoming events will affect all incarnate souls. As an example, it is projected that the oceans will undergo major changes, which will probably include the elimination of some and the expansion of others.


Telluric movements deep within the earthly soil will cause the demolition of the mountains, which will then be replaced by cultivable areas. In addition, they will cause deep furrows to be opened in some of the existing ocean floors, which will allow their waters to drain into the center of the globe. Then, as this liquid volume is pushed out from the center of the globe in various directions, it will return to the surface through the above mentioned ducts, opened by celestial engineers. This way, this precious liquid will be brought to those regions that currently do not have it but which were chosen for the production of food. This is but one of the changes being operated in the depths of the earthly soil during these final years of the century.


Many other changes will take place in order to dot the dry areas of the earthly soil with numerous fountains of potable water. So, with the above description, it should be easy to assess the magnitude of the events that will take place on your small world to make possible the reincarnation of the millions of souls who have been waiting for such an opportunity in order to acquire new lights and experiences, just like yourselves at the present time. A study in the above of the contexture of all the regions of the earth revealed that only one third of the soil is being inhabited and that there is a vast area that is practically useless to the population due to the lack of conditions that are essential to human life. It lacks suitable agricultural surfaces as well as water resources necessary for irrigation and consumption. All of this has been carefully studied and planned for execution at this end of century.


Being quite vast, the celestial engineering possesses specialized entities on all types of operations. For instance, the necessary ducts to bring that precious liquid to all points of the globe will be constructed by entities specialized in such a field. All regions shall be transformed into perfectly habitable and cultivable areas, including the inhospitable areas due to sand, rocks or lack of water sources. Therefore, in view of the fact that such regions are so numerous and also that they occupy more than half of the surface of the earth, the appearance of greatly populated nuclei having all the conditions necessary for a tranquil and happy living can be predicted.


With the appearance of major changes in the air transportation, which includes a new type of atomic fuel and greater flight security, the distant regions of today will not only become near but accessible to all. It will bring advantages to the industry, commerce and agriculture. This is but one of the improvements among many to be implanted on this planet in the course of the next thirty years in view of the fact that those who will discover or develop them are either already on the earth or ready to incarnate.


However, the air transportation will not be the sole beneficiary of the forthcoming events. Your surface vehicles will also benefit with the substitution of the current heavy fuel with atomic fuel, which will eliminate the need for refueling. So, with this the earth will definitely enter the so-called atomic era just like other planets of the same system have entered centuries ago. Therefore, it is the Lord’s desire to see an effort on the part of all human beings on moral elevation by correcting deviations and practicing daily prayers to the Divinity. By elevating the population’s vibrational level, such a practice helps it integrate into the real objectives of earthly life.


By observing what the Lord is saying through these Messages, men and women will contribute to the moral progress of all creatures; many will become sanctified through the acts and facts in which they will play an important role. The easy explanation for this phenomenon is that when people begin to routinely follow healthy moral principles, which are the result of good thoughts, making the needed corrections, they attract powerful aid from the spiritual world.

With the elevation of their vibrations, they will be surprised to find out that they have become capable of restoring good health by the simple touch of their hands. This becomes possible on account of the transformation of their vibrational purity into a luminous thread which, by extending from their hearts to the spirits of the sick persons, brings them new and powerful forces. Then, aided and strengthened by such vibrations, their spirits react in their organisms, thus harmonizing the vibrations and restoring the health.


Someone will then probably say that a miracle took place, and rightfully so, in view of the presence of that good soul that could be considered a saint. But although the phenomenon occurs as described above, we should allow it to continue to be considered as miracle. So, it is worthwhile for all creatures to strive towards purification while on earth in view of the happiness that the performance of such miracles can bring them, knowing before hand that they have the full support of the Divinity.


All this will be possible with the evolution that is on its way to the earth for the creatures of good will that wish to become part of the divine service. The reason for the Lord to settle in the earthly soil is no other than to remain in direct contact with all the souls. It takes little reasoning for anyone to conclude that spiritual progress is convenient.   Each human being of the present had to wait many decades in the spiritual world for the chance to reincarnate once again in order to acquire new spiritual lights out of their contact with earthly life. Souls in the above study and improve ways which would allow them to live an incarnation that is primarily devoted to righteousness. Therefore, by limiting their actions to the maintenance of their bodies as well as their health while their spirits strive to practice good deeds, they should be able to acquire the lights which they so ambitiously desire.


This is the way souls that are waiting for their turn to such an earthly opportunity reason. Thus, since they are now properly clarified and their memories revived by these Messages from the Lord, it would certainly be wise for them to readopt the line of reasoning used in the spiritual world to be able to follow the path that leads to sanctification, if they so desire. Just what is the real meaning of sanctification? The Lord Jesus gladly clarifies that spiritually speaking sanctification means the moral refinement of an incarnate soul serving the Divinity through practice of noble deeds. In other words, it involves the elevation of the souls’ vibrations to a level that allows them to operate as true representatives of the Divinity.


The contemplation of the beneficent actions on the part of the incarnate souls who put their elevation and moral purity to the service of love to their fellow creatures makes the Divinity immensely happy in theabove. Therefore, any such a soul may really be able to cure a sick person by mentally saying in the Divinity’s name that such a sick person is cured. Whenever irradiated with conviction towards the soul of a sick person, such thoughts operate the transfer of the powers needed by the soul to reestablish the health of the organism, curing it. Souls that act accordingly will indeed be operating in the Divinity’s name and authority. They will have reached the point of sanctification.



The Superior Forces usually do not enunciate things, except on a last instance!





37th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On October 17th, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



A serious problem becomes forever solved – Spiritual organizations’ remarkable work – Ways to ease longing for the departed souls – The Lord’s clarification on confession and communion



Several millions of highly evolved entities have been in contact with the incarnate souls that are on earth in this end of century in order to help, inspire and protect them in their activities. And as one of the reasons for the Lord’s return to the earth, this will permit the removal of the various negative elements which are highly detrimental to the welfare of the incarnate souls. Although this problem has persisted for many centuries, it should now be resolved for good.

The fact that several thousand souls lived on earth completely turned towards their material lives, without showing any interest for their real objectives and consequently lacking preparation for spiritual life caused many of them to remain here after disincarnation.


Lacking faith and spiritual light, they then joined hands and proceeded to form into phalanxes of unoccupied souls. And after adaptation to the earthly environment, they started to commit harmful acts against the incarnate souls, bringing disturbances to many homes and persons through their negative irradiations, which caused a great deal of suffering. However, this situation is already beginning to disappear; all disturbed souls will in the near future be accommodated in the spiritual world, for their own tranquility. The Lord gratefully acknowledges the huge amount of spiritual work that is being carried out by thousands of small organizations under the orientation of unselfish invisible workers which has appreciably contributed to their clarification and conduction to the spiritual world.


In reality, there are a large number of such organizations in this large country (Brazil), which have continuously and patiently worked for their clarification. Despite such efforts, the time has now come for these disturbed souls to return or to be conducted to space, so that after years of absence from the spiritual world, since the time they received authorization to reincarnate, they can come to terms with themselves.


With their return to space, the earthly soil will become entirely free of their negative influence, which is the cause of so many hazards in the lives of the incarnate souls. This work has been implemented in all regions of the planet, affecting millions of souls that are no longer in contact with the earthly soil.


Offered by the Lord to his fortunate readers, this information reinforces his recommendation for all human beings living on earth to form a close link with the Divinity through prayers since it is the only way to assure their quick return to the spiritual world after separation from their bodies. This matter requires close attention on the part of all men and women so that they can, for their greater happiness, avoid what has happened to many other souls.


When a soul possesses a spiritual connection with the Divinity and faith in its heart, at the end of its sojourn on this earthly summer resort this soul is conducted to its plane of spiritual life and joyfully received by thousands of relatives and friends. Therefore, you may rest assured, dear souls that death is only sad for those who remain on earth mourning a departed relative of friend. But something quite different occurs as far as the departed soul in concerned. The well-prepared souls who managed to achieve the precepts that they brought to the earth embark on a journey of which they have no awareness since enveloped by a restorative somnolence.


Therefore, disincarnation and return to the spiritual world does become a pleasant experience to them. There is an analogy in the greetings that those that return from a long trip receive; they are hugged by relatives who are glad to see them again. The arrival of souls in their spiritual planes in the above is a similar experience since it is common for thousands of souls to participate in their reception. And while this grand reunion is taking place, the hearts of their relatives in their earthly homes fill with grief. Such mourning should not occur since souls return to the spiritual world only after completion of their earthly life plan. However, it is understandable that the longing for the departed ones can generate such a sentiment.


When humanity becomes more spiritualized, the departure of a dear relative or a friend will be a tranquil occasion due to the knowledge that the soul left the body to return to the spiritual home which it came from. And in addition, the knowledge that is possible to communicate with the departed souls will ease or eliminate any type of longing and bring great satisfaction. The Lord previously disclosed the means for such communication, which is within everyone’s reach. With respect to the departed souls, the satisfaction they feel is much greater due to their intense longing for their loved ones who stayed on the earth.


Therefore, since spiritual exchanges do not impose a burden on anyone, it is advisable for everyone having relatives and friends in the spiritual world to undergo such a preparation. A great deal of joy and spiritual development can result from such exchanges, contributing to everyone’s progress.


Next the Lord wishes to convey to the esteemed readers of his Messages an important clarification concerning the act of the so-called Holy Communion, which is so commonly practiced on earth according to religious liturgy. The Lord was neither the creator nor the inspirer of such precept since it was not included in his doctrine of love for one another.


Through this declaration the Lord wants to clarify his followers that the so-called Holy Communion is only worth what is attributed to it within the realm of one’s faith. Furthermore, He wishes make clear that neither his body nor his blood is present during communion given that they disappeared from the earth a long time ago. However, those who feel good with the practice of this religious precept may continue to practice it.


Only sincere prayers are required for an authentic communion with the Lord, which will attract him to your side regardless of time or location. Religions should emphatically teach their followers to attain the habit of daily contact with the Lord in times of need and to confess their faults, once repented, in order to receive the needed forgiveness. The Lord has not entrusted any association or religious institution with the power to act in his name but has recommended that they teach their followers to seek him directly in order to receive the needed assistance or relief.


The Lord solemnly wants to reaffirm all incarnate souls that, by closely following the life of each one of them, He is familiar with their needs and suffering. All that is required from each is a call in the form of a heart-felt prayer for the Lord to intervene on their behalf. A soul that does not pray and does not call on the Lord can be considered a closed residence where suffering exists. No one, not even the Lord, has the right to intervene unless they open the door. It is only then that the needed assistance will be made available to them.


Thus, in order for assistance to be received from the Lord, one has to merely request it through prayer, which is the equivalent to the opening of the door for him to enter. Everyone can be certain that up to now every soul received from the Lord the assistance requested by way of sincere prayers from the heart. And so it shall be forever.



With respect to spiritual exchanges, see Message 19 as well as others in the Great Crusade of Elucidation.





38th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On October 18th, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



The Law of Compensation at work in the above – Decrease of the atmospheric pressure – Cremation of human remains as a recommended solution – Cremation adopted centuries ago by the more advanced worlds – The problem of the ashes



The operations that are being conducted deep beneath various regions of the earthly world shall remain engraved in the memories of all incarnate souls having the opportunity to witness them in the final years of this century. And as they are conducted deep within the soil in order to produce the necessary ramifications on the surface, they will become known to the entire population. The resulting modifications of the structure of the planet will be the most substantial ever to occur in the course of its multi-millenary history.


The need for such changes is acute on account of the fact that the food supply is insufficient to sustain the arrival of new souls into earthly homes. Therefore, the urgency of the operations to increase the cultivable areas of the earth is justified. These ongoing operations will remove the liquid element from some maritime areas to allow for the establishment of inter-oceanic links to facilitate communications. They are being executed in accordance to plans that were elaborated in the above a long time ago, for the greater convenience of the populations of all earthly regions.


Presently settled in the earthly soil, the Lord has been closely following the development of the subsoil works in order to assure that they occur in strict accordance to the previsions. As you already know from reading these Messages, the souls that will disincarnate as result of these works will be received and comfortably settled in the spiritual world without any suffering. The souls that will be detached from their bodies in these conditions will receive such a beautiful reward in the spiritual world to make them grateful to the divine Providence. What they will receive is a beautiful point of light equivalent to the light that they would have acquired through earthly struggle and suffering. That is the Law of Compensation the Superior Forces use to compensate the souls that depart unexpectedly from earth for their lost years.


The earthly population will enjoy many important benefits that will result from the operations underway within the earthly soil. As the earth’s atmospheric pressure decreases, many people will be relieved from the effects of cardiac malfunction; they will have greater control over their organisms and improved blood circulation. This will greatly benefit the nervous system, which is responsible for the suffering that various types of nervous disorders cause. As the readers can see, such operations will also modify the atmosphere in accordance to plans that were elaborated a long time ago to improve all aspects of life on earth.

Next the Lord wished to address the old habit of burying the human remains left by souls that returned to the spiritual world. They are presently disposed of either through the traditional way of burial in designated areas or the more modern way of cremation.


Cremation is becoming more popular in view of the fact that spaces for the so-called holy ground will soon no longer exist. It is by all means advisable to cremate human remains within forty-eight hours after disincarnation since it is not detrimental to the departed soul in any way whatsoever. There is only one element which the soul needs to remove from its body after disincarnation, and that is the atom seed. All the spiritual characteristics of the soul are condensed in the atom seed, which it will eventually need for the construction of a new body. The atom seed is removed by the soul at the moment that it leaves its body because it is closely attached to it. Burial of human remains offers no advantages to the discarnate soul. However, cremation is beneficial because it causes a rapid body’s atomic disintegration in the atmosphere so that the souls will no longer need to think about their organisms.


Cremation is indeed desirable due to the fact that the human remains have a power of attraction over the poorly clarified discarnate souls, which cause them to agonize at the disintegration of the body that they constructed and came to know so well. The unpleasant scene of body disintegration causes harsh suffering given that the discarnate soul is powerless to prevent it. From all this, it can be concluded that cremation will soon be widely practiced throughout the entire world as the most practical way of human remains disposal.


As for the ashes, they should not be stored in the homes of the relatives even for reasons of moral comfort. Such storage would chain the discarnate soul to the ashes at a time it needs complete freedom in the spiritual world. But an easy solution would be to permanently store the ashes of loved ones in compact storage houses built in appropriate areas. The government could then manage them the same way which it presently manages the cemeteries with the advantage that it would be less burdensome since less space is needed for storage of the cremated remains.


All the more advanced planets cremate human remains within twelve to forty-eight hours after death, when the soul has already left the body. As the soul lifts up in space towards its spiritual home, it will feel tranquil for knowing that the organism it used on earth no longer exists. But despite this and other benefits, the resistance on the part of the funeral industry must be overcome before the practice of cremation can be established throughout the planet as the most practical means to eliminate useless mortal remains.


The Lord emphasizes its benefits for the departed souls in view of the fact that those who oppose it claim that burial is necessary or convenient, if not beneficial. He clarifies that the burial of dead bodies in graves does not produce any benefits to them in view of the fact that they now live the free life of the spirit, therefore no longer needing the mass of decomposing flesh, organs and bones they once occupied. As for the incarnate souls possessing some measure of spiritual light, their only aspiration is to be affectionately and tenderly met in the spiritual world by those who departed before them.


With respect to the less clarified souls, since they cannot forget the bodies which they once possessed, whenever they visit their graves they are driven away by the horrid sight of their decomposing bodies. This is another reason yet why cremation ought to be established in the world as the most practical way of disposal of human remains.


So, the Lord recommends that the readers of these Messages try to assimilate the justifications for cremation and other practices that were recommended in previous Messages as if they were preparing to make dissertations to groups of people. Therefore, if you rehearse by passing such justifications to friends in order to prepare them, you will become masters of the subjects contained in these Messages. Relay the issues enclosed in these Messages to others as if the Lord were present approving this beautiful work which can be considered a divine service rendered directly to the Lord.


So, in view of the urgent need for all incarnate souls to become familiarized with the advice and teachings transmitted herewith, the Lord is appreciative of the efforts of all readers toward the diffusion of these Messages. Their individual efforts will allow them to enter a true apostleship which will bring a surprising reward of lights and blessings to them upon their return from the earth. Thus, this recommendation- request from the Lord represents a divine call to all souls, which was enunciated long ago in the spiritual world.


The Lord expects all incarnate souls not only to hear this call but also to feel it during the development of the last Apostles of the century that is coming to an end.  May the Lord then count upon your cooperation, dear readers? Most certainly, answers the Lord.



All planets more advanced than the earth have already adopted cremation.




39th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On October 24th, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



Celestial engineering active in the earthly subsoil – Empty spaces in the planet’s interior – Two or three small oceans will disappear from their present location – Harm caused by alcoholic drinks



In order to accomplish the desired and necessary changes in the structure of this little planet the Superior Forces have been cooperating remarkably well with the execution of the works already in motion in the earthly soil. Since its inception, a few thousands souls having all kinds of specializations have offered their services to the Lord. They are presently using their technical knowledge to insure that everything occurs according to plans and the Lord’s desire.


The tasks underway in the depths of the earthly soil have been assigned to celestial engineers, who are the most perfected entities of the spiritual world. They must exercise extreme care and caution in the execution of these tasks and the selection of the areas where they will occur. In view of the fact that the Superior Forces wish to maintain the petroleum reserves intact, magnetic charges must not be placed in such regions. Therefore, they carefully marked these areas in a tiny model of the terrestrial globe in order to immunize them against the magnetic operations.


For instance, one of their most difficult tasks is the opening of ducts through which water can be channeled to where it is needed or non-existent. Hence the perfect coordination of activities established to fulfill plans elaborated a long time ago. It is essential that nothing goes wrong with them since various unknown elements that are important to the progress of the earth will be revealed to science and technology.


Some of the readers may wonder just how several thousands of spiritual technicians can possibly be at work in the depths of the soil. Anticipating such a question, the Lord clarifies that the earthly subsoil appears to be compact only to the eyes of the incarnate souls. But since spiritual entities possess the faculty of penetrating opaque bodies of all kinds of density, they can penetrate the earth’ interior for realization of the necessary operations.


The empty spaces that exist in the interior of the earth contain lakes and even small oceans which are much larger than what could be imagined. From a command center in the interior of the earth spiritual technicians can communicate with entities on the surface of the planet. Such a command center, which oversees the execution of the telluric operations, is under the orientation of the Superior Forces.


Therefore, a great amount of activities has been taking place in this command center within the earth in preparation for the events that shall soon be visible in many regions of the earth, events which could take place right under your own feet. However, this explanation from the Lord should not frighten you, dear souls, because if you happen to depart as the result of such events and return to your spiritual homes, it will undoubtedly be for your greater happiness.


Regarding the operations in the subsoil, the Lord is pleased to further clarify that two or three small oceans will disappear after their waters are absorbed into the existing vacuum in the center of the earth, whose dimensions the earthly sciences will soon be able to determine. After remaining in this vacuum for a specific amount of time to lose its maritime characteristics, the water will be pressured toward the surface through a gigantic network of ducts, emerging then as potable water to be consumed by the populations. After it is concluded, all regions will have an abundance of this precious liquid which is so indispensable to all life, no matter how distant or elevated the region may be.


The Lord will now address the issue related to the nourishment of the incarnate souls that have already begun arriving on earth. While they were in the above these reincarnating souls completely eliminated meat from their diets since responsible for the many types of illnesses that afflict humanity. The bodies which are currently being edified in the maternal wombs by the inhabiting souls require a nourishment that is free from the cells of animal bodies because they are more refined and because a meatless diet is one hundred percent healthier.


Therefore, it is convenient as well as necessary that nutritional institutions conduct studies to determine the most beneficial diets for humans of all ages, especially the children and the youth, together with the public administration specialized departments. Milk should be kept as a basic element of children’s diet since bones are being formed and consolidated in their small organisms. But it must be properly treated in order to eliminate the germs that can cause all kinds of diseases. It is better to use powder milk when it cannot be treated, which is free from germs and available for general consumption. The nutritionists should study diets based on legumes, pasta, starches, natural or industrialized fruits and wheat, rye or soybean breads, which provide nourishment without overburdening the organism.


Men and women could afford to eliminate meat from their diets to benefit their longevity on account of the fact that the soil offers an abundance of natural foods. For those living in the coastal areas, fish may be included in their meals two, three or as many times a week as suitable. By relaying these suggestions, the Lord intends to contribute to the good health and longevity of all those who decide to adopt a meat-free diet.


Since some readers might wonder about the effects of alcohol consumption, the Lord answers that it is responsible for ninety percent of the evils afflicting humanity, and consequently for shortening lives. The amount of alcohol contained in many drinks is incompatible with the delicate human organism, which may succumb since constituted of extremely sensitive organs and cells. While it is true that the cells of the human body continuously renovate themselves, the destruction that alcoholic drinks cause is often beyond renovation. When this truth is understood and alcohol consumption eliminated, people will begin to live new lives of happiness, which they will praise. The distillers of alcoholic drinks together with the producers of wine could help lessen the destruction that is caused by alcohol.


The wine industry, for example, which is responsible for the enrichment of several nations due to the excellent quality of their soil, could engage in the research of development of wines containing the least amount of alcohol. The industry could benefit with such a widespread distribution and consumption; such a wine would pass on its nourishing essence to the organism and the pleasant taste of grapes during at mealtime. The most refined wines, also containing a low percentage of alcohol, could be reserved for special occasions since that they are also detrimental. However, the so-called table wines should not contain this formidable enemy of good health.


These considerations from the Lord are designed to clarify the hazards of alcohol consumption, which for centuries have affected the human health and welfare. In this new era where new techniques and instruments assist humanity’s progress in all fields, it is imperative that men and women do their part by eliminating from their habits all that can make them look undeserving in the eyes of the Divinity, all that cause ill health and consequently a shorter lifespan.


The Lord has repeatedly stated that the incarnate souls that are presently on earth had to wait from one to two hundred years in the spiritual world for the opportunity to incarnate. Therefore, why should they reduce the time to be spent in this retreat by drinking for pleasure the elements that are detrimental to their health and well being, which drive away the friendly entities wishing to help them?


In light of this, it should now be clear that it would be better for men and women to eliminate from their life styles the habits which in their judgment would be condemned by the divine Providence. All incarnate souls should have adequate time to realize the aspirations they brought from the spiritual world by proceeding in such a fashion. They should have the satisfaction of spending their time here with joy, happiness and success in their undertakings.


The men and women heeding the Lord’s suggestions that are contained herein can be certain that He will be at their side whenever they need him. The Lord promises to be at their side any time that his presence is needed and his name mentally called upon.



Since the natural foods of the earth are so diverse, the use of meat can then be dispensed.


“…from the earth or space, wherever you may call from.”





40th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On October 25th, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



Spiritual development is limitless – The human being as the highest level of creation – Benefits from the state of meditation – The Lord helps souls that call on him – Spiritual redemption



The Lord Jesus was prompted to settle in the earthly soil at the end of this century in order to attend more closely to the needs of the incarnate souls, helping them recall in their physical memories the obligations which they assumed before the Superior Forces before they descended here. Another reason for his presence in their midst is his desire to help them conclude their earthly apprenticeship in a suitable way.


This way, they could attain a vibrational level that would allow them to go to a spiritual plane quite more elevated than the one from which they came and to which they have belonged for millenniums. Such assistance requires a great deal of efforts on the part of the Lord. Everything in the universe tends to progress, thus improving and elevating its vibrations to reach new and higher planes of life. The human soul progresses by reincarnating as many times as necessary for its spiritual development, which is limitless since it is as infinite as the Divinity.


Progress in the animal kingdom involves all creatures, from the almost imperceptible lowest forms to the highest, until they are able to reach a degree that allows them to leave the earth and assume human form in an inferior world. Regarding the mineral kingdom, progress also occurs but at a much slower pace, in accordance to its governing laws. In a similar way, all members of the vegetable kingdom progress along the scale to which they are subordinated and although it occurs rather slowly, it is accentuated from millennium to millennium. All this can be verified when you return to the spiritual world.


Since everything in the universe is destined to fulfill a scale of progress, as representative of the highest degree of creation the human being is destined to reach a level of progress which will open the doors to the most elevated spiritual category, which is absolute perfection. The Lord clarifies that once a soul reaches absolute perfection, it no longer belongs to itself; it integrates into the Universal Consciousness to become one of the gods responsible for the millions of worlds that roll in infinite space; it will then conduct and improve many billions of beings in search of perfection.


Consideration of the fact that that the scales of creation do not impose limits and that the human soul is its highest form of expression should induce all incarnate souls to decisively turn to the immense path that stretches out before them, which is stippled with realizations, joy and unimaginable happiness. Therefore, if the beauty awaiting you beyond this earthly apprenticeship could be demonstrated, dear reader, each one of you would let go of the petty items that bind you to earthly life. You would instead diligently acquire the habit of meditation in order to be able to receive many beautiful teachings and advance your spirits more rapidly.


Truthfully, dear souls, the day you decide to put into practice the objective you drafted in the above, which is to attain in the present incarnation the knowledge necessary for the conclusion of your earthly apprenticeship, you can then expect your souls’ illumination to be such that when you return from earth you will receive from the hands of the Lord a beautiful award, which is exclusively reserved for the redeemed souls.


The redeemed souls, who were able to fulfill their programs on the earth, will receive a point of light of surprising beauty which will distinguish and glorify them wherever they present themselves in the spiritual world. They will be referred to as “redeemed souls” by those around them. They will be greatly respected and admired due to their victory over the inferior earthly sentiments.


Found in great numbers in the above, they constitute the model for the souls that are planning the program which they intend to fulfill on the earth as they prepare themselves to reincarnate. And among the thousands of such incarnate souls who have read these Messages, there are many who have been able to assiduously fulfill their beautiful life programs, according to observations made by the Lord. But there are others who, despite their ardent desire, feel impotent to accomplish it as result of their seduction by the environment.


The Lord has an advice for these souls, which if heeded will help them fulfill their programs efficiently. It is for them to initiate the practice of daily prayers and meditation at bedtime at a prefixed time.  They should then mentally call on the Lord for assistance while in the state of meditation. By proceeding accordingly, everyone can count on receiving orientation from the Lord toward the fulfillment of his or her life program.


This way, all those who desire to elevate themselves towards spiritual redemption can be sure of attaining success. They will gladly notice remarkable improvements in their daily lives by observing their thoughts and actions, which will allow perception of wider horizons by their imagination. This means the development of their spiritual vision, which will guide them through numerous life problems and toward the luminous path that leads to spiritual redemption.

The following illustration, which involves a number of students in a particular school waiting to obtain a diploma in order to be able to make a living, can better clarify this.


Anyone observing them from the above is able to verify that, although they all study, some stand out due to the way they dedicate themselves to the books. Consequently, what could be expected at the end of the school year? Probably two thirds will receive a passing grade while one sixth will fail due to neglect or intellectual insufficiency, needing to attend summer school. But there is one sixth who will receive top grades for having applied themselves diligently, thus becoming honor students.


The honor students correspond to the souls that return from the earth in possession of high moral development and great spiritual light, thus entitled to be classified as redeemed in the above. They receive from the hands of the Lord a beautiful award to which they became entitled as result of their morally sound behavior and the practice of prayer and meditation, which were transformed in light for their spirits. And as servants of the Lord, they automatically join the divine service in the spiritual world. Or they could also be chosen to revisit to the earthly environment as guides and protectors to the incarnate souls, which would afford them new lights and blessings for their spiritual diadem.


If this is true, dear souls, if such a beautiful path extends before all incarnate souls, for them to follow in their search for progress, why then allow yourselves to be misled by ephemeral pleasures rather than striving for the desired top grade, worthy of distinction and honor? The Lord advises all incarnate souls to immediately engage in objectives that are elevated to be able to return to the spiritual world as redeemed souls rather than having to wait there a century or two to return here to finish the course.


Based on observations made in the above, the Lord is sure that many currently incarnated souls will be able to attain redemption as result of their efforts. However, He wishes to exhort everyone to strive towards such end, regardless of his or her age, since it is his desire to confer a great many awards on all deserving souls.


It cannot be said that only souls that possess a certain degree of earthly culture will deserve the beautiful awards which are reserved for the redeemed souls. Many souls that live humbly may possess spiritual files which can be considered as enviable since filled with meritorious entries acquired and accumulated during previous incarnations. The fact that they are not prosperous in their current journey could be due to their request to be free from fortune or tempting prosperity, for the sake of their tranquility.


Thus, ascension to the elevated degree of spiritual redemption is within the reach of all incarnate souls, regardless of their social class since it is their spiritual category, not their social, what propels their elevation. So, it becomes clear once again that it is not the clothes that identify the soul but its degree of spiritual advancement. Among the so-called humble creatures of the earth, there are many souls who were once great and powerful, whom the divine Providence conceded the grace of being able to return to complete their apprenticeship in a situation of simplicity and humility, for their greater glory.



Everything in the universe tends to progress since all things of God are destined to be great.


Call on him during meditation and the Lord will provide the needed orientation. “My divine mission has no term”.