Channeled Messages of Jesus Christ

1st Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On June 13th, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



Words directed to the world – Life preserver – Jesus settles on earth – All men and women are spirits – The New Order of Jesus – Not a new religion – There is no hell, purgatory or heaven – Invitation to the earthly religions



What the world needs to hear amid the surrounding darkness are the words of the Lord Jesus which, recorded in these Messages, are meant to awaken and help everyone in his struggle toward spiritual redemption. A series of changes shall occur at the end of this century in order to prepare the incarnate humanity for the advent of the next century. Although the Lord allowed enough time for the religions to awaken and to direct the souls towards their true spiritual goals, regrettably it has not been the case thus far. Observations conducted in the spirit world indicate that only a few incarnate souls have managed to elevate themselves above material interests, establishing contact with the Lord’s heart.


With time running out, the Lord Jesus decided to establish a New Order on earth designed to lead all incarnate souls to the destiny that they came to pursue here on earth. He declares to the hearts of all men and women that the creation and establishment of the New Order corresponds to a life preserver to everyone who is still adrift in this immense sea of disturbance. The sight of souls who are still turned to material concerns, those same souls who were here nearly twenty centuries ago when the Lord appeared on Earth in human flesh, is the cause of great sorrow to the Lord. It is because they remain detached from their true spiritual goals that they have to return here so many times. 


Their opportunities will have to end as they conclude their apprenticeship, liberating themselves from the thick crust that still involves most of them. It is time for all human beings who are presently enjoying a new incarnation to take a few moments every day to communicate with the Lord, thus showing that they exist and where they can be found in the diverse regions of the world.

The Lord Jesus descended to the physical plane to personally direct the New Order. The Lord comes in spirit to convoke all souls to look more closely at their spiritual selves in view of the fact that the physical will remain on earth at the end of their present existence. The Lord informs that every human being is a spirit occupying a body of flesh so as to be able to stay on the earthly soil, spirit which will eventually have to return to the spiritual world where it came from not only this time, but also hundreds of times before.


Since life in the flesh is temporary, all men and women should turn their thoughts to the above on a daily basis in order to be able to receive the intuitions and inspirations that are as necessary to the spirit as food is to the body. Since the New Order of Jesus has the purpose of helping those with goodwill achieve their goals, the Lord decided to come in spirit to save everyone who remains indifferent to the divine call.


A recommendation from the Lord is for a principle of fraternization to be established among all incarnate souls, as if they are blood related. The true pathway to spiritual progress involves recognizing, helping and loving one another. When human beings do this, when they start considering others as their real brothers and sisters, including them in their daily prayers, a principle of luminosity will be activated, adhering to their spirits.


Consequently, as they instill such a principle in their hearts, their brotherly actions and thoughts will make them feel happy, tranquil and blessed. As their souls gain greater spiritual discernment, they will be able to receive the intuitions and inspiration needed to overcome all kinds of obstacles, including those that seemed insurmountable before.


In case you wonder if the Lord came to establish a new religion through his New Order, the answer is unequivocally no. What the Lord wants is to collaborate with all existing religions in the spiritualization of incarnate souls in view of the fact that most of them still believe there is nothing beyond the grave. So it is necessary that religions alter their teachings on this subject. They should begin instructing their followers that the life of a human being is eternal, that only the body perishes while the spirit returns to the spiritual plane to resume living its true life. In addition, it is necessary for the religions wishing to fulfill this mission before the Divinity to clearly separate their material and worldly interests from the spiritual. They should teach that life is not lived just once but countless times and that there is a constant flow of souls; souls that descend here for a new dwelling and souls that return to the spiritual world at the end of their incarnation.


It is not sufficient for them to simply entertain their followers through the execution of certain precepts; it is necessary to teach them the great truth that, since life is infinite, all souls are compelled to return to earth as many times as necessary for their spiritual evolution. To teach the existence of only three levels of definitive dwelling places available at the end of a physical life, namely purgatory, heaven and hell, is to teach them in error. It eliminates from their minds one of the most beautiful precepts: that earthly life is not lived merely once but in every century.


Since life is infinite, it should be made clear that the more human beings regulate their actions on earth towards pure morals and elevated sentiments of love for one another, the sooner they will reach the desired level of evolution. There is no hell, purgatory or heaven but planes of greater or lesser luminosity, which correspond to the level of evolution attained by the inhabiting souls. This should be taught and proclaimed by the religions since it would represent a great blessing to their followers.


Through this first Message, the New Order of Jesus invites the leaders of the various religions to meditate on this matter and proceed to reform their secular teachings, which have contributed so little to the spiritualization of their followers. If spiritualism were inscribed in their banners, they would find their houses and temples of worship crowded by people eager to hear such teachings. The Lord addresses particularly the Western religions in view of the fact that they have the lowest level of evolution.


Since millions of souls in the Western world lack spirituality in view of the absence of the spiritual character that should preside over the religious teachings, the Lord Jesus invites all leaders responsible for religious orientation to reform their practices and teachings in order to benefit the spiritual elevation of their followers. The Lord is completely aware that such undertaking clashes with their persisting millenary practice of teaching doctrines that cause followers to grope from one religion to another in search of spiritual truths. By stating that everything ends at the grave, they fail to provide meaningful spiritual guidance to their followers; therefore, they should be abandoned.


This is one of the truths taught by the New Order to all men and women of the earth.


The New Order’s objective is to bring Jesus’ words to all creatures.





2nd Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On June 14th, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



Need for spiritual living – Highly evolved entities assist the incarnate souls – Visualization of human aspirations – The value of prayers – Reason for difficulties – Parents’ obligation



The actual inhabitants of the earth must pause in their purely material activities and meditate on their spiritual life, which is eternal, infinite and not just abridged to their present existence in the flesh. After obtaining permission to reincarnate here once again, they should be able to return to their plane of spiritual life with some lights as the result of their good deeds on earth. They should begin to live a little more spiritually after realizing that fortune and abundance of material things are useless in the spiritual world. However, living a little more spiritually does not mean having to repudiate their material interests and habitual activities. Human beings should simply remember that they are incarnate souls in search of new and greater lights for their spiritual diadem, which they can obtain through the adoption of daily prayers to the Lord of the World and love and service to others as though they were real brothers and sisters.


In this second Message the Lord wishes to inform all men and women that an assembly of highly evolved spiritual entities is on earth to assist the realization of their needs and aspirations, provided that they are fair and convenient. Such needs and aspirations should be visualized and requested by them through morning or evening prayers. Through these entities, the Lord wishes to provide the incarnate souls with the opportunity for obtaining the things that they desire the most so that they can live with tranquility.


The Lord placed many of these entities in their midst to help them achieve their aspirations on account of the many difficulties and obstacles that face them. But their aspirations can only be determined by the spiritual entities if they project their image into the mental plane by way of thought formulation during evening prayers. This will make possible for them to oversee their materialization in the physical plane, in exercise of the power granted to them by the Lord.

Incarnate souls should be careful to project only images of just and reasonable things since suffering could result from the formulation of images of goods, valuables or situations that belong to others. By proceeding with such scruples, men and women will be able to attain their aspirations and consequently avoid suffering.


The Lord Jesus wishes to inform that the spiritual plane closest to the earth is replete with everything incarnate souls aspire for greater comfort and welfare while living the flesh. Based on such knowledge, each should try to adjust to the conditions of such a plane by way of prayer and request. A less informed soul may wonder about the role of prayers as far as the request and materialization of aspirations are concerned. It is prayers that are uttered at the end of the workday or during moments of concentration open a passage in the surrounding fluid plane, making contact with the directing body possible. Requests formulated through the uttered word or visualization can this way be received though such a passage and registered by the directing body for proper consideration and subsequent realization.


The realization of requests projected in this fashion occurs at different times in view of the assessment of their convenience by the spiritual directors. Possessing the ability to assess and grant requests, they wait for the proper situation or conditions to arise. Otherwise, if aspirations projected in the spiritual world were immediately realized, without the sense of opportunity, suffering could result. In this way, however, the incarnate souls will know that what they received came indeed at the right time.


The lack of knowledge of this process is responsible for the difficult living conditions encountered by many souls. Therefore, the Lord wishes to diffuse it throughout the globe to help reduce and even eliminate certain difficulties and allow the incarnate souls to live with more contentment and happiness. Next the Lord wishes to make another important revelation to all men and women living on earth. It pertains to the preoccupation that dwells in the hearts of fathers and mothers at the death of a child. The Lord clarifies that the children born into their homes already had such a destiny, in accordance with the will of the Superior Forces, also designated as the divine Providence. It is the divine Providence who decides into what home an incarnating soul is going to be born, in accordance to a prior agreement with the progenitors in the above.


 The Divinity is aware of the period of time which parents will stay in their earthly homes as well as the direction of children left behind by their departed parents. The Lord wishes to stress that no children will be prevented from following the most convenient pathway after losing one or both parents. The guidance of all children is foreseen and studied in the spiritual plane before their descent to the earth, as is the premature departure of their parents. It is the hand of the divine Providence that conducts, protects and integrates them in the position they occupy in the world, being numerous the cases under such conditions.


It is the earthly fathers’ duty to provide education and technical preparation to their children with the support of the divine Providence even if it contradicts their children’s aspirations. It does not make any difference if it is a position of social renown or of humbleness among anonymous workers since that is the destiny that truly suits the child. Humans endowed with knowledge which they did not learn in schools can frequently be found in humble situations by the way they distinguish themselves. Even though they became rather evolved in the course of past incarnations, these souls still lack certain experiences or degrees of humbleness which only such an environment can provide. And this can, as a matter of fact, be easily verified by anyone.


Although all souls must acquire similar degrees of knowledge in the earthly schools, some reach a higher level of knowledge in a particular incarnation by attending universities while the great majority fulfills incarnations of anonymity among the less educated. However, this will be reversed in future incarnations as the uneducated of today acquire knowledge and the educated join the anonymous masses. What this means is that education and knowledge constitute a privilege only in the present incarnation since all souls will acquire the same degree of knowledge one time or another.


The Lord invites the souls living on earth at this historical time to meditate a little on this clarification since it may correspond with their own observations. The incarnate souls will surely feel happier in knowing that at the appropriate time they too will enjoy positions of prominence in the governments of the world. The Lord Jesus still needs several thousands of incarnate souls to join his service on earth as the new Apostles of this century. All that those interested in such an endeavor need to do is emit such resolution during their daily prayers to be promptly registered and transmitted to the Lord. In this manner, the souls that wish to participate in Jesus’ service on earth will be immediately admitted and greatly rewarded upon their return to the spiritual world. Won’t you do it today?


A fervent prayer opens a passage between the planes and establishes contact with the visualized entity.





3rd Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On June 20th, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



Responsibility of family heads – Life program – The word of the Lord – Cooperation requested by the Lord – You, dear friends of Jesus



The Lord Jesus decided to settle in the earthly soil in order to better survey the needs of his protégés, which are the incarnate souls. Although settled in the soil of this great Brazilian nation with an assembly of assessors, the Lord radiates powerful vibrations of love to all creatures in his daily visits to other nations. This is done in order to enable these creatures to better prepare for the agitated times that are forthcoming at the end of this century. The Lord’s immense activities are designed to lessen their difficulties and sufferings, thus allowing them to attain contentment and happiness.


Although He recognizes the fine work of soul spiritualization that has been performed by various religious organizations over the ages, the Lord feels the need to stimulate such work by speaking more directly to the hearts of the people. The Divine Master has always been aware that the religious teachings have up to now lacked that practical element that draw people toward the objective of their incarnation as it speaks to their hearts. So, He finds it necessary to convey as clearly as possible that everyone is a spirit in search of new lights, which can only be acquired through earthly experiences.


Since spiritual life does not end when the spirit comes to earth, it is essential that all men and women realize the need to reserve half for daily devotion. Thus, after prayerfully elevating their thoughts to the Divinity in a state of meditation, they should conclude the session with thoughts of gratitude for the protection received on that day as well as for the protection they will receive in the coming days. Therefore, it is the responsibility of those responsible for children to pray at the end of each day. The spiritual world receives prayers with special attention in view of the fact that they reveal to its directing body the needs of the incarnate souls. And because of their great importance, they should be taken into account by all family heads.


The lack of daily prayers and requests is actually responsible for the thousands of difficulties found in the earthly homes. When men and women focus only on material interests, entertainment and other pastimes, they end up forgetting the importance of incorporating daily prayer into their lives. Therefore, if they forget or claim not to have the time to pray to the Divinity on a daily basis, as suggested before their descent here, they should not consider their difficulties and obstacles unusual.


Being committed to the implantation of peace, happiness and contentment in all homes and particularly all hearts, the Lord Jesus invites all men and women to organize their lives and reserve at least half an hour for prayers every day and at the same time. They should be considered sacred since they attract evolved entities for the purpose of providing the necessary assistance. Because of its importance in the transformation of homes, everyone should mentally engrave this point.


Through the visualization of his New Order the Lord sought to come closer to all souls living in the flesh in order to convey to them the words found herein. The Lord knows quite well that reincarnation causes the soul to forget almost everything that is registered in its spiritual memory. He also knows that many will fail and consequently return to their spiritual plane with their hearts empty of spiritual values without a proper orientation on earth.


However, the institution of the New Order should promote a fundamental change all over the earth. Through these Messages the Lord divulges his simple words, which can be easily comprehended by all creatures, advising them to penetrate the path of true happiness. He asks that everyone collaborate by making these Messages available to their friends so that they too can read and study them

The Lord invites the men and women who wish to join this divine service to send their registration card to the headquarters of the New Order. Through such a registration they will receive the grace of the Lord’s visit to their homes and of his assistants as well. The Lord’s periodical visits to the homes of the souls inscribed in the New Order involves a psychic cleansing through the transference to the spiritual world of discarnate entities that might be around disturbing their peace and tranquility.


The cooperation that is being requested by the Lord represents the entry of souls into the chart of Servants of Jesus on earth, and their names will be inscribed on a similar chart in the Celestial Court. Is the Lord requesting too much? This in fact is the easiest way for anyone to become part of the divine service on earth and consequently be able to speed along new steps in the spiritual scale.

In addition to that, the Lord suggests that centers be created in all cities for the purpose of unfolding the themes that these Messages contain. Each center should congregate a minimum of seven persons in accordance with the terms of the Constitution of the New Order. For such efforts, they shall receive a surprisingly high degree of blessings and grace from the Lord.


You may wonder about the reasons behind Jesus’ great efforts towards spreading this New Order throughout the world. The reasons are twofold. The first is his desire to induce incarnate souls to the practice of habits that can contribute to their rapid elevation. This is important because all souls that are presently incarnated have all but forgotten certain commitments they assumed before descending to the earthly soil by living a kind of instinctive life that is absolutely detrimental to their spiritual progress and true happiness. The second reason is the urgent need for spiritual progress in these final minutes of the twentieth century to allow everyone to go into the coming century with illumination and tranquility.


Since it is widely known that occurrences of great magnitude will affect many parts of the earth and cause the unexpected departure of many thousands of souls, which will have to return to their spiritual homes, the Lord wants to project divine light on the greatest number of souls possible in order to enable them to store peace and tranquility in their hearts. The best way to achieve this is through the dissemination of the New Order. This way you, the dear friends of Jesus on earth, now have the opportunity to receive not only the authentic word of the Lord through these Messages but also the grace of his spiritual visit wherever you may be, which shall transform your lives considerably.


All men and women, regardless of religious creed, race or profession, can register by completing the inscription card found in the final page of this book and sending it to the New Order.




4th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On June 21st, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



Millions of souls begin to descend to earth – The practice of daily prayers to the Divinity – The flame of faith – A warning to all men and women about the end of this century – An invitation from the Lord – A revealing reality



The coming of the Lord Jesus with his luminous assembly of assessors was planned long ago in the spiritual world, and so were the changes that will substantially modify the structure of the earth. Such a decision facilitates the Lord’s responsibility of overseeing, directing and commanding the spiritual assistance that the souls affected by such events will need. Every single detail was thoroughly studied regarding the preparation of the earthly surface for the several million souls that are waiting for the opportunity to reincarnate.

The preparation of the earthly surface to produce enough food to feed the millions of mouths that will be descending here in this century becomes then vital. However, since these programmed events will undoubtedly cause the departure of many incarnate souls, the way which they will be retrieved and conducted to their spiritual homes was also studied at length in the spiritual world. Numerous properly trained spiritual relief caravans have already initiated these important activities all over the earth.


One thing that is considered indispensable, especially during difficult times, is the practice of daily prayers to the Divinity. It allows the Superior Forces to identify, retrieve and conduct souls to safety whenever the occasion arises. Words cannot even express the value of daily prayers. Whenever a telluric phenomenon occurs, the Superior Forces behold what looks like a stunned swarm of souls being received in the spaces, near the earthly soil, after leaving their physical bodies. But the souls possessing faith, who cultivated the habit of prayer while in the flesh, become distinguishable among the others. They are easily identified and retrieved by the relief groups because of their greater luminosity.


On the other hand, souls in the stunned swarm who lived as if devoid of any rationality, lying down and getting up each day without any mental contact with the Divinity will experience delay in obtaining assistance from the relief groups because their hearts lack faith. And although it may sound strange, the Lord explains that habitual prayer produces certain luminosity in the hearts of the incarnate souls which grows and amplifies until they become powerful beams.

So, these points of spiritual light, which are called faith, are inextinguishable flames that increase in luminosity with the passing of the centuries and millenniums. Each flame or point of spiritual light represents in the above a force of attraction which can be so powerful as to cause many souls to be attracted to similar points of light in the spiritual world.


The Lord wishes to expose another matter of great importance, which is the common habit of alcohol consumption. When it goes on for hours during day or evening gatherings, at the sound of music, such a practice gravely affects the delicate organs of the human body. It is responsible for many serious illnesses which the medical sciences are not able to conquer. Consequently, every day hundreds of souls arrive prematurely in the spiritual world in spite of the fact that their lifespan called for a greater number of years in the flesh.


Souls that disembody as the result of alcohol consumption require long periods of rest and treatment in hospitals of the spiritual world since they arrive saturated with the corrosive element that caused their lungs, kidneys, brains and hearts to deteriorate. Hence the suitability of advice to all men and women to withdraw from this pernicious habit in order to fulfill their life plan in a healthy manner, considering that it took them a long time in the spiritual world to obtain their earthly life.


It is an unquestionable truth that alcoholic beverages originate from substances introduced in the planet since the time of its creation. However, in their anxiety for material enrichment human beings began to increase production of these substances, using them as a commodity for widespread consumption rather than a stimulant for specific situations. This is how the chronic habit of alcohol consumption was created, being its harmfulness known to all. The Lord’s heart fills with sadness at the sight of completely unconscious human beings lying everywhere due to inadvertent use of alcohol.


The Lord hereby invites the manufacturers of this element of slow death, which causes great damage to human health and life, to reduce its alcoholic percentage and to add properly tested substances in order to convert it into popular beverages. There are other ways to remove the elements that are so detrimental to good health, especially of the less educated since the better educated would not contribute to the enrichment of the alcoholic industry.

Given that all souls are required to respond to certain inquiries with respect to their activities on earth when returning to the spiritual world, the manufacturers of alcoholic beverages get separated from the rest. Since the type of activity that made them rich is clearly visible in their auras, one such case will be cited. After being put on probation, a particular soul who had become rich from the manufacture of alcoholic beverages was sent to an area completely enveloped by the unpleasant vapors from the entrails of alcohol consumers. It took this profoundly constrained soul less than a month to kneel down and beg the Superior Forces for removal from such a place.


This poor soul had to assume before the Divinity the solemn commitment of avoiding such an occupation in its next incarnation while preaching abstinence. It was then taken to a rehabilitation center in the spiritual world that specializes in all types of alcohol abuse. The period of time spent in such centers is determined by the number of years that they sacrificed.

Let us take a soul who has a life plan of seventy years but who returns eight, ten or fifteen years early due to illnesses induced by excessive alcoholic consumption. This soul will have to complete the interrupted period in such a center. And it is during these rehabilitation periods that they turn to meditation full of regrets for the consequences they brought upon themselves. But they emerge equipped to prevent a repetition of the same mistakes the next time around. Unfortunately, there are in the spiritual world several million souls in such condition.


Through this disclosure the Lord seeks to warn all men and women about the harmfulness of alcohol consumption and prevent that they spend time in such a rehabilitation center. As it is widely known, the human body is comprised of cells that are fed by the constant flux of blood in the organism. This flux, or circulation, is kept, fed and fortified by the consumption of food. When pure in its composition, food promotes good health by way of the derived essences that the blood stream distributes to all the organs and cells. On the hand, when strong alcoholic substances are normally consumed with or between meals, their corrosive elements eventually invite diseases into the most vulnerable areas of the body, with the possibility of death.


Pleasure and not merely a sense of duty should be present in prayers.


Spiritual light is the force that propels the spirit towards the beyond.





5th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On June 27th, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



Friendly word – Need for daily prayer – Religious teachings – Brazil’s influence in the progress of humanity – Spiritualization and fraternization



Presently settled in the soil of this great Brazilian nation with a luminous assembly of spiritual assistants, the Lord expects all men and women to accept his friendly and understanding word. And due to his great concern for the welfare of the incarnate souls, besides irradiating powerful vibrations of love, the Lord designated thousands of highly evolved entities to help and inspire them to overcome the natural obstacles common to earthly life.


With the commencement of a new era in the next century, the Lord decided to settle in the earthly soil to oversee the ongoing works that will change the landscape of the earth. Millions of souls that have been dwelling in the spiritual world for a long time need liberation urgently in order to be able to achieve new progress. After concluding that the existing food producing areas are insufficient to feed them, the Superior Forces decided that substantial changes are needed to convert the vast unproductive areas of the planet into productive ones. Therefore, the phenomena that will occur in some regions will be the prelude to the substantial changes that are currently undergoing preparation deep beneath the surface of the earth.


Even though such phenomena will cause thousands of souls to depart unexpectedly from the earth, the Lord wishes to inform everyone that such a premature departure will be beneficial to them. Some ounces of spiritual light will be conferred upon these souls as they arrive in the spiritual world, which they probably would not be able to acquire otherwise. And if they had managed to acquire the habit of daily prayers, they will have only reasons for rejoicing before the divine Providence. This is why the Lord strongly recommends that daily prayers be made a duty of great importance. They represent food for the spirit on earth.


Now the Lord wishes to explore another important matter of great benefit to every soul presently in transition on earth. It concerns the consequences awaiting in the spiritual world those who abandon spiritual life while concerning themselves with the material aspects of earthly life. It is quite sad to observe the arrival in the spiritual world of so many souls unprepared for spiritual life due to the fact that while on earth they forgot what they had learned in the above. But the Lord understands well the reason for this forgetfulness. The fault does not fall entirely upon these souls. It falls to a large extent on the religious instruction administered by most of the religions.


Since they are mostly concerned with the number of followers in their congregations, these religions not only fail to provide spiritual teachings but even engage in giving them combat due to their alleged inconvenience. Thus, it is for this reason that the great majority of men and women that attend religious services on earth are just accustomed to the simple fulfillment of the precepts that their respective religions propagate, completely lacking the sense of duty owed to the Divinity. The Lord wants to remind that all human beings have the capacity to not only communicate directly with the Divinity but also to request assistance for their own needs as well as the needs of their fellowmen.

Long gone are the times in which someone else had to direct prayers to the Divinity; men and women should realize that nowadays no middleman is necessary given that the Divinity is appreciative and grateful for prayers received from each individual regardless of the language used. It is not the language but the underlying sentiment that is important in the elevation of prayers.


The Divinity receives and translates the sentiments of the educated and the uneducated as well. What really matters is the underlying sentiment and not the eloquent or beautiful phraseology. Prayers should express the longings of the heart through simple words rather than prefabricated formulas and it should be preceded by mental preparation in order to attract the attention of the Divinity.

Everyone should try to cultivate the simple habit of daily prayer, finding in the Divinity that most intimate, paternal friend. You can rest assured that those who pray regularly will reap excellent benefits.


The presence of the Lord on earth shall produce a tremendous advance in the progress of this great nation, which is destined to play a significant role in the progress of the entire human race. Being always protected by The Superior Forces from the ambitions of other Western countries, the time has now arrived for Brazil to act as a fulcrum in the projection of a new impulse towards other earthly regions, as carefully planned by the Superior Forces some centuries ago.

Being now established in the soil of this great nation, the Lord will not only protect it from the greed and evil from other nations but will also direct the Brazilian people toward the research and discovery of certain elements which will greatly enhance its development. But an indispensable condition for progress is spiritualization of its people, which will attract the purest of vibrations from the governing Superior Forces and thus protect it from the perils that plague the world.


The presence of the Lord on the surface of the earth will also accomplish other objectives as well, such as the understanding that not only children born of the same parents and living in the same homes are brothers and sisters, but actually all human beings inhabiting the earth in search of the same spiritual lights. As illustration, let us take a huge camp lodging a few hundreds tourists that arrived together for a few weeks of leisure. Being already acquainted, they feel as if they were siblings. They are aware that they can count on the occupants of the other barracks because they all share the same objectives. The result is the creation of a common thought of unity and peace among them and nature but never the selfish thoughts that are so predominant in all walks of earthly life.


This is the way all human beings should strive to live, looking at all human creatures as true brothers and sisters just like they did in the spiritual world before coming here. This is the way for humankind to be able to transform its egoistic environment into an environment of pure brotherhood and love, thus making life on earth as pleasant as the above illustration. Fraternization and love for one another are the conditions necessary for everyone’s happiness. Without them life on earth will continue to unfold like a terrible drama, full of adverse circumstances, as if packed  with powerful opponents always ready to ambush. Since such a way of living must come to an end, will you not start doing your part to help bring about the necessary changes?


A fervent prayer to the Divinity is to the spirit what food is to the body.




6th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On June 28th, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



Over 40 years of age – There is still time – Which way? – The issue of the birth rate – The Western world – Brazil in the next millennium



The men and women currently on earth, especially those over forty years of age, have an important mission to accomplish on behalf of the younger generation. After obtaining permission to reincarnate, these souls received in the spiritual world a life-letter containing the responsibilities which they owed their younger fellow creatures. They were entrusted to operate as spiritual mentors to their younger brothers and sisters after assuming before the Lord the commitment to become his loyal servants on earth.


The Lord will reward many who fulfilled their promise through the cooperation they rendered into his service on earth. However, there are a good number of incarnate souls who just busied themselves with material interests, becoming completely forgetful of their commitment. The Lord wants to remind these souls of the commitment they made, which is as follows: “I hereby commit myself before the Lord Jesus that on my next descent to earth I will dedicate a good part of my time guiding my fellow creatures towards light and heaven by way of the spoken word and daily prayers. I also promise to the best of my ability that, with his assistance and the assistance of the Superior Forces, I will become his servant on earth.”


Since the Lord fully understands that the human mind is only capable of recalling just a small part of the things it keeps stored, many things are revealed to the incarnate souls during their sleep in order to help them recall them when they are awake. Thus, there is still plenty of time for anyone having the proper disposition to cooperate with the service of the Lord on earth. Just a moment of meditation after prayers at bedtime can open new and vast horizons and bring surprising results in the realm of things.


After reading this Message, someone may wonder what type of activity should be pursued to comply with the promise they made in the spiritual world. The Lord Jesus wishes to inform those interested in serving him that they can begin by reading and putting into practice the works that comprise the Great Crusade of Elucidation. Those not desiring to read these works can serve the Lord differently. They can pray for the recovery of the needy on earth and in space, for the sick in their homes and hospitals, for the blind, for the mentally ill and for the criminals. Those that do this with love and devotion for half an hour on a daily basis can be certain that they are serving the Lord in a quite meaningful way. Given that every good or evil thing in life has its compensation, everyone doing this will be mostly compensated for the good done to others.


So, the Law of Compensation bestows upon those who practice good deeds the amount of goodness commensurate with the goodness produced and distributed through their prayers. The more widespread the practice of prayer is, the clearer the earthly environment becomes, making the lives of incarnate souls lighter and more peaceful. This is what the Lord recommends and expects from everyone.

The Lord now wishes to address the equally important issue of birth control in the Western world. If men and women were better acquainted with divine laws, they would not waste their precious time with an issue that is under the exclusive control of the Divinity. Four centuries ago, which is long before humans started to get concerned about it, the Superior Forces had already resolved it through the only acceptable way which is the enlargement of the food producing areas. After being finally been implemented, such enlargement is currently under way in order to transform the unproductive areas into fertile fields, which will accomplished by magnetic operations capable of transforming useless mountains into perfectly cultivable surfaces.


As described in the books of the Great Crusade of Elucidation, these events will transform the structure of the planet in such a way to make human beings’ attempts to control the birth rate unnecessary. If the Superior Forces decide to send again to earth the several million souls that are in the spiritual world ready to reincarnate, how can humans conceive and entertain the idea of impeding it? The cultivation of land should become the immediate objective of all governments. If there are nations that have cultivated all of their land, there are also many others still possessing extensive latifundia and unoccupied areas which could be utilized to feed the several million spiritual beings who are ready to reincarnate.


Regarding Brazil, the Lord has joyfully observed the efforts of young Brazilians in transforming the region in the extreme north into food producing areas, with full collaboration from the Superior Forces. Having enormous possibilities and surprises for its explorers, this area has the potential to produce enough food to supply the entire continent and part of Europe. It is for this reason that the Superior Forces have protected it since the time of Brazil’s discovery. Therefore, humankind needs to do its part with love and a spirit of fraternization and trust without doubting the divine Providence’s assistance.


In order to provide the inhabitants with proper health care and education, the first structures to be built in these areas should include a hospital and a school. The construction of hospitals and schools in these newly inhabited areas happens to be one of the Superior Forces’ main objectives. Appreciative of such efforts, the Lord will provide the aid necessary for their realization. Since much of the Western world’s material wealth has already been exhausted due to overpopulation, a large part of its population will have to be transferred to other regions. However, due to the fact that this is the part of the Americas where most desire to live, it will have to become materialized in a methodical way. The Superior Forces overseeing this part of the world, particularly Brazil, will carefully select the populations that will eventually be transferred here.


For this reason they will remain in close contact with the governing leaders in order to inspire, clarify and protect them in their extremely important positions, so that they can help this beautiful nation fulfill its destiny in the next century.

The Lord Jesus is prepared to provide the assistance necessary to enable Brazil and its people to realize their objectives. The Lord’s settlement in the Brazilian territory and the establishment of his New Order will form such a powerful focal point of spiritual light to irradiate toward all nations of the earth. And as peoples from the other nations are attracted by this intense irradiation, they will start coming here in a gradual way to aspirate the effluvium from this blessed Order of the Lord. But this will take place gradually, under the control of the Superior Forces, to insure the welfare of Brazil and of its population.


Meditation after daily prayers will open new and wider horizons.


The Superior Forces cooperate with the projection of the New Order to the world.





7th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On July 04th, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



Like a flock of sheep – More than a hundred thousand years of evolution –A formula for self-judgment – The Lord’s explanation to an aggravating circumstance – Word of elucidation



Love and Grace flow from the Lord into the hearts of incarnate souls having the privilege of receiving this message. The establishment of the Lord in the soil of this great nation will lead it to its historical destiny, which is to shelter the earth’s most spiritualized population. The time has come for all incarnate souls to know that they are here on a temporary basis, for a shorter or longer period of time in accordance to their life plan; that they are spirits with the objective of acquiring the light that is necessary to their illumination. That is the reason for the Lord’s decision to come in spirit and create his New Order. He will closely direct the ongoing work that will modify the structure of the earth.


Observation of humans gives the spiritual world the impression of a huge flock of sheep concerned exclusively with eating grass. This is perfectly acceptable with regards to sheep since they lack any type of understanding. But the situation is completely different regarding men and women due to the fact that they have been evolving one hundred thousand years more than sheep. Besides, they possess a vast spiritual endowment that needs to be amplified with each incarnation on earth, which they obtain only after assuming serious commitments in the spiritual world.


It is for this reason that they should not imitate sheep, acting as if they have no other purpose than living day by day while their fluid double develop and evolve into beings that will eventually search for spiritual growth. Possessing well-developed consciences as well as a vast spiritual endowment, human beings ought to raise their heads and seek daily contact with the Superior Forces that observe, inspire and direct them from the above. Raising their heads means to engage in meditation and daily prayers as they seek solutions to their problems. Once again the Lord emphasizes that prayer and meditation are absolutely indispensable for the accomplishment of the life program that the incarnate souls bring along. All men and women should use the few years separating them from the next century to eliminate the practices they judge contrary to the laws of love and fraternization.


The Lord now wishes to provide a formula to the fortunate readers of these Messages which will enable them to discern whether their acts conform or conflict with the laws of love and fraternization, or divine laws. They can be absolutely certain that, by using the formula being offered by the Lord, they will perform only just and meritorious deeds. This simple formula is highly advantageous to their spiritual progress, which is the reason for their return here.

Whenever a man or woman feels inclined to perform an action but feels uncertain about its advantage to their spiritual progress, they should meditate imagining the Lord present in spirit to judge its merit. If they feel the Lord would approve it because it conforms to the laws of love and fraternization, they should proceed without hesitation. But if the act seems contrary to the divine laws that govern earthly life and spiritual progress, the idea should be abandoned. This formula will never fail if used with sincerity. Similarly, the performance of an act judged inconvenient might produce bitter results, which could last a lifetime and have repercussion in the spiritual world.


The incarnate souls must realize that their degree of happiness on earth is completely connected to their actions and thoughts. If they scrutinize their actions and possible consequences, they will see that life in this world of trials and experiences can become peaceful and tranquil. However, impulsive actions, without a proper evaluation of the consequences, build in their memories so many unpleasant things they would prefer not to remember. Human beings can be sure that all meritorious acts, product of their free will, will be transformed into light and blessings in the spiritual world.


In the same manner, any act that is contrary to the laws of love and fraternization, which the Lord would condemn if called upon to judge, will be debited against the soul for atonement in future incarnations. There is still another issue that requires clarification. Since the souls that go back to the spiritual world must wait at least a century before obtaining permission to return to earth to redeem perpetrated errors and faults, the suffering caused by such transgressions will stay with them during their entire sojourn there. Therefore, it can be easily concluded that the errors and faults become associated to the incarnate souls and can only be washed away in future incarnations.


Consequently, human beings should carefully log this in their hearts, staying away from anything the Lord would disapprove since it takes dozens of years to obtain a new incarnation. The Lord explains that the long wait facing souls that need to redeem themselves and search for more light and blessings has to do with the fact that there are from four to six billions of them in the spiritual world.

Since this large number of souls poses the problem of foodstuff provision, the spiritual world devised a selective process that divides these souls into two categories. The first includes souls that, having in the past cooperated with the service of the Lord on earth, are needed for the performance of new services. Since they possess the ability to help increase the amount of progress on earth, these souls return here more frequently after spending an average of half a century in the spiritual world.


The second category comprises souls that will linger in the spiritual world at least a century before they being able to redeem their faults in the earthly soil. Many of them can be easily identified on earth by the burden that they carry, which was created in a previous incarnation in accordance with the spiritual principle: “those that kill shall be killed and those that injure shall be injured” and so on.

The knowledge of the principle: “love thy neighbors as your real brothers” should be enough to permit men and women to correct the errors and deviations that may exist in their lives. The following explanation is intended to enhance general understanding. When the Lord recommends love for one’s neighbor, He refers to the way we should proceed towards one another, trying to help and serve in order to minimize their difficulties. However, there are times when a word of advice is more important than material aid.


The reason for the difficulties that many people face is lack of spiritual knowledge, which results from the short amount of time they have lived on earth. By sending these souls here, the Superior Forces hoped that, with the assistance from religious teachings, they would be able to lead successful lives. Unfortunately, it is the very absence of religious teachings that causes them to face unsolvable problems. It is for this reason that the Lord appeals to all persons of good will to provide the less fortunate souls with a word of clarification. It would represent a focal point of light to enable them to find greater happiness while on earth.


This is what the Lord Jesus considers real charity, rendered by enlightened souls to those in need. This kind of deed brings new lights and blessings to those who perform it. The well-known adage that says that men do not live by bread alone is quite true. Although bread feeds man, its effect is just momentary since it disappears in a few hours. But since spiritual teachings are light, they last and nourish the spirit for all eternity. Therefore, a true charitable work is performed through the clarification of spiritual teachings in relation to spiritual life. It enables needy souls to find solutions to their problems, which is worth more than putting money in their hands. You shall be performing a real service by teaching your neighbor to seek divine help through prayer.


When in doubt, consider the Divine Counselor present.





8th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On July 05th, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



Modifications on earth’s topography – A new way for well being – Only one baggage – The Lord’s concern – Spiritual assistance



The Superior Forces of the spiritual world are the present time engaged in a process that will operate changes on the earth’s surface in order to accommodate a very large number of souls in need of another reincarnation. And considering that from the approximately ten billion souls that evolve in the earthly cycle only about four billions are part of its current population, it follows that the remaining six billions are waiting to return to the physical plane in search of enlightenment. This will require modifications that will affect the landscape for the purpose of expanding the food producing areas.


These modifications will obviously cause many thousands of presently incarnated souls to return to the spiritual world, as explained in a previous Message. But such return will actually be beneficial to them in every respect. The Lord Jesus recommends that all men and women begin looking forward to their spiritualization by turning to the spiritual world in prayers. They need to come in contact with the Lord again in order to be able to receive the necessary protection in view of what lies ahead.


The Lord now wishes to present a new form of good conduct to all incarnate souls, which they should adopt at once in order to become as immune as possible to the effects of the coming transformation. It is as follows: they should imagine that the date of their departure to the spiritual world is near and that all the time they have left to finish their affairs is two to three weeks. With this in mind, they would certainly change the way they think and act, becoming prepared to leave their bodies on earth in the same fashion a traveler prepares for a long trip.


But unlike ordinary travelers, spiritual travelers do not need to bring along any basic personal items. No such luggage is necessary as preparation for the imaginary trip to the spiritual world because objects of personal comfort are worthless there. The only type of luggage they will need after detachment from their physical bodies is the light that they attracted through their good deeds on earth.


Spiritual light constitutes the primary objective of all incarnate souls. The light acquired during the most recent incarnation is added to the light acquired in previous lives. Regardless of how huge, material fortune is meaningless if not accompanied by meritorious deeds. But unfortunately, the number of souls returning to the spiritual world in poor conditions, after amassing large material fortunes during decades on earth, is quite deplorable since they even lack sufficient light to move around. Even worse is the fact that they suffer bitterly upon discovering that the fortune to which they are so closely attached is of no benefit to them. Others will now possess what they accumulated on earth through great hardship.


This happens quite frequently to the souls that neglected their spiritual life while caring only for the material wealth. If any religious culture was acquired during their early years, they later deviated from it, separating from the obligations assumed in the spiritual world. And if they abandoned their religious practices, it was probably due to their religion’s incapacity to promote the needed spiritual growth.


The Lord elaborated his New Order due to the urgent need for everyone to study the spiritualist books comprising his “Great Crusade of Elucidation.” These teachings will enable men and women to attain contact with the Superior Forces of the spiritual world and thus receive the assistance they need. The Lord is committed to saving all incarnate souls from the many unpredictable events that may occur at the end of this century. It is therefore essential for everyone to reform themselves through sincere prayers.


It may be wondered by some readers of these Messages if the Lord has any special interest in recommending spiritualization to the souls living on earth, given that many of them seem quite content with their materialistic living. Since they obviously need explanations the most, the Lord will provide the reason, certain that it will be of general acceptance. Up to the present time, the Celestial Father has entrusted the Lord with the care and development of approximately ten billion souls through succession of lives on earth. Therefore, responsibility for the spiritual progress of such a huge crowd of souls makes the Lord extremely concerned and devoted to achieving the desired success.


However, there is a predetermined time limit for souls to reach a certain point in their evolutionary scale, similar to the way students have to progress in the earth’s schools. So, it is with sorrow that the Lord finds that thousands of incarnate souls have already exhausted or exceeded their allotted time, which should have been more than enough for them to reach their goals. Two paths remain open to these souls: either they turn to spirituality, earnestly striving to change their habits, or submit to a different type of life, in a school inferior to the earthly school, upon their return to the spiritual world. But once they are removed from the earthly life cycle they will also be removed from the Lord Jesus’ jurisdiction, perhaps forever.


In view of this, the Lord decided to convey his New Order to the whole world by way of these Messages, seeking to awaken the souls’ hearts towards spiritualization. The Lord still maintains with all his love the principle He enunciated two thousand years ago that not even one sheep will be lost, so that He can present a good record to the Father. The Lord put great efforts into the creation of these Messages in the hope that they will profoundly touch the hearts of the incarnate souls, helping them make up for the years lost in pursuit of material interests. It must be understood, dear souls, that the earth is nothing more than a spiritual school for its inhabiting creatures. It goes without saying that all human beings are obligated to do their best in order to advance the progress of the world, thus improving the conditions for those that will come after them.


However, they should not overlook their own spiritual progress since they will eventually have to return to earth from their spiritual plane. They should reserve half an hour each day to make contact with the Superior Forces of the spiritual world since they will not be able to accomplish anything really useful in the course of their lives without their assistance and protection. Daily contact with the Superior Forces is currently necessary due to the fact that the expected events will generate repercussions never before experienced in the history of this planet. Daily contact with the Superior Forces will provide them with greater protection and individual assistance as well as prevent that they experience any form of harshness in the event of their sudden departure from earth.


Another reason for the institution of the New Order concerns the preservation from a premature departure of the greatest number of souls possible, thus providing them with the opportunity to obtain the most spiritual progress in their present life. In addition, there is another reason for the Lord’s insistence on daily contact with the leaders of the spiritual world. It involves the Superior Forces’ ability to immediately retrieve and conduct to the spiritual world all disincarnating souls.


Souls that lack a mental link with the Superior Forces can be compared to a vessel that has no lifeboats sinking in the middle of the ocean: they all would be at the mercy of the elements. The same fate may befall a small or large number of victimized souls: they would be hurled into the infinite cosmic space after being projected out of their physical bodies, where they would drift and have difficulties in finding help. However, spiritualized souls having a firm link with the Superior Forces are promptly retrieved by organized relief teams in the event of an unexpected departure.


As for those failing to maintain such a link, they will probably become adrift in the surrounding ether and face the chances of entering cosmic space and never being retrieved. In anticipation of this, the Lord Jesus believes that these Messages can decisively contribute to the welfare, peace and tranquility of all human creatures on the earth. This is what the Lord desires.


Prayer automatically elevates the spirit to its spiritual plane, preventing it from getting lost in cosmic space.




9th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On July 11th, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



Reasons for the Lord’s coming – The world needs peace – The consequences – The earthly world does not belong to mankind – An appeal from the Lord Jesus – Earth is not anyone’s possession



The Lord’s decision to stay on earth to supervise and direct the spiritual engineering necessary to operate the structural changes that will soon affect the planet was not made at the spur of the moment; it was in fact thoroughly studied and planned over a long period of time. Nothing that concerns planetary life is executed without a meticulous study by the Superior Forces in order to insure that the decisions will be compatible with the foreseen needs.


By coming accompanied by an enlightened team of assistants, the Lord followed a plan formulated more than four centuries ago. The number of incarnate souls living in the earthly spiritual cycle has been growing steadily every century due to the arrival of thousands of souls from inferior planets. They earn a promotion to this terrestrial school after finishing their apprenticeship in such planets.

Thus, since there is a constant growth in the number of souls in need of an incarnation on earth in order to continue with their spiritual progress, the topography of the earth needs to be urgently changed in order to accommodate a number of incarnate souls equal or superior to the number presently incarnated.


The urgent need for topographical changes is necessary mainly because of the slow evolutionary progress made by the souls that have been arriving here during the last few millenniums. But the number of souls that deserve a promotion to superior planets for having reached the last degrees of their evolutionary scale on earth is regrettably rather small. However, there are many who, although successful in reaching these last degrees, grew so fond of the Lord that they continue serving him in the spiritual world as they have done for centuries.


Settled in a certain area of Brazil, the Lord can easily travel to other countries on a daily basis, wherever his presence is necessary, to inspire the leaders to reflect responsibly on their warlike attitudes. The Lord is committed to prevent a new world conflict since it would not benefit any nation; it would actually cause detriment to all nations. The earth needs peace and mostly so at a time when great events which seriously concern the Lord are being brewed.


The reason for his large team of spiritual assistants to remain close to the leaders of the most powerful nations is to convey to their spiritual ears that much suffering will afflict them in the coming centuries if they set nations afire through wars rather than promoting peace. An argument used by the spiritual assistants to dissuade earthly leaders from warlike behavior is that they are not invulnerable.


Leaders who think that they have the right to humiliate weaker nations through defeat expose themselves to the risk of being suddenly removed from their physical bodies if that is the determination of the Superior Forces. A great number of powerful souls, guilty of abusing their positions by humiliating and imposing sufferings on other nations through horrific wars, can be found in the spiritual world today in a state of profound lamentation and regret. 

Therefore, the Lord is seriously concerned about preventing a repetition of such actions in these last years of the twentieth century since a new and more advanced spiritual order is underway. Therefore, it is important for the incarnate souls to realize that the world does not belong to anyone and that their only purpose is spiritual development. Those with the mission to govern should profoundly meditate on their responsibilities before the divine Providence; their actions should be measured very carefully to prevent excesses that might be detrimental to their people.


Leaders should bear in mind that a spiritual camera records all of their actions and words. When they return to the spiritual world they will be required to view the film of their lives. Then they shall rejoice at their good deeds while regretting the bad ones. Unfortunately, only a few leaders have reasons for exaltation after viewing the film of their lives. Since the great majority comes to lament the abuse, violence and humiliation that became fertile in their government, they now find that prayer is the best way for reconciliation with their innocent victims. This is the reason why the Lord Jesus, now in the earthly soil, spares no efforts to illuminate the world’s current leaders, which could be achieved if they meditated a little more upon their responsibilities before the divine Providence. They should understand that the world is not their possession and that it was not by chance that they ascended to positions of leadership.


The propagation of an armed conflict cannot be justified when it sacrifices thousands of human lives. Although the sacrificed souls are compensated with promotions in the spiritual world, they came here to live, learn, work and evolve and not bear arms against their brothers and sisters of other nations. Thus, great is the responsibility of earthly leaders before the Divinity. Many earthly lives of suffering and ransom will have to be lived by abusive leaders before they can purify themselves of the suffering they inflicted on fellow creatures. The Lord appeals to all leaders to banish armed conflicts once and for all by promoting peace conferences instead of anything that is contrary to the spiritual principle of “love thy neighbor”.


They should aim at understanding each other fraternally, declaring that they are here to establish peace and harmony among the peoples as envoys of the divine Providence. Such a conduct would have complete approval from the divine Providence. But hypocritical intentions will be exposed by the Superior Forces to prevent the materialization of false promises. If these leaders observe this request from the Lord, the divine Providence will bless them in all of their efforts to bring peace and harmony to the human family, which is all souls that are here in search of spiritual lights.


Take heed, dear brothers and sisters, leaders of the incarnate humanity, and observe the actions of the past leaders that placed entire populations in despair through bloody wars. Observe what is registered in the pages of history and find out through your spiritual guides what happened to those warring leaders when they returned to the spiritual world. Those who performed their missions adequately by awakening dormant souls that needed to return to the long forgotten spiritual life practices were considered missionaries. They were welcomed as such when they returned to the spiritual world. There were others who opted for warlike actions because of pride and ambition, inflicting tears and sorrow on weaker nations and attracting for themselves the gloom of spiritual affliction upon being confronted in the above with the film of their actions.


And as many of such leaders resume their lives in the spiritual world, they would do anything in their power for the opportunity to make reparations and start afresh. In reality, such an opportunity has already been granted to some of these spirits as they returned to earth with the strong desire of going in the opposite direction. Many of them again came to occupy positions of leadership in other regions of the earth where and were able to accomplish a great deal in favor of peace, as they genuinely devoted themselves to their people’s welfare.


So, based on this report from the Lord, all leaders should strive to achieve harmony among all nations, solemnly promising to solve peacefully all political woes. After all, besides belonging to the divine Providence, the earth represents a school for the inhabiting souls. This is why all incarnate souls should see themselves as souls in search of spiritual progress on earth, which is the reason for the Lord’s presence.


Since the Lord is now here and shall remain here until the end of this century, He will be happy to receive the thoughts directed to him by the leaders of the world in order to provide the assistance or inspiration that they desire as quickly as possible. And in view of the fact that it was the divine Providence who placed them as head of earthly nations, their positions are nothing more than a test which can elevate them to superior planes or lamentably cause them to face a century of suffering and meditation.


Dissention is caused solely by spiritual ignorance!





10th Message of Spiritual Teachings



Dictated by Apostle Thomas

On July 12th, 1970

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



An invitation to those of good will – Divine service on earth – The real heaven – Caravans of aid – The spiritual planes



Proceeding with his elucidation, the Lord Jesus invites all men and women of good will to attend the daily meetings that are held in the spiritual world. Specific days do not have to be chosen since the Lord is always available to receive any incarnate soul wishing to bring their problems and anxieties to him. The method for the reader to be able to see the Lord during sleep is rather simple and accessible to all. By expressing such a wish during the evening prayers, the soul will be effortlessly attracted to the meeting place and joyfully received by the Lord.


However, there is an important factor concerning the most convenient time for such meetings: the need to be asleep before eleven o’clock at night. So, after a fervent and faithful prayer to the Divinity, everyone can be certain of being received by the Lord. Their spiritual guides will conduct them safely back to their homes at the end of the meeting. The Lord considers the incarnate souls’ presence at these meetings of the utmost importance since they can learn what to do to improve their lives on earth. The Lord initiated these meetings after his establishment in the soil of this nation for the purpose of speaking directly to the hearts of the incarnate souls eager to hear from him.


Another objective is the selection of incarnate souls wishing to join the divine service in order for them to become a sort of apostles at the end of the century.  It is now opportune to make a recommendation to the souls of weak faith wishing to meet with the Lord. To facilitate the meeting, a glass of water should be placed at bedside to act as a fulcrum before they retire. The water should be disposed of on the next day either in the sink or in the garden and the glass kept for the next occasion. And although the Lord recommends that the same weekday is chosen every week, a different day may occasionally be used since all days are good days for the Lord to receive and converse with the incarnate souls.


The Lord Jesus is fully aware that such meetings may appear as impossible or amazing to the readers of these Messages in view of the mystery created by religions that the Lord, inaccessible and invisible to all, lives exclusively in heaven or some far off point in the universe. The truth, though, is quite different. Accompanied by his large team of assistants, the Lord frequently visits all regions of the earth in order to assess their situation. The Lord has never stayed away from the planet He governs to the point of losing contact with the incarnate souls.


The Lord explains that the imaginary heaven spoken of by the incarnate souls is much nearer than they suppose. Thus, anyone can participate in the happiness that such a heaven represents by means of good deeds, prayer and faith. Anyone who does fervently pray to the Divinity, striving to lead an illuminated life and avoiding condemnable acts, can be sure that they are already in heaven. Heaven is peace, light and faith. Therefore, those who know how to attract these divine gifts can consider themselves living in a true heaven. Fortunately, there are many happy souls in this situation.


Therefore, in order to enlighten souls not well informed in their conception of heaven, the Lord tells that what really exist are planes of spiritual life surrounding the earth in all directions. These planes can be distinguished from one another by their degree of luminosity, which is determined by the category of the inhabiting souls. A spiritual hierarchy automatically selects the souls belonging to different spiritual planes so that they can be attracted to the spiritual planes that correspond to their vibrations upon their return from earth. These vibrations, which are based on their luminosity, indicate their degree of spiritual evolution.


The souls instinctively gravitate towards their corresponding plane after detachment from their physical bodies, where they establish themselves. However, this is not the case involving the souls that concerned themselves exclusively with material interests while on earth. When souls that lack spiritual preparation leave their bodies, they experience great afflictions before being able to stabilize themselves in the earthly plane for believing that they are still occupying their physical bodies. And in view of the fact that they inspire a great deal of compassion in the spiritual world as result of their deviations and suffering, auxiliary caravans are organized in order to help them reach their corresponding planes.


So, for a better understanding of the various existing spiritual planes, let us picture a vast area surrounding the earth without coming in contact with it. This immense area has, just like the earth’s surface, excellent places where souls of great evolution live their spiritual lives. It has also places with varying degrees of lesser illumination, which is determined by the level of evolution of the inhabiting souls. They are generally labeled as inferior and superior planes. However, superposed planes, which are quite common in the tall buildings of earthly cities, are non-existent.


Therefore, since each spiritual plane has a vibrational level in accordance with the elevation of its inhabiting souls, what separates them is something like a partition, a type of fluid wall which delineates their respective areas. The reason for this separation is to prevent souls from the so-called inferior planes, in terms of vibrations, from entering the superior planes without permission from the respective leaders.


It does not mean that the souls from inferior planes are denied access to the more advanced planes. On the contrary; since access is unhindered, contact between the planes occurs regularly as inhabitants from the superior planes intercede on behalf of those from the inferior planes in laudable efforts of cooperation for the purpose of advancing their progress more speedily.

This explanation should help to correct some of the mistaken beliefs regarding the infrastructure of the spiritual world. The spiritual world is not situated in the immensity of the heights in any way at all. Instead, it can be said that it accompanies the life of every incarnate soul to the extent that it includes even their best-concealed acts. Such knowledge should aid leaders to meditate before the practice of certain acts which they might come to regret and which could overload their conscience.


Thus, once that men and women are aware that they are closely observed by the Superior Forces, that their good deeds are applauded and the bad disapproved, it would be highly beneficial to them to have their actions screened by their conscience in view of the fact that it is the impartial judge that accompanies everyone from birth to death.


Due to the fact that the religious teachings administered here on earth have deviated from their true objectives, the Lord wishes to relay a long series of authentic clarifications thorough his New Order. The Lord knows that humanity would be far more advanced today if the religions had been dedicated to spiritual teachings in the course of the past two millenniums. However, since this is not the case, the Lord has personally come to carry out the task of soul clarification through these and the Messages of the Great Crusade of Elucidation, written by his emissaries, during the pressing times of this end of this century.


The reform in the structure of this planet was designated two thousand years ago to occur in this century, and so was the removal of souls that are stubborn to spiritual progress. Even though the selection process has already begun, there is still time for each person to choose between remaining in the spiritual cycle of the earth and descending to inferior planes. Each soul must choose its own destiny.


The selection of souls in space is dependent upon their individual vibrational state.