Channeled Messages of Jesus Christ

21st Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On August 22nd, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



Everyone will need the Lord – The storm is coming up – The unexpected may happen – The bad habit of criticizing – Other condemnable habits - A valuable lesson



The coming of the Lord Jesus to the earth for a rather long stay will enable him to have a closer contact with the incarnate souls and to attend to their requests more rapidly. It is the Lord’s intention to make them realize that they have never needed his presence and assistance as much as they do at the present time. They will need the presence of the Lord to be able to overcome the many events will take place all over the planet as this century comes to an end.


The Lord is here to receive the requests and vibrations from those who will need his help wherever they may be. The fact that He settled in the Brazilian soil does not prevent him from receiving the requests and vibrations from all over the earth nor does it prevent him from promptly providing the necessary assistance. However, to make it easier the Lord recommends that all incarnate souls maintain daily contact with the Divinity by means of prayer and meditation. It helps keep their mental fields perfectly clear so that vibrations and requests for spiritual assistance can be easily irradiated during times of need.


The Lord reiterates this recommendation in order to firm in the minds of the readers the need to begin preparing for the storm that may tumble at any moment. He chose the word “storm” to describe all that is scheduled to occur on this earthly world, events which will produce commotion everywhere. Therefore, in line with the old proverb: “He who warns me is my friend” the Lord insists that everyone should turn to the Divinity through daily prayers. This should be done not only for the acquisition of new and greater lights but also to enable the Divinity to know who they are.


And although it is quite common for people living a relatively tranquil life to find them unnecessary, prayers are definitely necessary. For illustration let us take a driver who feels quite confident about his trip due to the fact that his car is in good condition and the road is familiar. If he is prepared, he will probably be able to see from a distance any unexpected obstruction and consequently avoid a fatal accident. If not, this driver could end up getting killed as his vehicle plunges down the cliff.


The Lord’s insistence for spiritual preparation in the course of an earthly journey could be better understood if the above is brought into the realm of spiritual life. Unexpected obstacles could be faced and overcome by anyone possessing spiritual preparation. Being fully aware of the magnitude of such obstacles, the Lord intends to convince all men and women about their need for daily communication with the Divinity through prayers and meditation. 

A lot of harm and suffering could thus be avoided during the coming storm, including death. Being responsible for conducting and improving the morality of the human flock received from the Celestial Father and completely familiar with the surroundings where it roams as if blindfolded, the Lord is very serious in his efforts to show them the best way to achieve their earthly goals.


The Lord’s insistence is not due to convenience but to the urgent need imposed by the coming storm. Since this issue has been repeatedly clarified, the Lord will now move on to other equally important issues, such as the old habit that souls have of spending their time commenting on the lives of others, for the sake of criticizing. Such a habit is shared by many and occurs in all regions of the planet. It is considered to be one of the faults that incarnate souls have had for centuries and even millenniums. It is the cause of certain types of suffering encountered by many souls. Criticizing the habits and the conducts of others will only cause suffering and disturbance. Criticism definitely does not contribute to anyone’s happiness.


Actually, a very close link forms between the criticizer and the criticized. In view of the fact that negative entities exist all around the earthly environment, those that are near the individuals being criticized usually become attracted through the mental link that is created to the source of the criticism. Their purpose is either to avenge the criticized or to switch places, regardless of the distance. Serious inconveniences are this way attracted by the criticizers, which may take the form of some type of illness. Thus, it is highly recommended that such a habit be abandoned since it causes nothing but harm.


There is yet another type of condemnable behavior, which has been closely observed by the Lord. It refers to attempts on the part of young people with time and financial resources to corrupt others who are just trying to mind their own business. Wealthy young people often try to persuade others of good moral character to join them in immoral pastimes. The Lord sees no need for further elaboration on this subject since His position should be clear by what has been said above. But He adds that those that still have immature mentalities will miserably miss their wasted material riches in the future.


The future of a young person is similar to the construction of a building of bricks. A wasteful expenditure is like an unusable cracked brick that delays the construction. A responsible individual would not waste riches but use them wisely to insure a future with tranquility and well being.  Those who waste the resources that were placed in their hands by the divine Providence due to ignorance or negligence will hardly succeed in the construction of their earthly buildings on account of the trials and tribulations to which they are subjected. The divine Providence has different ways for testing incarnate souls before granting them with any type of material prosperity. Those who fail in the first test with its help may be able to succeed in the second or the third test. But if the third test is failed they will have to rely on their own efforts, thus reducing their chances for success in the construction of their buildings.


Therefore, it is very important that the incarnate souls become attentive beginning in their childhood to the opportunities of prosperity granted by the divine Providence. In fact, parents should transmit such a teaching to their children by way of friendly conversations and counseling. It is necessary to implant such spiritual principles in the minds of the youth for them to learn to avoid wasting resources which they may later need. The Lord relays this advice to all parents to enable them to prepare their children for a successful living.

It should be clear to everyone that no one is born on earth to lead a life of poverty and needs amidst the prosperity and abundance of others. Knowledge of spiritual principles can help those that are less favored from birth to attain comfortable situations or even positions of great influence in their environments. Available to all, such principles contain truthful rules which should be observed and followed.


However, above all the Lord recommends the maintenance of a perfect link with the Divinity through the often-mentioned practice of daily prayers and meditation. The reason for meditation is still ignored by many people. It happens to be the most propitious time for needed thoughts and ideas to be instilled in the minds of the incarnate souls by the Superior Forces. The ten, fifteen or twenty minutes of meditation create a receptive state of mind which permits ideas that are helpful to the removal of obstacles to be transmitted. And as they expand in their minds, these ideas insure the success of their undertakings by guiding them in the right direction.


Some people may think that this advice on meditation is meant to just provide rest to the mind. On the contrary; it is during the few minutes of meditation that ideas, advice, suggestions and teachings are received, enabling souls to achieve a higher degree of material as well as spiritual success. In support of this affirmation, it suffices to add that whenever an incarnating soul receives its carnal wrapping, it loses the spiritual memory of all details pertaining to its previous lives. So, the only way to gain access to its spiritual file is through meditation. When in such a receptive mood, very useful advice and suggestions can be transmitted to them by invisible protectors in order to provide them with a route to be followed during their material and spiritual activities. The purpose of meditation should therefore have been made clear with the above explanation.



Meditation after daily prayers is the key that helps develop the faculty of reception.




22nd Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On August 23rd, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



Thousands of new protecting entities – Ask only what is fair – The correct way of asking – What is the divine Providence? – Miracles do not exist – Two facts attributed to miracles



It was due to the Lord Jesus’ determination that many thousands of rather evolved entities came to the earthly soil to attend to the needs of all souls who are presently fulfilling another incarnation. The Lord made this decision in view of his great concern for the happiness and welfare of all souls living in the flesh. All men and women should make requests through their daily prayers to allow their protecting entities to learn about their needs and aspirations as well as take the suitable actions in the spiritual world. Such a provision is meant to provide all incarnate souls the satisfaction of seeing their needs and aspirations realized.

The Lord recommends that requests should include only what is not detrimental to any soul since when unscrupulous or careless they can cause displeasure and suffering. Only what is reasonable and fair, what does not cause inconvenience to anyone should be asked through prayers. Since part of the spiritual principle that says “ask and receive” it should be sensibly observed in order to accelerate the realization of requests and also to prevent future suffering.


Therefore, all human beings are authorized to make requests to the divine Providence following evening prayers, sure that their words will be registered by the entities that are present. It is recommended that only clear requests are written down on paper in the beginning for the purpose of being read aloud after bedtime prayers and meditation and consequently become known to the guarding entities.


They can make requests to benefit themselves or their children due to the spiritual authority they have over their descendants. So, the reading of the written requests to the divine Providence should take place right after prayers with the conviction that they are being duly recorded. As for the piece of paper containing the requests, it should be kept and reread on the following couple of evenings.

Everyone can be sure that the divine Providence will see that they receive what they asked at the appropriate time. This particular way of request to the divine Providence tends to spread throughout the planet since it attracts assistance from the spiritual world towards in the form of comfort and welfare on earth. The way it works in relation to the mental laws should be clarified so that ideas of miracles can be discarded.


Since the spiritual world, or world of causes, abounds with all the things used in the physical world, concentration on something that is either needed or desired causes its constitution in the causal world. As the visualization continues, it congregates the elements necessary for its constitution in the mental plane up to the point that it exceeds its capacity for resistance. After becoming loose, it falls into the physical plane within the reach of the visualizing person. This is how requests materialize. Considering that requests are usually directed at specific spiritual forces that have the power to grant them in accordance with the spiritual laws, the divine Providence was the target in this particular instance. Such spiritual forces simply allow the visualized requests to be immediately acted upon and expedited.


Next the Lord wishes to clarify what is respectfully known as the divine Providence. Although such an entity does not exist in the spiritual world or elsewhere, the Lord Jesus recommends that prayers continue to be respectfully directed to the divine Providence. In reality, what has since times immemorial been denominated as the divine Providence is a highly evolved assembly of spiritual entities, entrusted to guarding both the incarnate and the discarnate souls, who receive all prayers and requests through the so-called protecting or guarding entities.


Requests formulated by the incarnate souls are first registered by their respective guardians and then submitted to the Superior Forces or the divine Providence. Through this revelation the Lord seeks to clarify what the divine Providence really means. It is an ancient title known on earth and space, which does not represent any particular entity but rather a group of quite evolved souls. Any of their members possesses the power to materialize requests that are received from the incarnate through prayers in accordance to their merit. Details concerning the organization of the spiritual world such as these should be made known to this humanity in view of its relative maturity since they can contribute to the complete removal of the ideas of miracles inherited from past generations. The truth is that miracles do not exist nor have they ever existed. There are logical explanations to certain phenomena that have been recorded in historical writings.


The Lord will now cite a historical fact which has baselessly been considered as one of his miracles. It pertains to the wedding at Canaan where, for the delight of the guests, He supposedly changed water into wine. This story actually was falsely reported by one of his disciples since no miracle or any other phenomenon took place then; it would have been impossible in view of natural laws. The Lord wants to inform that if such power had been granted to him He would instead have changed the remaining wine into water in view of the excessive drinking that had already taken place. Even though it has been going around the world for two thousand years, it lacks a truthful foundation as do other stories that attribute miraculous powers to him.


There is another incident the Lord wishes to address which was also considered as a miracle. It involves the disappearance of his body from the burial site where it had been placed after his death on the cross. Here is what took place. Since they were concerned about the Lord’s body in view of the excitement of the crowd that assisted to his torment at Calvary, Peter and Joseph of Arithmathea decided to go to the burial site in the middle of the night. After wrapping the body in a shroud that Joseph had brought, they removed and buried it in a distant tomb which belonged to friends who had just moved to Jerusalem. The original shroud which had been used to wrap the body after its removal from the cross was left in the tomb.


When some compassionate women came to pray at the Lord’s tomb in the morning, finding nothing but the bloodstained shroud, they understandably attributed the body’s disappearance to the miracle of resurrection. The commotion they created attracted many people to the burial site. Wanting then to see Peter, they went to the apostle’s house. And although he had been unable to sleep due to a nervous agitation from moving the body to a new grave, Peter pretended to be surprised, following them back to the burial site to verify their claim.


However, Peter and Joseph of Arithmathea had both sworn to remain absolutely silent about the episode which looked like a miracle. Confirmation of such a miracle came several days later when the Lord became visible to the Apostles as spirit, as they waited for orientation. The majority of the Apostles had no hesitation in accepting the miracle of resurrection as truthful in view of the disappearance of the Lord’s body from the original tomb. The exception was Thomas, who insisted upon touching the wounds before accepting the apparition as being the Lord. After touching the wounds at the Lord’s invitation, this dedicated Apostle then accepted it as authentic. But what the Apostles saw and touched was not the Lord’s physical body; it was his fluid or spiritual body, which is identical to the carnal body in all details.


So, it is clear that no such miracle occurred since it would have been contrary to natural laws. The human body becomes useless when the soul abandons it and returns to the spiritual plane; it immediately begins to disintegrate. But the soul, who constructed and inhabited it, will live eternally in successive incarnations on earth or in the spiritual world, where it continues to study.

Under certain circumstances, a soul may be permitted to show itself in the physical body which it used in its last incarnation. And although it may even be permitted to exhibit the physical body it used in previous lives, the physical body itself will never appear again since it remains in the grave.



Learn how to ask, and ask only what is fair.





23rd Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On August 29th, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



A blessing for many souls – No soul will be abandoned on earth – True life – Reason for the Superior Forces’ sadness – Limit on number of reincarnations – The Lord’s word



Settling in the earthly soil for an extended period of time, it is the Lord’s intention to make closer contact with the incarnate souls in order to transmit the advice and instructions which they badly need. Such an objective is being achieved slowly in many cases but quite rapidly in others. The Lord has joyfully noticed the maturing of many men and women who will find these Messages to be a real blessing. Evidently, these are souls who, although greatly evolved, remain as if dormant to spiritual life. However, the word of the Lord shall awake them; they shall promptly turn towards the spiritual world since that is where they came from and will return to at the end of their present incarnations.


Satisfied by such verification, the Lord assures that they will be most welcome in the above when the time comes to say farewell to the earth. He would truly like to see all souls living on earth wake up and turn to the Divinity through daily prayers and meditation; it would be quite beneficial to them in terms of tranquility. The Lord has already mentioned on a previous message that the reason for his coming is to help the incarnate souls overcome the natural obstacles of their earthly journey and obtain the level of spirituality that they desire.


It may appear to a large number of souls that the advice and teachings contained in these Messages do not apply to them in view of the happy and tranquil life which they currently enjoy. However, the Lord warns that earthly living is subject to changes which happen to be similar to meteorological changes. Since help and protection from the spiritual world may be needed in the days ahead, it becomes necessary to stop living detached from the above start preparing to receive them.


It is indeed quite true that no soul is abandoned on earth since each has an accompanying guardian entrusted with the registration of all deeds, good or bad. However, under some specific circumstances, they are not permitted to go beyond their regular tasks of providing a certain type of assistance to their protégés. So, regardless of one’s state of happiness, much can be gained from the daily habit of conversing with the Divinity. When referring to the commitment that souls made in the above during their preparations to return to the earth, the Lord hopes to awaken their hearts to such a commitment so that they can take full advantage of their current incarnation, which they were able to obtain only after a long wait in the spiritual world.


Besides, the Lord wishes to affirm that the life being currently lived by all men and women are not their real life. Although this may appear absurd, the real is the spiritual life for which the incarnate souls should prepare. Spiritual life is a happy and tranquil life of freedom lived outside the body. Evidently, all souls need to acquire knowledge and experiences that can only be acquired on earth, in the same fashion that students attending colleges acquire theirs in order to improve their education. Students obviously remain in college just long enough to finish their studies. After graduation, they will then be able to use their knowledge to obtain experiences that only practice can provide.


Earthly life is rather similar. After acquiring the body of flesh, which is constructed in the maternal womb, the souls begin to acquire the earthly experiences that are necessary to their spiritual progress. After concluding their existence in the flesh, they return to their plane of spiritual life where they remain for as long as a century assimilating and expanding the lessons learned on earth.


The lack of interest shown by many incarnate souls on the true objectives of earthly life clearly saddens the Superior Forces. They are similar to children for being incapable of doing anything constructive. Completely indifferent to educational matters, they are only interested in killing time. By neglecting the spiritual obligations that are stored in their minds and caring only about pleasure and material interests, they resemble students experiencing deception for losing a school year due to neglect.


Readers may wonder if it is also possible for an incarnate soul to lose an incarnation. The Lord informs that unfortunately there are a great percentage of souls that do lose an incarnation, causing alarm to the Superior Forces who direct life on the earth. The fact that so many souls return from earth at the end of a new incarnation without having advanced even a single step in the evolutionary scale has become quite disturbing in the spiritual world. Try to imagine the Superior Forces’ disappointment upon analysis of the life-letter of a soul who descended to earth filled with the desire of spiritual progress after waiting dozens of years for a new incarnation.


Found in the life-letter is everything except the habit of daily prayers and deeds worthy of divine praise. It reveals that although this particular soul participated in many activities during its earthly life, it found no time for sincere prayers of thanks to the Divinity for the good health and protection. Since this is indeed lamentable, the Lord Jesus decided to descend to earth in order to institute his New Order in an attempt to correct such deviations. The Lord wishes to clarify to all those having the good fortune of laying eyes on these Messages that there is a predetermined amount of time for souls to reach a certain evolutionary degree, and that those that expend their allotted time without accomplishing their goals will not be permitted to return to the earth. This is similar to the reason that justifies removing from a school students who repeatedly fail. These souls demonstrate that they are too immature to evolve on the earthly soil either for possessing a temperament contrary to the environment or for refusing to live peacefully with the others.


What happens to these souls? Anticipating such a question, the Lord explains that there are various other planets of inferior vibrations, part of the same solar system, which are inhabited by several million souls of corresponding vibrations. It was from these planets that most of the souls living on earth originated. When a soul is not sufficiently prepared to live harmoniously on the earthly school, as it is often the case, it is then removed and returned to its original school for remedial work, so as to better prepare for life on earth. Removal from the earth happens only after a soul has incarnated here a few times, given that the Superior Forces try to help it to adapt. But if it fails to adapt due to neglect of its regeneration and progress, there is no other solution but to return it to its original planet for a stay of centuries or millenniums.


The Lord has sadly observed some unpleasant events occurring in nearly all parts of this world with respect to the poisoning of worthy spirits with ideas contrary to worldly peace. And since these poisoned ideas caused them to practice so many condemnable acts, they became unworthy of living among the good souls that constitute the humanity. The Superior Forces are engaged in detoxifying and enlightening them in order to bring them back to harmonious living amongst the human family.


The Lord is forced to acknowledge the earth’s inability to free itself from the condemnable influence of multi-millenary forces, which has greatly contributed to the difficulties surrounding the guidance of souls to the Celestial Father. On the other hand, these negative forces have already been substantially reduced through persuasive actions on the part of the Superior Forces. This world is expected to become free from such a bad influence by the end of this century.


The following are words that the Lord addresses to the strayed, subversive spirits of the present: “Children of my heart! I now speak my friendly word to you, who I greatly esteem, due to your valorous past. It was imprudence that led you to commit crimes against society when your purpose was to contribute to the progress of the earth in the regions where you were born. I ask you to bring to an end the negative activities that serve only to darken your souls, which were so luminous at the time of your descent to the earth. I know well that the cause of your deviation from the righteous path is the evil influence which only desires your destruction. Listen to me then, children of my heart! You are in fact valorous spirits, used to struggles and sacrifices. I need your cooperation, in the form of pacific work, to increase earthly progress. Abandon all criminal acts against society and turn to the Divinity. Pray sincerely and you will be conducted to the objective of your desire, which is one of harmony. Finally, always rely on me, for I am and will remain your friend throughout the millenniums. Jesus of Nazareth.”



I still continue with my work, in spirit.





24th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On August 30th, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



The time to speak clearly has arrived – The two sides of earthly life – Incarnate souls’ failure – The great truth about prayers – The act of baptism – Special assistance from the Lord



The Lord Jesus decided to settle in the earthly soil and create his New Order in order to relay spiritual teachings to all the men and women who are living another stage of their multi-millenary lives since the time to speak clearly has arrived. It is time to spell out the best way possible for everyone to be able to fulfill his or her spiritual obligations, to help them realize what they ought to do before they are called back to their spiritual homes.


The religions have failed to make such a clarification in view of the fact that the religious teachings concerning the coming of souls to earth lack clarity and truthfulness. Consequently, it was decided in the spiritual world that the coming of the Lord was needed to diffuse the knowledge which is instrumental to everyone’s enlightenment.


The time is here for everyone to learn the truth for their coming to earth for a specific period of time and how it relates to spiritual life. It is quite unfortunate that a high number of incarnate souls live in an exclusively material mode in which the accumulation of wealth is their main concern. Although it cannot be contested that all creatures have the right to work and progress materially, there is another aspect of earthly life. That is the spiritual aspect, which is primarily responsible for their current existence in the flesh.


Therefore, while striving towards prosperity and wealth, which is their right, humans should not forget the spiritual reality of which they are part as souls on an earthly pilgrimage. The souls devoted to the accumulation of material goods should not forget to maintain a permanent contact with the Divinity by means of daily prayers and meditation at bedtime. The spiritual world is filled with souls that lived many incarnations on earth without ever fulfilling the sacred duty of prayers to the Divinity; they were too busy accumulating and showing off their wealth to their fellow creatures.


Even though they leave their wealth to their descendants when departing from the earth, they arrive in space in such a state of spiritual impoverishment to cause pity. To arrive at their spiritual homes comes as a big surprise to them, where they then learn all about their failure as souls incarnate. Numbering in the thousands, all they can do is pray to the Divinity for forgiveness, promising that they will correct their faults in their next incarnation, which may not be granted so soon in view of the great number of souls waiting for the opportunity.


Through this explanation, the Lord seeks to awaken, forewarn or alert the millions of souls that are on earth in this situation, thereby encouraging them to fulfill their spiritual duty of daily prayers. The Lord repeats the great truth that the result from prayers is used for the exclusive benefit of the soul. In case someone wonders why, the Lord informs that neither the Divinity nor the Celestial Father needs the benefits from prayers uttered by the incarnate or discarnate souls. They are immediately transformed into light and added to the light they already possess. Since this occurs automatically, the Divinity merely oversees the operation.


The frequently repeated recommendation from the Lord for the incarnate souls to acquire the habit of daily prayers to the Divinity is designed to increase their illumination. It should be clear that bedtime prayers followed by a few minutes of meditation bring great benefits. Since the acquisition of new and greater lights for their diadem is part of their life-letter, the only two ways available for their acquisition are prayers and good deeds. Other activities may produce material benefits but not spiritual light. So, it is worthwhile for everyone to develop the habit of daily prayer and meditation at bedtime, so as to reap excellent benefits towards their spiritual progress.


Now the Lord wishes to address the centuries-old practice of infant baptism. Baptism was created as a religious precept in order to integrate the newly born into religion. The Lord accepts it as far as the faith it represents is concerned. However, apart from the ritual or the religion involved, the Lord clarifies that the lack of baptism in no way diminishes the merit these new arrivals have before the Divinity. The value of such an act rests in the significance which parents attribute to it as far as their conscience is concerned. However, it is meaningless as far as spiritual laws are concerned because humans are already blessed by the Divinity. As a matter of fact, the act of baptism can be performed by anyone who declares that it is being done in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


This explanation is intended to make the readers aware that the baptism ceremony is not indispensable in any way whatsoever; that it does not have any influence in their future. However, their permanent link with the Divinity is what is indispensable; it should be maintained for their own good. It is sufficient to mention that there are thousands of souls throughout the world that, although not baptized, go on living with hearts full of faith in the Divinity.


Yes, faith is the element which is indispensable in the hearts of all creatures. Faith can move aside the mountains of obstacles. It has the awesome power of attracting blessings and lights in all planes of life. Cultivation of faith in the heart is the same as the accumulation of spiritual blessings that turn into light. What is the best way to cultivate faith? The Lord responds that it is by way of daily prayers, especially when they are done at the same time every day. It is in prayers that the incarnate and discarnate souls’ greatest possibility for happiness can be found. It promotes the very sublimation of the soul, increasing the spiritual light acquired during lives lived throughout the centuries and consequently drawing it closer to the Divinity.


A soul whose heart is illuminated by faith has nothing to fear. In an earlier Message, a traveler illustrated the operation of faith as he stumbled upon a wild animal. The beast was forced to run away after being dazzled by an intense and luminous beam that came from him; nothing else besides this luminous vibration could have frightened it. Whenever the incarnate souls appropriately learn to evaluate prayer’s countless benefits and start to cultivate and strengthen their faith, the earth shall become one of the happiest worlds in its solar system. This world is decisively moving in such a direction.


The Lord now wishes to inform the readers that the visits that He has been making to the members inscribed on his New Order bring many the benefits to their homes, as stated in the constitution of the New Order. Such visits by the Lord and his assistants have two main objectives. The first entails the psychic cleansing of the visited homes through the removal and conduction of lingering souls to their spiritual planes, which liberates the residents from their influence. The second involves the realization of the aspirations and needs of the inhabiting incarnate souls so as to improve their lives. The Lord’s assistants have found obstacles to the happiness of many of the visited homes, which had been implanted by discarnate souls. But once such entities are removed and conducted to the spiritual plane to which they belong, the obstacles disappear; peace and well-being will result. So, since future obstacles will be averted through such periodic visits, the residents will be able to enjoy the life of peace, prosperity and welfare to which they are entitled.


There is still another benefit the Lord wants to reveal through the following example, although it was not in his original plan. During home visitations, the Lord’s assistants came across a young woman who, although engaged, could not get married due to the fact that her fiancé lacked sufficient financial resources. They had had been waiting for seven or eight years for an improvement in their financial situation. Since an evaluation of the young man’s heart found that his intentions were good and sincere, a better paying job to help solve his financial difficulties was found for him, with the Lord’s authorization. With the Lord’s blessings, their wedding should take place in the near future.



“To cultivate faith is to insure your own happiness.”


Become truly informed about the reason for your stay on earth.


“My manifestation among men constitutes the continuation of the work which I founded.”





25th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On September 05th, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



The Lord speaks about the earthly religions – What is observed in the above in the in religious field – Earthly life is just a temporary stage – Same virtues and possibilities as the Lord’s – Millions of worlds in formation



In today’s Message the Lord wishes to speak to the hearts of all his children who are living on earth, regardless of their religion, since they are incarnate spirits in search of new spiritual lights. The Lord is fully aware of the walls that separate the religions, which were created because each considers itself the true representative of divine thought on earth. Therefore, He wishes to inform the religious leaders and their followers that only one religious principle should prevail in all creeds and sects, and that is faith.


If they were primarily concerned about the implantation of faith in the hearts of their followers and were able to do it successfully, they would certainly deserve not only their respect but blessings from the Celestial Father as well. What can unfortunately be observed in the above is the practice of exalting material interests through ostensibly religious practices. The religions should truly be affirming the survival of the soul after detachment from the body which it constructed and inhabits as well as its return to the spiritual world. However, they lack such a fundamental teaching, which should be diffused to all incarnate souls in order to awaken faith in their hearts.


According to this teaching, all men and women should be told that this is not the first time they walk on earth; that they actually lived here several hundred times just like they are living at the present time. By telling that earthly life represents only a temporary apprenticeship stage, religions would be helping them realize the need for maintaining contact with the Divinity by means of daily prayers and meditation. The sincere execution of such a practice will not only awaken faith in their hearts but also transform it into light for their spiritual diadem.


Hence the urgent need to awaken faith in the hearts of all men and women through the religious teachings that spiritualism offers and thus eliminate the popular idea that life actually ends with the death of the body. Being convinced by this untruth, incarnate souls mind only their present lives, completely forgetful of their true future lives. They should therefore include the doctrine of reincarnation in their teachings before their followers abandon them in favor of those that are doing it. So, by transmitting this Message to the hearts of the incarnate souls who are fortunate to be able to read it, the Lord Jesus expects to awaken them toward their real life, which is the spiritual and infinite life. They must realize that their stay on the earth could be suddenly interrupted, in conformity with their life-letter, but that their lives will not; they will go on indefinitely in the spiritual world.


The best proof of this is the very existence of the Lord who is currently on earth performing divine service after having come here in human flesh several times. Millions of souls, including the readers of these Messages, who came here numerous times, live in the spiritual world just like the Lord. Therefore, the Lord declares herewith that the law which governs his life is the same law which governs the lives of all souls who are currently on the earth.

Since the time of the formulation of the creative principle by the divine mind, all souls and others beings of creation have not only had the same beginning but also traveled the same pathways towards moral perfection. Thus, everyone should learn that the basic difference between the Lord Jesus and themselves is spiritual age; that although their virtues and possibilities are the same as the Lord’s, they are just less developed in the incarnate souls.


By coming to earth now in spirit to fulfill the promise made almost two thousand years ago, the Lord wishes to implant in everyone’s heart the conviction that a great and luminous path stretches out before them, leading to greater happiness.

Now the Lord wants to address the endless activities presently occurring throughout the universe, which concern the formation and improvement of several millions of worlds. These worlds will in time be populated by souls who will incarnate in them not only to generate moral progress but also to complete their own evolutionary progress.  And who will inhabit these new worlds? The Lord explains that many of the souls that are presently incarnated on earth are destined to carry out such a task, provided that they are well prepared. As for those not desiring to participate, they may become part of the so-called Superior Forces, entrusted to direct the lives of the incarnate souls.


The above is an image of the future which awaits all dear souls in the spiritual world, where the nicest sentiments of cooperation with the Divinity are awakened as result of their detachment from their bodies of flesh. Thus it now becomes clear that earthly life is a kind of vegetative life because of its total inclination towards material interests rather than the interests of the spirit, which is everyone’s essence. It is the spirit (or soul incarnate) that wakes you in the morning, takes you to work, cares for your body’s nutrition, awakens your interests in life and returns you to bed for your nocturnal rest.


It is during the evening hours of rest that the spirit becomes its own master; it travels in the spiritual world in search of instructions, inspiration and assistance needed to solve any problem that may exist in its earthly life. This is the life that your spirit leads, although you may never be able to recall its nighttime activities. As a general rule, since the body needs at least seven hours of nocturnal rest to recover from daytime activities, all men and women should adopt the habit of sleeping from seven to eight hours a day in order to keep their organs and cells in a healthy state.


Back to the issue of faith, the Lord wishes to reaffirm that faith operates as a compass embedded in all creatures pointing out the path to be confidently followed. Human beings often say that, although they wish they had faith, they unfortunately do not posses such a gift. The Lord recommends seclusion in a quiet place every evening in order to request the Divinity for the faith they desire. If their request is sincere, the Divinity will with its unlimited possibilities see that it is awakened in their hearts, so that this sacred flame can enlighten them. Those who desire faith but who are aware that they do not have it should appeal to the Divinity certain that this divine gift will be awakened in them, for their greater happiness.


While preaching to men and women almost two thousand years ago, the Lord once stated that “faith can move mountains.” However, his attribution of such power to faith was considered untrue in view of the unlimited spiritual development of the time. On the other hand, the affirmations sowed by the Lord then were designed to endure through generations and eventually awaken the needed reasoning ability. This is why the Lord’s listeners considered it impossible for a mountain to obey a human command to be removed and cast into the sea.

Nevertheless, such an affirmation produced the expected result of becoming a challenge in the minds of future generations. Thousands of creatures have embraced and understood the unshakeable worth of faith in the Lord’s assertion. The mountain referred by the Lord could not have been a material mountain but rather a mountain of obstacles that invariably appears and obstructs one’s path. Those who cultivate the divine gift of faith can surely command the mountain to go away, see it obey such a command and disappear, for their happiness’ sake.  Praise then the divine gift of faith.



“Faith is as powerful as its magnitude permits; the more intense it is, the more it achieves.”


“All great things were realized through faith.”


“Faith and prayer constitute a great force.”


You have already read 25 Messages! Many blessings have already incorporated to your diadem as the result of your reading and meditating on them.




26th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On September 06th 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



The earth marches to a new evolutionary degree – Whole population should turn to prayer – Great volume of spiritual work – Armed conflicts reflect in neighboring planets – The 1940’s conflict



The circumstance that led the Lord Jesus to dislocate from his residence in the spiritual plane, which is known on earth as “celestial court,” is far more important than any man or woman could imagine. His objective in coming to earth is greater than just to awaken faith in the hearts of the incarnate souls since this small planet of salty oceans is destined to reach a new evolutionary degree in its pertaining scale, just like other worlds of the solar system. However, it will require the presence of the Superior Forces for the purpose of forming a powerful vibrational whole around and on the earth in order to prevent the possibility of shocks which the incarnate souls might not be able to withstand.


The Lord Jesus and a large team of highly evolved entities settled in the earthly soil for the purpose of offsetting, with their combined vibrations, any vibrational shock which might be produced during the planet’s forthcoming transitional phase. Without such protection, the incarnate souls would not be capable of enduring a fairly violent vibrational boom; the result would be a large number of unexpected disincarnations.


In view of this, the habit of daily prayer and meditation is once again emphasized as the best way to safeguard against certain events, which should occur through the end of the century. The incarnate souls living carelessly could never imagine the volume of spiritual work that occurs around the planet. It is being carried out throughout the entire planet by thousands of spiritual entities, under the Lord’s command, to preserve and fortify the resistance of the incarnate souls. Without these precautions, many human hearts would not be able to resist such an impact. It is to prevent the less resistant organisms from collapsing that the Lord decided to provide the already ongoing spiritual assistance in the earthly environment.


The men and women who are currently living on earth do not have the slightest idea about the facts and phenomena which regularly take place around them with respect to their wellbeing. Meteorological instruments, which are a remarkable although still imprecise scientific achievement, can only reflect atmospheric conditions. But instruments capable of measuring the vibrational and magnetic waves that the earth receives during its rotation, waves which are not always beneficial to human life, should appear within a few years.


These waves generally originate from phenomena produced in the solar system, which are projected into the cosmos in the form of magnetic storms. And because their intensity can have a deadly effect on the more sensitive organisms, a lot of spiritual work is required in the earthly and spiritual planes; excellent results have been achieved as result of attention and vigilance by the Superior Forces. Without such assistance from the spiritual world, the vibrational irregularity and the devastating magnetic waves that travel through the planet would cause the life span of souls on earth to be rather short.


No one on earth could ever imagine all the things that occur on the earthly environment which the five senses cannot perceive. And even though they cannot be seen, heard or perceived, one still wonders about their cause. The Lord informs that the life in all other planets has a lot in common with human life. For example, due to their vibrational correspondence, an armed conflict here would have an effect on other planets of the solar system. The last major conflict that erupted here in the 1940’s deeply troubled the inhabitants of the two planets closest to earth as powerful magnetic vibrations were projected on them, with devastating effects on their populations. Also, an armed conflict substantially modifies the planet’s vibrational characteristics as the peoples involved begin to emit vibrational waves impregnated with destructive feelings towards the enemy.


A powerful mental aggregation is thus created as the waves from both sides collide. These mental aggregations then rise into the atmosphere to aimlessly penetrate the cosmos until finding a planetary formation where they can land. Once a connection is formed between such a planet and the earth, the aggregations of the warlike feelings are discharged on such a planet. Therefore, the Lord is determined to put a closing end to all misunderstandings to eliminate all armed conflicts, which are common to backwards and ignorant populations.


Men and women were endowed with intelligence to be able to solve not only their personal problems but also those that concern the welfare of the entire population. The idea of men raising their deadly instruments to destroy their brothers is inconceivable to the Superior Forces. If such a barbarity was tolerated during millenniums, as such men sinfully charged against brothers from the other nations like wild beasts, it was due to their lack of intellectual development. However, armed conflicts will no longer be tolerated in the present era in view of the incarnate souls’ advancement. Those who still persist shall soon be pacifically but effectively concluded. Poor are those who, for whatever reason, dare to wage war against their fellow men; they shall be called back to the spiritual world completely destitute of power.


Let us now go back to the effects that those discharges had on the two neighboring planets. Spreading like an epidemic throughout all regions, they seriously affected the incarnate souls of those planets; they caused many thousands to succumb as result of a decrease of their vibrational level. Proper treatment for such an ailment was unknown.


When the Lord Jesus was made aware of such a phenomenon by their respective leaders, He decided to use all available resources to end the conflict in 1945. The Superior Forces made use of a powerful vibrational whole that exists on the earth for such a purpose, which is similar to a gigantic energy accumulator. This operation was supported by the vibrations from the sound side of the conflict, which was forced to accept the challenge from the evil forces. And at the same time, the warlike inspirations that were being projected from the inferior layer of the spiritual world on the evil side were intercepted by the Superior Forces.


This quickly gave the sound side its first victories in the sands of Northern Africa and then others in the European continent. Without the Superior Forces’ opportune intervention, under the guidance of the Lord Jesus, the earth would probably be going through a new phase of slavery and barbarism. Thus, enormous are the Lord’s efforts towards the promotion of harmony and understanding among the leaders of nations in view of advancement attained by the incarnate souls in the course of their spiritual evolution. The spiritual world will no longer tolerate armed conflicts especially in view of the degree of intelligence acquired by the humanity in successive lives of experiences on earth in the course of the millenniums.


All nations should unite in sentiment and practice of love for one another, elevating themselves before the Divinity. The practices of the past must be abandoned when leaders as masters of slaves used them for the satisfaction of their whims. They should be able to realize that each represents a divine spark transformed into a living soul, engaged in an earthly apprenticeship to gain greater and continuous spiritual elevation. Thus, no one has the right to mobilize others for the destruction of fellow creatures; those attempting to do it will soon come to regret it. That is an admonition from the Lord.



We should be prepared, through spiritual fortification, against the actions of negative souls and mental aggregations. We should also be prepared against the vibrational shocks the planet will emit in the near future when it climbs its evolutionary step.





27th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On September 12th, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



Modifications foreseen since the 16th century – No reason for alarm –Everyone has already died many times before – The beautiful process of psychography the Lord uses to direct his words to the earthly world.



The presence of the Lord in the earthly soil was planned back in the sixteenth century together with the necessary planetary changes. The need for a substantial increase in soil products to feed the current four billion humans was foreseen back then in view of the fact that the population was supposed to increase and perhaps even double with the arrival of some million souls who had been waiting for the opportunity to incarnate.


This operation, which requires the demolition and conversion of useless mountainous elevations into fertile plains, has already been initiated in the more densely populated Oriental countries, where the soil products are scarce. Also foreseen by the Superior Forces was the departure of several thousands of incarnate souls as direct result of the ongoing telluric operations. But since it will actually contribute to their happiness, there is no reason for alarm; they will receive compensation in the spiritual world in the form of lights and blessings. The Lord knows very well how much a premature departure saddens both the incarnate souls and their relatives. But everyone can rest assured that the organization of spiritual life is so perfect that such a departure can only bring greater benefits to them as they return to their spiritual homes.


All souls incarnated on earth have a home in the spiritual world, where they lived in the company of tens or hundreds of souls belonging to their past incarnations’ family group. The spiritual relatives of a soul are saddened by its departure to earth inasmuch as its earthly relatives are saddened by its return to the spiritual world. Hence the existence of a beautiful feeling of longing which, like a luminous thread, links the hearts of those who remained to the hearts of those who departed. Thus, reaffirmed herewith is the fact that such a departure has not only occurred countless times in the past but will continue to take place in the coming centuries. Since they have infinite lives, they alternate living in space and on the earth as they search for greater lights for their diadem.


But there is a way for the incarnate souls to communicate with those who departed from their homes. Even though this simple process requires some practice, it is available to anyone wishing to try it. Many people already make use of it. It is called psychography. Psychography, or automatic writing, is within the reach of any human being wishing to communicate with their departed loved ones. This would make them extremely happy in the spiritual world since they long to receive word from the relatives they left in their earthly homes.

No especial qualification is required besides determination and exercises.


These Messages were made possible through the process of psychography, which was enthusiastically developed by this medium. In the beginning, he received short dictations from spirits identified as past incarnation friends, who inspired him to continue exercising. And since he was able to develop this faculty to a very high level, the Lord Jesus decided to make use of it by relaying various works to the earth through his emissaries. The Lord picked this medium for relaying the foundation of the New Order, which is directed to all incarnate souls in all the regions of the earth.


Thus, it is with great joy that the Lord addresses his own words to the earthly world through this dedicated servant, words which were truly dictated by the Lord. His words have become urgently needed in view of the precariousness of the religious teachings. The Lord wishes that all incarnate souls become aware of the transitory nature of their current earthly lives and of their inevitable return to their homes in the spiritual world, regardless of their religious affiliation. Since all souls must eventually return to the spiritual plane to which they belong, they should prepare themselves while in the flesh.


Thus, the Lord asks that notice be taken that you all are spirits incarnated in bodies which you constructed and which you use for the purpose of attracting new lights in your infinite evolutionary pathway. The Lord reiterates that it is in everyone’s best interest to improve his or her actions and thoughts in order to be able to acquire new lights, blessings and spiritual happiness. This is what religious institutions should state all over the earth in order to clarify the truth to their followers instead of just frightening them with the fantasy of purgatory and hell. These things belong the long-gone past, dear souls. Nowadays the souls should turn towards a radiant future of spiritual improvement, which is the sole objective for their return to the earthly soil. All creatures should keep in mind that such a truth cannot ever be destroyed by anyone.


A reader might wonder why only now the truth about heaven and hell is coming into view. Considering it a valid question, the Lord clarifies that it is because only now the means to transmit his word to paper has become available. The diffusion of the advice and teachings that are badly needed on the earth requires adequate instruments which were not available during the last two millenniums.

Such a task used to be assigned to incarnating souls who would eventually join the various religious establishments. But due to the fact that they would soon be incapable of performing their missions in such circles, it became necessary to send mediumistic instruments to the earth. So, among all those who came and failed is the one who has been recording the advice contained in the books of the Great Crusade of Elucidation, whose life had to be carefully preserved.


Since the Lord’s words, which are truthful and incontestable by anyone, regardless of their position in the religious hierarchy, are now being transmitted through these Messages, they should be allowed to be read and understood throughout the surface of the earth. If anyone does come forth to contradict them, his arguments should be carefully examined since they would not benefit anyone’s welfare and spiritual progress. His motivation would probably be just interests of the sect and not spiritual clarification.


The Lord wishes to alert his readers that any such contradictor will fail in his attempt when confronted with the truth that all incarnate souls are spirits from the spiritual world who constructed their bodies of flesh in maternal wombs to use during their stay on the earth. Thus, they should link themselves to the Divinity by means of daily prayers and meditation in order to always receive the protection and assistance that they need.


These are the teachings that should be diligently taught for the purpose of spiritualizing the incarnate souls, convincing them of their survival after the death of their bodies, fact which is still contested by some of the religious sects. It is curious and also sad to hear that souls are created at the moment of birth and that at the end of their physical lives they must go to a certain place to wait for doomsday. What kind of day could this be, dear souls, if all souls that return to the spiritual world come before their spiritual guides in order to review their acts? Could this perhaps be doomsday? Since it pertains to the judgment of souls up to their last day on earth, it is clear that there is no doomsday. Many incorrect teachings such as this one have contributed to the high level of spiritual retardation affecting a good part of the humanity.


The Lord Jesus is grateful to those readers who will attempt to reestablish the spiritual truth in order to enable everyone to understand it. Justly, He acknowledges the sincerity with which many preachers erroneously preach about spiritual life. This results from the fact that the means for the transmission of truth from the spiritual plane had not been available up to the present time. However, since the truth is being finally transmitted and received, perseverance in error will no longer be justified; failure to acknowledge it will be considered intentional. The time has now come for the religions to review their canons and teachings, revising them in accordance with spiritual truth.


This is the only way to speedily help incarnate souls ascend the steps of their earthly apprenticeship. Therefore, the Lord appeals to all high-ranking religious leaders to strive towards such an endeavor. He invites them to meet with him in the spiritual world whenever clarifications are necessary. All they need to do to meet with the Lord in the above is to utter such a request after their evening prayers and they will be led to his presence by the Forces of Goodness.


The only reason for life in this “divine residence” is the development of the spirit.


The principles of the New Order are materialized through these Messages. May the Lord’s teachings and recommendations be read and comprehended all over the earth.


Once certain about the divine truths, it is then everyone’s sublime mission to divulge them.





28th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On September 13th, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



Removal of the obstacles to human happiness – Accumulated deleterious thoughts – Each human being is a product of his own thoughts – A formula for the destruction of bad thoughts – An indication from the Lord



The coming of the Lord Jesus and his establishment in the earthly soil has another important objective besides the fulfillment of the promise made to his listeners in Palestine almost two thousand years ago. His presence on earth with more than one hundred assistants shall change the conditions that are predominant in the lives of human beings. Under the guidance of the Lord and the Superior Forces, the conditions responsible for the obstacles to their happiness and welfare are being removed from the earthly environment.


Therefore, due to the fact that such conditions originate from a vibrational whole that is quite inferior to the vibrational whole of the incarnate souls, such a removal will bring considerable relief as well as greater happiness to all men and women. This “vibrational whole” was formed by the mental residues from the wicked thoughts coming from the human beings who lived on the earth over the centuries. Becoming compacted over time, they are responsible for great disturbances which affect the soul’s realization of its honest aspirations. The Lord clarifies that even though these extremely low-quality mental residues began to congregate slowly they ended up forming uncontrollable aggregations, which besiege the human beings in the form of grave illnesses. Such a phenomenon shall disappear from the earthly environment as result of the prophylaxis that is being carried out by the Superior Forces.


If the wickedness that is condensed in the environment, which derives from the deleterious thoughts from a great many human minds, could be seen by the naked eye, people everywhere would strive to police their thoughts. Dwelling on this issue is useful in order to foster general understanding. Given that thoughts originate automatically, the human mind is often assailed by inferior thoughts which if entertained become nourished and fortified. They frequently turn into living ideas, which assail the minds of many creatures, inducing the weaker minds into the practice of unworthy and condemnable acts. Therefore, simple ideas can change into living and active beings that are responsible for many unfortunate procedures; by allowing themselves to be excited by such ideas, the less prepared minds end up deviating from their path.


Another aggravating factor is the use that negative astral forces make of the whole of evil thoughts. Negative astral forces are the souls who were devoted to the performance of evil deeds while incarnated. Failing to prepare themselves for elevation to the spiritual world, they remained in the earthly environment disturbing those that are trying to live peacefully. Nevertheless, this situation is being eliminated through the measures implemented by the Superior Forces, under the guidance of the Lord Jesus, allowing each soul to live its life guided by its own thoughts. Consequently, everyone will become free from such negative influences.


It is very important for each incarnate soul to realize that its earthly life is and will continue to be the product of its own thoughts. Then, if everyone strove to entertain good thoughts and reject the bad, they could be sure that they would be following the pathway that leads to happiness and success. People who think good, dignified and correct thoughts are led to perform good deeds. But malevolent, undignified or doubtful thoughts move away them from the righteous path; they lead them astray.


Since it may be wondered what is the best way to identify and avoid bad thoughts, the Lord offers the following formula: whenever a thought that enters your mind leaves you uncertain about its nature, it is sufficient just to imagine if the Lord would approve it or not. This formula will enable you to promptly reject the thoughts which you feel the Lord would disapprove. This is the best way to ward off the bad influences that are detrimental to your happiness, thus preventing that they settle on your subconscious mind.


A great deal can be written on earth on the different ways for human beings to isolate themselves from powerful negative influences. But fortunately there is a formula of unequaled efficiency available to all human beings to help them repel negative influences, which is the act of prayer. Do not hesitate even for a moment to resort to prayers each time you sense the presence of negative influences such as filthy or inconvenient thoughts. You shall see its immediate result as the evil cloud surrounding you dissipate, bringing relief and brightness to your mind. This is how this phenomenon operates. Because they are made of darkness, negative mental clouds are unable to resist even for a moment the light projected by prayers. Prayers will actually burn such mental clouds, which originate from wickedness. Prayers, dear souls, will not only liberate yourselves from their influence but also eliminate them from the environment, thus preventing other creatures from being assailed by them.


The study of mental laws is of great value to all humans in the course of their earthly lives and also when they return to space. It has been written that thoughts are things, which is entirely truthful. Their force is so powerful that it can actually change lives, especially when several persons gather and dwell on the same thoughts. The Lord does not wish to elaborate on this any further because of his concern about the misuse of collective thought but insists on the fact that each human should learn to select correct thoughts and reject all inconvenient ones, for their good guidance and success.


Although it has also been written on earth that who thinks well, acts well, the opposite of it is also true. For this reason, all men and women are the product of their own thoughts, which is the truth. Those who strive to think only what is fair, convenient and reasonable and who reject opposite thoughts will have no deception in life since their steps are taken with a clear conscience.

When the humanity becomes aware of this great truth, when all humans become integrated in knowledge of mental laws, the earth will no longer be a primary school; it will become the authentic paradise of your imagination.


This is easy to accomplish, dear souls. The mental laws are simple and available to anyone who wishes to study them. Would you not like to learn and practice them? It is not necessary for anyone to take any specific course or hire a teacher since dedication of fifteen minutes a day to its apprenticeship is sufficient. Those of you who have already acquired the habit of daily prayers should dedicate fifteen minutes of meditation after prayers to the apprenticeship of the mental laws that govern universal thought.


By doing so, you will actually be taking a course that is helpful and advantageous not only in your present life but also in the centuries and millenniums to come. Knowledge of how metal laws work will be transmitted to your minds by specialized entities of the spiritual world during moments of meditation, enriching your knowledge to the point of transforming you into a creature superior to his or her environment. In case you do not hear any spoken word from your guides, it does not mean that you are not assimilating anything. In truth, your spirit hears and assimilates just as if heard through the ears of matter.


Therefore, dear souls, you have here a valuable indication from the Lord in the hope that all incarnate souls will be able to enrich their knowledge and practice the secrets of the mental laws. It can be said that anyone capable of putting such knowledge into use has the world at his feet. There were creatures on earth that, because they possessed such conditions, they were able to accomplish great things. However, by allowing the power of such knowledge to get to their heads, they caused their own downfall; by becoming thrilled with themselves, they failed to perceive the changes brought by winding events and ended up submerged.


Become free from the influence of foreign thoughts through knowledge of the mental laws.


Mental aggregate: accumulation of the subtle matter from the thoughts of a community. As it condenses over time in the astral plane by way of affinity it gains autonomous life; its beneficial or malefic force, which varies according to the time, continuity and type of thoughts, becomes uncontrollable. Since there are two types of thoughts, the positive and the negative, or the good and the bad, they inherit a specific coloration in accordance to the circumstance.


In fact, there is a rather malefic gray band within the aura of the earth which affects us as it acts as a violent astral force. We should continuously help the Superior Forces combat this force considering that it would also liberate us from the malefic force coming from the forces of darkness in space.


The best antidote then is to reread these Messages from the Master; meditate on them and put their teachings into practice. This applies to this particular Message, Messages 26, 33, 34, 98, 121 and page 408 of “Life of Jesus dictated by the Lord himself” as well as the instructions, advice and other important information in the books of the Great Crusade of Elucidation.





29th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On September 19th, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



Thoughts of discord – Need for everyone to pray for peace – The situation in the Middle East – Spiritual laws are calm and pacific – Elucidation of negative souls of the lower spiritual world



The Lord Jesus is very concerned about the misunderstandings that exist among many nations, which are causing the destruction of so many lives. There exists a thought of discord traveling throughout the globe with the sad objective of annihilating peace and casting nations into wars, which is irradiated by entities that are in planes very close to the earth’s surface. They rejoice at imposing struggles and difficulties to the incarnate souls. Whenever some of them succeed to engage a body of flesh and develop their wickedness as human beings, the result to humanity is extremely lamentable, as it has already been the case.


The Lord is fully committed to the clarification of thousands of the negative entities mentioned above. The incidence of their negative vibrations has been considerably reduced by the removal of many of such entities to planes of light. There is a highly effective way for men and women to annul the malefic force coming from the vibrations that are still occurring, which is sincere daily prayers to the Divinity.


If the peoples of the world prayed for world peace, the power of their assembled prayers would become so powerful as to disarm and calm revolted spirits. Everyone can be certain about this since the evils which afflict the populations come from the negative entities that live in the lower spiritual planes. Their main interest lies in the promotion of divisiveness, unhappiness and destructive wars.

For the current work of clarification and regeneration of these negative forces, the Lord relies on the cooperation of several thousand assistants of great elevation. And if the Lord could also rely upon the valorous cooperation from the incarnate souls in the form of daily prayers, their clarification would decisively be more efficient.


Look at the desolate picture of the Middle East at the present time, dear souls, where a civil war which was prompted by ideas of power decimates precious lives while consuming a great amount of resources. Those responsible for starting and escalating it do not have the necessary elements to provide happiness to the peoples whose government they dispute. They are victims of wicked ideas irradiated into their minds by occult forces desiring development of the conflict and its ensuing destruction. So, pray for world peace, dear souls, since it is also beneficial to your own peace and happiness.


It may be wondered by some of the readers if the Lord has the means to eliminate the negative forces mentioned above. Since such a question would be entirely relevant, the Lord explains that the spiritual laws do not force nor violate anyone’s disposition in view of the fact that they are calm and pacific, as previously mentioned. They do not coerce incarnate or discarnate souls to submit to their elevated ideals of peace, harmony and illumination. If this were to be the case, a soul’s personal efforts and merit would have no value. Spiritual laws are gentle but eloquent in their determinations. So, it is necessary for each one to comprehend, accept and practice them in order to reap the fruits of one’s own work.


A great many souls deviate from the righteous path to follow dangerous detours either on their own accord or as a result from ideas irradiated by these negative forces. Those not protected by prayers are susceptible to poisonous ideas and the practice of acts condemnable by spiritual laws. These laws advocate peace, harmony and understanding among all. Those allowing themselves to be poisoned by malefic ideas, engaging in acts of violence against their fellow men, although they may gain certain temporary advantage, they will in time be overcome.


The negative forces of the lower spiritual planes are constituted of souls which dedicated themselves to the practice of evil deeds while on earth, using the bad ideas of other souls together with their own. Many caravans of clarified souls have been visiting the lowers planes of the spiritual world to enlighten them since only love can construct for eternity. But their bulk is still large and many are engaged in the promotion of misunderstanding among men and nations. They are motivated by the sadistic pleasure of witnessing war and destruction in their midst.


Under the Lord’s leadership the Superior Forces are attempting to reduce or even dissolve a significant negative force that is currently active in the skies of the Middle East before an enormous fire spreads out of control. The explosive temperament of this region’s populations and their inclination to fight for the smallest things must be taken into consideration. The Lord is grateful for the valuable prayers for peace coming from sensitive souls, which will help to calm down the warlike waves that are being developed.


This way, those children of God will be prevented from hurling themselves into self-destruction. Prayers are also used to reinforce the mission of the caravans towards enlightenment of the souls that inhabit the planes close to the earth and their guidance to planes of love and light. And since this is an act of pure Christian charity, the Lord will reward in the above all the souls that collaborate with him by way of prayers to the Divinity.


The final years of this century will be notorious in the earth’s history for the events of great magnitude that will affect the incarnate souls of the present in one way or another. Hence the irradiation from higher planes of a general invitation to all earthly souls to awaken and prepare for what lies ahead. It is imperative that the misunderstandings and all types of violence be confined to the twentieth century.


A new environment of peace and love will be established in the world as the result of the process of selection that is being carried out in the above. It calls for the definite removal of all souls unworthy of remaining on the earth, for everyone’s greater happiness. Thousands of souls have already been removed from the earthly cycle and returned to their worlds of origin. Such an operation will continue as souls that return to the spiritual world stand trial before the Superior Forces.


The earth shall soon enter a new vibrational cycle due to the elevated vibrations of the several millions of greatly evolved souls that will arrive here. In view of this, the Superior Forces will not allow any creature whose character is incompatible with the level of morality of the overwhelming majority to remain here. This is why the selection of souls in the spiritual world began in the middle of this century and will continue through the end.


Thus, if the Lord can count on the support and good will of all men and women, they can be certain that something very important will be awaiting them in the spiritual world. This is an efficient way to collaborate with the Lord in his grand endeavor towards implanting love in everyone’s hearts. Could there be any difficulty concerning such an objective? There should not be any if a sincere desire exists to collaborate with him on the ongoing prophylaxis to liberate the earth from those creatures that proved that they are incapable of adapting to environment here.


They should not be considered bad or noxious since they merely lack sufficient evolution to live in a world of peace, love and fraternization. The Superior Forces brought them to earth on a trial basis, in the hope that they would be able to adapt to this environment from observing the habits and conduct of the inhabiting souls. But for being elements of disturbance, susceptible to negative irradiations in spite of several incarnations, they must be returned to their worlds of origin for a better spiritual preparation.


This way, the Lord will contribute as much as possible to the elevation of the vibrational level of the earth, which will considerably improve the life of all incarnate souls. This shall bring to an end all the inconveniences and difficulties that have greatly affected their peace and tranquility while as they search for new and greater lights for their spiritual diadem. Can the Lord then count upon your cooperation, dear souls? He expects your answer to be yes. Therefore, transmit this to someone else and you will be entitled to a beautiful reward upon your return to the spiritual world; it will be conferred upon you by the Lord.



A notice for urgent preparation for the “arrived times” is being irradiated to the earthly world.


Spiritual laws are pacific yet eloquent in their determinations.





30th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On September 20th, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



Time marches rapidly – Souls who will remain and souls who will emigrate from the earth – Incarnate souls’ main objectives – How to reach longevity – Need for amplification of the respiratory capacity



It is the Lord’s intention to give a hand to the incarnate souls of the present as they progress in the path of spiritual development. Since time marches rapidly, it is imperative to accelerate such a progress in order to enable them to attain the degree of spiritual development for which they prepared before descending here. But due to the fact they became forgetful of their spiritual memory, they are unable to recall the promise to strive towards the conquest of light which they made to the Superior Forces in the above.


And since time unfortunately does not halt in order to wait for the souls, the emissaries who dictated the works of the Great Crusade of Elucidation, which contain all kinds of valuable and teachings, were sent to the earth. Notwithstanding their coming, the Lord Jesus found that his presence was also necessary to assist the enlightenment of men and women in this end of century and to confirm who may remain on the earthly cycle and who must immigrate to inferior worlds.


In principle, all incarnate souls are qualified to remain on the earthly cycle since they have come to the earth countless times. But by forgetting the promise made in the spiritual world to keep continuous contact with the Divinity they delayed the spiritual progress resulting from the acquisition of lights. Clarification on this is necessary in order to help the Lord’s objectives to be comprehended by everyone. The life of an incarnate soul develops or should develop around two objectives: the maintenance of the body and the acquisition of spiritual lights. The human body, having a finite duration, must serve as long as possible as the exclusive vehicle of the soul; it should enable the soul to expand its knowledge as it acquires new experiences from the contact with other souls.


So, it is the soul’s responsibility to maintain regular contact with the Divinity through daily prayers and meditation in order to be able to receive assistance and protection. The incarnate souls have to realize that the earth’s environment is naturally hostile to their tranquility and well being due to the fact that it is impregnated will all kinds of vibrations. Then the need to turn to the Divinity in prayers on a regular basis, expressing gratitude for the help received in the last twenty-fours hours as well as asking for help on the following day. A solid link is this way established with the Divinity which facilitates the removal of many difficulties from their path. Prayers attract a volume of vibrations that infiltrate the material body, bringing health and well being to the entire organism.


It is especially important to health and longevity in view of the fact that several kinds of food as well as certain types of imprudence wear the body down. Attentive observations in the above of the lives and habits of souls on earth indicate that those who religiously devote themselves to daily prayers live longer and with more tranquility than those who do not. This is because the earthly world is not only surrounded but also permeated by many other magnetic planes which provide nutrients and vitality to billions of lowermost organisms. Without such permeation, such earthly organisms would perish.


As for human organisms, they must use the power of attraction found in prayers in order to attract the needed nutrients and magnetic vitality. Since the incarnate souls possess freewill, they have the option of using it to attract the magnetic elements that are within their reach, which can only happen through the vibrations emitted during moments of prayer.


The Lord Jesus wishes to clarify that, just like in the past, there are human creatures on the earth today that through prayers developed their capacity to attract energies and health to such a high degree as to make their permanence here a matter of their own will. Life for those who learn to pray to the Divinity and who absolutely conscious of its value becomes dependent upon their will.

The more developed this knowledge becomes, the greater the benefit.


The fact that members of the clergy leave their bodies while in their forties or fifties does not refute the truth that prayer has the power to produce longevity. The reason is that professional prayers are much different from devotional prayers. Since those who pray professionally do it as a duty required by their profession, their hearts, which are their spirits, do not take part in it. However, there are religious figures who engage in fellowship with the Divinity with all of their hearts’ fervor during their meditation time; they fortunately happen to be numerous and the Lord thanks and blesses these servants for their sincerity. Creatures who pray to the Divinity with devotion receive from the spiritual planes copious amounts of magnetic vibrations which contribute to their health and well being and illuminate their path.


The success of such endeavor depends on the sincerity and humility with which they practice their prayers. Such a practice establishes a fluid connection between the Divinity and their hearts, through which the already described magnetic elements flow. When the incarnate souls learn this great truth their lives on earth will improve to such an extent that they will never abandon the beautiful habit of prayers, regardless of the circumstance.


Next the Lord will address the important issue concerning the need to amplify one’s respiratory capacity in order to improve the state of health, considering that the air is an indispensable element. It is well known that everyone breathes instinctively. However, respiration can decisively increase longevity when practiced under certain conditions and in a methodical way.


So, the Lord Jesus wishes to recommend to all men and women a respiratory exercise to be practiced every morning. While standing and facing open air, one should calmly inhale and exhale the greatest possible volume of air. Although simple, this extremely beneficial exercise will dislodge the air in the lungs that needs to be renovated, helping develop the lungs’ capacity. Large amounts of oxygen are thus projected into the blood for the benefit of the entire organism. Persons of a weak constitution need to practice it more often besides getting to nourish themselves better. The respiratory system specially affects the state of heath and the disposition of all creatures.


Anyone can actually use the following method, which is quite simple. Facing in a standing position the open air, such as an open window, close the right nostril with the right thumb and calmly inhale as much air as possible through the left nostril, without forcefulness. After holding it to a mental count of five, close the left nostril with the forefinger and naturally exhale through the right nostril. Reverse it after a short pause by inhaling through the right nostril end exhaling through the left, repeating it at least three times.


Such a reinforcement of the pulmonary capacity should enable anyone to resist sudden changes in the temperature and consequently enjoy good health and disposition while prolonging life. But this does not supersede the exercises that are practiced in sports, which are also quite beneficial. As a matter of fact, respiratory exercises will assure the achievement of greater success in sports. The Lord recommends them because they can prolong the permanence of souls on earth to a maximum.


Respiratory cycles:


1- Inhale through left nostril – count to 5 – exhale through the right

2- Inhale through right nostril – count to 5 – exhale through the left

3- Inhale through left nostril – count to 5 – exhale through the right


It will stimulate the brain, sharpen the power of reasoning, invigorate the nervous system, increase the respiratory capacity and the amount of oxygen in the blood as well as reinforce the pulmonary capacity and eliminate respiratory residues (127th Message), thus improving one’s resistance to sudden weather changes, which prevents colds and other illnesses.



Establish greater fluid connection between the Divinity and your heart.