Channeled Messages of Jesus Christ

11th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On July 18th, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



The spiritual meaning of works performed on earth – All works should contain a soul – Spiritual laws – The traveler and the beast – Need for daily prayer to the Divinity



The Lord Jesus decided to create a New Order through these Messages in order to better enlighten all men and women that are here once again in search of spiritual light. Thus, in celebration of the two thousandth anniversary of his presence on earth in human form, it is his desire that the souls that were granted permission to reincarnate in this century become properly enlightened to be able to attain the level of evolution that they desire.


The souls arriving in the second half of this century bring such a high degree of spiritual evolution which will enable them to achieve new material progress to help the advancement of this planet. But they need to be reminded about spiritual life as well as the obligations they assumed before the leaders of the spiritual world. This is necessary for their achievement to contain a spiritual meaning instead of resembling bodies without a soul.


Any material work must contain a spiritual meaning in order to be efficient, which can only be transmitted by its performers. Produced by the workers’ thoughts, such a spiritual meaning is transmitted to the spiritual world by way of daily prayers. So, in exchange they receive through clairvoyance the ideas that will make the completion of their activities successfully possible.


Works that lack a spiritual meaning can be considered lifeless, just like a body which has been abandoned by the spirit. The spiritual meaning acquired through daily prayers to the Divinity is considered the soul of the work. Therefore, any work that possesses a soul is destined to have a long duration besides being beneficial to everyone.


Let us consider the common and necessary construction of a bridge as an example. If daily contact with the Divinity is maintained by its builders by way of at least evening prayers, they will receive from the spiritual world the necessary instructions regarding the best ways for planning and selecting the best materials, in real partnership with the Superior Forces. The Superior Forces will be present at all times to insure the utter success of such undertakings. Builders can this way be certain of its safety, efficiency and durability. Any work which is performed with the collaboration from the Superior Forces will last many years, even centuries.


On the other hand, constructions having exclusively material meaning, besides not lasting as long, they will even face the possibility of collapse. Thus, this confirms the assertion that all bodies possess or should possess a soul. In the above illustration, the daily prayers from the builders represent the soul, the vibrational presence of the Superior Forces, which prolongs the life of the bridge through the years.


The divulgence of this illustration by the Lord is of invaluable worth to all incarnate souls since it constitutes the secret of endurance and efficiency behind many of the works built on earth. Builders who intuitively thought of asking the Divinity for blessings and inspiration in the realization of their work promptly received them. As a result, their solid and safe constructions still stand, defying the inclemency of the times.


This is just a small detail of the spiritual laws that were created especially to be invoked by souls living in all planes of the universe. These laws establish that those who ask shall receive, and no one has ever resorted to them in vain. They are also known as divine laws. In the above lines the Lord refers to the construction of material works with the support from the divine laws. But He wishes to clarify that these laws function in all sectors of terrestrial life, whenever invoked by incarnate souls on a regular basis, resulting in the formation of a permanent link with the Divinity.


Men and women will often appeal for help from the Divinity if they become frightened by dangerous situations. In such instances the Divinity comes to their rescue and does whatever is necessary to help them in fulfillment of the principle: “Whoever shall ask, shall receive.” As representatives of the Divinity, the Superior Forces inform that the best way to avoid dangerous situations is through the maintenance of a link with the Divinity by means of evening prayers. It conducts such creatures through safe pathways, where peril in non-existent.


The following episode, known in the spiritual world, illustrates the worth of regular prayer. A deeply religious traveler, who fervently prayed every night and considered prayer his greatest weapon, found out that he had to cross an area inhabited by wild animals. And as he proceeded on his trip, he suddenly came face to face with one of the most feared animals. Halting abruptly in great excitement, in blind trust he uttered the prayer he kept in his heart. Then the beast quickly jumped to its feet and fled into the bushes as if chased by a ghost. It did not surprise him since he possessed unshakeable faith.


This is what happened from the material perspective, although there was another perspective, invisible to the traveler. The appropriate form of assistance materialized in the spiritual world as soon as the appealing thought was emitted. Protecting entities dazzled the prone animal with a luminous projection, which caused it to flee at top speed. It did not even attempt to attack the traveler; blinded by the luminous projection, the terrorized beast disappeared into the bushes. So, the traveler’s initiative saved him.


Someone may wonder if someone else, who only prayed when confronted with dangerous situations, would have received the same assistance. The Lord Jesus answers that the Divinity always grants the requested assistance, although with varying degrees. The situation that habitual prayers form in the spiritual world is somewhat different from the one formed by the occasional prayers uttered in face of danger.


The difference is that souls that habitually pray with conviction build a form of automatic assistance and protection in the spiritual world that is triggered by their appealing thoughts. This is what really took place: the traveler’s thought triggered in the invisible plane the device that made assistance immediately available in the form of a luminous projection. On the other hand, a soul lacking such a device would have to face the beast with its own resources, running the risk of being overcome by it and perhaps even…


It is highly advisable that all incarnate souls living where peril is present every step of the way adopt the habit of daily prayers. This would not only reveal their existence and location but also establish in the spiritual world the protective devices that are so badly needed on earth. Spiritual, or divine assistance, is present in all sectors of life.


For example, let us consider a vehicle that comes too close to a cliff. If he driver cultivated the habit of daily prayer, he would surely receive the necessary assistance perhaps in the form of an intuition or other appropriate assistance in case his intuition fails to perceive the danger. However, several things might happen in case the driver lived an exclusively material life. He might escape with just minor injuries or perhaps end up having to return to the spiritual world, where he would learn about the value of daily prayers. There are thousands of cases like this.


Accidents happen all the time and in all sectors of earthly life, as reported by the media. They take place in land, sea and air, leaving behind a lamentable number of victims. But those who pray on a daily basis can be certain that they will receive the necessary assistance at the right time. It is not the Divinity who identifies them in time of danger. They are the ones who build the device of protection and assistance in the spiritual world which serves them during emergencies. Everyone should carefully heed this.



Prayers alone can prevent deviations.


Give soul or spiritual meaning to your work.


There is still time for everyone to complete his or her apprenticeship on earth.





12th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On July 19th, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



Immense areas turned into fertile fields – Two categories of wandering souls – Ignorance alone is the cause of evil – Spiritual meetings in homes



The events that are going to take place in the earthly soil were programmed a few centuries ago for the purpose of accommodating new souls that will come to earth in pursuit of new lights and spiritual progress. The structure of the earth must be substantially modified in view of the immense areas that are completely useless to the incarnate souls at the present time. Such a modification is also common to all the other planets of the universe.


These areas will be transformed into fertile fields to produce the food necessary to meet the needs of the populations of the present and of the future. After being thoroughly studied and planned in the spiritual over a long period of time, they will also change the way of life, contributing substantially to new developments and to the welfare of the incarnate souls as well. Although this issue has already been largely divulged in the books of the Great Crusade of Elucidation, the Lord Jesus wishes to emphasize the need for all men and women to turn their thoughts towards spiritual life, which is the true life and certainly not the life that they now lead. The period of time that souls spend on earth in bodies of flesh has the sole purpose of providing them the opportunity to acquire new experiences, develop their intelligence and improve their morality.


The reason why souls that are now on earth were granted their incarnation is that all this can only be acquired in the earthly soil. So, it is not just necessary but indispensable that they understand this truth by striving to maintain daily contact with the Divinity through prayers, especially in the evenings. Therefore, since it is necessary for them to be prepared to be able to live through the coming events, this issue needs to be reiterated to penetrate the hearts of all men and women. The Lord at this point wishes to discuss another issue of great importance. It concerns the extremely high number of discarnate souls that unfortunately remain on earth after detachment from their physical vehicles. Various aid caravans had to be organized in the spiritual world to come to their rescue. 


Their presence in the earthly soil can be explained by the fact that in previous incarnations they were only preoccupied with material interests. Greedy for profit and enrichment of earthly goods, they ended up forgetting the real objective for their presence here. Due to their exclusively material lives, they came to the end of their material existence lacking the spiritual preparation that is needed to ascend to the spiritual planes to which they belong.


There are two types of souls in this category. The first is the type that, lacking spiritual preparedness due to lack of opportunities, leads simple lives dedicated to their work and the acquisition of life’s necessities. And even though they leave their bodies automatically at the end of their existence, they roam around for not having a sense of direction until they become convinced that they are still living in their bodies. Then, although aware of their inefficiency, they resume their previous activities in the workplace and homes.


Eventually these souls begin to associate with their incarnate relatives, friends or acquaintances with the intention of helping them; they transmit their ideas and inspiration either with the sincere desire of helping or inflicting pain. This is the type that is being attracted to spiritual institutions for treatment and subsequent conduction to their respective planes in the beyond. However, since the number of souls guided in this fashion is considerably lower than the number of souls leaving their bodies at any particular day, the population of discarnate souls in the earthly soil is constantly increasing.


As previously mentioned, numerous caravans of aid have been organized to assist, retrieve and conduct them to the spiritual world. The earthly world shall soon be completely clear of the discarnate population as well as of the many inconveniences produced by their presence. The second is the type that chooses to live their lives devoted to evil deeds and rejoicing in them. They also end up getting detached from their bodies. If they practiced evil deeds while in their bodies due to the weakness of their underdeveloped conscience, they continue to do so after becoming free from matter. And since they are now able to do more harm than when in the flesh, they attempt to induce towards evil anyone who gives them ears. This category, under the leadership of more experienced souls, joins phalanxes that engage in the practice of all types of wicked acts against human beings.


They also join forces with a certain type of incarnate souls that is dedicated as well to evil activities as a way of life. Through all kinds of black magic, their diversified activities are designed to induce innocent incarnate souls to act against their own interests. This type is also being gathered and conducted to the planes to which they belong. The earthly soil shall soon be free from their bad influence, which is caused by ignorance.


The Lord Jesus wishes to clarify that these souls do not deserve to be repudiated by the Superior Forces, who are currently engaged in their removal to the spiritual world. It must be understood that no one is wicked just for the pleasure of it but because of his or her degree of ignorance. Ignorance is but the consequence of the darkness under which a spiritual or human creature lives. It is darkness what induces them to the practice of condemnable acts.


The only remedy against this type of activity can be nothing else but the enlightenment of such creatures. This is a divine task that should be undertaken by enlightened incarnate souls through religious teachings. We have had the pleasure of witnessing the transformation of unenlightened souls, once deeply involved with the practice of evil deeds, into enlightened souls now eager to recover from condemnable past acts through love and service to their communities.


The Lord herewith requests the efforts of all souls of good will towards the clarification in the light of the gospel of those that remain devoted to evil practices, such as inmates at the penitentiaries. Words of faith from good spiritualist books should be shared with them for a true moral comfort since incarceration greatly enhances an individual’s disposition for religious instruction. The good souls undertaking such a task will receive a spiritual reward at the proper time which is beyond their imagination. They will be blessed and rewarded by the Lord for such commendable work.


The Lord wants to address to the readers of these Messages the important concerning the choice of spiritualist works. Men and women should dedicate themselves to the study of the spiritualist works that is most pleasing to everyone attending their weekly family’s gathering. Thus, since such gatherings are very important to their happiness and welfare, the family should sit at the dining table without the tablecloth in the most convenient day of the week. The same specific time should be maintained in their regular meetings.


After everyone is seated, the family head should address some words to the Lord or the Divinity requesting permission, protection, blessings and more importantly the presence of their spiritual guides.  Declaring that the meeting has started, he should proceed to read aloud any chapter of the book of their choice. Help with any existing health problem or situation may then be asked with the certainty that it will be heard and considered by the Lord. The meeting should end with a prayer of thankfulness to the Lord and to the guides and protectors that might have been present.


And although simple, the ceremonial aspect of these meetings is very important to the family life. It allows the Superior Forces to cleanse the domestic atmosphere through the removal of any harmful astral influence that might be present. It is advisable that a pitcher or bottle of clear water is placed on the table at the beginning of the meeting for reasons of fluidization by the present entities. At the end of the meeting, the water should be shared for health improvement. A beam of spiritual light is created in the homes by such meetings, which attracts the attention and protection from the spiritual world.


Finally, as a service to the Lord and a clear demonstration of love for the fellow creatures, a prayer to lessen the agony of all souls of the earth and space should be offered. At this point, the Lord Jesus requests that all his children on earth help one another, so that they too may be helped. Since this can be easily accomplished, the Lord counts upon the collaboration of all incarnate souls.



Maintain your homes psychically clean.


Read this Message again in order to form a family group.





13th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On July 25th, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



Objectives of the New Order – Admonition from the Lord – The ripe fruits – Divine Laws’ determination – Planetary caravans – What souls can serve in these caravans?



The Creation of the New Order of Jesus is meant to remind all incarnate souls of their spiritual obligations, which is the fundamental objective of their return to earth. After carefully assessing the activities and teachings of the various earthly religions, it was concluded in the above that they contributed very little to improve the moral qualities of their followers. Therefore, the Lord decided to create his New Order to attract the thoughts of all incarnate souls as compensation for such deficiencies. The Lord dictated the objectives of the New Order, which are part of its constitution, to Apostle Thomas.


Considering that the incarnate souls are spirits on a temporary earthly course, for which they wear a body of flesh, they should not live detached from the duties and obligations which they assumed in the spiritual world. Nearly two millenniums have passed since the time of the Lord’s presence on earth in a body of flesh in an attempt to awaken spiritual feelings in all men and women. That is when it was decided by the spiritual world that the souls that had been incarnating on earth over and over needed more time for spiritualization through religious teachings.


And even though only a small number became spiritualized as a result from such teachings, there are fortunately thousands of souls in the spiritual world who managed to become spiritualized. It is essential that all incarnate souls make an ultimate effort in the course of their current pilgrimage to be able to reach their intended goal; this is in fact indispensable to their evolution. The establishment of the New Order allows the fortunate readers of the entire world to lay their eyes on these Messages.


But the Lord does expect some kind of reaction from religious institutions. They may want to discredit what has been divulged by the Lord through these Messages for feeling their interests jeopardized by them. The Lord wishes to warn them that since it has been foreseen in the spiritual world, provisions have been made to thwart such a move. The time has arrived for the earthly religious leaders to acknowledge the urgent need for spiritualization of the incarnate souls, to transmit to their spiritual ears that earthly life is just a means and not and end. It is necessary to say to the spiritual ears of all men and women that they come to earth for the sole purpose of spiritual progress and not for the accumulation of riches or to become masters of the planet.


It has already been explained that the planet will never belong to any human regardless of how powerful he may consider himself. The earth was created and prepared in the course of millions of years in order to serve as a spiritual school for God’s souls; therefore, it should not be considered an object of conquest by any race. The divine Providence has in fact been compelled to intervene and restore peace whenever nations disagree. Those that were deceived by wild dreams of conquering and dominating all men and women soon became disillusioned; they returned to their plane of spiritual life filled with regret. It follows therefore that only the divine Providence can govern the earth, as it will continue to do through the millenniums, determining the type of teachings administered to the incarnate souls.


It is visible to us in the spiritual world that almost all men and women that are on earth have made fairly good spiritual advancement at this historical time as result of experiences acquired in previous lives. A simple example is that the souls that are living on earth at the end of this century can be compared to ripe fruits needing to be picked before they fall to the ground and deteriorate. They are being called by the Superior Forces to turn their attention to the above before a strong wind throws them to the ground, making it difficult for them to reach their spiritual home.


Even though the spiritual world determined some centuries ago that a good number of the incarnate souls that are currently on earth would be promoted to higher planes of life upon completion of their incarnations, a small number will have to go to an inferior school due to heir inability to socially adapt to their environment. In view of the fact that the selection process has already begun, the Lord wishes to offer all incarnate souls the opportunity for self-identification. Given that the spiritual laws are devoid of any violence, each soul is identifiable through the degree of vibrations it is capable of emitting. As they approach the end of their earthly apprenticeship, the Lord expects them to accept this call by presenting themselves to the Superior Forces firmly entrenched in the principle of prayer and faith. It will enable them to elevate the level of their mental vibrations and become part of those to be promoted in the spiritual world.


Regarding the souls that will soon be conducted to an inferior world for being refractory to harmonious living in their environment, the Lord wishes to make one last appeal to them, which is for them to reform and self-reconcile by discarding practices that are incompatible with the divine laws. Just what, they may wonder, do the divine laws prescribe? Divine laws prescribe the exercise of anything that is not in the least detrimental to fellow creatures, which is the practice of love for one another, not harm. Some of their most important chapters establish the following: “do not to kill, do not to steal, and do not to lie” as well as many other negative activities that are detrimental to the conquest of spiritual happiness.


But if some of the fortunate readers of these Messages find that they are on a collision course with these laws, they should not consider themselves to be beyond redemption. If animated by a strong desire of self-reconciliation, they could immediately begin the practice of good and meritorious acts, repudiating everything that in their judgment would deserve condemnation by such laws.

One of the main objectives for the establishment of the New Order of Jesus is to save those that, desiring to be saved, are making efforts towards such a goal and to awaken those that are anesthetized by material life, pushing them towards the light. But unfortunately, it is the latter that comprises the great majority of incarnate souls.


The Lord knows that without the call from his New Order the souls that are spiritually prepared would remain anesthetized for the rest of their lives. Consequently, a new incarnation would be required, just like the student that needs to repeat the grade due to his waste of precious school time. But the situation is much more important with respect to spiritual life. Since the number of souls in the spiritual world that needs a new incarnation is quite high, it follows that those that are currently living here and still need to return to this physical plane will probably not be able to do so before the twenty-first or twenty-second century. Thus, anyone who seriously meditates on this and is familiar with the New Order will certainly agree with the Lord that it is better to start preparing now for higher levels of life in the spiritual world.


The Lord Jesus has been sending several caravans of highly evolved souls to more advanced planets for the purpose of implanting  the result of their studies and observations on the earth at a later time. Such studies shall provide these souls with great means for progress. Therefore, the Lord wishes to offer this opportunity to all the incarnate souls that would be interested in such activities upon their return to the spiritual world.


In case someone wonders what type of souls could become part of these caravans, the Lord answers that any soul sincerely yearning such a mission would qualify. It is convenient to explain that many of the souls that currently lead modest lives due to their lack of scientific or collegiate degrees may very well possess sufficient knowledge and experiences stored in their spiritual files which they acquired in other lives. This stems from the fact that all souls have the right to the same knowledge and experiences in the course of their infinite lives. The souls who were scientists in previous lives may lead today what appears a modest life which they desired and chose for reasons of convenience.


Any of them would be ready to be part of the planetary caravans of the Lord to search for new ways to improve the earth. It is through the knowledge acquired in more advanced planets that many improvements can be implanted on earth for the purpose of advancing the progress of this small planet. Other improvements, recorded in the minds of such souls, are being brought to earth with their arrival. This is a summary of what the Lord hopes to achieve through these Messages. Will the Lord reach such an objective?  There is no doubt He will!



The Lord speaks directly to you through these Messages.





14th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On July 26th, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



For a lasting peace – The armed conflicts – The magic key – The Asian conflict – Conflicts in perspective



The Lord Jesus has been visiting the principal nations of the earth with his assembly of assistants who are in a position to influence and contribute to the establishment of lasting peace among all nations. The degree of evolution already been attained by the incarnate souls in this century is such as to award them a true comprehension of divine laws and prevent the outburst of new conflicts. The Lord will take the necessary steps to insure that this does not happen, which includes the recall back to the spiritual world only as a last resort of the leaders of the nations responsible for any new-armed conflicts.


In view of the fact that human life is sacred and absolutely necessary for individual evolution, men must not waste it through the explosion of the wars which they create and nurture, regardless of the reasons involved. Gone are the days the Superior Forces conformed to watching from the above the development and unleashing of conflicts by powerful nations with the pretension that they were protecting the interests of humanity, such as it happened with respect to the past two major conflicts of this century.


This shall no longer occur. Any nation having an inclination to wage war in order to solve political problems will be exposed to great risks, irrespective of its power. Such nation shall face the possibility of being eventually conquered and occupied by the provoked or struck nation. The earth was created, prepared and perfected in order to become an evolutionary school for the souls of the spiritual world, just like the earthly schools were created for children. Since children need a peaceful environment in order to be able to assimilate the teachings and progress, the outbreak of a conflict in a school would not only disturb the children but also cause the sacrifice of some lives, figuratively speaking.


And progress would obviously be impossible; they would be able to assimilate very little, if anything at all. Such a result would be as lamentable if this image is transported to the whole of humanity. Irrespective of their final consequences, armed conflicts do not benefit anyone; it harms everybody. The current earthly leaders have obtained enough experience in their millenary past to understand the advantages of dealing with the leaders of the other nations in a brotherly manner towards the solution of their problems. The waging of wars must be completely eliminated because it is improper, unfruitful and absolutely contrary to everyone’s happiness.


The Lord Jesus is engaged in promoting understanding among all chiefs of state and their assistants of the tremendous responsibility that will befall anyone contemplating the use of arms in the solution of problems. They should notice that, as God’s children like themselves, the peoples of all nations also participate in the same earthly family. Thus, a nation that decides to wage war against another nation will be harming and killing real brothers and sisters since they are all children of the same Creator.


Through his New Order, the Lord wants government leaders to be aware that a great risk hovers over the heads of those who decide to unleash military and economic might against other nations. In case of such an emergency the Superior Forces shall quickly come to the side of the attacked nation, and in such a manner as to cause defeat to the aggressive nation. This declaration from the Lord is totally devoid of any sense of threat since the Lord would never threaten anyone. It carries a sense of stimulation toward love and brotherhood as well as a sense of warning to whoever contemplates on attacking or humiliating a weaker nation with the pretense of defending its interests.


Therefore, it is the Lord’s intention to offer a magic key to all earthly leaders, which will open the doors of understanding among all the nations, resulting in peace, harmony and general happiness. This key is called “prayer” and should be decisively used in the solution of their problems. Yes, dear readers and friends, the prayers from earthly leaders asking the Divinity for help and inspiration have the miraculous power of clearing the environment regardless of how umbrageous it may be. It prepares the minds of other leaders for the mutual understanding that is common among real siblings.


The magic key, prayer to the Divinity, is the best way for earthly leaders to find solutions to their problems in an atmosphere of peace, harmony and general tranquility. Therefore, the Superior Forces of the spiritual world, to which all nations of the earth are subjected, will no longer tolerate the other type of solution.


There is a serious conflict currently being waged in some Asian lands, where thousands of souls have already been sacrificed. What is its purpose? Is there perchance any just reason for this grave conflict? The answer is absolutely no. Political in nature, this conflict is fueled by ambition on both sides. The souls being sacrificed in this conflict - the dead, the wounded, the maimed – are worth much more than any particular area conquered through military maneuvers. Having come to earth to learn and progress and become illuminated, they instead ended up being tossed into a terrible conflagration which caused them to lose the incarnation they had to wait a century to obtain.


The other aspect involves the material assets which could have been better used toward everyone’s benefit, such as in the construction of schools and hospitals. The amount of material wealth that is wasted is indeed lamentable. This is still another conflict without a justifiable purpose. Those responsible for starting it and keeping it going will be called to testify in the spiritual world upon their return. However, time remains for an understanding to be reached and the remaining lives saved. It is about time for the incarnate souls to sincerely ask the Divinity for inspiration and intervention to bring this slaughter to an end, which has consumed so many lives.


Then, let the men responsible for the Asian conflict appeal to the Divinity by way of sincere prayers so that the transmutation of such war-torn environment into one of peace can be witnessed by them with pleasure. The leaders of the earthly nations should realize that not even the largest part of land is worth the loss of any life, which is conceded by the Divinity for the purpose of development and evolution century after century. They would become convinced of their mistake if they just gave their actions a proper consideration. Various other conflicts being planned for this century are under development in the minds of certain government leaders.


The Lord Jesus wishes to clarify that their calculation will most certainly fail at the proper time as the result of actions from the ever-watchful Superior Forces. So, it would be much better for them to put aside their warlike projects, striving to achieve peaceful relations with the other nations once that it would have the assistance of the Superior Forces. All wars must definitely end on this planet so that the spiritual vibrations resulting from fraternal understanding among all may be elevated and purified. This has been decreed in the above and steps to impede other wars have been taken. It should not sound strange if the media reported the sudden departure of a national leader or any other influential person, according to determination from the spiritual world.  


This measure was adopted also to prevent the suffering that an armed conflict imposes on the victimized and the aggressive nation as well. All young incarnate souls that are on earth in this end of century have the important mission of improving the progress of the planet and not of being sacrificed in holocausts created by the ambitious desire for domination on the part of some leaders.

Therefore, a friendly understanding among governing leaders is urgently necessary so that they can find the solution to their problems with the support from the Divinity. 

Thus, those placed in the positions of leadership of the earthly nations can be certain that their lives can be either shortened or lengthened, depending on whether their actions are beneficial or detrimental to humanity. Since this is being carefully observed by the Superior Forces, they will intervene whenever it becomes opportune in order to protect innocent souls from suffering. Thus, let the occasional earthly leaders heed this truth; this is what the Lord Jesus asks and is grateful for.



Since one’s life can be either shortened or prolonged, make the best you can with what you have.





15th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On August 01st, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



The grace of the Lord – Religious creed and the organizations – Neither heaven nor hell – Profession and the religious process



The Lord’s objective will materialize as these Messages of his New Order start reaching the earthly homes. Wherever these Messages can be found, even if just a single one, there will be a spiritual light announcing his word. They represent much more than just words and thoughts; the Lord’s grace accompanies them into the earthly homes, sustaining, helping and inspiring the families in their activities.


As promised in the spiritual world before their descent here, the long awaited time for the incarnate souls’ happiness and well being has finally arrived. There will be fundamental changes affecting their lives as they abandon the things that have caused them suffering over a long period of time. The Lord Jesus wishes to come in closer contact with all the souls that are presently living on earth in order to help them along their multi-millenary path, so that they can receive at the end of their earthly journey that beautiful award which they yearned when they were in spiritual world. After waiting a long time for the souls of good will to decide to turn towards light and the above, the Lord decided to come personally to the earthly soil to contact these souls through the New Order.


But it should be emphasized that the New Order is not meant to initiate a conflict with any of the existing religious organizations since it gives them credit for the good intentions they demonstrated through efforts to spiritualize their followers. So, since the real objective of the souls that come to earth century after century is the acquisition of the lights and experiences necessary to their spiritual progress, it is then clear that it is the religions’ task to teach them accordingly with love and care.


Although it is true that the incarnate souls require material gain to maintain their bodies while in the flesh, it is also true that they must tenderly care for their spirits through the acquisition of new lights and blessings. This is well known by souls that prepare to reincarnate since they will strenuously try to make it happen on earth. But due to the fact that their physical memories are unable to recall what is registered in their spiritual memories, they end up chasing the perishable material pleasures and neglecting their spiritual objective.


So, the Lord Jesus calls the attention of all religious creeds and organizations toward the reform of their teachings in order for them to be able to deserve the support from the Superior Forces of the spiritual world. These religious entities should do it now, without any further delay, in order to effectively serve their followers. It may be wondered what could happen to the religious entities not willing to change their centuries-old teachings so as to conform to the Lord’s determination.


Already expecting it because of the coziness in which they find themselves, the Lord replies that eventually they may find themselves abandoned by unhappy followers who will search for the spiritualist organizations that are able to teach about the spiritual world. And to be able to regain their crowds, these materialistic temples will first need to step down from their purely material heights and then embark on a new type of teachings. When this happens, they will have learned that no one wishes just to memorize religious formulas or prejudices; they want to listen to the spiritual teachings that can help them walk. The so-called religious teaching that tries to convince humans that they are born only once and that the hereafter is unpredictable and unknown should cease at once; the world knows quite well that this is not so and that everything can be truthfully revealed through spiritual teachings.


The Law of Reincarnation, which one of the most important laws governing souls’ lives, is what regulates their coming to earth for their earthly apprenticeship as many times as necessary. It is precisely the Law of Reincarnation that brings to earth the very same religious leaders who vehemently deny its existence time after time. Had it not been for the large number of incarnations lived on earth, they would not be here today; they would have remained in the spiritual world due to lack of progress in their spirits.


The time has arrived for the so-called religious teachings that announce the existence of heaven and hell and the related notions of eternal reward and punishment to cease because such spiritual regions have never existed. What really exist in the spiritual world to receive souls returning from earth are vibrational planes that harmonize with their specific type of vibrations. For example, a soul that distinguishes itself by the purity of its earthly life through the performance of meritorious acts in favor of others, elevates its vibrational level in such a way to be conducted to one of the most beautiful, luminous and happy planes in the spiritual world. This soul will feel like it is in the heaven created by the earthly religions even dough it would in fact be in one of the most beautiful planes of spiritual life.


On the other hand, a soul that wasted its existence in activities condemnable by both human and godly or divine laws would after its disincarnation be snatched to unidentifiable regions due to its lack of spiritual light. Having then no idea of its whereabouts, it would suffer the painful consequences of its earthly deeds. And if it ever victimized anyone, it would now feel as if its victim is threateningly fluttering around it.  In reality, the victim would probably be resting comfortably in some far away place. Remorse, though, the great tormentor of souls in the above, will not leave the suffering soul in peace. This soul will feel like being in the hell described on earth.


This is really what should be considered heaven for the happy souls and hell for the less fortunate ones. Therefore, it is best to teach all incarnate souls that they can create the situation they desire after they relinquish their bodies to the grave. It is fortunate that the number of souls that presently leave the earth in such a condition has been significantly reduced. However, it is highly commendable to teach the incarnate souls that they come to earth obeying determinations of the highest elevation, and that for this reason they should conduct their lives along the most perfect moral principles as they lean on the highly beneficial practice of prayer and meditation. By teaching this principle in their early childhood, the earthly religions would be providing them with the best possible service as well as attract blessings and gratitude from the divine Providence for themselves.


Another issue the Lord wants to address in this Message is the type of religious profession in existence on earth. Religious preaching should not be a profession and since it is absolutely unnecessary for humanity’s guidance, its tendency is to eventually disappear. Men and women should exercise activities that provide them with the means to maintain themselves and their families, using their knowledge to fulfill their life program accordingly. Those having aptitude should lovingly dedicate themselves to religious preaching after work, certain that they will be serving the Divinity. It is after their working hours that other incarnate souls would also be free to attend religious activities. Religious work conducted in this fashion by duly prepared individuals becomes more efficient and useful than what is offered by the temples in the morning hours to congregations that do not really understand it.


Substantial transformations will also take place in the religious process in the next century through the elimination of several of the millenary practices that have been of so little use to anyone. There is no reason for preachers to wear special garments or emblems, created to impress their loyal followers. Nothing of the sort is required for the teaching of religious principles. By wearing common clothing during religious activities, they will be perceived as being on the same level as their followers, thus becoming the center of attention and sympathy. This teaching method will undoubtedly require individuals that have a spirit of equality and efficiency.


This is not meant to imply that the Lord came to condemn what has been in existence for centuries; He just wishes to asseverate that changes are necessary and that they shall soon come to pass. Incarnate souls should carefully observe what has been written herein as well as meditate on such an important matter.



The word of the Lord Jesus will be wherever one of these Messages is. The Lord will be with whoever invokes him.




16th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On August 02nd, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



Earth’s age – The work has already begun – Safety element – The spiritualist works – Premature death



Created more than eight hundred million years ago, the earthly world still shows its original geological characteristics; its mountains, plains, rivers, valleys and oceans have remained the same since the time of its cooling and solidification. So, it can be correctly concluded that the earth is still a very young planet. However, since its population has been steadily increasing due to the fact that numerous souls from inferior schools are promoted to the earthly cycle, substantial changes have become necessary in its topography to accommodate the millions or perhaps billions of such souls needing to evolve here.


This situation caused the Superior Forces of the spiritual world to develop a plan for reform of the earth’s structure which will change its vast mountainous areas into plains capable of producing the food supplies necessary for a population twice as large. Already initiated in the bowels of the earth, such an undertaking shall soon become evident on the surface of several continents. Since their effects already started to become visible and known through reports coming from the affected areas, it is certainly painful to the survivors to hear about the number of casualties that such telluric phenomena cause.


Thus, the Lord Jesus wishes to remind everyone that the souls hit by earthquakes are tenderly met and conducted without suffering to their respective planes in the spiritual world. Such occurrences were appropriately foreseen when the plans that are presently being carried out were elaborated. Furthermore, numerous relief caravans have been properly organized to deal with them.

When souls that are hit by an earthquake are hurled out of their bodies, they are immediately conducted to the spiritual world without the least amount of suffering. They are welcome and all their needs are met as they settle there. Many are hospitalized for whatever treatment they may feel they need, although they do not really need it. It happens that many beg for medical attention for feeling as if hurt or wounded as the result from their abrupt separation from their bodies. However, as they rest and start feeling comforted, becoming convinced that they are not injured, they promptly adapt to the new situation.


If any pain results from such events, it is suffered by the souls that remained in their seriously damaged physical vehicles, unable to disincarnate. But they are surrounded by entities that are devoted to the relief of physical suffering in an unsurpassed demonstration of love and kindness. The spiritual fluidization ministered to them is designed to comfort and relieve their suffering. Generally speaking, all incarnate souls affected by catastrophic events are greatly compensated with the acquisition of new lights and a reward. They all receive new points of light and blessings as well as a reward for their complete happiness.


The Lord again wishes to emphasize the importance of daily prayer and meditation in the establishment of a solid link with the spiritual world: it is the equivalent to the construction of a luminous thread linking the incarnate souls to the heart of the Superior Forces. Such a fluid link represents not only immediate aid when something happens but safety and tranquility in their ascension to their spiritual plane as well. This is the reason why the Lord and his messengers insist that all men and women dedicate half an hour every evening for prayers to the Divinity. Many blessings can be attained during the few minutes of meditation after prayers, including the solutions to existing problems.


Readers not well informed might wonder why the Lord and his messengers insist on the practice of daily prayers and meditation. The Lord clarifies with all his love that its exclusive purpose is to benefit the souls themselves. The Superior Forces of the spiritual world have for many centuries experienced difficulties in the retrieval of hundreds of souls from cosmic space, souls that lived their earthly lives totally disconnected from the spiritual world while exclusively concerning themselves with material interests such as wealth and abundance. As many of them fail to construct the necessary link with the spiritual world, they find themselves lost in cosmic space, on a kind of blind flight, without any particular destination.


Many drift away from the earthly cycle into the vacuum that surrounds the earth for lacking the needed link with the spiritual world and the Divinity. Due to their lack of spiritual vibrations, the Superior Forces have to employ great efforts towards their retrieval. Because of his great concern that not even one of the sheep that were entrusted to him by the Celestial Father is lost, the Lord engages numerous caravans to search for these souls in cosmic space. Such an explanation is offered as a justification for his insistence on the need of daily prayers given that its importance can only be properly evaluated when the souls return to the spiritual world.


Another equally important issue is the study of the spiritualist works that have been divulged on earth, which includes those of the great men that have lived here. With respect to the reason why souls come to earth century after century, the study of such works can surely to quite enlightening. Even though they were timidly initiated in the nineteenth century, they are nowadays much more developed with the divulgence of a great deal of details concerning the life and happiness of souls on earth. The Lord knows that, although many people deprive themselves from such reading for personal reasons, this situation will eventually change; they shall solicitously turn towards their study.


Spiritualism is the knowledge of spiritual life and its relation to earthly life in accordance with the spiritual laws that govern life in all the planets of the universe. Therefore, studies of spiritualist books can be greatly beneficial in the acquisition of lights and spiritual progress. So, since matters peculiar to earthly life can only serve the souls while in their physical bodies, it is advisable that they become familiar with spiritual life issues for their greater happiness and welfare on earth and especially in the hereafter.


In addition, the study of spiritualism provides them with new and great joys for enabling them to easily learn to communicate with departed loved ones who also long for such a communication. Gone are the days when the departure of a loved one was seen as a definitive loss; it is but a misconception that relatives die and disappear forever. The establishment of spiritualist works replaces this old concept with the belief that death is not the end but a transition from the physical to the spiritual life.


In reality, when the remaining incarnate souls eventually leave their bodies, they reunite in the spiritual world with their previously departed loved ones, where they are able to verify the veracity of the spiritualist teachings that declare that life is infinite and that death is nothing more than the soul’s return to its spiritual home for a needed rest.


Some readers would probably like to ask the Lord the reason why so many creatures die early in their infancy, adolescence or youth, given the fact that there is so much they could learn. The Lord informs that every soul that comes to earth to begin a new incarnation brings a life-plan containing predetermined and foreseen events which includes the day of their departure from the earth. If this is a surprise anyone, it should be to the relatives of the departing soul for not being aware of its life-plan.


As for the departing soul, it receives confirmation in the spiritual world that its departure had been foreseen and predetermined.   As a rule, the soul that departs from earth relatively early will in the spiritual world strive to attract the thoughts from its relatives, for their own benefit. In fact, it is the divine Providence who determines the homes into which the souls destined to have a premature departure will incarnate, leaving their relatives engulfed in a profound longing. It is due to such longing that they will develop the habit of praying for the departed soul while the departed soul does the same in the above. A solid link is thus weaved between these earthly homes and the spiritual world; the souls that depart early from the earth, chiefly the very young, transform themselves into divine links for the spiritual happiness of their relatives.



The profound longing caused by the departing souls creates a link between the two worlds.





17th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On August 08th, 1970

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



Two important objectives – The Lord’s coming – Life’s natural obstacles – Contributions to the New Order of Jesus – Preservation of peace.



The Lord Jesus created and established his New Order on earth with two goals in mind: to accelerate the diffusion of spiritualism and the evolution of all incarnate souls. It was concluded in the spiritual world after analysis of the level of evolution attained by souls through successive incarnations on earth that if things were to continue in the same direction, most of them would not be able to reach the expected evolutionary degree even in the course of the next two millenniums.


It would be similar to allowing students decide for themselves whether they should study during school terms or not. This image is simple but nevertheless significant since it precisely illustrates the case concerning incarnate souls. After spending a rather long period of time in the spiritual world studying hard and preparing for a new experience in the flesh, they descended to earth hoping to attain further spiritual progress. However, becoming attracted to all sorts of material interests at the age of reason, they went on to dedicate themselves to them to the point of not allowing time for the needed spiritual interests, as they had promised.


This has been happening over many centuries especially in the Occident, where the great majority of the so-called religious teachings care mainly for their own organizations and not spiritual life. It is due to this lack of attention to spiritual life, which is quite detrimental to their evolution that the Lord returned to the earth under the inspiration and determination of the Superior Forces of the spiritual world. The Lord comes in spirit to control his New Order in an effort to bring words of enlightenment and faithfulness to as many incarnate souls as possible. Having in the past promised men and women that He would return to conclude the work of spiritualization initiated almost two thousand years ago, his presence here now fulfills such a promise.


The Lord found these Messages to be the easiest way to speak to the hearts of all men, women and children about the true objectives behind their return to this physical plane. So, through these Messages the Lord wishes to speak to their ears to stimulate them towards the acquisition of what they not only desired but also promised to acquire prior to their reincarnation. What they desired and promised was a complete dedication to spiritual matters and permanent illumination and avoidance of material concerns. However, since many of them are dedicating themselves to material interests, it is necessary to repeat that they should try to recall the objectives that they promised to pursue when they requested their current incarnation. But due to the peaceful phase which many souls might be enjoying in their current existence, it is possible that they will not give these Messages the importance they deserve.


The Lord adds that no one enjoys a completely tranquil life on the earth because it would conflict with the spiritual (divine) laws. To a certain extent the topography of the earth is similar to the lives of all creatures. There are no unbroken flat surfaces on the face of the earth; the heights and depths of hills and valleys must be overcome and the brooks, streams and raging rivers crossed. In order to overcome these natural obstacles, a traveler needs to resort to his inner resources. Similar phenomena occur in the course of earthly living. The souls will not live a complete life without having to resort to their inner resources, which is the fruit of their accumulated experiences. Nothing can be more helpful to overcome life’s obstacles than a heart filled with faith coming from daily prayers and meditation, which create a perfect link with the Divinity.


Since this is truthful, the souls that are currently enjoying a pleasant and tranquil life should not reject the Lord’s Messages in view of the fact that no one can guess what the future holds. The souls that happen to be in the tranquil valley of their existence should bear in mind that a deeper valley or mountain could instantly appear before them. They should bear in mind that the descent to such a valley or the climbing of such a mountain could be easily accomplished with faith and help from the Divinity.


It would have been much more comfortable for the Lord Jesus to follow the evolution of earthly souls from his celestial court, giving to each what he deserves. It would certainly be a comfortable position in view of his great evolution but not the best way to contribute to a more rapid evolution of the sheep the Celestial Father entrusted to him. Thus, the Lord took upon himself the task of aiding them to evolve as rapidly as possible for their greater happiness. It is for this reason that the Lord created his New Order, which should extend throughout the whole world. This is still another reason why the Lord convokes the souls of good will to directly or indirectly divulge the teachings and the purpose of the New Order. It is that those willing to serve him will be contributing to the general awakening of souls. Therefore, they should request information from the New Order on the format and manner of its diffusion for reasons of homogeneity and faithfulness.


The Lord recognizes and conveys his gratitude to every person capable of understanding his New Order who engages in serving him in any possible way. As compensation for services rendered directly to the Lord, they shall receive a spiritual reward upon their return to the above. Since the Constitution of the New Order was inspired from the above in strict accordance with the Spiritual Order and its respective regulations, the names of all the members inscribed on earth will also appear in the above. Such an affiliation shall last through the centuries and millenniums to come. This is way the Lord chose to distinguish all incarnate souls who made themselves available to support and to help spread the principles and objectives of this New Order.


The Lord Jesus now wishes to address the issue concerning the maintenance of peace and perfect understanding among nations. For this to be accomplished, it is necessary that the leaders of nations and their people understand that they are simply instruments placed in such a position by the divine Providence for the purpose of rendering divine service. Consequently, these leaders were not given the right to thrust their armed forces against the peoples of other nations for the purpose of destroying them. From now on the recall of the leader of any nation having the disposition to wage war back to the spiritual world is within the divine Providence’s power. This happens to be the best if not the only way to prevent further wars. The earth needs peace, as does the entire humanity, in order to live and progress.


It is for this reason that the men responsible for governing will no longer be permitted to engage in wars for the purpose of punishing or conquering. Therefore, it would be advantageous if instead they armed themselves with faith in the divine Providence. It was the divine Providence who placed them in roles of leadership and who they should call upon when faced with serious problems that are beyond their ability to solve.


All they have to do is kneel down in a quiet place and direct a fervent prayer to the Divinity, requesting inspiration and assistance for an equitable and pacific solution to their problems. Those proceeding accordingly can be certain that they will receive the needed inspiration and help. For this reason, all earthly leaders should act in such a way rather than deciding for themselves to spill the blood of brothers and sisters of other nations. If they just put prayers into practice, the divine Providence will do the rest.





18th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On August 09th, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



A blessing from the Almighty – Contact with the Lord Jesus – War as salaried work – War is a negative demonstration – Clairvoyance and spiritual audience



The circumstance that brought the Lord Jesus to the face of the earth to spiritually help, inspire and enlighten all the incarnate souls should be considered a blessing from the Almighty to the humanity. In essence, his presence here with numerous assistants from his celestial court is the most important event on this planet since the martyrdom of the carpenter of Nazareth nearly two thousand years ago. The urgent need for all incarnate souls to make daily contact with the Divinity by way of sincere prayers alone justifies the Lord’s resolution to settle on earth in the company of an assembly of spiritual assistants.


It is the Lord Jesus’ intention, through the contacts he has been maintaining with the leaders of the most powerful nations, to persuade them to reform their ideas and projects concerning other countries in accordance with his principles. The Lord has presented to them during the sleep of their bodies a live image of what conflicts can produce. In this fashion, his efforts towards the promotion of peace on earth have already accomplished significant results, which is a signal that such a realization can be expected within a short period of time.


During the sleep of their bodies, the Lord has presented to the earthly leaders the commitment they assumed in the spiritual world when they pleaded for their current incarnation, promising to work on earth exclusively in favor of peace and general harmony. Observations in the past few months show that such reminder affected their senses, thus producing very positive results towards the increase of mutual understanding. The Lord has warned these children, the occasional trustees of the destiny of populations, that the will of the Heavenly Father is for all human beings to come closer to one another, to understand one another harmoniously with the help of their respective governors but not for them to engage in self-destruction with the illusory desire for greatness and dominance of the earth, regardless of the circumstances.


The Lord Jesus recently gathered nineteen leaders from major earthly nations at a conference table, asking them about their political objectives as far as the other represented nations were concerned. But since they were attending the meeting in spirit during the sleep of their bodies, it was impossible for them to disguise their real intentions due to the fact that everything reflects in the form of mental images. This way the Lord was able to learn about the planning of terrible warlike projects not just by one or two leaders but by all of them.


The Lord found that these leaders lacked fraternal feelings and that the idea of greatness and dominance were predominant. In order to clarify their thoughts, it was necessary to prolong the last conference, which took place in the last half of June, 1970, for several nights. After considering the enunciated ideas, the Lord concluded that all bellicose projects are the result of purely material interests.

From one of the attending leaders emerged the peculiar idea of engaging in a lengthy war against other nations to create work for the unemployed millions who heavily burdened that country’s economy. This leader felt that the public funds used for employment and funding the war would be offset by the acquisition of the conquered territory, stating that problems of overpopulation and insufficient food supply would also be solved through such bellicose activities.


The Lord Jesus listened attentively to this leader, showing great sympathy and understanding for his problems. Then the Lord informed him that since the Superior Forces of the spiritual world had been fully aware of such problems for a long time, they had programmed a series of telluric events to extensively amplify that country’s food producing areas. He also informed him that at least one third of the mountainous regions would be removed as consequence of the forthcoming telluric events, bringing real advantages to its enormous population.


Finally, the Lord Jesus exhorted this great soul to study the possibilities for employment of the available workers in the tilling and cultivation of unused regions, undertaking which would have the assistance from the Superior Forces. The Lord then invited the other leaders present to participate by opening their immigration doors to this nation and by intensifying their commercial relations to include importation of specialized products. The final result from this conference concerning the establishment of peace on this planet can be seen as quite satisfactory. Radical changes in the attitudes of many countries have been noticed with the increase of peaceful agreements on issues once considered insoluble. So it can be expected that earth will witness everlasting peace as nations draw treaties of friendship and cooperation.


This is one of the main reasons for the Lord’s coming to earth with an assembly of luminous spiritual assistants. It is now time for the incarnate souls to refrain from becoming so ambitious and proud to the point of engaging in the destruction of their brothers and sisters. After all, they lived in perfect harmony and understanding in the spiritual world.


It is necessary to curb the wave of negative feelings involving many parts of humanity by understanding that men created frontiers as result of ambition for greatness and dominance. The earth is a whole and as such it is destined to shelter souls that the divine Providence assigns to come here in missions of apprenticeship. The establishment of deadly conflicts is thus inconceivable to the divine Providence in view of the fact that the only reason for souls to come to this physical plane is the acquisition of a greater volume of spiritual lights.


The divine Providence considers war a negative demonstration and the greatest of all crimes: the destruction of the lives of innocent fellow creatures. Such criminal activities will no longer be tolerated. The divine Providence shall no longer temporize with warring leaders; they shall be called them back to the spiritual world before they can initiate new conflicts. As a result, armed conflicts, which have spilled the precious blood of millions of human beings that came to live here to learn and evolve spiritually, will come to an end.


Now the Lord wishes to elaborate on the mediumistic faculties of clairvoyance and clairaudience, which stem from two small glands in the cranium that are natural to all men and women. Since they have to be developed in order to function properly, such a development can be greatly enhanced through the daily practice of mental exercises. It is sufficient just to concentrate one’s thoughts on each of these glands, visualizing their daily growth. This will cause the projection of mental vibrations either on one or both glands, producing an effect similar to the consistent watering of a plant to nurture its growth. So, the mental vibrations that are projected on these glands will nurture them slowly but surely, causing them to function properly. In view of the fact that it can be accomplished by anyone, the possibility of seeing or hearing spiritual entities can bring true personal benefits. Since utilization of clairvoyance and clairaudience can advance the incarnate souls’ spiritual development by a few centuries, why not attempt then to develop such a useful activity?



Anyone can spiritually advance a few centuries through the development of the faculty of clairvoyance and clairaudience.


Easy exercises can also be found in others Messages of the Great Crusade.




19th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On August 15th, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



The doorway to the twenty first century – Soul’s fuel – An aggravating problem – The Lord’s presence on earth – The value of psychography and how to develop it



The events that are scheduled to occur at the end of the century are designed to produce effects never seen on this small planet before. The impending structural changes will bring remarkable improvements into the lives of the lucky souls that will be incarnating here in the next century. Furthermore, those that will transpose the doorway to the next century will also benefit from these changes due to the elevation of the mental vibrations in the earthly environment.

By being able to act in the physical plane the Lord fulfills the part He reserved for himself centuries ago of speaking directly to the hearts of the incarnate souls and to encourage them to the Divinity on a daily basis since that is indispensable to their evolutionary progress and spiritual happiness.


The following illustration may present a better image of the phenomenon. Let us imagine a nice spacecraft built for transportation; an important and indispensable element is needed for making the flight possible and safe: fuel. Without it, the spacecraft will not be more than a useless object captive to the ground. But if adequately fueled, it will gain altitude and cover great distances. So, regardless of how perfectly engineered and structured, it will not lift from the ground without fuel.


A perfect analogy can be found in the lives of incarnate souls in relation to their spiritual planes. When they leave their bodies, they also need an important element in order to elevate themselves above the earthly soil and reach their spiritual plane, which is the effect of the accumulated whole of their daily prayers, formed in the course of their earthly lives. In order to facilitate understanding the Lord adds that this “whole” is directly responsible for their varying degrees of faith. Thus, the fuel disincarnating souls need is called “faith,” and the greater it is, the quicker and safer their return to the beyond will be.


But unfortunately, since many souls lack this precious element, they remain wandering around after disconnecting from their bodies, unable to volitate away from the earthly soil. Thus, the Lord decided to descend from his celestial court and settle here in order to minimize or even eliminate the number of souls in such a condition. And although it is true that this situation has been occurring since the beginning of the earth’s inhabitation, it was easier up to a few centuries ago for the Superior Forces to retrieve the souls restrained to the earthly soil for lack of spiritual preparation and conduct them to the above in view of the fact that the population was smaller.


However, the number of unprepared souls that remain among the incarnate has increased considerably since the population increases by about five percent annually while decreasing by only two percent. Consequently, it is urgently necessary that all men and women become convinced about the need to diligently begin preparing to increase their faith dosage. It will not only facilitate their retrieval after the death of their bodies but also help them project into higher and happier planes than those they left in the spiritual world in order to live their current incarnation.


This explanation has the sole purpose of helping all incarnate souls prepare conveniently for the journey back to the spiritual world. So, due to its great importance, sharing these Messages with relatives and friends in a commendable thing and the readers who participate in such an endeavor can count on the Lord’s immediate appreciation. A relatively large number of people refuse to accept the Lord’s presence on earth because of his great elevation. The Lord wishes to affirm to these sons and daughters that this is not the first time He has descended to earth from his celestial court. It has been occurring since the time He was entrusted by the Celestial Father with the care of this human flock. But this time, however, the Lord decided to come for a longer period of time in order to oversee the substantial modifications that have become necessary in the structure of the planet, which will have a great impact on the population.


The ideal location for the Lord to settle on earth was found in the Brazilian territory, as was the mediumistic instrument necessary to receive these Messages. Without an adequate instrument, it would be very difficult to divulge the thoughts, teachings and advice the Lord wants everyone to receive. Fortunately, this instrument is still on earth due to the Lord’s determination since the original date for his return to the spiritual world had been foreseen for 1968.

The Lord hereby recommends the earnest and sincere practice of psychography to everyone, considering that new explanations can be received through this wonderful faculty. If it were not for the coming of this instrument at the end of the last century and for his efforts to develop such a mediumistic faculty, the books of the Great Crusade of Elucidation would not have been divulged; millions would have been deprived of such a blessing and joy.


Considering that many souls may wish to learn more about this wonderful faculty, the Lord explains that it can actually be developed by anyone who is interested in serving as intermediaries to evolved entities such as himself. Three conditions are required: aptitude, time and good will. Aptitude involves the basic knowledge of the native language, so that messages dictated to the instrument’s telepathic mind can be written down on paper. Primary schooling and habitual reading should be more than sufficient, and in case of any writing deficiency, corrections can be made after the dictation. Only good will is required besides aptitude and time for the development of this splendid faculty.


How does one begin exercising psychography? The Lord Jesus recommends that those interested sit at a table or desk, in a quiet place, with paper and pencil at the same time and on the same weekday. A prayer requesting the presence of a properly qualified entity should be uttered to the Divinity or to the Lord himself. Close attention should then be paid to what the telepathic mind feels or hears; it would be the beginning of the communication. The words that come to mind should be written down without concern for their meaning.


There are individuals, like this particular instrument, who will receive a complete message in their first attempt. Others may have to continue exercising on the same days and at the same time before they can develop the ability to serve as intermediaries between the spiritual and the earthly worlds. Furthermore, its development brings great joy to all, allowing departed relatives to visit and communicate with them. The departed relatives will also be extremely happy to exchange words with the loved ones they left in their earthly homes. This process of communication through psychography can be utilized by the readers to contact departed loved ones who continue to live in the spiritual world as alive and active as when they were on the earth.


In addition, the Lord informs that there are many thousands of souls in the spiritual world eager to communicate with mediums on earth for the diffusion of important teachings and advice. There are even scholars and scientists anxious to transmit details of discoveries they made through higher studies in the beyond, which could greatly advance the terrestrial progress. All that they need is a mediumistic instrument capable of loyally receiving their ideas. Furthermore, there are writers, poets, musicians, painters, sculptors and other artists who would appreciate transmitting their ideas to the incarnate souls.


Thus, the fortunate readers of these Messages can find herein a plethora of valuable ideas that can easily be put into practice. The Lord would be very pleased indeed if some of the readers became available as intermediaries to the spiritual world. Such an endeavor would bring them great satisfaction later when they contemplate from the above the work that was accomplished on earth in partnership with spiritual entities. The Lord promises a beautiful reward for the performance of divine service on earth upon their return to the spiritual world.



This is just one of the many exercises found in these Messages.





20th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On August 16th, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



The creation of the New Order – Thirty minutes are sufficient – An important doctrinarian point – Religious departments on earth – The Lord’s revelation



The Lord created his New Order in order to properly clarify the people of their obligations as incarnate souls in search of progress. It is well known to the Lord that many souls do not feel the need to pray to the Divinity on account of the fact that they seem fairly satisfied with their earthly living. But the Lord wishes to inform them that things are about to change, which will affect their current tranquil living. When changes do occur everyone should turn to the Divinity in prayer in order to receive divine assistance and protection. Individual situations tend to undergo periodical changes in accordance with their respective life-letter. After living a tranquil and prosperous life, a large number of incarnate souls will often feel as if projected into a state of profound depression.


Common as they are, such changes are in many cases meant to awaken the incarnate souls from their state of anesthesia and move them toward spiritual life. Since the divine Providence closely follows the lives of all incarnate souls, it knows when it is time to awaken them towards spirituality. Thus, it is of utmost importance to study and understand such changes once that they are part of life. In view of the fact that it is quite difficult to obtain permission from the Superior Forces to reincarnate, a process which involves a long waiting period due to the large number of souls interested and in need of a new degree of progress, it should be easy to comprehend why daily prayers and meditation are repeatedly recommended by the Lord and his emissaries. The thirty minutes that should be reserved for daily prayers is the equivalent to the time people use to consume their two main meals, which are necessary for the maintenance of the body.


Therefore, if it is all right for them to feed their bodies to keep them strong and healthy, what is the body’s purpose?  Would it be just to work and acquire riches? The Lord explains that the sole purpose of the body is to allow the souls to live as long as possible on the earth so that they can accumulate the experiences and knowledge needed for their spiritual progress. For this reason daily contact with the Superior Forces of the spiritual world through daily prayers is necessary in all undertakings for the purpose of receiving inspiration, protection and assistance. It should be made clear that the souls that obtain permission to return to the earth have two main objectives: to contribute to the progress of the planet through studies and research and to acquire new lights through meritorious work to fellow creatures and daily prayers to the Divinity. 


It should be also made clear that no soul comes here with the objective of accumulating wealth and then leaving it for their relatives. The principal objective is for each soul to advance the progress it was able to attain in previous lives through prayers and good deeds, which they promised the Superior Forces before receiving permission to incarnate. Does any soul realize how much the present incarnation cost them in terms of waiting time in the spiritual world?

The Lord informs that every soul must wait at least a century; time during which it tries to assimilate the knowledge gained on earth that is stored in their spiritual files. During this process of assimilation, they attempt to separate their good deeds from the bad, as if separating wheat from the tare. Many of them engage in this endeavor with such a stringent criteria and sense of morality that their good deeds start soon reflecting in their auras.


And in addition, since a century provides ample time for other studies and activities, those desiring to improve themselves can take any of the many courses available in the spiritual world. After giving this a proper consideration, the incarnate souls should agree that it is convenient to keep daily contact with the Divinity by way of prayer as recommended by the Lord. They should certainly agree that such a contact is indispensable for being the best way to live their incarnation.


The Lord wishes to clarify his authority to speak to the entire population of the world in view of the existence of different religious principles, especially to the incarnate souls in the Occident. Although subordinated to various entities on earth, these religious principles follow but one leader in the spiritual world, which is the Lord himself. The Lord Jesus is the leader responsible for the spiritual evolution of approximately ten billion souls belonging to the earthly cycle. This number includes the incarnate souls on earth and the discarnate souls in the above, who are waiting for new opportunities to reincarnate.


The many creeds or religious principles practiced in different countries may be considered as religious departments; although they each have their own elected leaders who are worshiped by the local populations, their head office is located in the spiritual world. But the Lord is at the cupola of all religious departments and their respective leaders are the Lord’s assistants. Anyone researching the non-Christian religion of an oriental country would learn that his or her main leader or mentor exudes a profound veneration for the Lord. Thus, it would be pleasing to the Lord to see a translation of these Messages reach the oriental peoples; it would certainly be mostly appreciated.


These Messages were written in Brazil for two major reasons. The first is that being essentially a pacific nation, Brazil is populated by souls that were chosen to live here since its discovery some five hundred years ago. The second is that due to an especial circumstance, the only instrument capable of rendering this great service to the Lord is currently living in Brazil.


Since it is opportune, the Lord has an important revelation to make concerning the medium that has been receiving these Messages by way of psychography. He is his brother James of two thousand years ago, who has been serving the Lord throughout various incarnations. This is another reason for the Lord’s establishment in the Brazilian soil: to dictate these Messages in order to spread the teachings of the New Order.


Now the Lord wishes to address another topic of importance to the souls that are on apprenticeship on earth with respect to their non-acceptance of the spiritualist teachings. The Lord knows perfectly well that this happens mainly due to the opposition by the earthly religions towards the study of the beautiful spiritualist teachings. They oppose spiritualism because, since it preaches the survival and reincarnation of souls in successive lives, acceptance of such a principle would cause the incarnate souls to abandon their temples. But despite their fear and opposition, the reincarnation doctrine is absolutely truthful and imperishable. And once it explains the reason for their existence and frequent presence on earth, it is now time for everyone to lean on spiritualism with strong determination.


Opposition and even combativeness to the spiritualist principle should not come as a surprise. As unbelievable as it may seem, there are souls in the spiritual world that, although aware of their condition of discarnate soul or spirit, still find themselves in the negative current. Such a phenomenon can be explained by way of a simple illustration. When a material object is impregnated with a strong dye, the color will adhere to its surface in a way that even detergents cannot remove it. There are only two ways to remove such coloring: to allow the passing of time, which can take months or years or to have it scraped off.


The same thing happens with the discarnate souls who remain unbending in their acceptance of spiritualism, although they are spirits themselves: they must undergo the passing of the times. Time will eventually convince them of the existence of the spiritualism that they presently contest. But it must take place slowly, as result of their observations since their mistaken beliefs cannot be scraped off. There is no violence of any kind within spiritual laws, as previously stated. Each must learn from the facts within his reach before accepting reincarnation, which insures the survival of all souls through its perfect functioning.



Religions are like departments under the same spiritual leadership in space.